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Jeep Patriot: Styling Impressions

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited March 2014 in Jeep
Jeep Patriot Concept Promises "Trail-Rated" Grunt

DaimlerChrysler's Jeep brand promises two concept vehicles for the upcoming Frankfurt auto show -- and one of the pair will be outfitted with off-roading gear that will earn it Jeep's "Trail Rated" badge. Jeep says the first concept, the Compass, is more a high-performance crossover vehicle inspired by rally cars. The SUV twin of the Compass compact will be the Patriot, a four-door SUV with unmistakable Jeep design cues and four-wheel drive. Promising that the Patriot will be the most capable SUV in its class, Jeep has revealed few other details. However, the similar Dodge Caliber, Chrysler officials say, will get a 170-hp, four-cylinder engine and a continuously variable transmission. The Frankfurt show opens to the press on September 12. Jeep's Patriot concept is headed for production.


  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    That's all nice that Jeep is planning to bring some off-roader and name it after a missile, but me and a lot of others would like it much more if Jeep built the Gladiator or Rescue concepts.

    If not those, then I at least want Jeep to use the Ram/Dakota platforms to spawn at least one truck with that "Trail Rated" badge.

    In any case I don't see where the Patriot fits in Jeep's lineup. Is it a four door Wrangler, or a Liberty replacement, or where does it's size put it??
  • Judging by the conceptual drawing it looks like a reincarnated Cherokee. As a long time Cherokee owner I applaud this. Liberty is too small, Grand Cherokee too cushy, Commander is an oversized Range Rover wannabe. I agree its unclear where in the line-up it will fit. :confuse: Will it be a scaled down version of the Commander? Maybe they'll have the on-road family (Liberty & Grand Cherokee) and Off-road family (Commander & Patriot).
  • Here's the Jeep Patriot. I admit I was a bit confused as to where this vehicle fits in the Jeep lineup, but apparently it will be below the Liberty.

    I like the styling. It looks like a mix of Commander and Liberty, which yields one handsome looking SUV. I wish Ithey had interior pictures.

    And it looks like we'll get this SUV middle of next year as a production model. Now if only Jeep would build the Gladiator..... leftnav.7.*
  • I haven't been able to find a breakdown on the dimensions of the Patriot compared to those of the Liberty. Is it going to be appreciably smaller?
  • From what I've read(specs are available) it is pretty much the same size as a ford escape.
    A couple inches longer than the original cherokee, but an inch narrower.

    It is supposedly not as big as the liberty, but that may be misleading... the liberty includes the exterior mounted spare tire in its overall length... so it appears to be
    longer.... it is a bit narrower than the liberty as well.

    Personally I feel Jeep blew it when they discontinued rather than redesigned the cherokee. Obviously people miss the boxy cherokee because we are seeing similar styling in the commander and now the patriot.

    If they didn't want to redesign the cherokee they should have incorporated its design in the grand cherokee redesign. The grand cherokee is ugly , and the commander just doesn't look right; the dimensions are all off; reminds me of an old isuzu trooper.

    It is a shame that jeep has wasted their best recent design(patriot) on a compact suv platform; midsize would have been the way to go... midsize with an optional desiel here in the states....

    I'm holding my breath for the upcoming 4 door wrangler(which is out in spy shots) in part based on the jeep rescue concept... Supposedly the 4 door will be a different platform( wider as well as longer) than the regular wrangler.
  • Is Jeep having an identity crisis ???

    First they discontinue the Cherokee sport; a design that remained popular and iconic for almost 18 years... Replaced it with the Liberty; the SUV version of a VW beetle... all it needs is the flowers in the dash !!!
    Then they butchered the redesign on the Grand cherokee... a look that only a mother could love !!!

    So now Jeep has realized it has aleinated its male, outdoorsy market...Also realized that many of us really liked our boxy Cherokee Sports...

    So they throw together a supersized version... Anyone think the Commander looks like an old Isuzu Trooper; Just doesn't look right; dimensions are off !

    Now comes the Patriot !!! Hey looks great... maybe Jeep is getting their act together... NOT... Check out the specs... The Patriot is almost exactly the same size as a Ford Escape... Compact SUV... So Jeep has blown their best design in years on a compact SUV. And Yes I know the Cherokee Sport was sort of compact... but it was also sort of midsize... it really was a unique, capable, and ruggedly handsome vehicle.

