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Ford Explorer Sport Trac - IV



  • kdaroskdaros Posts: 19
    If you really want to know about the Sport Trac you must visit and join this site

    I know this has been posted before but it truly is a great site.

  • The Sport Trac is rated as what, 15/19 mpg? With the 4.0 SOHC, and the open bed in the back, better plan on getting 17mpg at best. I've owned 3 Explorers (2 with the SOHC and 1 with the OHV engine) and the best gas mileage I ever got was about 18mpg. And that was on a highway trip 65mph with the cruise all the way, only using the radio. I'd like to meet the guys who make up the EPA ratings and ask them how to get that highway mileage estimate.
  • Thinking about leasing an ST in the somewhat near future (maybe summer time) and am looking for some real life leasing examples. Anyone out there leased their vehicle? Doesn't matter where you live, but I'm in Miami. Thanks.
  • Greetings to all and apologies if this has been recently discussed but I am looking for any advice or recommendations on the following:
    1) The tonneau cover is not a good fit for me and I know that a company in Michigan (A.R.E.) produces a fiberglass camper shell style cover. Any thoughts on this or does anyone know of other companies doing the same/similar product?
    2) Can anyone recommend a good trailer hitch? Can -Haul install one? Is there one that is easy to order and install yourself? Thoughts?

    Would you mind e-mailing me at [email protected]
    with any ideas? I sometimes forget to log on here to check... THANK YOU
  • mltwo2mltwo2 Posts: 4
    was wondering if any one has had a problem with the cd changer getting errors and not playing or allowing me to eject cd's that are in the player. I have had my sport track since june of 2000 and i have the 6 cd system. This is the only problem i have had so far. Dang i sure would hate to have remove my stereo and not have any music for a couple of weeks. Any help from some one that has hads this problem would be great. My e-mail is [email protected]
  • jjbennyjjbenny Posts: 4
    Have been experiencing a problem with the oil gauge. After starting the vehicle the gauge never moves but stays stuck and the check gauges light stays on until the truck warms up,usually takes about a minute or 2 then the needle on the gauge pops right into the proper reading and the check gauges light goes out. Its seems to happen when it has been cold overnite 50 degrees or cooler,since it has warmed up it hasnt happened again. Anyone experiencing a similar problem?
  • I have heard this problem discussed on its the sending unit. The engine is getting oil the gauge just dosnt show it until truck warms up. Fix is to have the dealer replace sending unit. The problem does not harm the truck.
  • Dealer will fix this problem. Apparently it is quite common not only on Sport Trac but other 2001 models. Quick fix and it really does fix it.
  • sgcrewssgcrews Posts: 1
    I am on the verge of buying a Sport Trac, but I am concerned about one issue: I will be using the bed extender/cargo cage extensively, since I will carry bicycles almost every time I use the truck. This means that most of the time I will be driving around with the tailgate down. Is this OK? Does Ford recommend against driving at highway speeds, or driving on bumpy roads, with the tailgate down? Can anyone tell me if the tailgate moves or makes noise when down? Thanks.
  • cazzo1cazzo1 Posts: 1
    In 8 hours Ill be picking up my new green ST with everything except leather and moonroof and I cant wait because my current car has 171,000 miles on it and is dying. I've read most of the messages and this will help me before I sign the final papers. Thanks
  • sminyardsminyard Posts: 1
    Does anyone have the inside scoop on what changes Ford has in store for the 2002 models (particularly in light of the body style changes for the 2002 Explorer)? Also, have sales been strong enough for Ford to continue manufacturing the Sport Trac for several model years to come?
  • I recently visited a ford dealership and looked into leasing a explorer sport. The one I looked at was fully loaded for $28,500.00. They quoted me $1000.00 down at $325.00 a month. Unfortunatly I can not get out of my current lease so I have to wait until November. I don't know if I am going to lease my explorer or not.
  • melvin7melvin7 Posts: 32
    My speakers in the rear pop when you operate the windows or turn the heater on. Ford and Rodgers stereo have not found the fix for it . Has anyone else had this problem? Please let me know what can fix it. Thanks Mel
  • vaticvatic Posts: 1
    This question was asked already but I could not find a reply. Could anyone give me some info on this. I have seen a rack in the brochure but can't find a price at the ford website.
  • rplumrplum Posts: 48
    Does anyone know off the top of their head the bed widths of the Sport Trac? Both Maximum width, and the width at the wheel well? I didn't see them listed on the ford web site.


  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    There is no problem driving with the tailgate down. I do it all the time.

