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Honda Ridgeline Maintenance and Repair



  • hairballhairball Posts: 4
    I've owned V8 Chevrolets for 30 years and this is my first V6. The hesitation is driving me crazy but I got the same answer at the dealership...shut off the safety system and it should help. When I do this I have noticed no real difference. I still get hesitation, especially noticable as I go around corners. My wife's V6 4runner does not have this problem. I love my Ridgeline otherwise.
  • lem888lem888 Posts: 7
    Anyone out there have a problem with a grinding noise from the ABS? I have a fairly steep driveway and when I brake at the bottom while driving forwards and downwards, I get an awful grinding noise from the left front wheel.

    I've had two dealers look at it and waited 3 weeks to get a response from the regional "customer service" hack. When we (the dealer tech and I) disconnected the ABS fuse, the noise went away - along with the ABS. Their solution? Live with it.

    I'm very disappointed with the quality of this Honda. I had an F-150 prior to this and never had problems like this (or any problems, for that matter), but don't write me off as one of the "buy America, dammit" rednecks that seem to be lurking out there - my wife drives an Odyssey and we're both happy with it. I want to love this truck/car/SUT/whatever it is, but dealer service is mediocre at best and the attitude that I should just live with a very loud grinding noise is arrogant.

    If anyone else has had similar problems, I'd like to hear.

    P.S. - I have the annoying hesitation problem as well. It is especially apparent when turning right after slowing and when you are trying to accelerate and merge - say into moving traffic.
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    Call American Honda.
    The number is (800) 999 - 1009.
    Turning off the ABS is a HORRIBLE IDEA. :surprise: Tell Honda that the dealer turned off your ABS. Call them, they will solve your car's problem.

    Let us know on their response. Good luck ;)
  • whaleyawhaleya Posts: 28
    The hesitation when turning is because the transmission logic doesn't downshift properly when turning. The idea is that if you are turning you will than accelerate thus it holds the gear. The logic of looking at steering input is interesting but the computer holds the gear too long.

    I see no reason why Honda can't issue an upgrade to the transmission firmware to alter the hold thresholds

    On the differnt subject of body flex. TO follow up with a past post, I have looked _very_ closely at the area where the sheetmetal is slightly warped (near my gas flap) and I beleive 100% that the problem was with the stamping of the panel and not body flexing issues.
  • 5553543255535432 Posts: 150

    Host or any Ridgeowners here, experiencing rattles on the front seat passenger side.On very smooth roads it can't be heard, but on roads a bit rough I can hear two kinds of rattle one low pitch rattle and one squeaking sound. Got them around 18,000 miles on my Ridgeline. It is driving me nuts.At one time after the delearship can't remedy it I almost traded it in even at a huge lost for a Civic, but backpedaled when I realized the civic is a new design and may have issues worse than my rattles when it reaches 18000 miles.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    After 18,000 miles, concerned enough to consider trading 'at a huge loss' over a rattle and a squeak when driving on roads 'a bit rough'.

    And some people call me picky....

    Remember, this is a truck. On a smooth road, a Ridgeline is very smooth. When I drive on not-so-smooth roads, I know I'm driving a truck.
  • maddog13maddog13 Posts: 5
    I bought my RL in May 2005, drove it for 14,000 miles through a Utah winter with no problems. Then, we got 2 weeks of rain this March and it soaked every inch of my carpet before I noticed it. Having been through the fall and winter with no problems, I figured I my truck didn't have the defect so I didn't check the carpet until I noticed a mildewy smell. The rubber floor mats, which I love, helped to hide the problem.

    As it turns out, the carpet and pad were ruined, so they had to rip out the whole interior. Then, in process, they noticed some dashboard padding got wet so they ripped out the whole dash and replaced all the padding there too. It took 6 days, but I got the truck back with no smell. All because of that little drain plug in the right front wheelwell.

    After getting it back, I noticed that a piece of the leather in the interior was torn and the bed was badly scratched (where they put the seats while recarpeting). The dealer repainted the bed and replaced the leather trim piece with no questions asked. Unfortunately, my truck is now famous at the dealer, and not in a good way.

    I was impressed with how the dealer stood behind the product, especially since I bought it in Denver but service it in SLC. But on the other hand, they aren't too happy to see me anymore when I bring my truck in.

    Unsolicited opinions:

    All in all, I love the design of the truck and have no complaints about any of the mechanical features. But, as this is my first Honda ever, I am disappointed with the lack of attention to detail. My 2001 Chevy Suburban was initially problem free and had better thought-out interior features (BOTH front seats are powered, the auto temperature setting actually works quickly, etc.)

    Had Honda issued a RECALL on the water leak, a lot of trucks would not have needed costly and time-consuming repairs. Mine isn't the only truck that needed new carpet this spring from the dealer I use. I shouldn't HAVE to read this board to find out what is potentially wrong with my brand new $30,000 truck, IMHO.

    The moral of the story: touch the carpet under the right front floormat with a dry tissue after each rainstorm just in case. ;)
  • Hi folks,

    Thanks for allowing me to follow this forum to get a heads up on any Ridgeline problems. I bought a new RTS two days ago. I was checking out all the hardware under the car and noticed a small amount of fresh oil on the bottom of my front transaxle. I'm not sure if it's an oil leak or some residual oil from the manufacturing process. Also, the number "10424" has been written on the transaxle with a black magic marker. Has anybody had any oil leak problems? Does anyone know what the numbers written on the transaxle mean? Thanks for any reply.
  • silvercoupesilvercoupe Posts: 326
    I just had to add 1 quart of oil to my new Ridgeline at 4,500 miles. Is this usual for the break-in period for this engine?

