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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • vger105vger105 Posts: 57
    "As far as the unit starting out with the A/C 'on' indication, that has also been the case with other vehicles I've owned. It seems to be normal, at least until the engine reaches operating temperature. The A/C 'on' doesn't mean cold air is being directed to the cabin. It is more likely that dehumidified air is being supplied at whatever temperature is needed."

    The problem with the possibilty of the AC supplying dehumidified air is that the humidity here in the northeast has been very low of late. Yesterday, when the AC light came on, the humidity of the air was 26%.
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    I have to say that the climate control works perfectly. Here in NY we've had a wife range of weather. Leave it at 69-72 and it's amazing! I can't imagine it working any better. I don't really thing about 72 degrees on the unit matching to 72 degrees actual...just set to a comfortable setting and I'm done.

    Robert B
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think generally it works better for the people that like to "set it and forget it". The ones that like more control generally do not like HAL at all.

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    "...This past summer, some owners complained about poor cooling from their HVAC and I disagree. The summers in the Carolinas get very hot and the front and rear units does and admirable job of cooling the vehicle cabin quickly and quietly..."

    I took a test drive in 95F weather here in Tucson last summer. The AC took a loooong time to cool down, and then only kept the car cool when on recirculation. -and 95 isn't a hot day here! (Try 15+ degrees warmer than that).

    So- that was the #1 reason why I don't own a 'beca. (much more important than the lack of seat memories :) ) I'm willing to try another test drive- but GM products have way way better AC systems. That's one thing that GM does really well.
  • spence66spence66 Posts: 39
    I live in CT
    Have had car since 12/2005 with @ 4700 on it
    Have you noticed any rust on the undercarriage
    Had car in to dealer and they said that certain joints and rear components are not sprayed and that can happen as soon as car is at the dealer
  • vger105vger105 Posts: 57
    On every climate control-equipped car I've ever owned I wound up manually controlling the climate control systems.
    I generally like the mode to be vent.floor and the auto modes almost always were st to the floor mode. Changing the mode to vent/floor took the systems out of auto.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    "hat said, my G35 uses all read also. But at least the turn signals and the break lights are at different places and of different bulb types (led vs conventional).

    I forgot that the Tribeca uses all red rear lights.

    I think the auto makers are actually designing in this feature for the US market. I remember when I purchased a G35, the Japanese version used yellow turn signals."

    ok on the tail light discussion someone mentioned that clear/white/silver "Altezza" euro style tail lights are out or something and thats fair enough but if all red is "in" I'm not a big fan though all any color is good and I'm glad there isn't any orange mixed in whether ppl complain that they dont notice the turn signal as much being red and not orange (my wife actually complained about this driving behind me but oh well) so yeah while i dont love the all red its better then the oldschool, red, orange and white (for reverse).

    But, there is no excuse for not using led as , the Murano and Highlander and most other japanese mid size suvs competing with the tribeca. they kind of look cool but are actually more cost efficient as their biggest plus as they obviously last 10 times longer then conventional bulbs.

    that is interesting and seems opposite of what i would think that japanese have orange turn signal and we get all red.

    anyway all red is better then red orange white oldschool mix, but i'd still prefer the clear/sivler even if they are out and they should add led tail lights for 08 model though they are already years behind on that at that point.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    "Received a message from SOA yesterday about the satellite offerings in 2007 models. It seems that, depending on the vehicle, it will come with the Sirius or XM option. Also, much to my dismay and chagrin, there will be NO retro fit kit available for 2006 B9's. All I can say is that if enough people complain about the retro kit, I'll bet SOA will do something about it."

    Is this confirmed? If so very interesting because i thought they were offering only XM. choice is good but that actually brings up more questions when you say it will depend on the vehicle which it comes with? So meaning possibly tribecas only come with XM? just seems strange also on their most luxury model meant to attract new type of customer they would only offer xm and only in the special addition model.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    "People are typically advised not to buy first model year cars for quality purposes. If it were not for the buyers of these cars, the 2007 would not have the updates that it has. The caveat to that is the next model year gets more features due to the diligence (by filling out all those surveys) of first year owners.

    If you think about this model- 1st year buyers take all the risk and help the development of the next MY car, and 2nd and 3rd year buyers get all the advantages. It's understandable that people get upset- in all fairness there should be some incentive for people to buy risky 1st year cars, other than exclusivity. How about a discounted rate for the owners that want the mesh grill (I still like my original grill better) or wants memory seats added, or a kit for i pod connectivity in the center console, more importantly how about 2006MY B9's get standard bumper to bumper extended warranty to help make that jump into a all new car easier. These are just suggestions...

    There is always a happy medium, it may take longer to find, but I am sure that if 2006 MY B9 owners were to put some effort into it, we can come up with solutions to our individual problems rather than be seen as "entitled" or having to "suck it up."

