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Chevrolet Corvette Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    It might also have something to do with the uniform commercial code (under the FTC?). Delivery charges were standardized nationwide at least a decade ago. That's why a guy who buys a Chevy in Hawaii pays within about $50 of what a guy in Kentucky would pay.

    But I'm sure the truckers' unions had a say in the matter as well.
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I have found a 07 C6 car with the Lt3 package, both tops , chrome wheels and onstar with the auto trans. The car is red with dark gray interior and 7300 miles on it. They want $44000.00 for it and I have driven the car and it is just like new. What do you think?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    Well – I bought a similarly equipped 2007 last Fall: 3LT, MX0 \ A6, CC3 & Monterey Red metallic paint. List: $52,690.

    I negotiated $5K off that price = $47,690.

    I have recently seen various dealers advertising $7 – 8K off remaining new 2007s.

    I see $44K as rather high for a 2007 3LT used, with mileage that many C6s don’t see in ** TWO ** years. . .

    I think you could do better – or for $1 or $2K more you could buy a new 2007 – if you can find one with the equipment & color that you want.

    There are still many 2007 Coupes on dealer lots across the country . . .

    Good luck!
    - Ray
    Happy with my deal – and the 12,000 miles driven since then . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    So, based on Ray's input, you just have to get them down to
    $41k or so and you have a great deal.
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    Got the dealer down and traded my C5 for the C6 and I have to tell you there is alot more difference in the two cars than I thought there would be but it is a good difference. Thanks for all the info.
  • mako1amako1a VirginiaPosts: 1,855
    I wish there was a way to trade 2 for 1. I have a 2006 Toyota and a 1991 Camaro and the cash difference. The problem is the Camaro has a ton of go fast goddies $$ in it and I'd like to recoup at least a portion of that. Plus I've looked at every publication I can find and nobody has a Corvette for sale within 150 miles of here thus eliminating doing the 2 trade thing. I hate advertising and selling cars so I guess I'll just keep hoping somebody sees my nice clean cars and makes me an off I can't refuse. Dave

    2013 Mustang GT, 2001 GMC Yukon Denali

  • jjkostjjkost Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase a new 2008 Corvette. Does anyone have any recommendations for Chevy dealers in the Northeast that give "good" deals on Corvettes and also good service departments? I am aware of Kerbeck. I am located just west of Boston but am willing to travel for a good deal.
    I appreciate your responses.
    Thank you,
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    I would suggest that you investigate MacMulkin in Nashua N.H. Their word-of-mouth on other Forums is excellent...

    If I had not been able to negotiate what I considered a fair deal locally ( near Atlanta ) I would have tried them for my 2007 Coupe - they are 15 minutes from where my Mom lives.

    Good luck!
    - Ray
    2007 driver.....
    2016 BMW 340i
  • mako1amako1a VirginiaPosts: 1,855
    Boston to Dayton may be quite a hike, but here is the dream car. I shouldn't be giving this info out, but if you get this one I'm hoping they'll order mine in Yellow. tic_W0QQitemZ220137690104QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item220137690104

    2013 Mustang GT, 2001 GMC Yukon Denali

  • mako1amako1a VirginiaPosts: 1,855
    OK I know one of you "smart shoppers" got that 2008 Vette. Who was it? I already told Buds I want the same one in Yellow.

    I'm anxiously awaiting mine, but have to sell my 91 Z28 Camaro convertible for $8k first (engine is $5k and 400HP all by itself).

    2013 Mustang GT, 2001 GMC Yukon Denali

  • realthorrealthor Posts: 26
    Well, I didn't get the red one. But thanks to you I got the blue one. Z-51 and NPP, all that a man needs. Thanks again for the link!!
  • You might try the following link:

    I have never bought from them but I called him and he told me they would deliver to a nearby dealer and they will honor GM Supplier pricing if you are eligle.
  • Bought an ordered car from Rick last fall (a black convert with all the options) got GM pricing, took the Museum delivery, and he did everything he said he would on pricing and delivery. Great guy to buy a car from ....even though I live in Arizona!
  • Call Maxie Price in Loganville, Georgia. There's a gentleman out there (ex-military) that handles the internet purchases. I ordered one from him last May and got my car as promised end of May (4 weeks). My vette (07 Coupe, LS3, auto, Z51, dual roof, two tone seats), was delivered to a dealership in Maryland where I live, they call this "courtesy delivery". You pay an extra $200.00 for that as they have to complete the paperworks for you. Maxie Price operates the same way with Kerbeck and Rick Daniel. Received the best discount from Maxie. The trick here is to find a dealership that has a good number of allocation. If you go local, they may not have the right allocation so it may take a few months before they can order your car for you.
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Sold my '03 Z06 and because of price differential decided to shop of a C6 coupe instead of a C6 Z06
    Found some awesome deals on leftover '07's, some dealers going GMS pricing which is as good as one can get IMHO. At that time, my Z had not yet sold and Car and Driver as well as other car mags did tests on the '08 coupe and really were very positive on the improvements made in the '08. To my surprise a number of dealers were going about 10% off sticker which is close to invoice. Shopped the entire country and found anywhere from "sticker" to 3-6k off.
    Ended up at Kerbecks in Atlantic City even though they were at 5k off vs. 6k at others. Reason being, they have a HUGE stock of '08's and they happened to have the color/options I wanted; my Z06 had sold and I could not wait to get back in the seat of another Vette. Cost me an extra grand but I got what I wanted and I was too selfish to wait.
    Did the fly out/drive back and I absolutely love this car. Logged 850 miles in one day and can testify to the fact that this is a great cruising car.
    For anyone shopping, I'd recommend the 10% off number as a benchmark.
  • If you're buying a vette, don't settle with what is on the lot, order your car to your specifications. It only takes 3 days to assemble your car and less than a week to deliver your car to a dealership near you (courtesy delivery). Then you receive your car with odometer reading of less than 10 miles (mine was 3 miles). Shop from Maxie Price, Kerbeck or Rick Daniel. Last time I checked with Maxie Price's website, they were giving 8k off MSRP for 07, your local dealership could not beat that. Of course you have to make a deposit on your order, about 2k. Got my order from Maxie Price in less than 4 weeks, i.e., after they received my deposit. Or if you want something special for your vette, take a museum delivery, costs a little more on the handling. Read all about it at Rick Daniel's website.
  • The car is being brought to the dealer this wknd. The MSRP is $46,325. it is the basic silver/black with alloys. This car was very hard to find!! (silver) Automatic 1LT
    How is the price? How much haggling can I do on a 2007? I want to offer $40k. does that seem reasonable?
    I think its reasonable due to the fact it is a 2007. I had one offer for $500 over wholesale for a 08' at one dealer.
    Please respond..This car will be mine this wknd, possibly. Everyones input would be appreciated.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774

    Kerbeck regularly offered 2007 1LTs for 39,995 (when they still had some). That did not include the automatic, but I think $40k is pretty reasonable for an 07 now. Good luck!
  • Finally found a silver 1LT 2007 automatic. I have should be on its way. Now, isn't it a good time to really negotiate on the 2007's ?

    asking price is $46k. I am thinking along the lines of $40k. any comments, or suggestions...
    very excited, but its time to make the deal.
  • Has anyone leased an 08 Vette yet? I had a 99 leased Vette and an 01 leased Vette. I currently drive a financed G35 and am looking to get out of it to get back into the car I should have never got out of. My question is what are the lease deals like? I am in NJ so Kerbeck is a good option. I know last Dec they where taking 7500 off MSRP on 07 Vettes for a short while. How does that translate on a 57000 car that would sell to me for about 50000. Has anyone leased one from them or anyone else? I figure I can go in with about 2-3k. Any information would be appreciated.
  • Well I searched high and low for a 2007. Finally found it 200 miles away from home. But there it was !!!
    Asking price in August was $55k. We got it for $48k. No they gave us $1k off for their own incentive bonus programs that they get kicked-down for.

    Know nothing about the leases. Just know how long it took me to find a new 2007. I don't care for the 2008's interior at all.
    good luck
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    Just put a deposit down local dealer(Beck) .....Jetstream Blue, auto, 3LT, Nav., Competion Grey wheels....54,300 out the door(cash deal)...Could have saved some money going down to Kerbeck, but I would rather purchase the vehicle where I am going to have it serviced....Now the wait begins..He'll know his allocation this month..Worst case scenario i'll take delivery in March-April, I'm in no rush...

