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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Lease Questions



  • me5po5ito1me5po5ito1 Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    This is what I was quoted on a 2013 EX-L 4cyl Lease (through Honda Finance):


    8% sales tax and fees rolled in

    $300 total out of pocket

    $349/month, 36 months, 12K annual miles

    $17,271 residual value

    Dealer used $500 Honda FlexCash towards "down payment assistance"

    Good deal?
  • Hi,

    Does anyone have good info on money factor and residual for a 2013 Accord Sport CVT in North Carolina on 36 month lease with 12k vs 15k?

  • abduhlaabduhla Posts: 4
    edited February 2013
    Im thinking of being a little bold.

    I want to get two Accord LX Base models.

    200$/month per car.
    $1500 total out of pocket, not a dime more for anything else, per car.
    12k miles a year, .15 cents a mile over.

    Reasonable? Or should I push for 180$ a month?
  • If you visit the weymouth honda site and check their lease calculator, they are leasing the EX-L for $300 plus tax, with $239 doc fees, $125 Mass registration and first month payment of $300. The Honda Finance fee is in the $300. You may not do that well in NY but you can shoot for it.
  • cinbeecinbee Posts: 11
    edited February 2013
    In Northern NJ,
    What can I expect to pay for a 36 month lease 12,000 per year on a 2013 Accord LX.
    I am getting numbers all over the place, and higher than I expect.
    This will be my personal 5th lease, but about 10 in the family.

    Would consider a 2013 Civic LX as well, both automatic.
  • visit the weymouth honda site and check their lease calculator
  • REF: 5002
    Good luck with that offer. The weymouth price (for comparison) is 235 pre-tax. That includes their 239 doc fee and 125 reg fees. I suggest you do NOT put down more than 500 o-t-d per car.
  • cinbeecinbee Posts: 11
    I did check the Weymouth Honda website. But can I expect to get the same deal in New Jersey, say DCH Paramus?
  • So. Im scheduled to sign, paying 900 for everything with 180/month for the LX. At Hudson Honda in NJ.

    Scheduled is the key word there.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 694
    Please post the details of this deal - sounds like a really good deal - I assume that is 180 plus tax, right?
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • cinbeecinbee Posts: 11
    Yes, please give us details. You are in the same area as me and no one has come close to that. How did you get the deal?
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    edited February 2013
    2013 Honda Accord LX - Lease for only $143/mo*

    *Internet Lease payments are based on $0 down, 36 months and 10k miles per year. Price is subject to Tier One credit and include $500 college graduate and $500 Military rebate. Does not include: Sales Tax, dealer doc fee, dealer prep, MV Fees, Bank Fee, or any installed accessories. Must take in stock unit. *

    Devil's in the details. Bank fee might be $595
  • cinbeecinbee Posts: 11
    Are Weymoth Honda Lease calculator numbers reasonably applicable in other states?
    They state that the residual numbers are supplied by Honda varying from model to model, but the money factor can vary right?
    Going tonight to my dealer and want to be prepared! :confuse:
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    edited February 2013
    money factor on weymouth site is based on excellent credit
    residual % is set by honda
    sales price set by weymouth; they include 239 doc fee and 125 reg fees
    you have to customize it for your state and situation

    info only:

    LX deal at 219/month (excludes tax and doc fee)
  • gee22gee22 Posts: 82
    Some of the best lease rates I've seen have been with third party lessors with higher bank fees and disposition fees than Honda Finance, plus they get you with the excess wear and tear. Even if this lease is with Honda, I'm sure they would get you with the dealer prep fees and probably every car available under this lease has some ridiculously priced dealer installed accessories.
  • I have a 2010 Accord and had my inspection today. I have some whopper of dents, and the inspector told me that I will be charged $600, twice (one on rear bumper, one on front bumper) and $200 for some scratches around the car. He claims not to have ink in his printer so he couldn't give me an inspection report but did say he would email me it (but he hasn't yet).

