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BMW Z4 Lease Questions



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 145,175
    Colorado? You won't get much use out of it.. Just when the weather starts getting nice, you'll be out of it...

    Plus, if you do have cosmetic issues, or tire problems, you'll only be able to amortize the costs over 5-6 months.. There isn't a big risk, but it is there, nonetheless..

    The price looks good.. but, they've had good Z4 lease deals off and on for the last 2-3 years.. I'd look for a lease that has a little longer term remaining (at least so you can drive it in nice weather).


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • pjo1966pjo1966 Posts: 154
    Has anyone successfully leased a Z4 at the current advertised lease price of $329? It's for a base model with automatic only.

    $329 First month's payment
    $2,500 Down payment
    $350 Security deposit
    $3,179 Cash due at signing
  • I ended up buying the Boxster S over the BMW Z4. Even with all that factory money and the super low lease, I still liked the Boxster better to pay the extra money. Sorry BMW, I thought about it seriously, but in the end would have felt like I settled for the Z4. Not that it was a bad car my preference was just for the Boxster all along.

    Plus my wife hated it. Said it looked like a Squid. Several others provided comments about the looks of the car that are not suited for this forum. :blush:
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    My wife and I had a similar discussion between the standard Boxster and the Z4 3.0Si. We chose the BMW because the monthly difference was too great to let go. The difference with similar equipment was almost $200 per month! Now after just hitting 5K miles on the BMW, I have to say it's a great car. However, the Boxster is also wonderful and I understand your choice.

    So, best of luck with the Porsche and come back once in a while to give us the true feelings of a Boxster owner who also seriously considered the Z4.
  • Hello voodooist. BMW is currently providing a whopping $6,500 dealer cash on the 2007 Z4 3.0si roadster. Plus the car that you described probably has a spread of around $3,500 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. This gives us a total of $10,000 to play with. You are being given a discount of $9,550 on this car, which is probably equivalent to around $500 over dealer invoice and is a good deal. Just make sure that the dealer you are working with uses BMW FS' current buy rate lease money factor of .00275 (with the payment of a security deposit) to calculate your monthly payment and you're in business.

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  • Hi azndavid. BMW did not pull the plug on the dealer cash that it has been providing on the Z4 in October. In fact, it actually increased its dealer cash on the M coupe to $7,500 and kept the rest of its lease program the same. If you haven't pulled the trigger on this car yet, try to negotiate a selling price that is $6,500 to $7,000 below dealer invoice and then have the dealer that gives you that price calculate your monthly payment using BMW FS' current buy rate lease money factor of .00275.

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  • I hope I didn't give the impression that I didn't like the Z4. I did like it, but my heart was with the Boxster. By the way, I picked up my Boxster S as a Certified Pre Owned. Brand new would have been way too much. I see the Z4's all the time on the road and the look has started to grow on me. But I'm a Porsche guy now. ;)
    So far I love the Boxster. Wife and I have been taking lots of weekend trips, everything fits perfectly in the car. Even with the 19" rims and the low profile rubber the car rides like a dream. My only complaint would be the blind spots when the top is up. Then again I am coming from a 4 door car where looking over my left shoulder looked out the back side window, now it looks into a black top. I never drove the Z4 with the top up so I can't really compare. Thank goodness for heated seats and the wind deflector, with those I can keep the top down almost all the time. Driving last night with the top down on the freeway was no issue at all, even at speeds up in the 90's. I also have to say I really like the fact that I can put the top up or down while the car is moving (up to 30 mph), something I was told the BMW couldn't do. Even in the short time I have had the car it has been great to be able to drop the top on a whim, or raise it while getting a sunburn in slow traffic (note to self, keep a hat and sunscreen in the car at all times ) :shades:
    I think I would have been happy in the Z4 too, and certainly would like the extra money every month, but I had the opportunity to grab the Boxster so I did.

    Best wishes to all, I'll keep checking back to hear how people are enjoying their Z4's
  • I also have been cross shopping the Cayman and M Coupe.
    With my preference going to the Cayman.

    After driving the BMW then the M Coupe you realize why the Porsche is the better car.

    But I digress..I am leaning to the M Coupe for the economics of it.

    Carman. Im sort of a lease beginner.
    Im turning my wifes BMW 325i in for a M Coupe 2 months early.

    Do you think its possible to put down 1st month and tags and get a payment of $575 including tax for 2 years with current programs?

    The car is a tick over $54K I tried a lease calculator but it got me nowhere.

    The sticker price is: $54,725
    SELLING PRICE is $44,320
    Here are the two offers I got from the guy:

    No money down,$616 a month. 24mo only with 10,000miles per year.