    I agree that we all probably knew that generally it is not advised to get a first model year of a new vehicle. This was the first time I ever did and while I agree part of the thrill was the exlusivity and taking the gamble that it would be recommended by CR (It is and the latest annual car issue is out and though the B9 is recommended its low down on the list of recommended mid size suvs and overall score, more on this later).

    I do also agree though that us 1st my buyers took all the risk and helped the development of the new features by filling out the surveys and then the 2nd and 3rd year buyers get all the advantage.

    I also agree that its fair for ppl to be upset and that their should be some incentive. Problem is that should be when purchasing that first year model car because to try to get anything after the fact is going to be "jokes on you sucker". I found this out when buying my B9, the dealer took advantage of the fact that they knew I wanted certain options and color choices. Even though I ultimately not only located the vehicle at another not so closeby dealer but also had to negotiate/talk them into trading it to my local dealer when they initially refused when requested by my dealer. That dealer wanted me to come to them so they would get the sale. I got the vehicle and the sale for my local dealer and they instead just used it against me and called my bluff that i would walk out on the deal for the vehicle in options colors i wanted that i went to all that trouble to locate. In fact the only reason i even got $1,000 off msrp (still a few thousand above invoice) was due to some other mistake on the dealers part (i think ordering my initial pre order vehicle without puddle lights).

    I ended up just agreeing figuring they were a nice local family business down the street from where me and my family have a business so we are neighbors and gave them the benefit of the doubt that they would give me future consideration and take care of me on service visits, additional accesory options etc. They ended up throwing in only 1 or 2 of the cheapest accessories (like wheel locks or something which were some used and not the subaru ones they sell in teh shop).

    They made me feel like I was acting like an "entitled" or problem customer instead of treating me like a VIP customer who just bought their most expensive vehicle ever and loaded to the tee and in the risky 1st model year. They later gave me aggravation on "installation of the myfi xm player that came free with pre order basically telling me it was a portable and not meant for use in the car showing their ignorance of their companies pre order gift which in fact is made for the car and comes with instructions on car use. All this after promising installation originally like this was a great bonus i was getting. In actuality the "installation" was nothing more then setting up the antenna in a more permanent way and hiding the cord in the headliner as I didn't really want the car cradle or anything actually mounted on the dash. So your talking really a simple, 10 min thing. I still haven't got this done as I haven't had time to go to the business down the street from them they were going to have do it or get my replacement rear hatch struts which i'm sure they will try to get me to pay for when they should be a warranty replaced/ recalled item.

    I had held off and having them send my b9 to the place just to install xm my fi car antenna and asked to just take the vehicle their myself and since i had helf off on it and the manager/part owner forgot about the original promise, each service i was there and asked about it the guy said, "ok but this is the last thing were doing for you" as if it was another new thing they were doing for me based on my complaints of overpaying etc. when in fact it was the same thing they had initially promised, costs nothing and yet they gave me aggravation on it at one point claiming it wasn't meant for the car.

    So, long story long, I can only imagine when I go there to see what kind of trade in value they can give me for my 06 B9 and price for a new 07. I could show what i paid for the 06 and expect corresponding trade in value plus a better deal on the 07 but I'm sure they will not do both and will give me a hard time again acting like I am a problem or acting entitled.

    I like some of your ideas on how to appease the 06 owners like offering the new features to be added in their 06 for a reasonable price but i dont see that happening and it wont feel worth the price when the 07 will probably not even go up in price with the new features. Also some features/options might not be able to retro fitted as we've discussed.

    My dealer being uncompromising and difficult I think I have a better chance writing Subaru corporate or something about getting some consideration for buying an 06 from its release and filling out surveys to improve the next model year (they should have paid us for that. If they cant offer me some discount on an 07 and/or good trade in value price on my 06 then I can just buy another vehicle, preferably one of the other 13 recommended mid size suvs all with higher overall scores then the Tribeca.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    XM for Legacy, Outback & Tribeca (which are built in the U.S.); Sirius for Impreza and Forester (which are built in Japan).
  • I hear your lament but do not feel sorry for you. It totally naive to think what you did was going to win you favors from your dealer. As it sounds like you ultimately figured out they knew they had a buyer in heat and took advantage of that fact.

    When you found the car at the other dealer, you should have negotiated from strength and got a better deal there. You probably don't play poker. You need to bluff to win either game.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    GM cars have way better AC systems? You've got to be joking right? GM vehicles are notorious for bad "o-rings" that dry out, causing leaks in the system, causing compressors to wear out pre maturely, causing metal shavings in the evaporator, causing a $800- $1500 replacement cost bill...

    Maybe the Subaru you drove had a weak AC- or mine has a particularly strong one, but the best AC I've experienced is my nephews Toyota Corolla, followed closely with my 99 Acura 3.0CL.

    GM makes good Transmissions.

