Difference between 2001 GMC K2500HD and C2500HD?

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I have a 2001 GMC 2500HD 4x4 Extended Cab that I'm getting ready to sell. It's got a 6" Superlift suspension lift. Anyway, I'm going to sell it on Cars.com and maybe Trucktrader.com. I'm unsure whether my truck is a K2500HD or a C2500HD. I've got the original sticker right here with me and can't find it anywhere on there. Does anyone know how I can find out which mine is?


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    the difference between K and C is 4x4 versus 4x2. You'll note in the fith, sixth, and seventh digits of your VIN, it reads K29 - if it were a 2WD truck, it'd be a C29.


    Sorry, I do 20 GM lemon law cases per week, and with the huge influx of cases for engine tap/piston slap, I have all the model numbers memorized.
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    Thanks. That's just the information I was looking for. I really love the truck, but I started working for an auto manufacturer about a year ago and I want to get a vehicle built at my plant.
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    GM trucks really don't have the C/K designation any more, like way back when they were identified as the Chevy/GMC C/K, and had C10, C20, K5, K30, etc markings on the outside. Most value guides still recognize them this way, though, and I think most consumers will get the idea.
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    Tag onto the previous post.

    It appears that the '98 year was designated C/K in the Helms manual, though the C/K on the truck was no longer displayed. The Silverado was a trim designation.


    In '99 the Silverado was the model.
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    in 1999, in the 1500 series, you had the choice of the Silverado/Sierra (new style) or classic style - in the 2500/3500, the Silverado/Sierra new body style didn't kick in until 2001.
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