    $2500 down, $504 a month. 24mo only with 10,000miles per year.

    You great insight is appreciated.
  • A dealer offered $5K down and $580 per month with tax.
    The catch being that $4500 of the down is multiple security deposits which I get back at the end.

    Not sure about this...any info about this security deposit issue would greatly help.
  • But what is the selling price, etc. Without that info, no one can tell if it's a good deal or not. The multiple security deposits are to bring the money factor (interest rate equivalent) down. It's not always a good idea to put a lot down on a lease. For example, you put $5,000 down. A month later the car gets stolen or totaled. The insurance pays out to the leasing company but you're $5,000 out of pocket.

    I'm not 100% sure on the figures but a lease on a Z4M should look something like this at the moment (this is for my state of Oregon so your tax and tags will vary)'

    Z4M with premium package;

    MSRP: $55,200

    Selling Price: $44,000 (Edmunds TMV - marketing support of $7,500)

    Lease Term: 24 months
    Money factor: 0.0275
    Residual: 68%
    Security deposit: $450
    Acquisition fee: $550
    Tax and tags: $128 (Oregon!)

    So, with,say, $2000 down (total down here would be $3128, gives us a monthly of $455 + tax. Of course, this will be higher for states with higher DMV fees. Also, you'd need to find a dealer willing to sell at the TMV minus the marketing support.
  • The car has premium package no nav and no heated seats.

    Dealer discount:
    MSRP $54,725
    SELLING PRICE $44,320

    So not sure why my payment if so different from yours.
    I appreciate you posting a response.
  • Can you ask them to confirm the money factor and residual that they are using? That's a good price from them but I wonder if they are bumping up the money factor.
  • I'm looking at a loaded 2007 Z4 (have a 2003 Z4; going to sell).

    I have always bought in the past, but leasing is looking attractive (putting less miles on the car and keeping only four years now).

    I see you quoting 24 month leases, but the dealer says the 36 month is a much better deal. Comment? He quoted residual of 69% but I saw 68% in a post in this forum.

    I've worked a tentative discount that will apply either way (sale or lease). Nice thing about lease is not having to pay the sales tax (8.25%) up front.

    I love the car (except for the run flats).
  • The BMW dealer said 24 month is more attractive at this time for Z4 Coupe.

    Not sure if this applies to other models.
  • Got more info.

    24 mo. residual on 3.0si - 69%
    24 mo. residual on 3.0m - 68%

    36 mo. residual on 3.0si - 59%
    36 mo. residual on 3.0m - 57%

    Slim pickings on 2007 Z4 unless you want an automatic, coup, or M.

    Watchout. Some dealers are trying to sell new leftover 2006 Z4 M with the same discount available on the 2007 M's ($10K at least).
  • Hey everyone, Im about to lease an 07 M Roadster, 6500 under invoice. Do you guys think I should do it today before the end of the month or wait to see if the incentives get any better for November? Do you know if they will be available immediately tomorrow?
  • Greetings andrewinla2. Since you are new to the world of leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles that are available here at prior to visiting any dealers: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    Let's work up a lease payment on the car that you're interested in and see what we come up with. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2007 M Coupe that has an MSRP of $54,725 and a selling price of $44,320 through BMW Financial Services right now for 24 months with 10,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment would be around $585. With $2,500 down this payment would drop to around $474, but it is not a good idea to make such a large down payment when leasing. Consumers who do risk losing them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered.

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  • Hi again andrewinla2. It is much better to make multiple security deposits when leasing a BMW than it is to make a down payment. At lease-end you actually get your security deposits back (assuming that you are under mileage and that your car is in good shape) while a down payment just disappears.

    BMW Financial Services provides a .00007 money factor reduction for every additional security deposit that lessees make. If you were to make the maximum of seven additional deposits, you would be able to reduce the money factor that is being used to calculate your monthly payment by .00049. This would drop the monthly payment on the lease that I just calculated for you by around $39 per month, to approximately $545.

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  • Hi 530iturk. It sounds like you are new to leasing. If so, you definitely should check out the following informative articles that are available here at prior to visiting any dealers: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    Generally speaking, the longer a lease is the lower the monthly payment will be. A 36 month lease of a BMW Z4 would definitely have a lower monthly payment than a 24 month lease would right now. In case you are interested, BMW Financial Services' November buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 BMW Z4 3.0 roadster with 15,000 miles per year are .00275 and 55%, respectively. This car's 12,000 mile per year residual value would be 2% higher and the 10k residual would be 3% higher than the 15k resid.

