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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Questions



  • wadezwadez Posts: 1
    Hi carman, I was wondering if u can let me know the rate for 2014 grand cherokee srt8 for 36 months with 10k per year and also 24 months 10k per year. Thank you.
  • czar0013czar0013 Posts: 6
    2014 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LIMITED - What are the money factor and residual values for a 36 and 39 months at 1,000 miles per month. And are there any incentives out there that I can take advantage of in NJ.

  • dociousdocious Posts: 6
    Is this forum dead? Whole lotta posts and no responses.

    I have a question as to where the rebates/incentives are applied to on leases. Where do they go?

    After contacting a dozen dealers in the SD/LA/OC area, here's the best offer we received.

    2013 JGC Laredo X + Nav

    $37,380 MSRP
    $34,015 Initial Cap Cost
    52% RV [$19,437]
    0.0013 MF

    $1000 Jeep Lease Cash for 2013's [applied to drive offs per dealer]
    $600 drive off


    This was the quote we received before I notified the dealer that we had and additional $1000 in invectives/rebates etc [Realtor and marketing mailer certificate, $500 each]

    After the additional $1000 was applied the monthly was $416/mth and still $600 down/initial/drive off.

    How and where are the discounts applied. How is an additional $1000 only worth $26/mth?

    I'm rattled and confused.

    hopefully someone can educate me.
  • rjoh1969rjoh1969 Posts: 9
    On a 36 month lease...
    In some areas you also have to pay tax on the rebate.
  • dociousdocious Posts: 6

    thx for the quick response
  • neilm8neilm8 Posts: 1
    Looking for August lease rates (residual and money factors) on a Limited or Overland 4x2 with 12K miles/year. I am getting quotes from dealers in S. Florida that must be based on much worse rates than I've seen posted for July (I noticed 50-52% residuals and money factors around 00009 for 39 months). Thanks for your help.
  • jaysfynestjaysfynest New YorkPosts: 6
    edited August 2013
    I am getting a black on black 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 4x4 with:

    Leather seats;
    12k miles a year
    20 inch wheels; and
    free oil changes and inspection for the life of the lease

    No money down except for the first payment and DMV fees. The monthly payment will be $449 a month.
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    That's a fantastic payment. Sounds accurate. I'm hoping to get a hold of August money factor and residuals for a 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 for 36 months and 12K miles a year.
  • Great deal...What were the lease terms and MSRP? can you provide the dealers contact info??

  • Could you let's know the dealer info? I have some real clowns quoting me BS prices!
  • Sounds like a great vehicle and a great deal!!!

    Hope you enjoy your 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC
  • luigi08luigi08 Posts: 1
    I'm currently looking to lease a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited in Ohio with the same options and even color. MSRP of $41,775.

    I'm getting quoted $484/month with $2000 due at signing. What dealership were you able to obtain the $449/month payment with only first and fees due at signing?

    Were there any incentives you used to get to that payment?
  • I'm in Mass and getting quoted $0 down $479 a month for a 39 month lease on a Limited Grand Cherokee MSRP $40,500. I've been pushing the sales person to come a little bit lower but they won't budge. Is this a good deal?

  • I wanted to share this deal I just got with the help of Inside Car Buying. I saw a bunch of people on different forums have used them and they have a lot of positive feedback on the web. Their DIY Dealer Report is "Hands Down" the best car buying tool for any shopper. I am a Math Teacher in Nassau County, NY and was in search of a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with sunroof and navigation for 39 months and 12,000 miles per year with just first month and DMV total out of pocket. The best I was able to do on my own after visiting 4 dealers and calling 2 others was $457 per month (about $38,400 selling price) with $1,027 total out of pocket leasing through Hann Bank.

    The very detailed DIY Dealer Report I received showed I should be able to obtain $416.27 per month with $731.77 total due at signing. I had the option of discussing the report with Inside Car Buying after receiving it. When I contacted them they made me aware of the fact that the last dealer I spoke to was charging me a "Clerical Fee" of $299. This is some made up "in-house" fee for added profit and its negotiable! Dealers do make it look like such a real fee since its pre printed on their Buyers Orders in bold print. Inside Car Buying stated they're sure 98% of buyers just pay it as they don't know any better.

    The other factor for the lower monthly payment besides a lesser selling price (I got the car for $37,414 which is $200 less than invoice and holdback plus $4,000 in rebates) was leasing the car through Teachers Federal Credit Union. I learned that any teacher teaching in Nassau or Suffolk Counties was entitled to this program at least in August, not sure if it will be continued. The bank fee of $895 was higher than Hann at $695, money factor of .00127 was slightly higher than Hann at .00120 but the residual 56% compared to Hann at 54% makes up for the difference saving me $11 more monthly. Hey, an extra $11 off per month over 39 months equals $429 which is more than my monthly payment, making the savings equal one less payment I would have to make plus I am being told they are much more lenient than Hann on the return of the vehicle at lease end.

    I guess my timing was right because I went to a different dealer yesterday that I had not visited before and while negotiating with the Sales Manager he saw I kept referring back to the DIY Dealer Report I had so he asked to see it. I showed him the report and he was very impressed. He said he would make it simple, if I drove the car home today he would match the numbers on the report as they had a program ending today and could use the extra sale. He referred to this program as "Fast Start" just incase this term can help anyone else.

    I was out of there in another hour and 20 minutes by the time I completed all the papers and they prepped the car with the exact numbers I received from Inside Car Buying. My only regret is not having the DIY Dealer Report prior to entering the first dealership as it probably would have saved me 8-10 hours of my time on a sunny Saturday visiting 4 other dealers! I would highly recommend Inside Car Buying as they are the true car buyers advocate.
  • I also live in NYS -- can you please tell us the name of the dealership you ultimately bought from? Thanks.
  • bt83bt83 Posts: 9
    Hey everyone, can anyone provide me the MF and Residual on the 2014 GC Overland and Summit for a 36 month 12k a year lease in the NYC area. Thanks in advance.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,944
    Overland 4WD
    MF .00009 and 52% residual

    Summit 4WD
    MF .00033 and 49% residual

    36 mo., 12K mi/yr



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  • bt83bt83 Posts: 9
    Thanks Kyfdx,

    Any chance you have the numbers for a limited 4WD 36 month 12k year.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,944
    .00008 and 55%


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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