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Nissan Sentra vs Honda Civic



  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    I ignore reviewers if their opinion is negative. B15 Spec V is superior to 2007 Spec V, nuff said.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618

    then how could you ever expect anyone to take YOUR opinion seriously?
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    The question itself doesn't make much sense. You basically implied that since I'm pro Nissan and I absolutely stand by my position, that no one will take me seriously. Which is ridiculous at best. If you have a better version of that question shoot. Frankly if someone doesn't take me seriously I don't care. I know what I know.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Makes building a better car impossible, if in fact nobody listened to criticism.

    I guess that vehicle is perfect, if your ideals hold true. There are no negatives, so you can't improve on it.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    no, it does make sense. i was pointing out that if you hear anything with regards to the cars potential weaknesess, you'll totally tune it out. It has nothing to do with you being a nissan guy, it has to do with improving a car and accepting its flaws, but also knowing its good points and not thinking its perfect.

    Read graduates post. it sums it up.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    All right, we're turning this into a discussion of each other instead of the cars. Let's not do that. :)
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    I never actually said the Sentra is perfect, in fact no car is perfect say for an M3 lol but seriously every car has flaws, these cheapness of interiors and such claims are completely unfounded. C&D have become spoiled they get to drive $100,000 cars and get very bitchy when not so expensive cars aren't lined with titanium or some other very expensive material. I've never actually had a weakness with my Spec V knock on wood. It's always ready willing and able, I intend on taking excellent care of it. It was part of a unique configuration they did for one model year only. The only problem I had with it was the latch on the console lid's spring was defective. I had it fix without any other problems and it wasn't that big of a deal in general but it was otherwise conventient to have it fixed.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    first of all, the quality of the interior materials and reliability are two different things.

    if the fact that the reviewers get to drive 100k cars around influnces their opinions on the lack of flair of low end cars...wouldn't that mean that EVERY car that competes against the sentra would be subject to the same harsh treatment?

    I wonder why they arent' then huh? :blush:
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    It does influence their opinion. They who become spoiled ridicule very easily.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I struggle to see how they ridicule selectively, as you seem to be implying.

    Yes, they (editors/writers) find faults in vehicles. Its their job.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    ofcourse it does. but i'm not disputing that.

    ill type it in a more understandable way;

    if they (the reviewers) get to drive amazing cars ALL THE TIME, it would influcence their opinion ALL THE TIME.

    what does that mean?

    bascially that ANY car that is not a supercar or cost 100k would get scrutinized and put down, not just the sentra.

    BUT....thats not what happens. And there goes your theory out the window. :)
  • james31278james31278 Posts: 78
    Ok Honda kids this is a waste of time. Back to topic.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    we talk about the cars themselves instead of talking about the people who are talking about the cars... ;)
  • g4illag4illa Posts: 2
    I'm looking into getting my first car and I have no idea what car is best to get. Right now i'm looking at getting a Nissan Sentra GXE with 87K, Honda Civic EX with 127K, or Toyota Corolla with 150K. I've seen through reviews that Honda Civics are generally a very reliable car and don't have many problems, if any. With the Nissan Sentra GXE i've seen mixed reviews and multiple problems, as the Toyota Corolla I know is a very reliable car because my Dad owns own himself, which i drive frequently, but don't want to buy my parents old car, want my own identity.

    What is the best car for a 17 year old who needs to go to work and would like to go on some long drives(a state away), Nissan Sentra GXE w/87K, Honda Civic EX w/127K, Toyota Corolla w/150K?

    Hopefully i'll get a response (last posting was this past summer)
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    What year cars are we talking about? anyhow, I'd deffinitly scratch the toyota. nothing against them, but 150k miles is a lot. sure, the engine is probably fine, but 150 is a lot of miles on things like exhaust, suspension, transmission and so on. A 150k car (any make/model) can quickly and easily nickel and dime you to death..

    as for the honda and nissan, it's hard to say without knowing price and what year they are. But going buy just what you provided:

    if the sentra has the SR20 motor, get it, or if the honda is a 2003 model year get the sentra. otherwise, go for the civic, unless there is a significant price difference.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    honda is a 2003 model year get the sentra.

    Why? The 2003 Civic is fundamentally the same car as the 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005 Civic.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    actually, meant the 2001. I've heard of a lot of problems with that year.
  • tlcruztlcruz Posts: 54
    Having been an owner of a 01 Sentra GXE, I really enjoyed mine :) I bought mine w/ 85K and it was nothing but purely highway miles. I never had any issues with it and lucky for me, the owner still had the warranty on it so if I did happen to need anything, It would go to the dealership. I had it for 1 year and then I got in an accident. But lucky for me, It saved my life and I walked away with only a bruised wrist. I like the Sentra so much, I got an 02 Sentra SE-R and I really enjoy it :)
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Dumped this car when the warranty was could never get rid of the "check engine" light for very long. At the 3 year mark, traded for a '06 Civic and couldn't be happier!

    The Sandman :)
  • jewels8jewels8 Posts: 10
    I own both, 06 Civic and 08 Sentra, and although I like my new Sentra, I feel there are more standard features on the Civic. The only reason I did not buy the 4 door Civic is because I already have the 2 door coupe and previously owned the 4 door 01 Civic (someone hit it in rear and it was deemed total loss), so I wanted to change up a bit. If I were you, I would be sure to compare what is standard on both before making a final decision. I still love my Civic, even after driving it for the past 2 & 1/2 years and very happy that I did not trade it in on the 08 Sentra.
  • Please do me a favor - I need to buy a 2nd hand car -- thank you.

    1998 Honda Civic --- $4300
    110,000 miles. Snow alloy tires. Auto transmission
    Cons: 2 doors

    2002 Nissan Sentra GXE - $6000
    70,000 miles. Regular tires. Auto transmission
    Cons: cosmetic dent

    I am a student here and I plan to use it for 2 years.

    Thanks so much for your help.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The better deal is unabled to be determined, based upon the limited information you provided. You would need a qualified mechanic to check them over. One bad problem with either of the vehicles (like an engine or transmission problem).....or a couple smaller problems (like new CV joints, brakes, tires, shocks, waterpump/cooling) could total thousands of dollars to repair.

    One of the vehicles that appears initially to be a better deal, could in the end be a money pit. If you are seriously interested in either of those vehicles, you have to pay to have an independent mechanic inspect it BEFORE you buy it.

    Used car purchases are as-is, you buy them, you own them, problems and all. The forums are splattered with many buyers who fail to check out the vehicles, and are stuck with major problems after the fact.
  • kiawah, much appreciate your valuable advice. I will hae an independent mechanic check the car.

    Thank you very much.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    And if the owner balk's at the idea that some mechanic was going to look at, don't walk from the deal.

    Also, even after a mechanic looks at it, there is no guarantee that the vehicle won't have some problems (undoubtedly there will be). A mechanic can observe some of the obvious issues. There may be hidden issues that only show up under certain operating conditions (like won't start if it is really hot out, or air conditioner doesn't work so well when it's really hot out, or if it's really really cold the starter hangs). So make sure you have some additional money set aside for that situation. If a problem doesn't pop up, great. If it does, you're prepared to handle it (hopefully).
  • The owner baled at the mechanic checks and refused to pay for any repair cost, and then I ran..
    I appreciate all you nice advices, kiawah.
    Best regards!
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