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  • Hey chimmaera. BMW's November incentives for the 2007 Z4 are basically the same as they were in October.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Retail Price $57,320.00
    Selling Price $47,320.00

    Term: 24 Months
    Annual Miles: 10,000
    Residual 66%
    Residual Value $37,831.20
    Money Factor 0.00310

    First Payment $606.74
    Acquisition Fee $825.00
    Security Deposit $650.00
    Cash Down $2,000.00
    Sales Tax $1,046.50
    DMV Fees $676.25
    Doc Fee $50.00
    Due at Signing $5,029.84

    Monthly Payment $606.74

    Anyone know if this is a good deal or not? It's a 2007 Z4 M Coupe with Premium Pkg, Power Front Seats + Heated Seats, BMW Assist, Logic 7, and Nav.
  • I got a 2007 White/Red M Coupe with no nav for $3K down and $539 per month WITH tax.
    2 year, 10K miles per year.
    This is in SoCal.
  • Hello,

    My dealer gave me following lease deal.
    Shall I take it?

    Z4 roadster 3.0i
    Titanium silver
    Premium Package
    Sport package
    heated seats
    Xenon headlights
    M Sport front seats
    total suggested $45,050

    lease price $36,050
    24 mont lease
    residual $30,634 (68%)
    lease monthly foctor 0.00310

    protection plan $90
    total added caps $825
    adjusted cap sost $32,465
    cash cap reduction $4,500
    total sales tax $1,014

    base monthly rental $271.9
    security deposite $300
    total initial fees 235.25
    amount due at start $5,746.16

    total monthly $296.91

    This is the last car at the dealer lot.
  • Sorry I forgot mention that I live in Washigton state and lease term is 24 month
  • Hello jojo16. The money factor that you were quoted for this lease looks a little high to me. If you are talking about a 2008 Z4 here, BMW Financial Services' current buy rate for non-returning customers who pay a security deposit at lease signing is only .00270. Make sure that the dealer you are working with uses this factor to calculate your car's monthly payment.

    I see that you are considering making a $4,500 down payment on your lease. In my opinion, that is way too much money to put down. Consumers who make large down payments on leases risk losing part or all of them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered. You would be better off paying as little money as possible out of your pocket at lease signing.

    One thing that you should use to reduce your car's capitalized cost is the $2,500 dealer cash incentive that BMW is providing on leases of the '08 Z4 3.0i through BMW Financial Services right now. Negotiate a selling price that is as close to dealer invoice as possible and then have the dealer subtract this dealer cash.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • colecole Posts: 67
    Car_man - I'm looking at a 2007 Z4 Coupe and and looking for the same great info that you always provide!

    What are the current residuals and money factors for the '07s assuming a 36/39 month lease at 15,000 miles per year?

    Also, I assume that the TMV on Edmunds takes the $7500 rebate into consideration when it gives you the "price others are paying." Is this right?

  • Just wanted to no what deal I might have gotten?

    2007 roadster 3.0si
    premium package, sport, cold weather, 6 speed, auto top, 18" wheels, pretty much loaded no navigation, does anyone no how much nav is to put in, or do you have to get already installed. I did not no about this cash back for 6500 everyone is talking about, the price out the door that I negotiated down to was 38967.00

    24 month lease
    my payment is 400.00 a month thats including tax
    the 2000.00 I put down was for lic, tax, 1st month
    10k a year
    I think my residual is 68%
    my payment is 400.00 a month with tax
    how did I do?
  • jojo16jojo16 Posts: 6
    Thanks Car_man

    The next day, Christmas eve, I came back to the dealer to negotiate further.
    Finally we reached an agreement slightly better than the deal the dealer offered the day before.
    Monthly payment was down to $242. Lower than what I was paying for the car I traded in.

    There might have been a room to further negotiate, but I am totally happy with the Titunium Silver Roadster.'t wait for the summer to drive top down.
    It is only 120 miles driven since delivery in three weeks - it has been rainy here in seattle all time in the winter, can.
  • what model standard or 3.0 si, its a big difference in cars. what was your down payment to get 242.00
  • I presently lease a BMW and my current lease is about to end. I am starting to look for a new car.

    BMWUSA has posted on it's web site a lease offer for a 2008, 3.0i Z-4 with the following terms. $2,500.00 cash down with monthly lease payments of $379.00, not including sales tax, for 39 months based on MSRP of $38,450.00.

    My question are:

    1. Should I expect the dealer to accept an offer lower than MSRP? If yes, by how much?

    2. May any reduction in price by the dealer be used to lower the down payment or the monthly payment required by this lease?

    Thank you for your help.

