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Honda Ridgeline Maintenance and Repair



  • dpiccolidpiccoli Posts: 1
    I'm not happy for your troubles, but misery loves company and I share your pain. My '06 Ridgeline interior was gutted by the dealership a couple months ago. The entire interior carpeting was soaked and moldy after 2500 miles of neighborhood driving. They were attentive and turned the car around in 3 days, but as the summer heats up I started noticing that "smell" again. Yesterday I discovered more water under the driver-side rubber mat. This time I'm also seeing some rust stains! The truck is a year old with less than 5000 miles on it. I have no confidence they will ever truly fix this issue.
  • master1master1 Posts: 340
    It's nice to see that this category doesn't get new posts everyday. I guess the Ridgeline's all work! :)
  • Nope, just getting complacent. I am resigned to the fact that this will never work properly. I'm a "soccer mom" SUVer turned Ridgeline so this is my first experience with a pickup. The problems I'm having are minor, but inconvenient, and the dealerships in this area don't seem to care.
    I have to manually lift the Tonneau cover every time I want to close the back tail gate. The cover droops down so the tailgate can't latch on, or I think it is tight and it falls down when I'm driving. The kids are used to sitting in the back with all our packages on the floor, but sometimes this isn't possible. The truck was just back from the dealer and they can't seem to get a fix on the cover so it will hold at the right level. They "repair" it by tightening the screws and it fails again two or three days later. Have been to two different dealerships on this.

    Also fell for the pen trick on a crack in the windsheild as detailed in numerous posts in owners forums of other Honda vechiles. Never heard of a tension crack before this. Woke up one morning to see the sun highlighting a fine two inch crack on the upper midline of the windshield. The dealer needed a closer look at the crack. He swooped his pen down and grind a nice little point where there hadn't been one before. After that the small crack I had waited on for 2 weeks walked all over the windshield. The 800 number was of no help. Now at 16000 miles I am starting to hear a rub in the break area.

    I expected to own this Honda forever(owned 3 Volvos 10-20yrs each before this). The Hondas may last, but with the minor problems and the attitiude of the dealer it won't be a car I would want to drive anyway. Might as well consider this Ridgeline something fun & disposable for 3 years and not aggrivate in the meantime.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    You problems seem very minor to me.

    You have an add-on accessory, the Tonneau cover. Add-ons can be a source of problems.

    A cracked windshield? What does 'grind a nice little point' mean? Did he just press on the windshield with a ballpoint pen? If so, I think he pressed on a spot where something had hit the windshield. And the crack then spread, which, after the initial hit, is going to happen sooner or later. Get your windshield replaced, your comprehensive insurance should cover this.

    'Hear a rub.' Have the Honda dealer check the 'breaks' (brakes). If there is a problem you will have a much better chance of having it repaired at no charge at 16,000 miles than waiting later. Brakes are, after all, a maintenance item and are expected to wear out.
  • I have 1500mi on mine and it does the same thing. Seems to be a litte rattle behind the instrument panel and steering column. Happens a little when I turn too. Going to take it in under warranty. Is it continual problem?

    Thx Wes
  • I have 1500mi. Mileage has ranged from 15-16 avg with mostly city driving and one time 19+ with about 50mi highway, cruise set at 70mph. I don't baby it in city driving. My daily commute of 15mi includes 5mi of highway @ 75-80mph.
  • I'll try the covers. But I notice squeaks and rattles around the steering column, mostly over rougher surfaces. I also hear ticking sounds when I turn. It doesn't happen all the time but its a little annoying...1500mi
  • My ridgline has 16,000 miles and the engine is being replaced.I wondered if anyone else has had Vtek engine problems. The dealer has no idea what the problem is so they are replacing the engine. It just lost power. Does anyone know the history of this engine and reliability.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    These Honda V6 engines are 99.9% reliable. It doesn't suprise me your dealer doesn't have a clue. They've probaly never seen a bad one. This V6 has been used in the pilot and has an excellent reliability history. I'm sure you also know that Honda is the most renown engine maker in the world.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    The VTEC V6 is also in the Odyssey, Accord and Saturn VUE too. Perhaps minor diffs, but really a good engine.

