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Jeep Patriot: Styling Impressions



  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    I sure don't know what your smoking, but it isn't made out of rice!

    I have a wrangler and a Cherokee and I'd take the ride and handling and road ability of both of those over a CRV (which I also owned) any day! Both of my Jeeps will go places your CRV couldn't even try.

    That being said, You couldn't even drive your CRV in anything over a foot of snow here in Montana. My CRV would power out all the time.

    As I said before, the CRV is for ladies who don't want to be stuck in and inch or two of snow.

    I have driven my Cherokee 1991 on a 4k trip this summer. Great ride, great seats, plenty of power, lots of room.

    It just comes down to the fact that here in the west there are lots of places I would feel uncomfortable going in the winter in a CRV for fear of getting stuck, should it snow. I take a Jeep. That way I know I'll not usually get stuck.

    Very unusual, but once we had over 48" of snow. Yes 4 feet! It took me several hours and three sets of chains to get down my 1/4 drive. But with low range and 2 sets of chains on the front and one on the back of the Cherokee I got out. My 4x4 Subaru with a low range got 6 feet! IN IT'S LOW RANGE. No power. A CRV wouldn't have had a chance. I know they were not built for that type of snow, the Jeep wasn't either, but the Jeep got out. It took some time. Back and forth, snow was over the hood but it did get out. So the CRV is not an option if you really want a 4x4 you can trust to get you out or get you home in the winter in the west. + the CRV is built with the structural integrity of an aluminium beer can!. Don't tell me it isn't I had one. Maybe the newer ones are better but my 2001 was nothing more than a beer can on wheels.

    Even my wife thought it was the most unsafe car we ever drove. If the CRV is good for you, Great. It's
    just not strong or powerful enough for the mountains :)

    Also used CRV's sell for about 25 under book out here. So they are a good buy for those ladies that don't want to be stuck in the snow. :)
  • pegacornpegacorn Posts: 6
    I'm not sure why you're telling me about life on the road to Larry, Darryl, and Darryl's house.

    The CR-V is NOT, I repeat NOT an offroad vehicle. I thought that was a given, but you seem to be arguing with a your straw man perception of my post. So, lets take it down the line again.

    CR-Vs are NOT offroaders. A Cherokee or Wrangler cannot:

    - Approach 27+ mpg on the highway, save for the early models of the XJ with the Renault sourced diesel.

    - Carry passengers in the same comfort. Less legroom, awful back seat (no headrests for Chrissake!), small trunk with tire intruding on space, bulbous center hump through entire vehicle, narrow doors.

    - Offer same road experience. Awkward ergonomics (they were still using 80's GM-style controls until at least the 97 models; that was replaced by Neon-esque interior which lives on in almost identical form in the '06 Wrangler)

    - Offer the same supple ride. The solid axles of the Cherokee are not the choice for a compliant ride. They are jittery on rough surfaces, though not as bad as a leaf-sprunk axle under an empty pickup bed. There's a reason that solid axles are not used in passenger cars anymore. They are crude and unrefined... for an application which requires extreme strength, they are marvelous. For a road vehicle, they are terrible.

    - Offer the same steering feel. The XJ's used recirculating ball steering, with a very slow ratio for maximum precision in precarious tracking, and with extra play and numb feedback to keep jarring impacts from transmitting from the tires to your wristbones. Once you touch pavement, the steering is absolutely horrendous. Get out on the highway, and whip the wheel to and fro through about 5-10 degrees of rotation. Pure slop!

    The CR-V, on the other hand, is slighty more adept than a typical FWD car in nasty conditions. I don't live in Montana, and barring outbreak of nuclear war, will not. I don't like dealing with the snow in the suburban midwest, being a native sun-belter. You can see from our geographic origins alone that we are looking at two entirely different concepts of a vehicle.

    For you, an all-terrain capable SUV is a necessity to claw over the river and through the woods of America's Siberia. To me, it's a suburban street car with some extra capabilites for weekend fun. To you, a crossover ute is a wannabe that can't handle your daily needs. For me, it's the perfect best-of-both-worlds blend. It is all the advantages of the SUV form and packaging without the liabilities.

    You keep talking about the mountains, but there are no mountains here... my Honda has seen mountains twice, and they were pansy Appalacians as experienced on a dynamite blasted interstate grade. It doesn't matter if there is snow piled up, as the plow will be here before I leave the house! ;) I could just as easily drive a car, except:

    A - the CR-V does better on ice. Not avalanches of snow, but simple freezing rain. Chains are irrelevant... they are banned in this state because they are not needed and damage roads.

    B - I traded in my pickup, and I need the space to haul bulky items. With the seats folded flat, I have a great deal of space.

    C - At 6'2, I don't have much headroom in short cars.