  • got a very basic 08 3.0i roadster w/
    39mo lease at 12k/yr w/ option to buy extra mileage until last 4 months of lease

    -heated seats
    -bmw assist
    -motorized top
    -metallic paint

    (i'm forgetting somethign I'm sure)

    for 1k total out the door and 500/mo inclusive of CA tax. so like 459 / mo ish w/o tax.
  • Hi Mike. You absolutely should get a discount on the Z4 that you are interested in. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. If I was personally in the market for a Z4 3.0i right now, I would shoot for a selling price of $500 over dealer invoice and then have the dealer that I was working with subtract the $2,500 cash incentive that is available on it from that. You can look up the invoice price of the exact model that you want by visiting the New Vehicle Pricing section of

    Once you arrive at a selling price that you are comfortable with, have the dealer calculate your car's monthly payment using BMW Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor. Its buy rate for a 36 month lease of an '08 Z4 3.0i roadster is .00255 for returning BMW lessees or new ones who pay a security deposit at lease signing. If the dealer that you are working with tries to charge you a higher rate than that they are likely marking your car's money factor up to add additional hidden back-end profit to your deal.

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  • Congratulations on getting your new Z4, zkaudio. Thanks for taking the time to share the details off your lease with everyone. Make sure to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience with everyone. Enjoy your new ride :shades: .

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • erdoranerdoran Posts: 62
    Car Man, how in the world do you get $500 over invoice less 100% of the trunk money? I've been negotiating for two weeks with several different dealers, and I can't get anywhere close. I've hit every local dealer and several long-distance ones! I think I have a deal lined up that's really good, but it isn't the $500 dealer profit one. What's the secret to this? thanks
  • mbn1941mbn1941 Posts: 2
    Like you I have tried to get a price of $500 over dealers invoice but without success. Once I tell the dealer I want the advertised BMW Financial Services lease they tell me they are required to discount the car by $2500 to make the lease and therefore cannot discount the price further. I have tried three dealers in South Florida with more or less the same results.
  • kperesskperess Posts: 29
    I have a line on an '06 Z4 coupe (certified) with 10,000 miles on it. The dealer sued it as a loaner. Has premium and sport packages, auto tranny with flippers. Dealer is asking $29,900. Was put into service on Jan 2 '07.

    Any thoughts on this? I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan (so lots of snow) and am also looking at the TT as a possible toy.
  • erdoranerdoran Posts: 62
    mbn1941, that sounds bogus to me, although I'm just a consumer and have no inside knowledge! If a dealer is "required" to discount $2500, there is no reason they can't CHOOSE to discount further. Check out the invoice pricing on From 3/1-4/30/08 there is $2500 factory to dealer incentive on the z4i and $3000 on the z4si. I think what is happening is that they are pricing it at MSRP and giving you this "trunk money" as it is called. I don't see anything in your post that says the dealer has to SUBSIDIZE or CONTRIBUTE to the lease!
  • Hi.

    I am interested in leasing a 2008 BMW Z4 3.0 si coupe. Could you please tell me the residual value and the money factor on this car? I am looking at a 36 month lease.

    I live in the NYC area and was quoted $41,200 with an MSRP of $45375. What would be my lease payments without a cap cost reduction? I am looking to include taxes in my monthly payments. Thanks. :)
  • dk90210dk90210 Posts: 5
    Hello all. I am very much interested in the current BMW Z4 Lease Special (36 months @ $369 w/ $2500 down) but I have a few questions:

    1) How do they arrive at those numbers? What is the negotiated cost? Residual? Money Factor?

    2) I have seen similar specials at my local dealers here in Southern California that play on this lease special, including 39 months @ $399 w/ $3000 drive-off, and even 36 months @ $459 w/ $0 drive off! Of these, which way would be better - Less drive-off and more monthly, or vice versa?

    3) How much more would/should I pay if I wanted to extend the lease to 12K miles per year? 15K miles?

    By the way, the special can be found here at

    Thanks for your help!!! :)
  • sulimiossulimios Posts: 11
    Hey Car man:

    Went to the BMW dealer yesterday to try out the Z4si. Nice, not sure I like it as much as the '05 2.0T TT that I had, but it was pretty nice and I was hoping to get a decent lease deal.

    Already having done the research, I knew what the current residuals and rates were as well as the $3k factory to dealer incentive. This was their first offer for 2yr 10k miles per year--gave me the $3k off the MSRP and then an additional $1325 which came out to a selling price of $42,800. After doc fee and Acquisition fee (what is this?), the cap cost was $43,470. Calculating $2500 down, they had the residual at .74 and the rate at .0022 they came out with a payment of $519.95.

