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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nyvanyva Posts: 9
    I just purchased one from the dealership you were trying to receive a quote from yesterday. I paid 43,300 out the door for everything (mats, wheel locks, mud flaps, TTL, destination fee + dealer fees). I could have traveled another 50-100 miles and bettered that price by $500, but the sales tax difference made me decide to go ahead with the transaction. I'm satisfied.

    2.9% APR over three years is a hard deal to beat and it is currently going to end at the end of the month. Besides that, with the incredible rebates on the '06 model, sales are pretty good.

    For those who are thinking about buying one, get on with it before they are gone!
  • voodoo11voodoo11 Posts: 5
    NYVA- thanks for your post. what were the fees for TTL. Pohanka is $299 for processing, right?
  • nyvanyva Posts: 9
    I believe so, but again, I paid $43,300 to the penny for everything out the door.

    I should add that I was looking at a few other vehicles - GS300,Infiniti M35x and BMW 540. The argument can be made that those other vehicles are better in certain comparisons with the RL, but despite your favorite of the bunch, hands down, IMHO, you just cannot get the value you get from the RL.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    As I was shopping for a Lexus with my girlfriend, on a whim we stopped into two Acura dealerships here in SoCal. Dealership #1 had 11 RLs on the lot and #2 had 9 RLs. I looked at the manufacturing date of three vehicles on each lot. Two were stamped in January, three in February and one in March. These cars are not moving. Acura will keep some incentive going at least through October.

    On a similar note, shopping for the Lexus was interesting in there were few people looking at cars. I asked the salesperson why so few people (at one of the larger sales volume Lexus dealers in the west). Answer (which was obvious) was only knuckleheads like me and my g/f would go out in 100 degrees + heat (and high humidity) looking at cars!

    Which leads to me saying that if a large Lexus dealer has few people in their showroom on a Sunday afternoon (due to the hot weather), sales in all dealerships throughout SoCal should be down for July. Here we've had record hot temperatures most of this month as has much of the nation. Deals on Acuras and other cars I think will be very sweet in the next couple months due in part to the hot weather.
  • nyvanyva Posts: 9
    I cannot beg to differ with your perspective, but I will say in my area these cars are moving - and quickly. I bought my car through the largest Acura dealership in the world and there wasn't much to select from. SoCal has more of a "keeping up with the Joneses" thing going on so I'm thinking it is perfunctory for many to automatically go for Lex, BMW and MBs.

    I started to myself but I like it even more now that I own one.
  • voodoo11voodoo11 Posts: 5
    Just wanted to say thanks to all that post on this forum. It helped guide me to my offer. I think I did pretty well. Here are the particulars of the deal:

    $41,325 included destination, splash guards, wheel locks, trunk tray, all season mats
    $185 processing, title, tags

    I also added a few interior and exterior accessories
    Wood Select Knob
    Wood-Look and Leather Steering Wheels
    Deck Lid Spoiler
    Back-Up Sensor
    Total for accessories $1966 (parts + installation)
  • nyvanyva Posts: 9
    Congrats. I started to add most of the accessories you mentioned (I want the back-up camera instead of the sensor), but the price list the dealer showed was WAY more than just ordering it from eStore and having the dealer install them after the fact.
  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    Just purchased 2006 RL for 40,600.00 including destination and also they included splash guard. Total out the door 43,164.00. Forum rocks.
  • xando05xando05 Posts: 42
    Everytime I look at the new RL I try to convince myself it is an expensive luxury sedan. It looks as luxurious as a Maxima or Altima. The car's design doesn't have that "wow" or "Oooh" appeal factor that some other luxury nameplates have.

    Although Acura builds a great automobile, Acura lacks important design features to help set 'em apart from other high end makes. Acura is supposed to be the Luxury division of Honda but I'm not convinced. Look at Infiniti's designs throughout the model lineup and you'll clearly see the vast difference in future design clues. The Acura TL has a flat back off the trunkline. Is it a Scion or or an Acura?

