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Lexus ES 350



  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    For 10,000 mile oil change (and some minor service) Lexus charges $239.88. Should it really be worth that much? Next one at 15,000, they say costs over $450 !!! What do they do for that much?
  • My last 10k service was $132. I went there because of a minor warranty issue. Otherwise I would have gone to a Toyota dealer for an Express Lube oil change and tire rotation. Lexus dealers charge these high fees based on the highly inflated hourly rate (> $100/hour) of their technicians and the time it takes the technician to do all the so-called checks. Per ES350 maintenance schedule, for 5k and 10k, the only required service are oil change and tire rotation. Only for driving in dusty condition, some checks (brake pads, CV boots, steering, suspention, ...) are required. Even for 15k, the real service (requires change /replace) are still just oil change and tire rotation.

    For my last 10k service, the invoice says they did all those checks, but for $132, they didn't top off windshield fluid, didn't adjust tire pressure to specs, and didn't install engine cover bolts back properly. Obviously I don't plan to use this dealer again. For cross- reference, my Acura dealer charges $32 for an oil change on my MDX, that also includes a car wash, top-off all fluids, inflate tire pressure and check CV boots and battery. Lexus dealers are quite bit more expensive than Acura's.

    This is just my humble opinion. If your car drives normally, there is need for these checks every 5k/6m. So I would just do oil change and tire rotation at Toyota dealer. Or you could go to Lexus dealer but request only this simple service. 15k is a close call. Go to a Lexus dealer if it makes you feel better that the technician performs these checks (assume he actually does do them). I would go to a Lexus dealer for 30k service (if not for anything else, to maintain a relationship with a dealer).

    BTW, Toyota dealers can also do 15l/30k services. The only things they can not do are warranty work.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    I drive on major highways only, and very rarely take my car out even when it is raining. Among several so called services, one of them was "battery service", but I found they did not even clean the battry top. When asked, they told they just check the terminals. I don't know what they did for $239. Oil was spilled all over the engine cover. Don't know if they adjusted tire pressures, etc. Next time I am not going to them either.
  • My Lexus dealer throws in a car wash and a loaner car while the service is being performed. Even so, with synthetic blend oil, they still only charge about $140.00 for oil change, lube, and tire rotation. I go to my local mechanic, who uses the same oil and charges about $100.00. Still high, but 6.5 quarts of that synthetic blend oil is pretty pricy.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    I don't know what oil they use, but I had a car wash too (which I didn't like). I was asked for a loner, which I didn't need (I waited instead). I don't know what is $239 for? Anyway, next time I am going to check before I leave my car with the dealer.
  • rh350rh350 Posts: 1
    Just curious as to whether anyone has experienced an intermittent creaking around the gear shift area.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I have only had my car for about 2 months and have not had any problems with the paint yet. I do have what seems to be a permanent crease in the passenger seat leather. I do not normally have a passenger unless it is me in the passenger seat (I weigh around 120)and my husband is driving. Recently I had to take my Dad (who weighs around 190) back and forth to doctor. Trips were only a couple of blocks, but the crease appeared after these trips. Also the back seat has something weird happening with it after my Dad's wife sat back there. I only have around 2,000 miles on this car. Is this normal wear????????
    Also I do not have a Lexus dealership in my town. Can I get my 5k, 10k check ups at the local Toyota dealership?
    One last thing - sometimes when I shift into reverse it seems very hard (can't think of a better word) and it is loud - like a clunk. I thought it may be the doors locking that made it seem loud. Anyone else have this problem? Does it sound like the transmission?

  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    I also noticed some crease in the seat leather joint areas, but that seems to be normal. For the hard shift, do you park on a slope? Do you use parking brake? If you don't use parking brake, and there is slight incline, there may be hard click when you shift from Park.
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    No I don't park on a slope. I don't know what it could be and I am hoping it is nothing.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Don't worry about the clunk. If it's a problem with the transmission, have them check it the first time the car is serviced. You're covered, so even if the transmission falls out, it isn't going to cost you. Relax, and drive :blush: You're in great hands.....or wheels. :P
  • I have a 2000 Es 300 which I have had from newwith no problems at all and hoped to buy a ES 350 but am very concerned with the transmission problems.Strangely Consumers Reports refers to the problems but still has the car as Recommended but does not recommend the V6 Camry which I assume has the same powertrain.Can anyone comment on this.What if anything is Lexus doing to fix this problem on effected cars and are more recent cars still effected? :)
  • I would consider hanging on to the ES300 for one more year if it is causing you no troubles, and monitor how the ES350 evolves through some of it's problems.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I always wonder what the transmission issues are with ES350. It is my second car and first luxury car that I have ever purchased. I had rattle issue which is fixed now. But, can anyone please enlighten me on the issues regarding transmission and what I should look for to check if my car has issues? Thanks in advance.
  • Thank you for replying to my message and like you suggest I will hold of till we see some resolution to the problem.I am going to speak to the service managers at the local Toyota And Lexus dealerships and seewhat I can find out --Strapper :)
  • Also try in the ES section for members' transmission problems, as well as other items of concern are noted.

    Disspite the problems, with fingers crossed, my wife and I will still consider this model and hope that all concerns have been worked out in the spring of next year.
  • ahrjrahrjr Posts: 2
    I have a 07 ES350 and, being an old retired dude, enjoy doing oil changes and tire rotations myself. However, I noticed in the manual they only show two jacking points and both raise the front or rear tires entirely off the ground. Also, I don't have any room for my jack stands. Does anyone know of any alternate jacking points or do I need to buy myself some ramps?

