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Toyota FJ Cruiser



  • Toyota announced that pricing will begin at $29,990 for the base 6-speed manual, while the 5-speed automatic is $30,990.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I think it's important to point out any major potential problems, since this is heavily marketed as a newer, better version of the original. Aluminum is dirt-cheap, as is steel, so there's no excuse, really. Charge $500 more and give us a real metal and tougher exterior.

    All the foregoing prefaced by... IMHO.. ;)

    1 vote for FJ, Karl, who has driven
    1 vote against FJ, plekto, who has not driven;

    so far it's a tossup.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Note I did say it would DRIVE well and beat the socks off of the competition. It's a superb truck - just... MAN IT NEEDS A TOUGHER EXTERIOR. That's my gripe - and it's just Toyota being cheap about it.

    We shouldn't have to add in $3000 in aftermarket accessories because the bean counters at Toyota saved $500 and 200lbs on the exterior.

    But, yeah - it will kick butt off-road. Just hope it lasts longer than a couple of seasons is all.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "It sounds good at first, but the problem is that it's car-like cheap plastic. Very hard, very brittle."

    So how do you know that it is brittle? Have you taken an FJ Cruiser and broken it's bumper cover? Do you have specs on this plastic and have you compared it with specs to different plastics?

    How do you know it is cheap? Have you seen the invoice from Toyota's supplier?

    Or is everything you are saying complete speculation?
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    See, if you go back a few pages, I posted pictures from the LA auto show.

    It explains it all - the prototype was fifteen feet from th pre-production model. And the pre-production model has a busted bumper, actually, so yes - it's clear now flimsy the font end is.

    OTOH, ALL cars at the show, even Mercedes, were an astonishing amount of plastic compared to five years ago. Sad, really.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So, it isn't meant to be climbed all over by hundreds of auto-show attendees or banged into objects. Even driving off road doesn't require smashing through rocks.
    I'm sure there will be optional and aftermarket protective grills for hardcore off-roaders who want to plow through heavy brush.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I've read the thread. I've looked at the pictures.

    Again, I ask you, how did you determine that the plastic is brittle? Have you tested it? How did you determine the cost? Do you have invoices from the supplier?
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Three areas were judged to be deficient by me and everyone there I asked(place was mobbed, so I asked about a dozen people nearby).

    1:Headlamp lenses were thin plastic. They were round copies of the original's sealed-beams, yet they didn't put round standard sealed-beams in there and instead went with a piece of plastic barely thicker than a CD? Thinnest headlight "lens" I've ever seen on a vehicle. A nice $8 sealed-beam would have been as good AND well, cheap as dirt to replace. Look better, too, plus no yellowing.
    2:Front grille - all one piece and thin plastic. Held on up top by four tiny little plastic brackets. Reminded me very much of the front end of an old late 80's GM - when they were building it out of fiberglass - one hit and presto - need a new entire front grille.
    2a:It looks like the headlight lens is part of the front grille - I suspect that a strong hit on the lens would break some mount/bracket it's attached to, requiring a total grille replacement.
    3:The side wings on the bumper are useless, and only for looks. They appear to come off quite easily as well, so IF you clip something, that piece is going to pop off first. They should have ditched the aggressive look and gone with a cleaner one-piece assembly.(Wrangler is a good example)

    The interior was also very ticky-tacky and plasticky. Looked fantastic. But all hard plastic. Not even colored plastic - it's painted plastic to look "cool", which means it'll get worn looking fast.

    It felt like, well, the Yaris comes to mind. It was good mechanically, but the interior and esterior was cost-cut to the point where it felt "cheap". If I pay 25-30K for a vehicle, I want it to at least hide most of the offending plastic and not feel like a bigger econobox inside.

    But, the whole industry is like this now. All looks and no substance. $30K cars made half out of plastic seem to be the norm these days.
  • Plekto, I was at the LA Auto show as well, and saw both versions. I sat in the pre-production one. I do remember someone there going on about the plastic bumpers, and one of them had broken off.

    How do we know that these are the production materials? We don't. Bumpers and dashboard plastic might be changed; this one might have been produced six months or a year ago for all we know. Time will tell.

    I still think I'm going to get in line for one.
  • Q for other FJ enthusiasts..

    Any idea as to how much will the Upgrade Package cost? I am guessing $3,000; which will put the cost of an FJ to around $26,000 (4x4 MT).

    Go FJ!
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    True, we can hope that Toyota figures it out and goes super-toughened on it at the last minute, but that front Grille looked very complete and finished, especially at the mounting points.
  • bowmar9bowmar9 Posts: 10
    For the 4X4 Manual transmission version of the FJ Cruiser, upgrade package one is $2150 and upgrade package two (adds subwoofer to upgrade one items) is $2210. Either of these requires that you purchase the convenience package at $1840.

