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Ford Fusion Lease Questions



  • sbla9sbla9 Posts: 1
    Hi Car Man, long time listener, first time caller.

    Factory Ordered a 2013 Fusion Hybrid and now that it is on the train am getting down to negotiation. Do you have the numbers for the residuals and money factors for 24/36/39 months? Looking at 12,000 or 15,000 miles. I am located in Southern California, Los Angeles area. Thanks so much!
  • That is correct, bluelikejazz. To convert lease rates into approximate money factors divide them by 2400.

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  • HA welcome aboard, sbla9. Ford Credit's October base lease rate and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 Fusion Hybrid with 15,000 miles per year in Los Angeles are 0.25% and 50%.

    The 36-month numbers are 0.25% and 43%. The 39-month numbers are 0.5% and 41%.

    The residual values for a lease with only 12,000 miles per year are 2% higher.

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  • ajr1775ajr1775 Posts: 33
    What is the October residual value for the Fusion SE & Titanium for both 24 and 36 month at 15,000.00?

    On a side note, that residual value you just reported for the Hybrid is pretty ominous. Only 43%? Are similar vehicles from different manufacturers rating similar residuals?

    FYI for all, my local Ford dealer, Kelly Ford of Melbourne, is offering a $3000.00 incentive on Fusion 2013. I hope these offers keep popping up more and increase as we get closer to December. With the midsize sedan market being as crowded as it is right now with so many new models for the year, Ford will have to sweeten the pot to stay competitive. I hope this works out to a great deal on a Hybrid or Titanium for myself. FMV+incentives like this should simplify our asking prices when we walk in. :)
  • Hi ajr1775. In Florida Ford Credit's October base lease rate and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 Fusion SE with 15,000 miles per year are 2.25% and 56%.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 36-month lease are 2.25% and 56%.1.5% and 65%.

    The lease rates for the 2013 Fusion Titanium are the same, but the residual values are 61% and 52%.

    Ford is not currently providing any cash incentives on leases of this car through Ford Credit.

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  • ajr1775ajr1775 Posts: 33
    On the 36 month lease for the Fusion SE you gave me two sets of lease rates & residuals?

    2.25% and 56%.1.5% and 65%.
  • Good catch ajr1775. There was a cut and paste mishap :). 1.5% and 65% are for 24 months and 2.25% and 56% are for 36 months. Sorry for the confusion.

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  • jinx8402jinx8402 Posts: 4
    edited November 2012
    Quick question, for those percentages, is that what the money factor converted to a percentage? In other words, for a 24 month lease, is that 1.5%/2400 = .000625 money factor? I was just a little confused by what the 1.5% meant.

    I'm trying to decide if I want to do a 2 year lease, with option to buy at the end, or finance the vehicle straight up. If I were to do a lease, it would be for a titanium for 24 months with 10,500 miles.

  • Hi car man, I am looking for current money factors and residuals for a 2012 SEL 12k mi/year in Northern California. Are there cash incentives to dealers also available to lease these cars? Thanks.
  • I was looking at a 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium and wanted to check the money rate and residual.

    The dealership said for 15k miles it is: 24 month at 3.75% and 63% , 36 month at 4.5% and 54%, and 39 month is 4.75% and 52%.

    Then they said if 12,000 miles per year to add 2% to residual.

    Do those money factor amounts seem right? Does anyone know the best money factor on these?

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi Car man,

    I have a multi part question. Sorry if its a bit long. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

    I have a 2011 toyota that I'm looking to trade in. I have 11 months left on a 3 year lease and have decided to trade it into a different dealership from the one I leased it from so that I can lease a 2013 ford fusion hybrid. I negotiated the purchase price of the ford which I'm satisfied with and have the offer in writing. I also negotiated a satisfactory trade-in value for my highlander which is still under lease. I made both of these negotiations separately. The dealer never asked me on the trade-in whether I owned or leased the highlander.