    So what is next... Well the Jeep Rescue concept has blown us all away... but it will likely never go into production... But don't dispair... The talk (and spy shots) indicated Jeep will be making a 4 door wrangler built in part on the Rescue design. Supposively it will be wider and (obviously) longer than the two door version which is also due for a redesign at the same time... Check out the spy shot... they are out there !!

    Many of us die hard jeep lovers are holding our breath Jeep will work through their identity issues and get back to the basics of making rugged SUVs that are worthy of the name Jeep !
  • "To each his own", as they say. I think that the Patriot looks a lot "Jeepier" than my Liberty, like what I've seen regarding the dimensions, and look forward to seeing what the mileage figures will be. If they put it into production late next Summer, I'm going to be kicking myself for trading my '03 Grand Cherokee for the '05 Liberty with the diesel (to save money on fuel, no less. Talk about shooting myself in the foot!)
  • Don't get me wrong... from the pics I've seen I love the Patriot design... What I don't like is the size... Here are some specs:

    Patriot: 173.7 Length, 69.1 width
    Ford Escape: 173 Length, 70.1 Width
    Jeep Liberty: 175 Length, 71.6 width

    Don't be fooled... this is a compact SUV !!!

    Jeep already has the wrangler... it doesn't need another small off roader. What it needs is a good go anywhere midsize suv. As a avid kayaker who regularly drove around with as many as 4-5 kayaks on my car, or 17 ft sea kayaks I loved the functional aspect of the cherokee. Great FWD, low roof line, great utility. That is what jeep is missing... Maybe us outdoor crunchy types are not jeep's main market, but I know a lot of kayakers and mountain bikers who cried the day they discontinued the Cherokee. The liberty is too tall and round to carry a lot of boats. The Grand Cherokee besides being UGLY, has poor rear window visibilty and a useless roof rack system (about a foot shorter than the previous rack)
    Jeep has obviously left the "U" (utility) out of their recent SUV designs !!!

    I agree with you about the gas mileage... Personally I would love to see more diesels. I'm hoping the 4 door wrangler will be available with one;

    Too bad Jeep didn't use more of the Patriot's design in the Grand Cherokee. I think a design like that would have blown away any other SUV on the road and kept all jeep lovers everywhere very happy !
  • I think most people would like to have a 4x4 that gets above 25mpg. I have owned 6 cherokees and 20 other jeeps.
    If gas is going to be $3 plus a gallon I want better mileage. The pics of the Patriot show better ground clearence than a Liberty, I hope thats true.
    Second Issue, just got back from Sema2005, Hummer H3 has to be best stock 4x4 ever made and this is from a guy who has driven only Jeeps for 30 years and offroads them hard.
  • I was in China recently and saw a few Cherokees rolling around.... and then something didn't look right: the front end was completely different on one- Headlamps similar to the Commander with more molded bumpers and edge trim. Seemed like the sheet metal was stamped slightly different on the side panels: a bit more flange.

    Didn't get to take a picture, but it was clearly a styling update and many of the new-style ones were obviously freshly purchased. So..... Jeep-China is making new Cherokees (although only the 2.5L engine). Don't know why we can't get them (with the 4.0L, of course)

    Also, FWIIW- In England the Liberty is badged as the Cherokee. I guess they just called it a complete redesign without fear of the outrage that us Americans would have had for desecrating our Cherokees.
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    Now comes the Patriot !!! Hey looks great... maybe Jeep is getting their act together... NOT... Check out the specs... The Patriot is almost exactly the same size as a Ford Escape... Compact SUV... So Jeep has blown their best design in years on a compact SUV.
    This is a great move for Jeep if they want a bigger share of the market. The hot segment now is crossovers, car based tall wagons that look like SUVs. Jeep only has real SUVs and that's a shrinking market. Not everyone wants 4WD, heavy, rough riding and poor gas mileage vehicles.

    I saw the Patriot a few months ago but early reports said it was a truck based, RWD and 4WD vehicle so I wasn't interested. Recently I found out it's based on the Dodge Caliber and is FWD or AWD. Now I'm interested. Rugged Jeep good looks on a modern, economical frame. I think quite a few people will agree with me.