  • What dealership in Md. did you have your vette shipped to? Is $200 what they charged you? I asking because Keith at Maxi Price told me some dealers charge more.
    Who was your contact person at the Md dealership?
  • This is my first post so please bear with me if I make a gaffo. Also remember this is merely a reporting of my experiences at Carmax, your's may be different (my attorney made me say that... [yes I really have an attorney - this event is not over])

    I bought a 2004 Chevy Corvette (C-5) in June of 2007 form the Carmax in Orlando, FL. :lemon:

    The salesman said all the right things (e.g. we're different, we'll fix anything within 30 days etc.) Now bear in mind I'm not a stupid person, I hate buying a new car but my SUV was coughing up blood and I had no choice.

    I had my own financing - no prob. They added the warranty, but after the low-key pitch it sound like a good deal (beside my last Vette was one mechanical disaster after another - when it was in shape it was a joy, but that was infrequent - sort of a love-hate relationship)

    They offered me $150.00 for my SUV and I was happy. Bluebook was $450 but I was fine with it, one less hassle.

    The Vette ran great, a few noises here and there, some pulsation with the brakes - but the overall styling had changed so much since my last Vette (13 years ago) I just figured things had changed.

    My wife stared telling me about the brakes pulsating and we both noticed clunking and grinding from the rear with high-angle low speed turns.

    Before the 30 day "all inclusive warranty" was up I took it in to be looked at by the Carmax "mechanics" in Orlando. I had five (5) problem areas I wanted them to check:

    1. Cosmetic defect in the driver's seat fitting into the seat pan (actually identified by the salesman when I bought it who had said "bring it in and we'll fix it - no problem!"

    2. Pulsating brakes that pull to left or right - worse with rapid deceleration.

    3. Problem with center console opening

    4. Problem with "clunking" noise and "grinding" noise with turns

    5. Tire pressure sensors inaccurate need re-calibrating.

    When I picked it back up later that day I was told nothing was wrong, everything was “within normal limits” and they had lubricated the center console hinge.

    Went home – the read end noise got worse.

    Finally, on 27 August, I took it to Courtesy Chevrolet across the street from Carmax, also in Orlando. Turns out t he rear noise was a problem Chevy knew about, a service bulletin HAD been issues, the car was still under Chevy warranty (by one day no less) and they fixed it – FREE.

    Went home happy.

    Pulsating brakes started getting worse and the rear end noise came back. Took it back to Courtesy Chevrolet. – Then the bad part started.

    Rear end – under warranty from previous repair – taken care of.

    Brakes – disc rotors AND calipers shot x 4 – uneven wear. So bad it would have been clearly visible during the “under warranty” inspection at Carmax earlier when they had written “…checked front brakes for uneven wear – ok… checked front brake pistons and caliper slides for binding – none. No repair required at this time.(sic)”

    The icing on the cake was rotors, calipers etc. are not covered by the Carmax warranty.

    Contacted the local Carmax head of maintenance department (whose name I cannot mention but if you were to call Carmax Orlando and ask for the direct of maintenance, it would be him. To do him justice, he DID call back and proceeded to try to ream ME for everything being MY fault. I took his verbal harassment and humiliation as I figured it would be a small price to pay for them to pay for the repairs UNTIL I told him I was concerned about my wife driving a unsafe care for two months that should have been fixed when I first brought it in to Carmax. This “gentleman” began to laugh, yes LAUGHED at my concern for my wife’s safety.

    I that point I lost my “turn the other cheek” attitude and told him basically to shove Carmax up an opening in his lower body.

    Two days later I went to pick up my car (Chevy had to get certain parts mailed in).

    The Chevy repair person, God bless his naiveté,, had still been talking with this director of maintenance at Carmax and gleefully informed me Carmax WAS going to pay the bill. The bill was $1053.19 plus the cost of a rent a car for two days. He said he wasn’t sure if Carmax was going to send Courtesy Chevrolet the check or have me pay and then refund me.

    The next day, the Chevy repair person, called to say Carmax would be sending me a check and Chevy would charge my credit card.

    That was fine. I was happy. I was even reconsidering my evaluation of Carmax – i.e. maybe I had been wrong and they were stepping up to the bat to “do the right thing.”

    Today, Saturday, it has been thirteen (13) days since I took my car in for the repairs. Still no check (there never will be) still no apologies, in fact no communication except from the Carmax salesman who apparently naively believes Carmax will “do the right thing”.

