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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi hotmeal. The easiest way for me to evaluate this deal is to look at the selling price that the dealer is charging you for this car. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. You wouldn't pay cash for or finance a new vehicle without knowing how much you were being charged for it. Leasing one without knowing the selling price is the same thing. Let us know what price you are being charged and I am sure that either myself or another knowledgeable community member will be happy to let you know what they think,

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  • Can you advise what BMW Financial Services' June buy rate lease money factor and residual value are for a 36 month lease of a 2010 528i with12,000 miles per year.

    Based on BMWs sales results for May 2009, is $500 over dealer invoice reasonable?
  • hotmealhotmeal Posts: 4
    Hi Car_man, Thanks for the reply.

    I leased a 2006 X3 and the lease term is due soon. I visited several BMW dealers. Their leasing prices varied quite a bit. The one that I bargained the most gave me the following:

    MSRP $52875 - Premium, Cold, I Pod and Xenon
    Credits applied: $1,500 loyalty and $2,500 for the 2009 528 Xi model
    Price offered: ~$4,6700
    Walk away payment:$1,000 (1st month and registration, etc)
    15K per year
    Monthly payment: $606.

    I tried to negotiate it down to $575 per month, the dealer won't budge. They claimed that they are below their cost and can't close the deal. Chriscar earlier replied and indicated that they dealer is already $400-600 below invoice.

    According to my calculation using the online lease calculator, in order to offered me th $606, the adjusted cost after 1,000 down should be around $46,460 with a depreciation of $17,215. The Tax in NJ is about $1,500. The money factor has to be around 0.00110.

    Do you agree with them?
  • ljg4554ljg4554 Posts: 4
    hotmeal.. not sure when you got the quote but that $2500 lease cash on 5 series is history. It went away with the June lease programs. You may want to contact your dealer, I suspect they will give you a revised payment. The money factors on 2009 5 series have gone up to .00225 from .00175 last month. The residuals have gone done significantly as well. For a 528 the residual is 52% for 3yr/45k and on 535 it's 49%. Add 2% if you do a 12K deal. Not attractive at all. You'll probably fare better with an 2010 at this point. They have attractive money factors and residuals but no lease cash and I suspect dealer discounts won't be as generous on the 2010. But the MSRP is lower on the 2010 than 2009 so that should help offset the lost lease cash.

    I took delivery of a 528 last saturday 05/30 just prior to those deals expiring.
  • hotmealhotmeal Posts: 4
    Hi Car_man

    Thanks again, I am curios if I were passing a good deal and should be regret now.
    What was you deal, do you mind to share it with us?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I'd be happy to help you out, chadnaustin. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 528i with 12,000 miles per year are .00145 and 60%, respectively.

    If you can find a dealer that will lease you a 2010 528 at $500 over invoice, go for it. That's a good deal.

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  • jasontjasont Posts: 6
    Car Man,

    So then is the following reasonable to ask BMW for?

    2010 528i
    $250 over invoice
    .00145 money factor
    60% resid on 3yr/36k
    Acquisition fee: $725
    MACO: waived
    Tech/training: waived

    The salesperson proposed a money factor of .00185 but based on your last post that seems high. They also asked for $500 over invoice, MACO of $400 and Tech/Training of $180.

    I just want to know what is a reasonable counter offer. Thanks for all your help!
  • radoneradone Posts: 2
    i am 10k upside down on current car
    with all these low prices and incentives is there a way to strike a deal for a 2009 535.
    i want to lease now.
  • bmwfan53bmwfan53 Posts: 35
    Can someone please tell me what the money factor and residual amounts are for a lease on a 2010 bmw 535 with 12K and 15K for a 36 month lease
  • rockbluerockblue Posts: 7
    New order here is the deal
    BMW 535i
    300 Alpine White
    LCNG Natural Brown Dakota Leather
    ZCW Cold Weather Package
    ZPP Premium Package
    ZSP Sport Package
    205 Steptronic automatic trans
    322 Confort Access system
    416 Rear sunshades
    508 Park Distance Control
    5AC High Beam Assist
    5DF Active Cruise Control
    609 Navigation system
    677 Premium hi-fi system

    Priority 1
    453 Front ventilated seats

    MSRP 67,275.00
    Discount 1500
    Taxes 640.00
    Title 1986.72
    0 down
    Net Sale 68,401.77

    Lease Month 999.00

    Is this a good deal? :confuse:

  • rockbluerockblue Posts: 7
    I did not get the invoice on this order and I am not sure what the cost of the ventilated seats are.