    I have owned 5 Accords (all 4 cylinder) in the past and have never had to add oil between changes.
  • ergoergo Posts: 56
    Okay, those bent frames & body damage on the Ridgeline's were scary to read about. No less than 5 have body creasing by the C-Pillar! :cry:

    Sure, 2 of them were CPO vehicles purchased used from a Honda dealer, but there's no excuse on a vehicle with only 10k on it. Can't believe the dealer told the guy to keep driving it. An independent frame shop ferified his fears. Bent frame. Was a shame he was villified by fellow owners before a resolution was posted. :sick: All the bumper VIN ID's strongly imply the vehicle hasn't been in an accident.

    I'd feel better about this if the owner had towed with it or something. :(

    Then again, all the aggressive "Rugged" advertising for this urban truck may come back to bite Honda. They need to proudly target the city dwellers and leave the banjo playing music out of it. :P Paul Bunyan's truck it ain't!
  • dpiccolidpiccoli Posts: 1
    I'm not happy for your troubles, but misery loves company and I share your pain. My '06 Ridgeline interior was gutted by the dealership a couple months ago. The entire interior carpeting was soaked and moldy after 2500 miles of neighborhood driving. They were attentive and turned the car around in 3 days, but as the summer heats up I started noticing that "smell" again. Yesterday I discovered more water under the driver-side rubber mat. This time I'm also seeing some rust stains! The truck is a year old with less than 5000 miles on it. I have no confidence they will ever truly fix this issue.
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    It's nice to see that this category doesn't get new posts everyday. I guess the Ridgeline's all work! :)
  • Nope, just getting complacent. I am resigned to the fact that this will never work properly. I'm a "soccer mom" SUVer turned Ridgeline so this is my first experience with a pickup. The problems I'm having are minor, but inconvenient, and the dealerships in this area don't seem to care.
    I have to manually lift the Tonneau cover every time I want to close the back tail gate. The cover droops down so the tailgate can't latch on, or I think it is tight and it falls down when I'm driving. The kids are used to sitting in the back with all our packages on the floor, but sometimes this isn't possible. The truck was just back from the dealer and they can't seem to get a fix on the cover so it will hold at the right level. They "repair" it by tightening the screws and it fails again two or three days later. Have been to two different dealerships on this.

    Also fell for the pen trick on a crack in the windsheild as detailed in numerous posts in owners forums of other Honda vechiles. Never heard of a tension crack before this. Woke up one morning to see the sun highlighting a fine two inch crack on the upper midline of the windshield. The dealer needed a closer look at the crack. He swooped his pen down and grind a nice little point where there hadn't been one before. After that the small crack I had waited on for 2 weeks walked all over the windshield. The 800 number was of no help. Now at 16000 miles I am starting to hear a rub in the break area.

    I expected to own this Honda forever(owned 3 Volvos 10-20yrs each before this). The Hondas may last, but with the minor problems and the attitiude of the dealer it won't be a car I would want to drive anyway. Might as well consider this Ridgeline something fun & disposable for 3 years and not aggrivate in the meantime.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    You problems seem very minor to me.

    You have an add-on accessory, the Tonneau cover. Add-ons can be a source of problems.

    A cracked windshield? What does 'grind a nice little point' mean? Did he just press on the windshield with a ballpoint pen? If so, I think he pressed on a spot where something had hit the windshield. And the crack then spread, which, after the initial hit, is going to happen sooner or later. Get your windshield replaced, your comprehensive insurance should cover this.

    'Hear a rub.' Have the Honda dealer check the 'breaks' (brakes). If there is a problem you will have a much better chance of having it repaired at no charge at 16,000 miles than waiting later. Brakes are, after all, a maintenance item and are expected to wear out.
  • I have 1500mi on mine and it does the same thing. Seems to be a litte rattle behind the instrument panel and steering column. Happens a little when I turn too. Going to take it in under warranty. Is it continual problem?

    Thx Wes
  • I have 1500mi. Mileage has ranged from 15-16 avg with mostly city driving and one time 19+ with about 50mi highway, cruise set at 70mph. I don't baby it in city driving. My daily commute of 15mi includes 5mi of highway @ 75-80mph.
  • I'll try the covers. But I notice squeaks and rattles around the steering column, mostly over rougher surfaces. I also hear ticking sounds when I turn. It doesn't happen all the time but its a little annoying...1500mi
  • My ridgline has 16,000 miles and the engine is being replaced.I wondered if anyone else has had Vtek engine problems. The dealer has no idea what the problem is so they are replacing the engine. It just lost power. Does anyone know the history of this engine and reliability.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    These Honda V6 engines are 99.9% reliable. It doesn't suprise me your dealer doesn't have a clue. They've probaly never seen a bad one. This V6 has been used in the pilot and has an excellent reliability history. I'm sure you also know that Honda is the most renown engine maker in the world.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    The VTEC V6 is also in the Odyssey, Accord and Saturn VUE too. Perhaps minor diffs, but really a good engine.

    Can't you be more specific?
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