    Don't get the impression that I am slamming the XJ either. If you have the need for what is essentially an ATV with a weathershell, it is hard to beat. Every single issue which makes it a poor street vehicle allows it to shine in rough conditions. It's on-road performance is simply wretched, and with the large numbers of 4x2, 4 door automatic XJ that were produced, it was clearly most often bought as an alternative to a passenger car, not as, well, a Jeep.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    The Caliber also has the 2.4 engine as well as a turbo 2.4 engine. Regardless, don't expect a 5K tow package. I hope you can get an optional 3.5K tow package though.

  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    HOw about this. I agree with almost everything in your lastest post. I do however feel that my cherokee is a very good comfortable tons of room highway car. But when we need a real highway cruiser, we have a grand Cherokee also. The wrangler is really for fun. I agree not a real traveling car.

    The CRV VS. Jeep is not a true test, as they are two completely different rigs.

    You might take a look at the new Patriot. Has all kinds of new stuff for a very good highway ride. Roll midigation<sp. etc.
  • gljvdgljvd Posts: 129
    The Caliber also has the 2.4 engine as well as a turbo 2.4 engine. Regardless, don't expect a 5K tow package. I hope you can get an optional 3.5K tow package though.

    Yes but the 1.8 is standard . I would expect the power train and towing set up to be built around that engine instead of the 2.4 and turbo .

    I doubt we will get 5k , however I think we will get more than 1k .
  • claudius753claudius753 Posts: 138
    I think the Rabbit would be a good choice if you don't need or want AWD. VW's reliability is supposedly not as good as it used to be, but they make very impressive interiors and ride quite well. A Rabbit diesel would give you great mpg. I really like the idea of a 5 door GTI with 2.0T and DSG, but that is pretty pricey.

    The Patriot isn't really a good choice for a FWD vehicle, plus the gas mileage is fairly low probably under 25 combined.

    I was interested in how the Elantra was going to turn out, but upon it's unvieling its a bit bland looking and I don't like the modest 4AT and 2.0L engine, they should have gone with a GEMA engine.
  • werm9werm9 Posts: 8
    is there anything about gas milage results on either the patriot or the compass?
  • gljvdgljvd Posts: 129
    I think the compass is going on sale around june or july so we should get info on that soon. Mabye the end of may .

    I'm going to assume its close to the same as the caliber with the 2.4 l engine , the low 20s
  • werm9werm9 Posts: 8
    its somthing they should have released when the specs went public. i think it was somwhere in this forums i read that it may get up to 30mpg. car and driver reported a 21.5 mpg average/ the caliber which is basically the same thing as a compass engine and transmission wise. and it being bigger and heavier it should acutally get worse gas milage than the caliber. worse than 21.5? no ty jeep. i was actually going to buy a caliber but afte car and drivers results i won't be getting one now
  • sturm_rugersturm_ruger Posts: 27
    and CVT2 automatic are 23 city / 26 hwy. The Patriot with the same engine and a 5-speed manual trans should be close to those numbers, perhaps even slightly better.
  • tncarmantncarman Posts: 82
    Well, I think the Patriot looks great. Jeep really did well, plus, it and its twin, the Dodge Nitro, have a Class III trailer towing capacity. Thats great. I have a 2001 Toyota Sequoia that I only drive so I can tow my boat, and I want to get a smaller SUV. These are the only two that I know of capable of towing the Chapparall. I'll definently be giving these two a look.
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    The Dodge Nitro is the twin of the Jeep Liberty, not the Patriot. The Patriot is based on the same platform as the Dodge Caliber.

    I highly doubt the Patriot will have a Class III trailer towing rating seeing as the most powerful engine available will be a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder.
  • jeffo04jeffo04 Posts: 1
    On Jeep's page at one time they had preliminary estimates to a 2006 EPA test of 25/30 MPG, more than likely for the FWD model, but still better than I thought
  • gljvdgljvd Posts: 129
    Hmm not as good as I would hope . Well actually I can live with 22/27 with the 4wd .

    I think my 94 cherokee gets something like 14/16 now if even (yea its a piece of poo) so i would end up saving alot of moeny and having roughly the same amount of room and features of my old jeep.
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    How do you drive your 94? I have a 2001 GC with the 4.7 v8 and get 22 mpg at 65 on the hw and 20 at 70.

    I have a 91 Cherokee with the 4L and get 22 at 75 on the hw and 23 at 70.

    The 91 gets about 18 in town and the 2001 GC gets about 16 in town.

    I'm not a great driver. I'm probably like most drives. How do you get only 14 and 16 mpg? Unless you have the 360 V8?

  • gljvdgljvd Posts: 129
    I think its years of abuse to the engine that is causing the problem. Aside from that I have a huge lead foot. Allways speeding off from a stop. I normaly get 240-250 miles to the tank. I forget off the top of my head how large the tank is
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    When is the Patriot due to be in dealers lots? They started making them 3 weeks ago, and it really has not been much in any news. The new Wrangler made news the day the testing production started. I think the Patriot will do much better sales than the Compass.

