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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    Hi Musica,
    Glad you like your SE 'X'. Please post the 'prices paid' (and options) part of the catagory. It kinda helps everyone not to overpay.
    Thumper got a Auto 2wd 'S'. And I am still trying to match his deal. If 2006's arrive in October, hopefully new incentives will help. He got $21.5K OTD for one with utility and power package. I have an $23.2K OTD offer for same with ALL options except the most expensive airbag option.

    All the dealers want to see my offer but won't commit to anything if I show it (in writing). So why should I show it to them? Even the Ga-zillionaire Miami Dolphin owning Autoway franchise (price match guarantee) won't commit to anything accept matching the price. I am guessing they want us all to help them buy another sports franchise. :) .

    For now, I will Sit Tight. tampa
  • Hi all!

    We just picked up our 2005 Xterra "S" 4X2 (it more like for the wife since I can't stand driving auto cars) in Super Black color with following options.
    - Automatic trans.
    - Power package
    - Utility Pacakge
    - Splash Guards
    - Body Side Molding
    - Retractable Cargo Cover
    - Floor Mats
    - In-Cabin Microfilter

    The OTD price was $22,500. I think it was a fair price but I am sure we could have done better if we had waited for another 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, we could not wait that long.

  • For anyone looking, Harinet's S 2WD with the options listed are the same as Thumper's (that Tampa mentions above).

    Since Thumper purchased in July at $22,000 out-the-door, including $500 incentive, instead of current one of $1,000, the current deals aren't sounding too good. (Note: Thumper's T,T&L: $1,500)

    I'm with Tampa - hold way I'm paying more than Thumper when the incentives are better now and sales are slow.
  • AM looking at X's; am at 23 (incl the $1,000 rebate) for S with Power, Auto, 4WD, and couple options total $200 maybe. Not sure if I can get this down...anyoneout there in CO with info or suggestion?
  • that sounds REAL high - MSRP is ~24 I think

    would be REAL helpful for people to list the MSRP with delivery AND OTD price NOT including taxes as I am always trying to understand this from the above prices

    my advice - go to several dealers - deicide on what you are willing to pay and for a 2005 with 06's around the corner should be no more than invoice LESS the rebate - especially given high gas prices - seems Nissan is among the worst to deal with when trying to get a reasonable price...
  • Ok; the MSRP (as found on this site and @ the dealer) is $25,450, including $580 Destination Charge. So, @ 23k I am 2K under MSRP and about 1K under Invoice, with no Dealer charges added. I am thinking the 1K rebate may increase with 2006 pricing and cars out? There is still no 06 $ for Xterras, and there are a bunch of the 05's on the lots.
  • invoice is ~ 1500 under MSRP - agree that that there is lots of inventory out there - when '06 s hit the lots the incentive will likely double - worth the wait?

    unfortunately an 05 is worth a fair amount less than an 06 - no matter when you buy...
  • i live in orange county newyork and want advice on the price of a nissan xterra 2005 SE. the options are splash guards. automatic mirror dimming ,protective pkg,cargo cover, car mats. they gave me a price of $24,300, i still must pay ny taxes and motor vehicle costs. i appreciate anyones input
  • the xterra is 4wd and forgot to include the body side molding and in cabin microfilter. i have three dealers i'm talking to and 2 of them are fighting for my business.
  • Hello,
    I'm looking to buy either an S or OR, 6spd., 4x4. Recently a dealer quoted me a price of $25,360, with current incentives included, on a OR, 6spd, 4x4, that has an MSRP of $26,720 from the Nissan website (also includes cabin filter, splash guards, and floormats). To me it sounds high, but I'm usure. Any ideas what this model is currently going for? Also, does anybody have insight as to whether it would be better to purchase before or after Sept. 30 (the current incentive deadline)? Also, any opinions at to whether or not the OR is worth the price increase over the S?
  • Xterra S, 4x4 with power package and a few other things. MSRP 26,100. Dealer offer is $24,299 before the 1,000 rebate. $23,299 final offer. There is A LOT of inventory. Do folks think rebate will double to $2,000 next month or November?? Worth the wait? Am in no hurry...

    This is in Boston, MA.

  • agree that there are lots of these on the lots - likely 2K incentive in October - 1.5K at least, I think - dealers want sales now as it is end of month - if you can wait, wait.
  • My thinking is this: there ARE a lot of Xterras out here (Denver). The pricing on most 2006 Nissans is out, (up a few hundred MSRP average), the advertising is now showing the 2006 cars (selectively), the Bottom Line Promo ads seem to be gone here at least. SO...I do think at least a few hundred $ have to be added to the $1k now offered, no matter what they call it. If this money goes to Dealers, I think they will pass it on. I am thus going to wait and see what happens after the 30th. The US companies are doing their Employee thing through the weekend, so nothing may occur until next week I am hoping to save a few hundred more bucks! Let's keep some info on here on pricing for specific cases if possible.
  • See : New X Model base model, MSRP @ $19950; S has Power included @ $22150 (no pwr mirrors); VDC on all models. Price changes.
  • bought a 2005 xterra S for 22,200 cash +ttl in central jersey last week. (sticker was 25,700) (4X4, auto, power, mud flaps, floor covers, body mouldings, protection package, microfilter). hope this helps!

    awesome ride...wish the suspension was a little tighter though.
  • I'm trying to buy a new 05 X. The one I'm looking at is a 4x4 S with Power and Utility, body side molding, cargo cover, microfilter, mud flaps, and floormats. The MSRP is 26320. I am currently at invoice (24620) - $1500 in rebates for a total of 23120 + ttl. Is this a good deal, or does anyone think I can get it for a little less? Thanks!
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    If you work harder, I think you can do a little better (~$300-$500). But if you really like the truck and options already, I say go for it.

  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    <<.........and floormats. The MSRP is 26320. I am currently at invoice (24620) - <b>$1500 in rebates for a total of 23120 + ttl...........>>

    not aware of 4WD pricing, but I walked away from a '05 2WD power, utility packages & tow $21.1k counter offer. (which I may regret :confuse: ). Don't forget you are bidding on a: 1- year old 2- new car (depreciation X2).
    The '06's are nearby and there are no shortages of '05 'X's. And gasoline is $3. a gallon. Be patient.

    Where did you see the $1500 rebates? Not on this website. Please post.

    ps thanks to Guru Thumper in Texas and everyone who posts their winning bids.
  • cutter3cutter3 Posts: 12
    sorry - what do you mean 2-new car

    agree we need to be patient

    the incentives are no longer posted by nissan - they say to go to the dealer so we will need people to post.
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