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Toyota Supra



  • I may not've said it here, but I have read a quote from Danny Clements, about 18 months ago, stating that Toyota had a choice in making a new vehicle for their brand, a youthful, hip SUV, or to resurrect the Mighty Supra.

    Hello FJ Cruiser! :surprise:

    In a perfect world, the Supra would replace the Land Cruiser in the lineup, as having the FJ (according to Toyota, the most capable off-raoder they produce) and Land Cruiser is somewhat redundant.

    Toyota doesn't even offer a $20k sports coupe, that's a hint. Try getting a Solara with a stick!

    With the success of the Scion tC, Toyota may realize, by 2010, that there is a nice market for a sporty Toyota. I've driven the tC, and it is no sports car, but a quality car. Celica was a secretary's car, 'cept for the All-Trac.

    If the '93 arrived in 1990, aaginst the '90 300ZX, it would've been LS400 vs. Q45 all over again.

    It's time to let this dream go guys ("I just keep having this dream!"). We all have to wake up, and find new heroes. :cry:

    I'm backing the Evo X, myself. Hopefully, Mitsu is still solvent in 2 years. And they also don't go SMG.

  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "I've driven the tC, and it is no sports car, but a quality car."

    I've driven the tC too, and it was no Celica (particularly compared to my GTS). I really, really wanted to like the tC. No dice for me.

    "It's time to let this dream go guys"

    Yep. Afraid you're right. See you around, Toyota......
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    sporty, and seriously FAST, small or medium-size cars that are out there now or going to be in the next year or two - Mustang, reborn Camaro, Challenger, on the Japanese side the STi, the Evo, the next-gen Skyline that will actually make it here (yessss!), Eclipse (if a bit too porky), new SI from Honda, and on it goes.

    Against this backdrop, Toyota has NOTHING AT ALL to compete. No, tC doesn't count, I have driven it, a decent car yes, but such a pale replacement for the Celica it doesn't even count, especially not among that group of cars I just mentioned.

    This is by far the biggest hole in the Toyota line-up these days. The Land Cruiser has been over-luxed to the point of extinction, which it will probably become at the next revamp. I say kill it but keep an LX for the Lexus set, and produce a really worthy sporty car instead. Make it four doors if you have to, but make it a Toyota.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    I've switched flags to Mazda. Sorry Toyota. 'Loved the Tercel, but that was back in the day of the Corolla GT-S, MR2, Celica, and Supra. Looks like I joined the workforce a several years too late.

    But then, the last Celica, MRS, and IS300 didn't sell a whole lot. It may be that only specialized manufacturers can afford to go for such a small market. Or financially unwise ones. Are people like us relevant?
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Are people like us relevant?"


    Well, I think I'm pretty relevant.

    And yeah, as far as the imports go, I'm starting to lean heavily towards Mazda. Their new Kabura (sp?) concept looks like the spiritual successor to my Celica GTS, with the added bonus of being RWD. And the RX-8 could easily be my next car (although the rotary is a bit thirsty for the amount of torque it generates).

    I can't say at this time I've definitely switched flags to Mazda (I've got a soft spot for the Mustang and the Camaro concept looks really appetizing to me), but it definitely ain't Toyota anymore.
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    Here are pictures of what the next Supra may look like :
    If this is found to be true, that's great ! That car is so good looking ! ;) ">
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    We are relevant, but we are NOT the mass market. Toyota is mass market to the EXTREME these days. And I have to admit, that is a philosophy that has served them VERY well financially speaking.

    Not to mention, "sportiness" is mostly something manufacturers advertise to sell cars, even as they dumb those cars down for the American market.

    Mazda is one of the few manufacturers that doesn't do this, and look how they got punished (in sales) for it with the Mazda6.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • It looks a lot like the latest Celica from the front, IMO.... :D
  • prguy77prguy77 Posts: 14
    Could you maybe show a link to the pictures? They show up as broken links in your post. Thanks!
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    If I did, it would get you to another forum and I think that giving links to other forums is prohibited... Sorry.
  • Yeah, out of stock check the Dealerships.
  • All you guys kill me!!!! Not that I am an expert on a new Supra but I have to say If??????? Toyota comes out with a new Supra and its not an inline six cylinder it is not a Supra. Have you all forgoten the Supra heritage stems from the 2000gt? And since the 5m,7m,1j,2j engine lines are all dead. It would be smart to think Toyota will not build a new engine for one car, I have to think that if Toyota ever does build another sports car that it will not carry the name Supra. And God help all of us Supra owners because if they do bring back a Supra again all of us will go from owning a piece of history to just owning an old car with no value!!!!
  • rb1rb1 Posts: 11

    Where did you get this, can this be considered somewhat reliable? I'm just like everyone else in this post, I'm really hopeful for the supra to come back. Mazda, Nissan, Mitsbushi all pale in comparison to what the Supra left behind when it left us in 1998. If it's legit, it gives me hope that we'll see the return of the supra. It's tough to get a good feel for the size of the car, but I like what I see. Any ideas guy!?!?!?!
  • image


    If this isnt the supra, how about that design for the SC?