  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    That looks very high. $1000/mo? Couldn't you get a loaded 550i for that?
  • s24ws24w Posts: 19
    We are looking at the following vehicle:

    2009 BMW 535 i xdrive demo with 6100 miles.
    Original MSRP 59670

    Vehicle options:
    Cold Weather Pkg
    Premium Pkg
    All Wheel Drive
    Steptronic Auto trans
    ipod & USB adaptor
    Navigation system
    Sattelite radio w/ 1 yr mbrship
    destination charge ($825)

    Offering for $51995 minus 2500 cash = $49,495
    Money factor .00175
    36 mo. lease
    50% depreciation

    $725 Acquistion fee
    $201.46 Document fee
    $650 Security Deposit
    6% sales tax

    Dealer says lease payment comes out to $639 per. mo (includes acquision fee) tax extra (150 due as a total amount at lease signing), but I'm not sure if this is accurate. I used a lease calculation and came up with $584 (which includes tax and acquision fee built in) but maybe my calculation doesn't count because I used a calculator for leases that have to be new cars?
    Not sure, since this vehicle has miles on it.

    How does this look?
    And how do I know that the mileage hasn't been manipulated?
  • jmcbmwjmcbmw Posts: 77
    Where are you located? I'm looking for a convincing argument to get my dealer to waive the MACO and Training Fee. Are these fees optional? They are telling me its part of the invoice.
  • whocares5whocares5 Posts: 3
    I am thinking between buying and leasing a new 09 BMW. I am thinking of leasing for a year and then buying it off. That way I don't have to worry of year 1 depreciation which is steepest. Has anyone done this before? Is BMW flexible enough to allow buying the car during the lease period? I am curious to see if anyone on this board has any advise.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    That won't save you any depreciation.. The buyout of the car won't be based on it's market value.. The payoff will be determined by your lease agreement... much like a normal loan..

    You will be out the acquisition fee that you paid for the lease, though.. ($725-$925).



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  • whocares5whocares5 Posts: 3
    Thx Kyfdx! I appreciate your response and now I have couple of more questions. The basis scenario is that I am in market for a new car as my old lease is expiring. There is a good chance that I may have to leave country for work in a year. So I am leaning towards financing the car but payment will be high on that. As such, I thought of leasing a car for a year and buyout the car next year and sell it off. This way I can save some money in next year. The hope is that since car depreciates so much in year one, financing will cost me more money if I sell if after one year. So my question is how is payoff price determined in a lease? And is it advisable to follow the approach listed above. Any response will be appreciated. Thx.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    The payoff on a lease is determined just like a car loan..

    You pay $45K... At the end of three years, the car is worth $25K.. The car payoff declines pretty much linearly between those two numbers, over the term of the lease. (A purchase payoff declines slower than that, as more interest is charged when the balance is higher.. Finance charges on a lease are averaged over the entire lease term).

    Since the actual depreciation will likely be faster than that, you'll take the same loss when you try to re-sell the car that you would take in a purchase, anyway..

    I'm not sure what car you have now, but you might see if you can extend the lease for one year. That would surely be cheaper than any of the scenarios you are comtemplating. If you have a BMW, they generally won't do that, unless you have another BMW on order.



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  • jmcbmwjmcbmw Posts: 77
    You may also try taking over someone's lease with only a year left on it or
  • whocares5whocares5 Posts: 3
    Thx. This was helpful! Has anyone sold a lease on or I am wondering if that is a feasible consideration. Do these websites work? How much do the seller stand to lose in such situations?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    The key is to negotiate an outstanding deal on your lease... If your payment is a good deal for someone else, then it's more likely to get assumed... If not, then you can expect to pony up some cash for an incentive..

    I like the idea of assuming a lease, yourself... That way, your costs are fixed, and you don't have to worry about whether you are going to get rid of the car on time, or for how much...


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  • m35luvrm35luvr Posts: 2
    Ok folks just got home from the dealership and want to know if this is the deal I should sign?

    2010 535i xdrive
    Premium pkg
    Sports pkg
    Satellite Radio w 1 year membership
    Value package

    36 mos lease with 20K miles per year.
    I offered 2500 down as cap reduction
    List price of car is 58,870 which includes 825 destination
    Monthly payment with taxes came to $825/month
    Due at signing total was $2500 down plus first months payment and security deposit of 500.

    Dealer was using 58% residual and .00175 lease factor. Sale price after my cap reduction was 55,080.

    Tell me what you think.
  • teck2u2teck2u2 Posts: 33
    BMW offering Factory-to-dealer $5000?BMW offering Factory-to-dealer $5000?Hi All - I was wondering if someone can confirm whether or not it's true that BMW is offering dealers $5000 [factory-to-dealer] incentive for June?

    Is this true and if so where do I find more resource on this so I can take advantage of it :)

    Please see my source below: link title

    "BMW is providing dealers with $5000 factory-to-dealer cash deals on all 5 Series and M5 models that will allow dealers to discount prices heavily on those models — if they choose to do so"

    Thanks in advance for your response.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    You guys are pretty sharp with these numbers and the accompanying jargon (e.g, what is MACO?). But if you guys put just half as much effort into actually BUYING a Bimmer, especially one a couple to three years old with the 50% depreciation already taken, you'd me thousands of dollars ahead.