    I would really consider the RL in the near future, but it doesn't make sense in the dollar and cents catagory. No real bang for the buck. Just my two SENSE/CENTS.
  • nyvanyva Posts: 9
    Your comments are duly noted.....but you obviously have not been inside one.
  • Test drive a new RL and test drive a new M35 with all wheel drive and navigation. Then tell me how the M35 is worth more than $10,000 than the RL. I can't wait to hear it.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Just to spark the debate, the RL is a better value (no doubt). But the resale if you're an owner is terrible. If you lease the car, you made a bad deal (financially). Residual stinks and the money factor Acura offers is not competitive. If both these figures were more attractive, then the RL is a bargain x10!

    With that said, as an RL owner I am in the process of cutting my losses, selling the car and looking at either leasing the upcoming Lexus GS350 or an M35. The RL has been virtually trouble free and a pleasure to drive. But a car is not an investment. Of the competition, short and long term dollars are better spent elsewhere.

    On a side note, unless you will own the car 10+ years, in this day of hi-tech gadgetry and disposal components, I'm swaying that its better to lease then own. Here in L.A., the market is drying up for used cars sold by private parties in the $4,000 - $15,000 price range. People are either leasing cars or buying from a dealer that offers a 30 day warranty. I don't want to expand further as this may not be the right forum for this discussion. But my eyes have opened wider realizing that a car is not an investment and leasing is becoming more attractive.
  • breldbreld Posts: 4,142
    To start, I drive a TSX and my wife an MDX, so clearly I'm a fan of Acura. But I find the M35 more appealing than the RL in many ways. The styling, inside and out, may be love it or hate it, but I believe it has more character than the relatively ho-hum styling of the RL. And the driving dynamics are different as well - RWD bias AWD along with a generally sportier feel (with little sacrifice on comfort). IMO, what both these cars need is an extra gear.

    Having said all that, the RL is certainly not overpriced at the market prices they're going for right now. Low $40's for the features you're getting is a good value to me. And it's that value that keeps the RL on my list. I'm curious to see if August incentives increase at all. $3k is quite an incentive - maybe another $500-$1k before year-end?

    And, FWIW, I'm pretty sure a M35x with nav can be had for perhaps $5k more than the RL - not chump change, but not the $10k previously mentioned.

    2018 Audi Q7 - 2017 Macan S - 2017 Miata RF

  • 69cv69cv Posts: 4
    am odessa,

    Great price on an RL in the metro west area.

    I offered to buy a new RL from Herb Connolly's internet sales manager for the same price today.

    This was their response:

    "Regarding the deal in question the customer did infact pay $40,700 plus fees, but they did not include the fact that they had a trade in. The vehicle they traded in was something we saw good value in it for resale, so that is how they were able to get such an amazing deal."

    I interpret their response as "No we cannot sell you a 2006 RL for that price".

    Any additional info. regarding your purchase would be helpful.

  • I have dealer ready to sell me the 06RL for $40,500 but have yet to get to the point of discussing the "dealer fees". Have people been generally paying the destination fee or is this usually included when you have purchased the RL? I think I am getting a fair deal but want to make sure they don't get me on the fees.....
  • nyvanyva Posts: 9
    Be careful that the price is inclusive of the delivery fee, which dealers seem to believe is a separate fee to be added on after you agree to a price. This fee is contained within the MSRP so I don't know why they think it is appropriate to attempt to add it after the fact.

    If they honor that price, I would not harp too much if they added $100-$300 dollars in their dealer fees, even though the prep of the vehicle is also listed within the MSRP.

    Do the math yourself - include the quoted price, TTL and no more than $300 in fees. I would walk if they come up with one penny beyond that.
  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    My delivery fee was included in the 40,600.00 purchase price. title fee 68.00, doc fee 55.00 and also the 6% sales tax. Nothing else.
  • nyvanyva Posts: 9
    Seems like we all are managing to get deals on this vehicle that we can live with.

    While I did not consider this when I first started posting, and as I saw a recent comment speak to trade-ins which the dealer may have made his money on you from the transaction, I did not trade-in any vehicle when I purchased.

    In the interest of full disclosure for those who are weighing our comments, I think this is valuable information to consider when making your vehicle purchase.
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    I stopped by the Acura dealer to pick up a brochure on the RL. I sat in one and was impressed. I was running errands and didn't have time for a test drive.