  • If this isnt the supra, how about that design for the SC?

    i don't think the SC will look like this, because the SC will stick to the l-finesse design. And this just doesn't have any l-finesse at all, though it's handsome...
  • But if I read that right, 5L, 450HP?

    That's gotta be $45k+! I don't know if that would be a Toyota at that price.

    Not as fly as the '93, but worth looking at. :)

  • there is always image


    the 300hp V6 version :D
  • You will have my undying love and affection!

    That 'vert has got 6-speed Auto written all over it. But a "Base" 6-speed stick coupe for $34,995 would be dominant! A G35 coupe competitor.

  • 'OVERPRICED' is hard to use correctly. TOYOTA is within a few years of becoming the world's largest car manufacturer. GM is downsizing while Toyota is building more plants in North America.

    If we see the MKV Supra, my guesses are:
    - same engine as the LF-A for half the price; or
    - the LF-A will be a Lexus Supra

    Either way, it will beat the Corvette and everything else with 500HP or less.
  • You are not making sense. The Supra will never see a V10 engine, if it is ever put into production again. Nor would it sell for 1/2 the price of the LF-A (you do realise that the LF-A is supposed to be +$100k right?...and why would toyota put the same engine into two cars that are worlds apart? I dont see lexus using the V10 outside of the brand, maybe not even outside of the LF-A). I do hope that they do make use of the V10 though, and not put it to rest before it goes into production, god that thing sounds sweet...even if I could afford the LF-A, maybe one day we'd see a GS with V10 :D

    The supra was, is and always will be a toyota. If you want a lexus 'supra' that'd be the soarer a.k.a Lexus SC.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Take the IS' 3.5, slap a stick on it, put this new skin around it, and charge $32k plus options.

  • ...dont forget the 'off' switch for the nanny.. and maybe 32k including options... the 350z is at sub 30k base price
  • It ain't a Supra unless it's turbo'd!

    I would like to see a turboed Supra above the regular 3.5L V-6 one.
  • You are not making sense. If we see the new Supra, it will have more power than the previous generation TT. Are you a MKIV owner?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I LOVED the '82-'86s - no turbos there, and it was a hoot to drive at the time.

    You don't need a turbo on the "base" model. If there are two versions, then it would be great to have a turbo step-up option.

    However, I have always thought it most likely that if the Supra made it back, it would be using the engines out of existing Lexus models, and starting at around $30K. In that case, I would hope for the 3.5 out of the IS as the base car, and the future V-8 out of the GS as the step-up engine. I don't think it will be a good business case for Toyota to spend a lot on development of such a niche model (and we know Toyota depends on good business models to launch products), so the chances of an all-new turbo engine for the Supra are slim to none.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • I'm not making sense? Please...point out the error in my reason, Einstien.

    Further more, if you use the old SAE standards (which the MKIV TT Supra was measured by) you would see the 2GR-FSE makes 315-325 hp. That'd do it for me, how about you?

    And no, I dont own a MKIV, but my project car would be a 1992 JZA70.

    And with respect to the users who commented that a supra isnt a supra with out a turbo, get with the times. You wont be seeing any supra turbo unless its aftermarket or TRD. And as for history, ALL supras, from its ancestor, the 2000gt to the celica-supra, up to the 1985 Supras were NA (only JDM models were offered with turbos from 1981) :P

    I'd love to see a new TT supra as much as anybody else, but Ive already come to terms with the fact that we probably wont see one, if we get a new supra at all.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Adds power it may not need, hurts insurance rates.

    The Z sells great with a large six. If Toyota made a Supra, it would be three things.

    1. Lighter than the pudgy Z

    2. More powerful

    3. Better lookin'! Just like before! :shades:

  • I started my first reply with a couple of guesses about the new Supra's power. Your opening reply was 'You're not making sense'. I replied back with the same opening sentence. Then you called me Einstein. I thought this was a place to voice out your opinions, without being called names.

    I didn't say anything about the new Supra (still a big if) having a turbo. I will say it again. If we see the new Supra, it will have more power than the previous generation. Again that's my guess.

    A MKV with 315-325 hp? I would look and admire it, but I wouldn't buy it.
  • You said that the supra would have the same engine as the LF-A. Sorry if I was a bit coarse, or that you got offended by me calling you 'Einstein', but that just isn't gonna happen. Nor will the supra sell at a price point half of that as the LF-A..that would make the supra in excess of $50k, thats what killed it in the first place, it simply wont happen like that again, and thats why I said you arent making sense...Everyone is entitled to his opinion, or 'guesses', and same as you feel you should express them, the same way i'm alowed to tell you I think know you are wrong.

    I'm sure Toyota is greiving about that fact that you wouldnt buy the MKV if it came out with more hp than anything in its supposed target market as well as more than the last gen NA and TT supra(320hp), I sure dare you?!?!

    I suppose that a MKV would sell at a price point between $27-32k, how many other V6, 315-325hp RWD sport coupes sell at that price point?
    The base Lexus IS coupe would be putting out similar figures, I dont see Toyota providing a more powerful car for cheaper, and they simply can't make it more expensive.
    Pray tell, what would you buy? 350Z? Mustang V8? I'm curious, and even more curious about what you'd expect. Maybe a 400-500 hp V8/V10 for lets say maybe $25-35K?
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