    The Mercedes dealer-principal in Maine (there is only MB dealer for the entire state) complained to me years ago that he couldn't make any money. His discount from MSRP was a measley 6% or so and after you discounted the car, you were in the hole. The only way to make money was on leasing. Leasing he continued was a source of easy money with the various fees up front and at the back end plus it was a source of good used cars as the lessors re-upped because they never had any equity. But, he continued, the damn Maineiacs were too contrary to lease and just paid cash for their MB!

    Show me a guy jumping from one lease to another, and I'll show you a guy who is way over his head and throwing money away. Dealers love you guys.
  • cabluecablue Posts: 48
    I've taken over someone's lease on a BMW 550 through, and I'm now in the process of having someone take over my lease of an '08 535. I think it's been a great experience. I needed a car for just a year before planning a european delivery, so assuming someone else's lease worked out great. The prior owner gave a great incentive which made the car a bargain. Loved the car. We lived about 800 miles apart, so I had an independent mechanic check it out, which cost some money, then flew down and drove the car home. Now my 535 is in the process of being assumed. I need a bigger vehicle at this time, so I in turn am giving an incentive to make it a bargain for someone else. I think it's also a great way to check out different cars if you're into that -- which I am!
  • capa2capa2 Posts: 3
    My 2007 BMW 5 series lease is ending. I am thinking of buying a 2010 5 Series. I have heard that BMW is redesigning the 5 series in 2011. What are your thoughts on buying the 2010 or trying to lease for 1 year and then buying the 2011? Does anybody know how much will be changed in the redesign?
  • acgrafxacgrafx Posts: 2
    I just realized that I got screwed on my 2007 530i lease.
    I pay $720 with $2000 due at signing with 15K miles.
    The sticker cost was $51800.

    It is over in August and I would like your valued advice on how to get a good deal on my next lease. I would like to get this deal closed by the second week in July.

    Do I mention that my lease is ending?
    I would also like to get two leases. Do I negotiate both at the same time? Or do I negotiate one deal and then tell them that I need two leases with the same deal?

    I just want a base model 2010 528i.

    What should I negotiate?
    What should I expect to pay per month including taxes?

    I remember seeing a RENT CHARGE of about $5000 in my original lease contract? Did I get royally screwed? Keep in mind that this was my first time and I was overanxious. At the time, I calculated the Money Factor to .00175 and the Cap Cost was $48900 or so.

    Thanks for all of your help.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    You leasing mavens should consider this: well cared for 2006 750i and 750iL sedans, the big boys with the V8 that will run circles around a 3 or a 5 Series, are now down around 40K. Wouldn't coming up with say 10K and buying, actually buying, one of these things for 40K or under be a far better deal than paying the fees upon fees a lease whacks you with??

    Moreover, at the end of three years you'd have a paid for 7 Series with a still-current body style and some equity. Not either a "disposal fee" or a forced re-up.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    I am not sure about that. I am currently leasing a 750Li and don't plan on buying. 7 series are very expensive to maintain after the warranty and free maintenance is over. 2006 CPO should be closer to $45k before I'd jump on it. 5 series leases are great these days since new model will be out next year. The new 7 is already out, depressing the pre '09 7 series residuals.

    I've bought high end luxury cars for 50% off in the past and learned that between further depreciation and repair costs, I am better off leasing a new one every three years. There's always some sort of subsidy to move these cars these days.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Yes, you are right that out of pocket service bills for late model lux cars can be upsetting. But consider this: the absolute biggest cost of car ownership is depreciation. Buying a car at half of what it sold for three years ago puts you so far ahead of the game that even a $1500 brake job can be justified. (But since you are going to buy a CPO it won't need brakes!)

    Moreover, Mercedes and maybe Bimmer have CPO programs that allow you to buy additonal coverage to extend the term of the warranty from the factory. Example, a 2007 S Class if CPO'ed has the balance of the new car warranty PLUS an additional year because of the CPO. But why stop there? You can buy directly from MB two more years beyond that. The only limit is that you can't go over 100,000 miles. So, if you spent time researching a good buy on a 2007 (the first year of the current body style) S Class CPO, you could wind up with lots of factory warranty protection while you drove the current body style for 4 years.

    Prefer the Ultimate Driving Machine? OK, play your cards right and join BMWCCA for not much money. In addition to getting Roundel which is a good mag, after you have belonged for a year, negotiate your best deal on a CPO 7 Series. After you do that, the factory will then kick in some money or cancel a payment.

    All in all it seems to me that a lot of people lease for all the wrong reasons. But if you are the kind of guy that this board seems to attract, a guy who is concerned with researching the absolute best deal why not put the same effort into a purchase? The used market is very "inefficient" and rewards research. Maybe you'd find a black S Class 4Matic in Miami or Las Vegas that the dealer just can't get rid of because no one wants black or AWD in Miami or Vegas (assuming that they have any money left after their housing debacles). You know though it would sure look nice in Boston. Maybe, you'd turn up a low mileage 2006 Bentley Flying Spur with AWD for less than 70K which is a lot less than the 185K someone paid three years ago. If you really want a 5 Series, there are loads of 2007's on for well under 40K.
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