    Can't you be more specific?
  • I was pulling my 2 4-wheelers an incline in Rt 30 in PA. ans all of a sudden I lost power and the engine light flickered. At first I thought I had gotten some bad fuel. I parked it and had it towed to the Honda dealer. They drained the gas tank and refilled it, but no go. the spark plugs were black on the ends. They have no idea what it could be. That's when they decided to pull the engine, send it to Honda so they can take it apart and try to pinpoint the problem. I am waiting now for the new engine to be installed. I was just wondering if anyone else was having trouble with this engine. Thanks for the reply
  • This forum is very helpful. I am considering a 07 Ridgeline. Does anyone have any information concerning the problems that were encountered previously on the Ridgeline and whether there has been a "fix" on the new year model?
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Have had no prblems with water leaking or any of the other problems mentioned in this forum. My engine problem was fixed with a new engine. I was impressed with the no hassle from Honda. I have only had it back for a week but so far so good although now the gas gauge is not working correctly it won't register past half full. I take it in tomarrow for the repair. I can't say I am not a little aggravated! But I am still happy with the truck in general. The only trucks I have ever owned before this were Toyotas Had my last one for 16 years. I chose the honda this time because the Toyotas felt cramed inside compared to the RDL. Hope I made the right choice!!
  • What was the problem with the engine?
  • I have owned a F-250, F-350, Chevy 1/2 ton and a Toyota and drove and worked all of them for many years. I bought the Ridgeline because of the ratings and the fact that it is a very versitile vehicle. It is not as "rugged" as my other trucks and certainly doesn't haul heavy loads like some other trucks. I looked at all the new mid size trucks on the market and the Ridgeline has more room, better safety, smoother, quieter ride. It drives more like a car. I have had my Ridgeline for around a year now and it is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I have been in the mud and sand quite a bit and have tried but not been able to get stuck as of yet. Don't count on it being a heavy duty work vehicle or a serious 4x4 but it is excellent for family recreation. The Honda service center is excellent and while I have not had any serious problems I know they will be there to help me if needed. I don't have leaks, my engine works great, there is no rattle. All good, I would buy it again.
  • I own a Ridgeline and the tail does lock !! I own a RTL I do not know what you bought. The locking tonneau cover is redundant. I bought the hard cover, it has it's own lock .

    But it also has latches that lock it in place meaning that no keyed lock is required because the tail gate locks.

    Maybe your model does not have a locking tailgate ???
  • Here is why I bought a [non-permissible content removed] vehicle

    By the way I am a USA army veteran who swore he would never buy a foreign car !!!

    87 Ford Ranger super cab the paint peeled off the roof and hood Ford would not fix !!

    I still bought another Ford :
    96 Ford Windstar Bad headgasket at 30,000 miles covered under warranty but I paid dearly when I traded it in.

    I still bought another Ford :
    2002 Ford Windstar Transmission rebuild @ 60k miles $2300.00 bill while I am still making payments on it.

    I was in the market for another Ford when my tranny failed but changed my mind and bought a Ridgeline .

    I am a loyal American but I have a son in college and cannot afford to buy what for me has been a inferior product.

    I now proudly have veterans plates on my [non-permissible content removed] vehicle !!!
    Shame on USA carbuilders !!!
  • Hmm let me think why me a USA Army veteran bought the [non-permissible content removed] vehicle I swore I never would.
    I have owned 4 Fords now:
    First one a Ford Escort my wife totaled it.
    Second vehicle 96 Windstar Bad head gasket at 30,000
  • OK, so we've got Ridgelines that leap and lug while idling, engines that lose power and need replaced, and the weak braking systems. The wet carpets and loose plastic pieces and the noises emanating from the front and rear at various speeds. More troubling is the body flexing on a van redesigned to look like a truck. BUT... it is quality BECAUSE it is Japanese and not American. Now, if it was an American vehicle these folks would be bashing American products till the cows come home, but because it's foreign, it's gotta be good.
    You go Mr. Veteran (I'm one too), The Fords and Chevy's pay a hell of allot more into the tax base than Honda or Toyota ever will as they have abated all of their taxes to bring industry into lower income areas. Who is ultimately paying your retirement??
    As for your experiences with Ford, wow! I've been driving Fords and Chevys my entire life and haven't had any serious issues whatsoever. Some people need to make stories to justify doing something that doesn't sit exactly right in their conscience. DO as you will as we're all the boss of our wallets. Peace Mr. Vet
  • My son and I went to test drive and look at an 07 Ridgeline yesterday. It had rained here earlier in the day, and when the dealer unlocked the truck so that we could look inside and possibly test drive it the entire console between the seats as well as the area around the moonroof was soaking wet! Some of the leather passenger seat was also drenched. I asked if they have many moonroofs that have this leaking problem of course I was told NO! Has anyone had this problem? I've heard of leaking moonroofs in other cars, but was VERY surprised that this happened in a Honda.
  • Has anyone had this problem?