  • Jack,

    Check out this link for good information on changing oil on an ES350. I have done one oil change on my 350 without problems and without raising the front end. It would be easier to raise the front, but it is not necessary. This link also shows a homemade ramp, that I will probably make before my next oil change. BTW, I did have a little problem sticking the plastic hose adapter into the filter - you've got to push hard and that is difficult with the hose attached.
  • ahrjrahrjr Posts: 2

    Thanks for the info and the link.

  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    When we were in the market to buy car last year, we were looking to buy either ES350 or RX350. I was leaning towards RX but my wife wanted to go for ES. Since, it was for her, we bought ES. I would like to know if there are guys out there who are in the same situation as I was and what did they buy and for what reasons. My wife did not like the looks of the RX inside as well as outside. She thought it looked small from the outside and design outdated. She said that the ES looks more luxirours than the RX inside and outside. She liked the dash layout, ignition, more leg room in rear, steering wheel, etc of ES while the RX had cheap plastic for buttons. I thought both were equally good but went with ES hoping to buy redesigned RX in 2008 but I have to wait for one more year as the new RX will be available as 2010 model.
  • laeggolaeggo Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced or heard of 2007 model ES350 having brake failure? My in-laws where on the interstate where they experienced brake failure. Luckily they were able to shift into neutral and coast to a stop on the shoulder of the freeway. Pretty scary and luckily no one got hurt.
  • I know it's been a month and a half since you posted this question, and you probably have your answer by now, but I did my 1st oil change on my ES 350 this past weekend. All went well by lifting the front of the car using a floor jack and placing jackstands under the front frame rails. I placed the jack under the single lifting point on the front crossmember, as shown in the owners manual. Since the oil drain bolt is on the back end of the oil pan, lifting the car this way helps get a little more old oil to drain out. The frame rails are wider than my jackstand saddles, so I can't get nice even contact between the car and stands; however, the car didn't budge when I grabbed one of the front wheels in the air and tried to shake the car sideways. I always do that after I place a car on jackstands to make sure it is secure. What did you mean when you said you didn't have enough room for your jackstands? Not enough clearance, or you didn't see where to place them under the car? Anyway, I'm glad I bought the 65 mm oil filter cap wrench at NAPA before I started the job. None of my existing cap wrenches fit.
  • nedb52nedb52 Posts: 10
    What does/would "key not detected" indicate if one does indeed have their key in possession while driving? Is that the indication of a low/dead battery?

  • Its a serious problem to pay this much for an auto and have the front paint look like its 4 years old before the 5000 mile service. Lexus dealer states it is not a problem and no one has this problem. Normal driving chips are a fact of life , but a peppered front before 4 k miles is a paint problem , Buyer beware.
  • brucepbrucep Posts: 3
    I have a 20 month old daughter who uses the car seat in the rear, I'm a little concerned about the side airbags which the dealer said could not be turned off. What happens if the airbags deploy and the child seat (forward facing full car seat) is in a side seat rather than the center? What are others with child seats doing, putting them in the center? If I do that, due to the narrowness of the car no adult can sit in the back which is pretty useless, but of course worth it if the side seats are not safe.

  • You are exactly correct in your observations about this paint problem. I just sold mine because the paint was chipping, scaring, and falling off. The seating surfaces are also cheap too, but that is another post. Anyway, look at others in parking lots, they are scraped up too. Maybe the owners just aren't noticing. My dealer admitted paint is an issue with Lexus. I hated that beautiful car!
  • Thank you for the reply. The paint is a problem and they need to fix it and admit its a problem instead of acting like the buyer (owner) is the problem. They were singing a different tune when they were taking payment.
  • Did any of you decide to install a K&N oiled-cotton gause air filter on your ES 350?
    On my Accord it seemed to improve acceleration a bit.
  • mcmahon1mcmahon1 Posts: 1
    Where can I purchase or exchange stock cast wheels for OEM chrome wheels ?
    I live in eastren PA.

  • acat1234acat1234 Posts: 5
    I agree with your assessment of cheap interior material. I have a dark grey 350 with light grey interior. The plastic trim between the seats and door jambs is really black plastic painted grey!! The paint just rubs off with the slightest abrasion, exposing an ugly patch of black. The material around the door arm rests is a thin, cheap pvc that tears with the slightest pressure.

    I agree that the paint is the worst I have seen on any modern car. It scratches and scars at the lightest pressure. It is more fragile than the finnish on my black Corvette (now that is a real car)!

    This car has been a major disappointment in most areas. The highly acclaimed Japanese Engineering is pure bunk!! The stereo system is inferior to any other car in this price range, the interior temperature control system is worse than the old American cars with the slide temperature control, the rain-sensing wipers are useless - they keep going even after the water has been removed, smearing the windshield (yes - I have had it to the dealer several times and they cannot do anymore. I just turn the Rain Sensing function off), the car sounds like a diesel engine for the first two minutes after starting. I could go on but I think you have the idea.

    My next car will not be a Lexus!!
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Today, I noticed that when the engine is running and the vehicle parked, if you turn the steering wheel, RPM will flare atleast 200 (mine did from 800 to 1000). Is this normal?
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