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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • socal59socal59 Posts: 70
    There are instances when purchasing a car after your lease works. My X5 that I own I did just that. They lowered the price way below what the used car market was, they verified it, detailed it, new tires and almost free financing 3%. I had to contact different dealers for the best deal. So definitely not to do it is not always the right choice, if you want the car.
  • bocabmwbocabmw Posts: 5
    I just leased a 2013 535 m sport, 65000 sticker SIGN and DRIVE absolutely zero out of pocket including all fees and taxes and first month, $775/ month 36/12k. Very hard to locate well equipped m sports with paddles in florida.
  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20
    Braketoolate: Los Angeles
  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20
    Bocabmw: So I guess my deal is pretty good. Thank you Boca.
  • Is there any info on 2013 535i lease residual value and money factor?
    I plan to lease for 10k for 3 yrs.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • Hi braketoolate. BMW Financial Services' April buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 535i Sedan with 10,000 miles per year are .00129 and 63% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Car_man, you r da man!

    How about 535 Gran Turismo? I wonder if it would be better. Also 36x10k.

    Thanks in advance.
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    The RV for the 535 GT is 65%
  • tsparktspark Posts: 3
    edited April 2013
    Car man

    Does the 1500 bonus cash apply to this model( 2013 528xi )? For a lease of course. Thanks so much for all your help.
  • Thanks braketoolate. BMW Financial Services' April buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 535i GT with 10,000 miles per year are .00129 and 65% for consumers who qualify for its top credit tiers.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Unfortunately, tspark, the $1,500 cash incentive that was available on the 5 in March is no longer available in April.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • coffee22coffee22 Posts: 1
    I'm in Los angeles. Can you tell where you got such a great deal? Currently looking for 535 with premium and technolgy package. What should I expect a lease payment to be with a good deal?
  • Colorado
    535 xi
    Imperial Blue
    M Sport
    Cold Weather Package
    Driver Assistance Package
    Premium Package
    Navigation System
    MSRP - 66,545
    Final Neg. Price (including March 1500 rebate, USAA 500, Dealer "discount) - 61,650 (invoice 61,780)

    Residual - 62%
    miles - 12K
    MF - .001290

    I don't have total monthly yet. Does this sound like a good deal? Dealer tried to give me a MF of .00170, but I talked them down.

  • Colorado
    535 xi - Imperial Blue
    M Sport
    Cold Weather
    Driver Assistance
    MSRP - 66,545
    Neg Price (with USAA 500, March Rebate 1500, Dealer "discount") - 61,650
    invoice - 61,780

    Residual - 62%
    MF -.00129 (they came at me with .0017, I talked them down to the April rate - I penned this deal 3/31/13)
    Miles - 12K

  • sjeedsjeed Posts: 87
    Try Greg @ Pacific BMW in Glendale. He's done right by me several times over.
  • donmonopolydonmonopoly Posts: 23
    edited April 2013
    Here is the deal I have been offered. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Car: 535i 2013
    Term: 36 month X 15K miles
    MSRP: $61,045
    Invoice:$56,445 (Jet Black, M Sport, Premium, Navigation, Parking Distance Control)
    Payment with 6% Tax: $715

    Due at signing: $2200 (First payment $715, Bank fee $599, Dealer Fee $925, Tag $250)
    **This includes forgiving 3 out of my 4 outstanding payments plus $500 first payment credit. I will still have to make my 4th payment ($650) on my current BMW which I have 500 miles left before I go over and is due back n 9/18. Thoughts?

    I feel I might be better off waiting another month so I don't have to eat that 4th payment. Granted RVs and MFs hold up and they continue to offer the pull forward program on 3 remaining payments.
  • nrwaynenrwayne Posts: 45
    My Infiniti M37x comes off lease in August. After having three Ms, I'm ready to get a five, two of which I had previously. But the timing seems less than optimal. I want a 2014 and wonder how long I would need to wait before what I suspect is higher pricing at the start of the model year will get down to "normal" levels. I have a second car and can wait if needed, but would prefer not to do so for a long time. Suggestions greatly appreciated.
  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20
    I was offerred the exact same deal in CA incl the 3 months of my present car, but it was a $65K msrp. You can do better.
  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20
    Center BMW.

