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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • suzintnsuzintn Posts: 19
    Does anyone know?
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    I don't think so. The RDX's competition is the BMW X3, Ford Escape, etc. while the MDX wants some of the the BMW X5 & Lexus RX 350 customers.
  • 69cv69cv Posts: 4
    Great deal.

    I had the dealer that, I leased my last 2 RL's from, quote me a 45k+ price on an 06 last week (no trade).

    Is anyone getting deals like this (without a trade)in the New England area? If so can you post the details (dealer + financial info. etc).

    Anyone know how to figure out if the dealer incentive will be extended or modified in August?

    I have an 04 RL lease car that must be returned in less than a month.

  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    RL's are still sitting on the lot. If history is any indicator, either Acura will extend the $3,000 cash back to dealers or offer a lease incentive. We'll know the answer in a couple days.
  • joeblowjoeblow Posts: 11

    I need some help. It seems like people have been negotiating a great purchase price of around $40500 for Acura RL without Technology package.

    I was interested in the cost of the A-Spec package. I think it makes the car look sharper and should improve handling/sportiness?

    1.What is the invoice/best price for the full A-Spec add on?

    2.Can anyone comment on how it effects the cars driving characterstics?

    Thank you !!!
  • donc5donc5 Posts: 1
    I found this forum very helpful when buying the RL so here is my contribution.

    We purchased yesterday, Sunday July 31 from Escondido Acura (San Diego). The price was $46,169 + doc fee of $29 for the RL with tech package, plus a few extras like wheel locks, trunk tray, etc. I might have been able to get a slightly better price but we ended up with the nice and speedy purchase at a dealer with a very good service department.

    I was surprised we could finance the entire purchase, including sales tax, at the 2.9% rate.
  • This forum has been most helpful. Yesterday July 31, 2006, We purchased an Acura RL 2006 with NON TECH Package for $40,800 + TTL (Final out the door price of $43,346. This includes Sales tax, title, tags etc). The dealership was Radley Acura in Virginia. Additionally, We financed the vechicle at 2.9% APR financing offerred by Honda.
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Posts: 23

    How did you do it? Over the phone, internet, or just walked-in? I've been looking to get a RL in DC area and received a quote of $42K from Tischer....
  • I just called the internet sales manager and told the manager that I am ready to buy the car now and would like to know if he can do the deal. First he gave me $42K quote (based on some invoice discount) and them agreed to do the $40800 but tried to add $695 destination charge. All I told him was the price was not negotiable. It all happened in less than 2 minutes. He agreed and I asked for directions to the dealership. We met, completed paperwork - was a fast process. He is a very nice person. Please verify that the $3000 Acura rebate is still on and did not expire on Jul 31, 2006. The manufacturer normally extends.
  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    Gave a friend the dealers name and sales person I dealt with 40,600.00. When he called today selling price was 43,500.00 the incentives or rebate with the low finance has expired. When you snooze you lose.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Acura still has a lease incentive (not the best available but at least its something). RL sales were terrible both year over year and month from previous month. Histoically, Acura doesn't implement a new incentive until the sixth or seventh day of the month. By next week I would think they will offer something to sweeten sales.
  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    Your right on the 3000.00 incentive has been extended to Sept.5.
  • Was able to get what I felt was a fair deal from my local Acura dealer (Lehigh Valley Acura, Allentown, PA). The only add'l fees were $140 Document Prep Fee (includes Title & Transfer fees but not State Sales Tax). Their service has been extremely good in the past and I'd rather buy locally if possible. Also took advantage of 2.9% financing which adds another 4%/year to bottom line since avg. investments return over 6.9% yearly. Saves another $950 per year for 3 years. Like many others on these forums, I wasn't sure that the RL was worth $50k but at $43k, I feel it's a great car.
  • I just got My new RL. I paid $41,200 + tax and tags but including dest, and got a very reasonable trade value on my car a 2002 TL type S. I already had a loan @ 6.0% so I declined acura's best offer of 6.08% , would have been .66c a month higher so didnt bother.
  • Call Chevy Chase Acura.....
  • suv2002suv2002 Posts: 20
    What did you get for it? I have one with 51K miles and it's in good shape.
  • dooda1dooda1 Posts: 2
    That's how I looked at my purchase! I traded in my 04 TL on the 06 Carbon Gray RL! I absolutely love the car! The gadgets are fantastic and it drives like a luxury car!
    I like the fact that it is somewhat understated in exterior design. I know that I am driving a $50K car and it feels like it is to me. I traded my 2004 TL for $23K and purchased my new 06 TL for $40K in Florida!

    A real Acura lover!
  • stheodd1stheodd1 Posts: 18
    Stopped in to my local dealer to look at a preowned 05 RL that was advertised in the paper. Sitting next to it was an 06 with Nav no tech with 3000 miles on it, pre owned. They have it priced at 42,995. While I have read the posts on new cars just curious on thoughts on what price should be for a car that is like new but has been titled. It was out of the same dealership and the buyer just didn't want it.(allegedly) Appreciate any feedback.
    BTW it is black with black interior.
    Thanks to All.
  • dooda1dooda1 Posts: 2
    If you want Black on Black, I would offer them no more than $39K. Maybe even start at $38K Just one man's thoughts.

  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    I bought my 06 RL a month ago and paid 40,600 with 0 miles.
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