    For the 4X4 AT version, upgrade one is $2560 and upgrade two is $2620. The convenience package is same as above.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Wow. 4K in options. Given that that represents about $750 to the dealer's profit margin, you'll not see any basic models I bet.
  • Indeed.... with 4K in options (typical Toyota), the FJ suddenly got pretty expensive.
  • You've got to compare FJ's price to the vehicles it targets: Jeep Rubicon and Xterra. Then you'll see, that a similarly equipped FJ has about the same price. Toyota knows what it's doing. Otherwise, it would not be where it is today
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    is pretty good - they clearly liked it, and they had the automatic. Of course, the pics they had showed them driving along sandy roads, so I am not sure how hard-core their offroading ever got. They probably can't do too much with a press vehicle, especially a pre-intro car like that one, or they might get in trouble.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • fever3fever3 Posts: 1
    So when is this thing gonna come out? I keep hearing different things. I hear early spring, febuary, march? Does anyone really know when I will be able to see this thing in person? I wanna go to the dealer and check it out for myself.
  • The last I heard FJ would be available at the end of March, and a total of 46,000 would be produced in 2006
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes it seems to be all word of mouth.. no announcements or anything like that .. suddenly one or two will be there and then they will be gone.. one or two the next allocation and then those will be gone.. etc.
  • derail1derail1 Posts: 10
    Not being one myself, maybe I am speaking out of ignorance here...but how many REAL off roaders are really out there? And how many of these REAL off roaders buy STOCK vehicles to take off road? All the Jeep Rubicons I have ever seen have been all shined up and parked outside the local grocery store! Now maybe its because I am from the northeast, and im sure there is more off roading going on in the south and out west...but I think that if any car manufacturer made a car that was almost EXCLUSIVELY for off road use, they would have a VERY small market to sell to. Heck even the H1's I have seen have all been cleaned and parked roadside, or in someones driveway on MTV cribs!!! I think that of the 46,000 FJ's made in the first year, no more than 10% will ever see any Rock Crawling. Look at Xterra's commercials for example. These trucks are going off the beaten path, but they are still driving on roads!! (albeit dirt and bumpy ones!) The FJ will get you "out there" and look cool doing it. If you want to get "really out there" then something like that Volvo Plecko is talking about it probably the car to shoot for.
    -yuppie 20 something from D.C. who wants a cool looking car for cheap that will be more reliable than a Jeep and will get me to any fishing spot with ease.
  • scottlscottl Posts: 109

    You ARE the FJ demographic. You want to look 'cool' and drive on gravel roads once a month.

    Thanks for being the only FJ wannabee with the gonads to admit this.

    Maybe now the swaggering poseurs who claim the FJ will out off road a Rubicon will join you in revealing their real concerns: colors and stereo choices.

    Meanwhile, in the west, we'll pass the Toyota dealer (again) and go get a Jeep or an Xterra. It will soon be revealed that either will eat an FJ in a tough off road situation.
  • Well said.
    Actually, I bet it's more like 15% of 4x4 vehicles ever see dirt road use, 2% see real trail use and .01% see actual rock crawling.
    That's exactly why I ranted on those guys who were bitching about the plastic bumpers. For anyone who really goes offroading, we all know that stock stuff gets torn up. We either just live with that or put armor on. Adding stuff to make it more trail-worthy is a big part of the fun anyway.
    Oh Yes, 4wheeling is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest where I live. It's a way of life out here for a large percentage of the population. Some of us actually NEED an actual capable 4x4 just to get to where we work certain times of the year, let alone hunting, camping and fishing spots.
    No STOCK rig, H-anything, X-anything, Jeep-anything is ever going to make it down the trails we routinely play on - deep ruts, deep mud, big rocks, etc.
  • zombozombo Posts: 89
    From a build your own email I got from Toyota-4x2 auto-$21,710,4x4 auto-$23,300,and 4x4 manual-22,890. Very reasonably priced,but I bet most come with the more expensive option packages which will drive up the cost by thousands.There are 3 packages listed,the convenience package,upgrade no.1 and upgrade no.2 with both upgrade packages requiring the convenience package.Supposed to be a build your own page,but no price on the packages or options you select.Figures,typical Toyota,keep it a secret until the last possible second.
  • Whoa, I guess it does pay to be a poor cousin of our American friends :) Get this, in the states one must choose a convenience package before they can get an off-road package for FJ. But in Canada, it appears there's different, more affordable packaging. You can get an off-road package, or a convenience package, or both. It doesn't look like getting the off-road package (B package) depends on getting the convenience package (C package). Both packages list "roof rack," for example. Plus, many more details about the production FJ have been posted on

    Here's a direct link: FJ Canada
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    Saw the new FJ at the Washington Auto Show. It really looks cool. Unfortunately, it is nothing I would purchase. The suicide doors are small and impractical, as are the rear seats. Don't count on getting anything bigger than a small child in the back with a normal person in the front seats. The dashboard also reminded me of a New Beetle--vast expanse of unusable space. Very un-Toyotalike.

    Too bad.

  • Don't count on getting anything bigger than a small child in the back with a normal person in the front seats.

    That's what 4Runner is for. Since FJ's wheelbase is 11 inches shorter than 4Runner, Toyota had to reduce internal length somewhere :)
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    I don't disagree, but I was hoping that, given the length of the FJ, it would be somewhat more practical than, say, a Wrangler. Not really the case unless kids are going there. Kinda like the wasted back seats of a Porsche 911. They should either remove them altogether or move them back far enough to be usable.

  • Hello again!
    I have another pricing question. Does anyone have an idea on the "Invoice" pricing for the FJ and the packages?

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    They are not publised yet but typically it's 8% lower than the sticker price.. However if you can find one when they come out I wouldnt recommend mentionting 'invoice' and 'purchase' in the same sentence. ;) JMHO
  • Totally. I have an "in" (as in I know the dealer manager) at the local dealership and I am hoping to strike a deal but I sincerely doubt that it is going to happen.
    Plus I plan to head back to school so FJ may not be as wise of a purchase.
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