    It may turn off a few Jeep purists that Jeep is introducing a crossover but they still have several "trail rated" vehicles to choose from. And those who never considered a Jeep before, now have a choice.
  • It seems that Jeep still refuses to unveil a production-close Patriot. The Caliber/Compass are kinda cool. But what I really want to see is a Patriot, with decent power, decent FE, and decent off road performance! ;) :P
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    But what I really want to see is a Patriot, with decent power, decent FE, and decent off road performance!

    I agree. The Patriot is the one I'm interested in. It's Ford Escape size with a bigger 4cyl and Jeep good looks. I'm not interested in offroad but that should be an option for those who are.

    Here's my hope...weight under 3200lbs, combined mileage in high 20s and base price under 17k. I think Jeep has a winner here if it's close to those marks.
  • From what I've heard both the Patriot and the 4 door wrangler will be introduced at the New York Auto Show this spring. I believe it is sometime in May. Personally I can't wait to see the 4 door wrangler. If it looks anything like the Rescue concept Jeep will have a winner.
  • I agree about cross overs and I'm certainly in favor of better gas mileage.

    I'm sure the patriot will be a big hit.

    But truth be told it will just be one of many small SUVs.
    Midsize is the way to go in the American market.
    ...with the exception of the entry level market(which jeep admits they are trying to capture.)
    And Jeep needs a good utility vehicle; it is their heart and soul.

    I'm a past jeep owner; currently driving a subaru which is a great car but too small. Size is one reason subaru never carved out a big chuck of the US market; their cars are all built on small platforms; Besides the soccor moms in their supersized SUVs(yes we are still laughing at you since gas prices shot up) most people want a comfortable, MIDSIZE suv or AWD cross over.

    Again it is a shame Jeep has left the "U"(utility) out of their SUVs

    I'll just hold my breath for the 4 door wrangler !!!
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    Where'd they put the spare tire on the Patriot? I don't see it mounted on the outside like the Liberty (which, IMO, is a good thing. I prefer a hatch over a side-swinging door).

    If the spare is inside like the old Cherokee, how much space does it take up? Is Jeep only offering a donut mounted in a rear well?

    I definetly like the looks of the Patriot over the Liberty, just curious as to how Jeep plans to package this thing.
  • Honestly, I am glad that Jeep finially went back to their roots, at least with the styling of this one. HOWEVER, I believe that if Jeep wants to retain it's most devoted followers it needs to do a few things with it. 1st. LOOSE indipendent suspension. Must be rear wheel drive. Must only be avaliable in 4wd. If Jeep retooled the 4.0 and made it less gas guzzling, they would have the perfect vehicle.

    But, as shown by the new Grand Cherokee, Liberty (Not sure, but it's highly probable that the Commander is independent suspended too), that they will mess it up, and I won't have anything to do with it.

    As far as I'm concerned, the last "real" jeep left is the wrangler, and they are probably looking at ways to deflate it too. :mad:
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    1st. LOOSE indipendent suspension. Must be rear wheel drive. Must only be avaliable in 4wd. If Jeep retooled the 4.0 and made it less gas guzzling, they would have the perfect vehicle.

    Those are all the things I don't want in the Patriot. Jeep's trying to attract new customers to the brand and another RWD/4WD isn't the way to do it.

    Jeep's in a bit of a pickle here. Do they annoy the Jeep faithful by introducing a FWD crossover or do they reach out to new customers? I think they've made their decision and it's the right one.
  • I agree as long as Jeep can build a true Wrangler then they can do whatever they want with their other models.
  • I'll second that... The new wrangler looks better than ever... The removeabe roof panels are interesting... I guess we'll have to wait and see what folks think of them.
    There are a few more spy shots of the 4 door wrangler out there... I think it will be revealed this spring... along with the patriot...

    Regarding some of the questions about FWD Vs AWD... I'm wondering if jeep will make it in a full time FWD...???
    Anyone heard anything about that...???

    Styling of the patriot looks pretty good... I think I still like the looks of the old cherokee sport better... as it was slightly wider... I'm got crazy about the looks of the ford escape which has almost identical specs to the patriot.

    Hey anyone know why the lowered the roofline by two inches on the grand cherokee ? There is NO head room and they took out too much glass which effects visibility. I've test driven it and did not feel safe because of of the poor side and rear window visibility
  • slkslk Posts: 2
    As reported on Jeep Canada's website:


    This compact SUV is the newest member of the Jeep family. Patriot combines fun, freedom, fuel efficiency, utility and advanced capability with unbeatable interior flexibility."