    I had gone in there using the Edmunds TMV value which for my area (upstate ny) was $200 under invoice. After taking into account the $3000 and taxes, and the various fees, I came out around $331/month.

    I guess my question is about where should I come out?? I mean, I realize that was their 1st offer and they will come down, but can I expect them to come down to $331/month?

    My other questions have to do w/ these various fees: Doc Fee = $45; Acquisition Fee = $625; Security Deposit = $550; Upfront fees = $170

    Are these actual fees to the dealership or is this just another area where they're making a profit?! I appreciate your wise words of wisdom car man!! Thanks.
  • sulimiossulimios Posts: 11
    forgot, the MSRP was $47,125
  • sulimiossulimios Posts: 11
    hey carman...just checking in to see if what you think!?! about my posts on 3/23
  • Hi stef929rr. According to the latest information that I have seen, BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 BMW Z4 3.0si Coupe with 15,000 miles per year are .00210 and 52%, respectively. The residual value for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year would be 2% higher. When negotiating your lease on this car, make sure to take the $3,000 dealer cash that BMW is currently providing on it into account.

    Using the prices that you mentioned in your post, an MSRP of $45,375 and a selling price of $41,200, and the aforementioned lease program, I come up with a zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $602 (with 12,000 miles per year).

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi dk90210. I am not sure of the exact selling price that BMW used to arrive at its advertised lease payment for the Z4, but whatever it is I suspect that you will be able to beat it. Manufacturers' advertised lease payments usually leave a little meat on the bone so to speak. It makes sense if one thinks about it. Dealers would be pretty annoyed if they advertised the best possible deals on cars or trucks. Given the fact that you are in the ultra competitive Southern California market and that BMW is providing $2,500 dealer cash on the 2008 Z4 3.0i roadster, you probably will be able to negotiate a selling price that's well below dealer invoice.

    As far as the other parameters of the advertised lease go, BMW used a money factor of .00220 and a residual value of 64% to arrive at that payment. If you were to lease with 15,000 miles per year instead of 10,000, this car's residual value would be 3% lower.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hey sulimios. The money factor that you were quoted is right in line with this car's current buy rate. That is a good thing. Let's take a look at the selling price. The Z4 that you are interested in probably has a spread of around $3,500 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. It is good that the dealer that you are working with is giving you the entire dealer cash allowance, but if I was in the market for this car I personally would want a larger dealer discount than $1,325. Make sure to stop by the "BMW Z4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience" discussion to see how much other community members have paid for similar cars lately.

    The fees that you were quoted seem reasonable to me. A doc fee of $45 is very low compared to what many other dealers charge. BMW Financial Services charges a $625 acquisition fee on every vehicle that it leases. Individual dealers cannot waive this charge. In fact, many dealers try to mark it up to add additional, hidden profit to deals, but your dealer is not. BMW FS' charges the security deposit as well. I don't know what the other $170 for "upfront fees" is but if it covers things like registration, etc... then it is probably legit.

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  • 530iturk530iturk Posts: 16
    Get a quote from another dealer (or two) and compare; off the site.

    I did. I got three quotes and went with the best one. Had to travel 45 miles to get it, but it was worth it. Make sure you go through the internet manager at the respective dealer to get the best savings.

    BTW, it was from Steve Thomas BMW (North of Los Angeles).

    The money factor in your quote seems high.
  • dk90210dk90210 Posts: 5

    > Given the fact that you are in the ultra competitive Southern California market
    > and that BMW is providing $2,500 dealer cash on the 2008 Z4 3.0i roadster,
    > you probably will be able to negotiate a selling price that's well below dealer
    > invoice.

    Thanks for the tip. I noticed the Regional Adjustment of -$364 for Southern California indeed puts the TMV below invoice, but does the current $2500 Dealer Incentive also apply? So am I looking at something that is literally thousands below invoice? Or is that just the spread between the MSRP and the Dealer Invoice?

    This looks like a great time to be buying a Z4. I've finally decided on the car itself... now it's time to deal!!! :)

    Wish me luck!
  • dk90210dk90210 Posts: 5
    There is an advertisement in today's LA Times for $249 per month (10K miles, 24 months) with $3850 drive-off. I contacted the dealer (McKenna BMW) and they said the car ($40400 MSRP) is being sold for $35039, which is pretty close to your advice of "invoice + 500 - 2500 BMW incentive". (by the way, the drive off consists of $2999 cap cost reduction).

    There may still be a little "wiggle room" in there, but it still sounds like a pretty good deal... what do you think?

  • You're welcome, dk90210. Yes, if I was in the market for a Z4 right now I definitely would try to pay well below, i.e. $1,500 to $2,000 below, dealer invoice.

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