    The $41k pricing sounds very good, that certainly has my attention. But don't forget that even though it's new, it's already 1 yr old on the market since the 2007's are being released by manufacturers already. So the price reflects a 1yr old RL but you get a new one.
  • carlvacarlva Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2006 RL without tech package from Pohanka in chantilly VA on Thursday July 28th. The price for the car (including destination fee) was $40,800. The other fees I had to pay were $299 for processing fee, taxes (3% in VA) and tags ($32).

    I thought it was an insanely good deal. If you go to Pohanka, start off at $40K as your bottom line price and then you can negotiate up to $40,800. I made one concession at $40,500 and said it was my final offer but then they came back with that price but snuck in the $615 destination charge and I said no way. $40,800 was the compromise. So plan to have your salesmen go back and forth with the sales manager, but if you're patient, you can get the car at a great price.

    I didn't buy any accessories as they are much cheaper online.

    I've seen the comments on the Infiniti M35 and BMW 5 series and GS350 AWD and if you price out similarly equipped cars, you're looking at $52K+. Are these cars worth 20% more? No Way...

    Great car, awesome combination of performance, luxury and technology.
  • suzintnsuzintn Posts: 19
    Does anyone know?
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    I don't think so. The RDX's competition is the BMW X3, Ford Escape, etc. while the MDX wants some of the the BMW X5 & Lexus RX 350 customers.
  • 69cv69cv Posts: 4
    Great deal.

    I had the dealer that, I leased my last 2 RL's from, quote me a 45k+ price on an 06 last week (no trade).

    Is anyone getting deals like this (without a trade)in the New England area? If so can you post the details (dealer + financial info. etc).

    Anyone know how to figure out if the dealer incentive will be extended or modified in August?

    I have an 04 RL lease car that must be returned in less than a month.

  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    RL's are still sitting on the lot. If history is any indicator, either Acura will extend the $3,000 cash back to dealers or offer a lease incentive. We'll know the answer in a couple days.
  • joeblowjoeblow Posts: 11

    I need some help. It seems like people have been negotiating a great purchase price of around $40500 for Acura RL without Technology package.

    I was interested in the cost of the A-Spec package. I think it makes the car look sharper and should improve handling/sportiness?

    1.What is the invoice/best price for the full A-Spec add on?

    2.Can anyone comment on how it effects the cars driving characterstics?

    Thank you !!!
  • donc5donc5 Posts: 1
    I found this forum very helpful when buying the RL so here is my contribution.

    We purchased yesterday, Sunday July 31 from Escondido Acura (San Diego). The price was $46,169 + doc fee of $29 for the RL with tech package, plus a few extras like wheel locks, trunk tray, etc. I might have been able to get a slightly better price but we ended up with the nice and speedy purchase at a dealer with a very good service department.

    I was surprised we could finance the entire purchase, including sales tax, at the 2.9% rate.
  • This forum has been most helpful. Yesterday July 31, 2006, We purchased an Acura RL 2006 with NON TECH Package for $40,800 + TTL (Final out the door price of $43,346. This includes Sales tax, title, tags etc). The dealership was Radley Acura in Virginia. Additionally, We financed the vechicle at 2.9% APR financing offerred by Honda.
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Posts: 23

    How did you do it? Over the phone, internet, or just walked-in? I've been looking to get a RL in DC area and received a quote of $42K from Tischer....
  • I just called the internet sales manager and told the manager that I am ready to buy the car now and would like to know if he can do the deal. First he gave me $42K quote (based on some invoice discount) and them agreed to do the $40800 but tried to add $695 destination charge. All I told him was the price was not negotiable. It all happened in less than 2 minutes. He agreed and I asked for directions to the dealership. We met, completed paperwork - was a fast process. He is a very nice person. Please verify that the $3000 Acura rebate is still on and did not expire on Jul 31, 2006. The manufacturer normally extends.
  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    Gave a friend the dealers name and sales person I dealt with 40,600.00. When he called today selling price was 43,500.00 the incentives or rebate with the low finance has expired. When you snooze you lose.
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