    Again my experiences may be different from yours, (as my attorney reminded me to write) you might get treated right. The message is BE CAREFUL! Carmax is still just another used car dealership; packed differently, owned by Circuit City (really – look it up) but it’s still the scorpion and frog story.

    My suggestion, if you didn’t read the above and still choose to buy a car at Carmax. Choose the car, skip the extended warranty, and – no matter how hard it might be to do this – when you drive the car off the Carmax lot drive it directly to your prearranged service checkup with a local dealership. It may cost a dollar or two but you will know right away what’s wrong and be able to return the car to Carmax within 5 days and get your money back or at least force them to fix your car.

    Be careful, don’t make my mistakes. Personally speaking, based solely on my experiences (my attorney talking again) I would/will NEVER buy a car from Carmax again, in fact I would not buy a $10 bill from them if they only wanted $5.

    Final Scorecard:

    Courtesy Chevrolet Orlando = A+
    Carmax Orlando = F-

    Of course your experiences my be different from mine . . .

    So what are your experiences?


  • chrmdomechrmdome Posts: 107

    I have had similar experiences in different areas, however your Carmax experience could be resolved ( since we are talking about $1100 here not $11,000) and basically not much different than other $1100 expenditures, clothes , TV sets etc. It may sound NUTS!! But take a weekend day off , go down to the Carmax sales office and sit down in front of the door with a sign that says " Before dealing with Carmax, see me first " They can't stop you from doing this as long as you are on public are within your rights let them call the police, and don't threaten them. It's not a negative statement, just a statement. Carmax will be out the front door with your check within 15 minutes of your arrival. I've done this twice with results and threatened to do it to a VERY large furniture compnay and they begged me not to, all to my pleasure with quick results. Not many people will do this, it may be a little nutzoid and your family members will kid you... but I got great results. It drives merchants nuts because they can't afford to loose ANY sales. They screwed you, they knew it and not it's time to return the favor.. I'd ask them for $100 more just for your trouble.. They will come around....If you are willing to look a little " nutzoid " Good luck. I'm not an attorney and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn, but it worked for me. I was at a BMW dealership and the dealership tried to play " dumb ", with a problem that they caused me. I opened the truck and showed them my sign and they got smart very quickly.....

    Good luck

  • sorry for the late response.

    The dealer in So. MD. is "Jack Winegardner Chevrolet", Indian Head Hwy. MD. This was arranged by Maxi Price of Loganville, GA by Steve T. and I only paid the floor manager a courtesy delivery of $200, as arranged. I was also given a tour of their customizing/detailing shop.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    I was watching local inventories for a 2008 that I liked (because I have a hard time ordering and waiting vs. an impulse deal), but ran across a new 2007 vette at the dealer in a color I like that is no longer offered in 2008. Now I have a diIema with a new 2007 in a color I really like or a 2008 with more horsepower and improved exhaust. I heard there is $3K rebate for the 2007, but does anyone have an idea as to what a fair price (reduction from MSRP or reduction from invoice) would be, and where to find or verify information on dealer or consumer money from GM for buying a model year old car?
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Invoice is roughly 10-11% off sticker (not considering holdback) and I believe there are dealers out there doing 10%+ off '08's, so to buy an '07 would be tough to justify unless they went 15k+ off sticker.
    Keep in mind the '07 will be 2 years old in 3-4 months when the '09's hit.
    If you posted some numbers on the MSRP of the '07, I suspect others here would give their opinions also.
    Good luck.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    Thanks for the input. The only reason I'm considering the '07 is because I really like the Monterrey Red, and yes, I struggle with buying a year old (soon to be 2 year old) car without a deep discount. The sticker is $64K and they're only $10K off sticker which is not enough for me to justify it so I may go back with a bottom line number based on feedback I get here.......not to mention the trade offer for my current vette won't cut it either.
    What do you think an '01 convertible with 5K miles is worth?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    I hear you regarding the MR - my '07 Coupe is that color.
    The new ( Crystal ? ) red is not "close enough" for you?
    Another thing to keep in mind is that both the manual & automatic received sugstantial upgrades for '08.
    As opposed to the '06 to '07 - where there were only the smallest detail changes...
    Your $$s, your call, of course...
    Good luck!
    - Ray
    '07 MR to be for sale this Fall.....
    2016 BMW 340i
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