  • As someone else mentioned the off road 4 wheel drive doesn't come with a manual. Don't understand why this is the case. The AWD does have a manual.

    CR tested the Caliber and it only averaged 22mpg with the 2.4 engine. If the Patriot weighs more, as I would expect with the 4 wheel transmission, mileage should be worse. Also the fit and finish wasn't that great nor was the noise. :confuse:

    I'm looking for an inexpensive vehicle with a manual 4 wheel drive low gear with average mileage and decent reliability. Not sure this exists.
  • slingshot80. Your looking for a manual 4X4 with H/L trasfer case and average milage.

    :Your talking about the new Wrangler! I don't know if the 4 Dr. comes with manual and the transfer case but I bet it does. That is your car!!

    CK :)
  • The Patriot starts production Oct.9th and will be in dealerships in November according to the latest information I have seen on the Web.

    The Patriot will be marketed towards people who want an economical 4 cylinder vehicle with a maximum tow capacity well below the 5000 lbs capacity of the 6 cylinder Liberty. While the Patriot has an 'old school' square Jeep look, the Compass is for those individuals who want something more stylish, modern and 'rally car' inspired.
  • The Patriot has a maximum towing capacity of 2000 lbs, providing the vehicle is equipped with the available trailer tow prep group option; otherwise the towing capacity is 1000 lbs.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    frostyy: We have been looking at travel trailers, and even with our CRD Liberty it's only rated at 5,000 lbs. The only camping trailer that the Patriot might be able to tow would be a very very small popup camper. That's IF one is made that small.
    Towing should not be something a person would buy this Patriot for.

  • frostyyfrostyy Posts: 52
    The 2000 lb towing capacity would be suitable for people who simply want to tow a standard flat-top trailer with a snowmobile or ATV or motorcycle/small boat or perhaps a small tent trailer and so on....The Patriot could handle this with no problems...

    ....for those who need a vehicle to tow a large camper or large boat...the Liberty or G.C./Commander would be the way to go....
  • I read that the low range on the Patriot is actually a super-low mode on the CVT transmission rather than a seperate group of cogs. That's why the manual doesn't come with it. It sounds like a neat idea - just make that infinitely variable ratio transmission go a little lower than normal driving would demand.

    An inexpensive, not too low mileage manual with low range would be the outgoing jeep wrangler 4cyl model. I don't think the new one has a 4 cyl because its quite a bit heavier.
  • By the way does anybody know what kind of engine braking you get with a CVT? (Isn't that the whole point of low range - to coast down steep hills without using the brakes.)
  • frostyyfrostyy Posts: 52
    Update: patriot production now set to start Dec. 11 and go on sale early 2007...
  • Engine braking on the CVT is similar to a manual. Not quite as pronounced as a manual because of the your physically preparing for the feeling after you let the clutch out when you downshift on steep terain in a manual transmission SUV. As I have driven both the Compass and the Caliber I expect the Patriot engine braking will be very good, just not quite as good as the Low Range mode will not let you operate past a certain ratio. I am certain its engine braking will be much better than my 1989 Ramcharger I use for offroading with its 727 Automatic with its non lockup torque converter. I hope this helps.
  • Patriot production finally started Dec. 20th
  • I am in the Washington DC area, and I located 2 dealers in the area that had the car - this is a HUGE area and I found only 3 Patriots - not even the largest dealers have them yet. I found a red one in Springfield, Va, a crummy little dealership being renovated, but the salesman was very nice. Went for a test drive and took some pictures inside and out of this cutie. I have to say it is the best looking small SUV out there!! Looks very African safari in the front end. It's small, but it didn't feel cramped, though one complaint was the shape of the seat cushion it flares up on the sides so if you have anything but a small butt, lol, you might find it a little uncomfortable. It held the road well and was easy to drive - but my main complaint was that the engine is very noisy and underpowered. VERY noisy. I am used to driving a Toyota Sienna minivan which is super quiet inside. I think the engine is too small for the car, but if you don't expect a peppy engine and aren't in a hurry, I guess you could live with it. The interior on the one I drove was pretty spartan, and the fabric on the seats seemed a little cheap and flimsy. I drove the 2x4 not the 4x 4 and the sticker price was 19,010 (base price 14,425). Gas mileage is rated at 24/27. I like the Grand Cherokee better overal with the larger engine, but the foot/leg position in that care is fatiguing, so I guess no Jeep for me :-( I will enjoy watching them on the road though because they are so cute. :D

  • Ha! That's funny. I feel the same way about some cars. I'm attracted to them because they're so cute but I often feel like it would be better to enjoy just looking at other people's rather than buying one myself. I think the Ford Ranger pickup is the cutest and I love researching them but I really have no use for a truck. But I enjoyed helping my friend buy one. He even let me drive it!
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