    The 2013 ford fusion hybrid I was looking to lease from them had to be special ordered with the options that I wanted since no other ones appealed to me. I signed an order confirmation for the vehicle which stated the agreed upon purchase price including rebate and which also listed the out the door cost including taxes, license, doc fees.. I put down a $500 deposit towards the new car (which he said was refundable) that I was told would take 6-8 weeks for delivery. I asked him about what documentation he required in order to put the ford lease under my business name. He said all he needed from me today was the $500 order deposit and a photocopy of my driver's license. I didn't negotiate the new purchase lease terms and left satisfied that with my excellent credit of 780+, I would more than qualify for a low Ford APR and the lease negotiation would be relatively painless.

    I realized soon after leaving that I should have negotiated the lease terms then and there. I will go back to the dealership in a few days in order to hammer out the details. I will purposely be vague whether I want to finance the car or lease it so they can't use that knowledge to their advantage.

    I have several questions for you that I hope you might be able to answer. Thanks in advance for your time!

    1. First, is there a tax credit on a trade-in of a leased car towards the purchase of a new one in California?

    2. Is a written offer from a sales manager for a trade-in and the purchase price of a new vehicle enough to satisfy me or any sort of guarantee that they will keep their word when the car is delivered in 6-8 weeks? (footnote, when I negotiated the price of the trade-in, at the end I asked him to put in writing that they would honor the trade-in quote he gave me once the new car I purchased was delivered and he had no problem doing that. The salesman seemed pretty honest (and I'm very distrustful of car dealers and consider myself to have good radar with people)

    2) Should I insist on finalizing the lease contract and trade-in before I take delivery on the vehicle? If so, how can this be done if even the dealer doesn't know when it will take delivery of my vehicle? I expect them to argue that they don't know when the lease date can start since they don't know precisely how long it will take for the car to be delivered? How do I avoid losing out on the manufacturer rebate which is effective now, but likely won't be when the car is delivered? The order confirmation lists an agreed upon price that reflects and mentions the rebate in the deal.

    3) How do I accurately calculate the equity on the trade-in of my toyota vehicle that would go towards the purchase of the 2013 ford fusion? in terms of how much I come out ahead on my trade-in. I negotiated a price of $27500 on the trade-in of my toyota. The residual on my lease is $21,452. To payoff my lease right now would cost $25,353. I have 11 lease payments left @ $457/month pretax. ($500/month including tax). Do I calculate how much I have to apply to the purchase of my new ford based upon the monthly payments pre tax or post tax + the residual amount? Lastly, is there any way I can sign the trade-in contract before I turn in my toyota vehicle if it's still 2 months away? Do you recommend getting in writing from the dealer how many miles I should be allowed to put on my toyota before I physically trade it in, and that they will still honor the trade-in offer?

    4) When I go back to the dealer to negotiate the lease for the ford how can I apply any pressure other than threatening to walk out over getting the lowest apr on the vehicle? Am I likely also to face a disposition fee? what other hidden fees should i look out for or refuse to pay? What apr % on my ford lease should i reasonably expect to get with a credit score near 790?

    5) Does the dealer have any grounds to refuse to honor the trade-in value for my toyota since I didn't mention it was still under lease? What should I do if he tries to change the terms/offer? If he makes an issue of it, I was just going to say its irrelevant, since he wouldn't make an offer on the vehicle where they couldn't make money on it. and at worst case, threaten to walk out.

    -Thanks for your time.
  • Long time reader and first post...Here goes.

    I am in the process of negotiating a lease in West Palm Beach Florida for a 2013 Titanium Fusion with a MSRP of 35,670...Basically every option in White Platinum. I am looking at a 36 month 18K. Here is what the dealer has provided me with regards to lease figures:

    Selling Price: 33,200
    Total out of pocket: $1466 (he says this is for first payment, tax, tag and inception fees)
    Monthly payment including tax of 6% is 476.

    Hopefully someone can tell me of this is a decent deal or not...Personally the 476 seems high to me on a $33,000 car.