    Nope, my moonroof is as tight as a drum. I've been in high pressure car washes and rain storms and not a drop.
  • OK, so we've got Ridgelines that leap and lug while idling, engines that lose power and need replaced, and the weak braking systems. The wet carpets and loose plastic pieces and the noises emanating from the front and rear at various speeds. More troubling is the body flexing on a van redesigned to look like a truck.

    You're something else. Do you believe every post you read on the internet?

    so we've got Ridgelines that leap and lug while idling, engines that lose power and need replaced, and the weak braking systems.

    I know the few problems this truck has well and the ones you've listed aren't even real problems. I've followed owners problems with the RL from the beginning and the only genuine issues it had were a leaky cab from a faulty weld and creeky steering wheel.

    These are the most frequently reported problems from actual owners, not 1 post trolls like you cite. Look at CR if you want to know what true crap american vehicles are. Ford and GM continue to their customers and like sheep they go back for more.

    I've driven my Ridgeline for almost 2 years without a problem. It has been the best vehicle for us. We couldn't be happier with it. The Toyotas we owned before the curent Fit and Ridgeline we now own also were reliable for the 15 years we owned them.
  • double post
  • I've had my Ridgeline for 9 months and besides a slightly undersized engine, it's been a great vehicle so far. Before, I have only owned Chevy trucks and Vans for the past 30 years. It was a tough choice but quality per dollar, and trust, ultimately drives everything in our global economy. My Honda has small design features that most people don't notice and Detroit would never even think about. Those who focus on serving the customer first, rather than themselves (Unions), ultimately conquer.
  • so what if your a vet! so am I, buying a domestic car doesnt make you patriotic, anyone who works on cars can tell you the quality of the domestic vehicle has gone to [non-permissible content removed], and if people would stop buying [non-permissible content removed] then maybee the quality will improve. insted of preaching to buy Americn built start writing to the manufactures and let them know that they should improving the quality of their vehicles, and an economy car doesnt mean cheap quality or piss poor design, try a corolla or a civic vs dodge neon or an escort having to work on these piles of [non-permissible content removed] makes me wana gag.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    There has been a lot bad imports produced as well as North American vehicles. It is obvious that you can't express yourself without swearing. Where is the Host?
  • Pvt. Jarhead, You're getting all worked into a frenzy over a Civic or Corolla? Personally son, I would never be caught driving something like that. I prefer a vehicle I can stretch out in and has enough power to get away from itself. As for a neon, not my type of vehicle (give me a truck), but at least it generated some tax dollars that flowed back into our economy (the one that pays your paycheck). I hope you take advantage of some of the other tax dollar options available to us who've served and use it towards education. Your verbal skills give John Kerry the ammo to back up his latest statements about "stupid goes to Iraq". You're embarrasing many of us.

    :cry: Peace Bro.
  • OK, you guys are getting a little out of focus. Perhaps you should look into the local bingo group or buy yourself a fishing pole? Maybe try spending a little of your time to research and find out exactly where your vehicle was produced. Come on, exchange emails, we don't need to read this crap
  • AHEM...I thought that these sites were for car information and not car owner bashing. :confuse:
  • No made up stories here all true !! My conscience will not allow me to buy a inferior product because it is simply made in good old USA !! If they built a good product I would be still driving one !!

    Made up stories let at the ratings for these vehicles they speak for themselves !!!

    No one but myself is paying for my retirement !!!
    I think that maybe you are making up stories about your experiences with Ford and Chevy !!
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