    But I may start using a broker called Authority Auto. That way, I don't feel guilty getting the absolute best deal I can once I get to know the salesperson. (I'm not affiliated, just thinking about it)
  • donchardonchar Posts: 38
    edited May 2013

    1) Has anyone managed to negotiate current advertised lease offers for better terms?

    2) What if exact lease program spec vehicle is not available, how will the lease program be modified ?

    For example current program running in SoCal:

    Well-equipped including features such as Executive Package (Comfort Access, Heads-up Display, Satellite Radio, Premium Hi-fi and more), Navigation, Xenon Headlights, Moonroof and Destination charges.
    $689*/month for 36 months. $750 Loyalty Cash included in payment.
    • $689 First months payment
    • $3,500 Down payment
    • $0 Security Deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $4,914 Cash due at signing

  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20
    Donchar: We need more information...

    a- are you talking about a 550i? I don't think the exec package is available on the 535i.

    b- is this deal advertised by a dealer or by bmwusa?

    c- why do you want to put down a down payment?
  • berisky1berisky1 Posts: 20
    Sorry Donchar, I see now offer by BMWUSA... here is what I was offered in April for a $72,500 MSRP 550i in San Diego...

    Capital Reduction and tax $1,400.00
    License & Registration $572.00
    Bank Fee $725.00
    Documentation Fee $80.00
    Security Deposit $0.00
    First Payment $775.00
    Rebate - $1,250.00
    DRIVE OFF $2,300

    $775.00 x 35 months incl tax.
  • donchardonchar Posts: 38
    edited May 2013
    Thanks Berisky1. Good info. The offer was for a 550iGT

    Just trying to understand if advertised offers like the one on BMWUSA currently can be negotiated or modified for a better deal.

    Looks like your deal is better. Not sure if you started from an advertised lease offer or you just negotiated from scratch.

  • jddssc121jddssc121 Posts: 113
    Hi CarMan

    Can you share the lease rates/residuals for May for a 2013 528 xDrive for 15K miles? Also, any incentives (option credits, nav credits, etc?)

  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    .00127 and 62%. Only incentive right now is $750 Loyalty Cash
  • jddssc121jddssc121 Posts: 113
    thank you!
  • insidecarbuyinsidecarbuy NYCPosts: 95
    edited May 2013
    Just did this deal for a customer. Premium pacakge, cold weather, navigation, park distance control, rearview camera and M sport package - MSRP $60,495 and selling price of $54,610. Its about $1,700 behind invoice. Too bad he did have Loyalty, would have been another $750 off...

    64% residual and .00127 money factor for 36 months / 12,000 miles.

    Wednesday, May 08, 2013 10:45:18 AM

    Customer Name: Inside Car Buying, LLC WD Deal ID: 98452
    Sale Vehicle: New 2013 BMW 5 SERIES 135B 4dr Sdn 528i xDrive w/AC , Automatic , Odom: 0

    Payment Details
    Term 36
    Base Payment 560.01
    Total Payment 560.01
    Purchase Option 38,716.80
    MSRP 60,495.00
    Est. Miles Per Year 12,000
    Disposition Fee 350.00
    Excess Mileage Charge 0.20

    Amount Due at Signing

    1st Month Payment 560.01
    Acquisition Fee 725.00
    Fees & Insurance 197.50
    Upfront Taxes 1,755.40
    Total Inception Fees 3,237.91

    Total Cash Required on Delivery 3,237.91

    Tax Information
    Customer State: New York Customer County: WESTCHESTER
    Type Amount Rate Paid
    Cashdown Tax 67.00 8.3750 Upfront
    Upfront Tax 1,688.40 8.3750 Upfront

    Fee Information
    Description Amount Paid
    Reg 100.00 Upfront
    Insp 10.00 Upfront
    Title 12.50 Upfront
    DocFee 75.00 Upfront
  • ged3584ged3584 Posts: 27
    It is a great deal.
    I tried to get one similar in San Francisco Bayarea, CA.
    The "internet manager" are much less forthcoming. They never give me a complete disclosure like the one you provided above.

    It is too bad you are in Newyork, otherwise, I would lease one from you.
  • insidecarbuyinsidecarbuy NYCPosts: 95
    You have at least 10 BMW dealers within a 50 mile radius of you. This makes it very competitive for dealers. Shop harder, you'll get it!
  • What kind of deal's do you have for the 550i M package? really need one in my life.
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