    The cargo cage extender also has locks to keep it and the tailgate from bouncing around. It is a very sound design. In comparison, if you look at the Nissan cargo extender, they have these cheap hold down clamps that look like an afterthought and are clumsy to use. The tailgate of the Nissan can bounce around with their design.
  • yoyoyo1yoyoyo1 Posts: 1
    we purchased a sport trac 11 months ago and we love it(23000 miles in 11 months)..We have had all the problems like oil pressure guage and gas lid and a few other little things.We are ready to trade it in for another one. I haven't seen anywhere that the v8 is out yet.. Has anyone else heard or seen one yet??
  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    I have not heard of any plans for a V8 in the Sport Trac, only in the regular Explorer. I doubt if the ST will ever get a V8.

    I got my ST 11 months ago too and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I have not had any problems at all excpet for the gas door rub which the dealer adjusted while I waited. It has not rubbed since. Love my ST.
  • burner7burner7 Posts: 17
    why would you get a new sport trac after only 11 months
  • woolseywoolsey Posts: 1
    Has anyone heard of what changes will be made for the 2002 ST. I have read that a V8 will be optional. How about body style, any changes there?
  • mrghosmrghos Posts: 12
    OK I have it narrowed down to two vehicles. The Xterra and ST. Sombeody talk to me about the ST. Are the dealers ok to work with? Are they letting the ST's go for a good price? What ammo should I have when negotiating one? Any above average dealers in the Atlanta area?
    Dont need anything really in depth. Just tell me what you all think about it.


  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    I have had my ST for 1 year now and am VERY satisfied with the vehicle and the dealer. I have had no problems with the ST and think the quality is very good. It is a very SOLID vehicle.

    I love the versitility and comfort of the ST. I have the factory tonneau cover which turns the bed into a big trunk. With the cover off, I have been able to carry everything I ever needed to.

    The dealer has been great to work with. Make sure you ask your dealer if they are "Blue Oval Certified". That means they have met certain levels of customer satisfaction as measured by JD Powers.

    As for price, I'd recommend calling and asking for the fleet manager and see how much above invoice they are going for. Its an easy, no hassle way of getting a feel for the pricing.

    good luck
  • rayg3rayg3 Posts: 7
    Has anybody else experienced some creaking noises in the bed of their truck when going over some uneven bumps? Seems like the bed is doing some twisting. The plastic probably is not providing the same rigid structure as steel would. Also I did eliminate some tapping noises by trimming some of the plastic wheelwell that was vibrating against the body where the body meets the truck bed.
  • cdrane1cdrane1 Posts: 1
    My lease on a 97 CRV is about to expire. We really like the Sport Tracks but haven't found a way to lease one. I inquired about one with automatic as the only option. The guy figured a 48 month lease would run me about $440/mo ! Our CRV is mint with only 32,000 miles on it, so I figure it's worth a couple thousand more than the pay off. The "price on it was only about 1000 less than the Sport Track and payments only 318. I understand that Fords are expected to depreciate more than Honda's but that can't be enough to result in the kind of payments he was talking about. I figured he was trying to gouge me so I cut the call short without getting all the numbers. (This was a leasing company not operated by a dealership.)

    An earlier posting (343) mentioned a loaded Sprt Track lease offer of $325/mo. with $1000 down. That sounds great. Any suggestions on how to get a deal like that would be appreciated.
  • My ST has 11K miles and is awesome - except for the annoying "shimmy" between 70 and 80 mph. The steering wheel shakes and if you look at the passenger seat, you can see it shaking.

    I have had the tires balanced and front end aligned three times at the dealership. They do not know how to fix this.

    I recall that there was a service notice on this problem but I cannot find it - any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • faust13faust13 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to disable the rear radio controls?

    I've had an aweful customer support experience with Ford and the dealership... and the kids are driving me nuts!!!
  • Go to all the info you ever wanted on your ST believe its buttons 5 and 8 held at same time but search that site answer is there,
  • ramarantramarant Posts: 9
    change front tires.
  • ramarantramarant Posts: 9
    I order the ford hitch for my st and let me tell you that look really good. I putted myself and took me 2 hours. I recommend getting some help when installing. Price $125.00.
  • I have a 01 ST with a 5 speed manual trans. When coasting to a stop or down shifting it sometimes stalls out. If the RPMs exceed 2000 with no gas and the clutch is then depressed the RPMs drop all the way to zero before recovering. Some times it stalls completely. Took it back to the dealer the first time they adjusted the idle up, the second time they replaced the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve assembly. It will still sometimes stall. Any suggestions?
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