    Personally, on behalf of several of my friends and acquaintances, the majority of us agree that the Patriot as a compact commuter AWD and the new 2007 Wrangler/TJ as a compact fully capable off-roader combining some nice modern touches (standard safety/performance features like the ABS, ESP, 4-wheel discs; and options such as power door locks and windows etc - hey you don't have to buy them if you don't want them) would be a very convincing one-two punch for Jeep's leadership, and maybe even survival, in this world of wannabees.

    Jeep, thanks for bringing back that classic Jeep look, and now you definitely have several new potential customers here, both in the Patriot and TJ camps!
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    I think the Patriot will be a homerun for Jeep. It looks like a classic, rugged Jeep but mechanically it's a car based crossover that should be economical and comfortable.

    I've read that the Patriot 4WD version may even be trail rated. If so, that's the best of both worlds.
  • transpowertranspower Posts: 212
    I would be interested in the Patriot if

    1. It had at least 72 cubic feet of cargo space, like the Honda CR-V.
    2. It had Quadra-Drive II, the best 4-wheel drive system on the planet.
    3. It had a turbo-Diesel engine, like the CR-V in Europe.
    4. It had a navigation system available (preferably touch-screen).

    Does anyone know what the Patriot cargo capacity is? Does anyone know if it will have Quadra-Drive II? One of the demerits of the CR-V is that it has a very unsophisticated AWD system (just front to back, not side-to-side). Will the Patriot have a Diesel engine available in America, or just in Europe?
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    I don't expect 72 cubic feet of cargo space. The Patriot is a small crossover/SUV, about the size of an Escape but not as tall. I'd guess no more than 65cf on cargo space.

    I don't know what kind of 4WD it will have but apparently it's good enough to be trail rated. Personally, I'm interested in the 5sp, FWD. Hopefully, the base price is about 16k, like the Compass.

    The diesel is for Europe only. I hope that changes.

    Don't know about a nav system... we should know a lot more after the NY Auto Show next week.
  • Jeep has released detailed specs for the Patriot. They're at autoblog and slso on There's two kinds of four wheel drive- Freedom Drive I and Freedom Drive II. The first is an AWD system, while the latter sounds like the real trail-rated deal. Just one fly in the ointment- you can't have the off-road 4WD with the manual transmission. Since I want true 4WD and I don't want an automatic, there will be no Jeep Patriot in my future. Shame too, as I really like this little SUV. I'll just have to bide my time until Jeep brings the Gladiator concept pickup truck to market.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Check out this link, it's got tons of specs.
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    That's too bad that the 5sp isn't offered with the 4WD. I don't know why manufacturers do that. Manual and auto should be offered on all models. I'm still interested because I want the 5sp and FWD. I don't care about offroad. I love the Jeep styling and this Patriot may be the best looking Jeep ever, even an improvement over the Cherokee that it closely resembles.

    I'll take a Limited with a 5sp, air, power, remote entry and cruise and I hope it comes in under 19k. That's right, I want a comfortable, economical vehicle that looks like a Jeep. ;)
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Looking at the dask and the engine and Transmission and features, this looks very much like a beefed up Compass. Afterall it is being built at the same plant and same line. This might well be as much as a Liberty Sport well decked out. I think this will sell better than the Compass, as the Patriot is trail rated

  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    Originally, Jeep planned to only manufacture one...the Compass or the Patriot. Then someone got the bright idea that the Compass would appeal to women and the Patriot would sell to men.

    I think Jeep messed up the Compass. The concept vehicle was a really cool 2door with great styling. However, the production Patriot looks even better than the concept (mostly by moving the fog lights into the bumper instead of the cheap looking add-ons of the concept.) The Patriot might even have been OK with Jeep purists but now it will catch negative fallout from the Compass. How well the Patriot's offroad package performs will determine its credibility.

    The other question is how many people who like the SUV look but only want it for normal driving will flock to the Patriot? I think its the best example of that category so far. It has the right look, it has a big 4cyl for a good compromise on economy and performance and from what I'm reading, it will be priced in the teens.
  • Even if you have to take the auto to get the off-road package, patriot still offers a lot more options combinations than Escape. I can see the Patriot making some serious incursions into Ford Escape sales...
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