  • b9bingob9bingo Posts: 46
    I want to install a aftermarket Rockford box. I have a few questions I hope someone could answer for me. Are there any left/right RCA out jacks behind the radio? What do I do for a remote to the amplifier if there isn't a power antenna wire on the B9 to use, or does the B9 have another wire I could use that will only power on when the radio is turned on? does the trabeca have a powerful enough alt. to deal with a 800 Watt RMS Rockford amplifier or do I need to upgrade my battery and maybe install a 3+ farad capacitor. Thanks in advance for your input.
  • dell128dell128 Posts: 11
    The B9 is my first auto climate control and I feel that every day is a new learning experience. During the day over the past four or five months I have been perfectly happy with temp setting at 68. This does not seem to work at night as I boost the setting to 75 to stay warm. I am in NJ. I have also noticed that one must play a game with the various vent settings as well. I have also noticed that when I switch to manual mode the AC light, while not on originally, will come on later irrespective of temp setting. My biggest peeve though is that during the summer with high temp and high humidity just as thing are getting comfortable the recirc goes out and now I am forced to go manual. I did speak to dealer about this but they say everything is fine
  • dell128dell128 Posts: 11
    Forgot to add that my B9 is parked in my driveway in NJ and the AC light never comes on at startup in auto mode. At least not during the winter.
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    I've got no data on overall reliability with AC systems, so perhaps you're right. But judging on how much really cold air gets blown at me (when they're working)- I'm still thinking that GM does a good job.

    Perhaps the brand new test vehicle that I drove had a weak AC - but I'm not the only one who has noticed this, including the review of the B9 on this web site. So- if it's a problem with the 'beca' it's not rare.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I've noticed a lot of Tribecas driving around lately, 3 of them one day this week alone. There's one in our garage now, too. I gotta find out who owns it.

  • Don't you live in the DC area? Maybe they are the NCIS B9s :-) :blush:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Indeed, I work in DC and live in the MD suburbs.

  • As of about 20 hours ago, I am a proud owner of a Tribeca. I will post the nitty gritty of the sale over in Prices Paid, but let me just say that it was an awesome buying experience and I got exactly what I wanted:

    7 Seat LTD, No Nav, No DVD, Champagne Beige
    Puddles (had to have), compass mirror, splash guards, bumper cover, crossbar, wheel locks, weather mats, cargo cover (aka piece of vinyl).

    I love it! Decided to jump in an '06 before the pickins got slim as I decided I could do without the '07 features for a better price.

    Thanks to everyone for all of the postings on this thread - I created my username 7/05/05 and have been lurking ever since. I'm pretty sure I've read every post here. :)

    Hey Juice - did you find out who put a 'Beca in your garage?
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    I wish someone one put a Tribeca in my garage at home. :) ...and leave the keys... and the title.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Congrats to you!
  • Welcome to the family
  • rblnrrblnr Posts: 124
    Hey all,

    I'm a very happy Tribeca owner, and it's a head-scratcher to me that Subaru's don't sell better overall. Ineffective marketing is obviously an important part of this.

    A question: would you characterize the Tribeca as a sales failure so far?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Sales of the B9 haven't quite met projections, and sales were down last month:

    "Sales of the B9 Tribeca, which averaged approximately 2,100 units per month since it was introduced in late May of last year, totaled 1,560 in February." ((

    "Subaru officials point to rising gas prices and deadly hurricanes as key reasons why the company fell about 2,000 units short of its goal of selling 17,000 of the SIA-built B9 Tribecas in 2005."

    Half the B9 sales are to people new to the Subaru brand, per the link above, so the news isn't all doom and gloom. But the looks are somewhat polarizing ("distinctive" in Subie speak) and that may be keeping people out of the showroom.

    Steve, Host
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, you got the Beige, eh? Cool.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru positioned the Tribeca a bit higher than its usual competitors, both in terms of equipment and price. So the forecasts were just a bit optimistic. 15k ain't far from their goal, IMO.

  • rblnrrblnr Posts: 124
    Agreed, it is positioned higher than the usual suspects. And that's what's behind my question; how is Subaru doing w/their upmarket move? I think the car should be a success, but then I can't understand why anyone would want to use Windows vs. the Mac OS.

    And as you (I think) pointed out, had Alfa introduced the model, the looks, and front end in particular, would be less controversial. Writers complain about it then beef that cars are getting homogeneous and Subaru should stick w/its utilitarian roots. LOL. Brand perception is tough to change and takes time.
  • deebryandeebryan Posts: 3
    If you have bad AC on your 7 passenger. Please take to your dealer and get a recharge. This was the number one warranty item on the early builds of the Tribeca. A counter measure is now in place for improper AC fill.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The upmarket move isn't really complete yet. I think the 05 Legacy and Outback were the first hints, and the Tribeca was the first upscale model. Let's see if they stick with that plan or go more utilitarian in the future.

    I'm a bit torn, because I like the utilitarian aspects, but I do like certain gadgets, like NAV.

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