    I am looking to return my Accord Lease and finance a CRV EX-L, through AHFC (AHFC also holds my lease). So, my questions are as follows:

    1. What should I do with respect to the damage I have now? Repair it? Try to Negotiate with Honda? Assuming I go through with my CRV purchase and finance it through AHFC, will AHFC forgive my damage?

    2. If AHFC refuses to waive my damage, what should I do? Get another inspection and fight the claims (it seems that if the inspector says $600 damages twice, and my own independent inspector says $500, then I could get it waived under the AHFC damage waiver policy).

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  • acfkelacfkel Posts: 18
    My 2010 lease is up as well and I have damage that I need to repair, however, some dealerships will and can take of these repairs and it out in your negotiations. I had previous dealerships do this for me and was offered it again today in addition to them covering my remaining lease payments.

    However, I have to say I test drove both the CRV and Accord today and I am not sure I am sold on either of them. Thinking of Ford Fusion or Escape but have yet to test drive those.

    Can I ask why you decided to go from an Accord to a CRV? The CRV didn't seem to have as tight of steering as the Accord does, but personally I don't like all the technology in the new Accord and really do not care for the keyless ignition. I am going to test drive them again and see what I think because I have had Hondas for the past 15 years and it's hard to think of switching.
  • acfkelacfkel Posts: 18
    Tax is due up front in Minnesota as well, not per payment.
  • re79re79 Posts: 3
    I got this offer in Phoenix, AZ area, for Accord LX CVT, 12K mile, 36 months. Please let me know what you think:
    MSRP: 23,270
    Selling price: 21,474, including destination fee
    RV: 14,427.40
    MF: 0.00125
    Acquisition fee: 595.00
    Documentation fee: 390
    + tax, title and registration

  • Thanks. I just need a larger car, and with the damage and all to the accord I figure I can get it forgiven if I take out another honda (this will be my third honda purchase or finance and I actually want to do a fourth one trading in my fit for a civic). I an weary about buying American and don't want to lease.

    I tried to talk with the dealerships about just accepting my car but since my lease is up in 4 days they aren't willing to do anything concerning my damage. Also I think my residual is too high on my accord and i have no equity in terms of miles (right on pace)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,017
    Doesn't AHFC have a $1500 damage waiver, with up to $500 per item? They used to..

    Wouldn't your total only be $200, then? ($100 over on two items?)

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • REF: 5018
    Sales price is too high. Should be closer to 21k; it's 20.6 here in OH
    Doc fee is completely negotiable in AZ; don't pay more than $100 if you can help it (tough sell, i know)
    Other numbers are correct. Use this OH deal as proof that your AZ deal is too high. However, please realize that prices vary by region and supply/demand. LX models are plentiful - most want a power seat... pg
  • From what I've been told if damage is 499 they forgive it. If its 501 you pay it all, you don't get the difference. Can anyone confirm?
  • re79re79 Posts: 3
    Thanks. I will try to negotiate more and I will tell you the result.
  • I looked into an Escape but decided I didn't have time to take it to the dealer for it's monthly recall. Consumer Reports just reviewed the Fusion. Suggest you read.
  • Yes, for Honda Finance that is exactly how it works. You can call and ask if they will forgive it for you, though they might refuse.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,017
    Well.. that sucks.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • What are the odds of them forgiving? Especially if I am willing to finance/buy a new CRV EXL (and possible up to four additional cars (no joke, really 4 additional cars)
  • As an update: got the inspection report. I have the following damages

    Bumper dent and paint front and back: 750$ each
    Quarter panel damage: 370
    Tires (2): $100 each

    Under afhc policy I would Pay just the bumpers bc the other stuff gets waived

    Any help on how I should try to get this waived? Get my own estimates worth it?
  • bigjoefatzbigjoefatz Posts: 6
    edited February 2013
    Update 2:

    Told AHFC I would be willing to take out another car - they said they would drop 700

    Told AHFC I would be willing to take out 2 cars - they said they would waive the entire damage.


    Thanks all for your help.
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