    Can I do better?
  • ecodriver07ecodriver07 Posts: 5
    edited November 2012
    Hi. I was looking to get a 2013 ford fusion hybrid in Northern California (SF) and was looking to see what a good money factor is for the vehicle. What is the residual value for this car in the SE model for a 36 month lease and 10.5k and 12k miles. I have excellent credit, 785 and was quoted a rate of $438/month for 36 months with $2k down payment. The sale price of the vehicle negotiated was $32,500 including, tax license, and doc fees (out the door). I also have a trade in vehicle that will apply $2500 towards the purchase price. the car salesman quoted me an interest rate on this lease of 5.5%. This monthly payment seems very high to me. Any advice on trying to negotiate it down? I was going to get other lease monthly payment offers to show that I can get more for my money on a $33k vehicle for that sort of monthly payment. What is the dealership's bottom line money factor or best monthly payment that they're likely to offer to someone with my credit? Would a down payment of $5k make a significant dent in my monthly payments? Thanks for your time.
  • 2013 fusion SE with 205a, moon, navi, bliss, 39 month 12k/yr. Sticker $30,734, agreed value $28,675. Gave me $1k incentive and $3773 for my trade. Residual $17,071. $353 per month which also includes the yearly property tax on the vehicle in the monthly payment, which is $3.70 per 1k on the vehicles valuation. Is this an ok deal?
  • Hi, ecodriver07.

    I feel like I'm in the same situation here in So. California. May I ask how this resolved for you?
  • Hi, car_man & kyfdx. Thanks for this excellent forum/resource.

    Could I please get Ford's current lease program details for a 2013 Fusion Hybrid at 36 mos/12,000 miles?

    Thank you!
  • I"ve made a $500 deposit (with intent to purchase) on a 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid in White Platinum with literally all the options except parking assist. Out the door selling price with a supplier discount (X-Plan) is $35,143.

    Your stated MSRP is not an "out-the-door" cost and neither is selling price as these do not include destination fee, misc. admin. fees, tax, etc. However, given that this car has all of the options, a $33,200 selling price seems very attractive and is probably below dealer invoice.
  • Hi. I ended up leasing a lexus es300h instead. the lease terms ford offers aren't very favorable and with the lease payments they were asking, I decided to get a better vehicle with slightly higher payments.
  • @dlramon
    Did they tell you when they were going to start building them and when you'll be able to take delivery? I'm thinking about ordering one in a couple days and was just curious.
  • I ordered one in August (not the Titanium, just a Hybrid) and was initially told I would get it before the end of October, and then November 7th and then before Thanksgiving and how it's on hold with no ETA -_-
  • MRSP $35,670.00
    Residual % 57
    Residula Value $20,331.90
    Sale Price cap cost $33,200.00
    Depreciation $12,868.10
    Terms 39
    Payment $329.95
    Cap And Residual $53,531.90
    Money factor 0.00105
    Interest charge $56.21
    Sub Total $386.16
    Tax Rate 6
    Tax Fee $23.17
    Payment $409.33
  • Stayaway6,

    Not sure how you figured all that or if is even correct. Either way, thanks. I see you figured 39 months, did you also figure 18k for miles? Thanks!
  • Hello sgl2012. Ford Credit's December base lease rate and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Fusion Hybrid SE with 12,000 miles per year in the Los Angeles area are 5.5% and 55%.

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  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    Why such a LOW level of activity on this board? Is the new Fusion a stinker or what?
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    Got a 2013 Ford Fusion S 12/11/2012. Really like it.
  • Hey carman-

    Could you provide the numbers on a Titanium trim with 15K/36 in Michigan.

  • s0me1s0me1 Posts: 2
    Hi Car_man,

    Thank you for such a wonderful and helpful forum!

    Can you please post the residuals and money factors for 24 and 36 months (10,500 and 12,000 miles per year) for 2013 Fusion Titanium AWD for NJ?

  • Certainly travis08. Ford Credit's January base lease rate and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Fusion Titanium with 15,000 miles per year in Michigan are 2.0% and 59%.

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  • You're very welcome s0me1. I'm glad that you like it.

    Ford Credit's current base lease rate and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2013 Fusion Titanium AWD with 12,000 miles per year in New Jersey are 1.25% and 70%

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 36-month lease are 2.0% and 61%.

    If you were to lease this car with only 10,500 miles per year, its residual values would be 1% higher.

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  • empowahempowah Posts: 48
    edited January 2013
    Hi Car_Man,

    I'm interested in leasing a 2013 Fusion. What are the residuals and money factors for a 24 or 36 month lease of an SE 1.6-liter model in Los Angeles, CA? Are the terms any different if I lease one with the Luxury Package?

    Also interested in the same for a 2013 Titanium FWD model.

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