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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • Hi ack300,

    Well done! Great job on speaking up and sticking to your guns. It paid off because you saved $30/month - that's almost a grand in your pocket over the 30 months.

    By the time you are ready for a new ride, you can give the deal a run for their money. Don't forget, some dealers will be able to get customers out of their lease up to 8 months early if they want to move into a new lease...

    I have been driving around in my new C300 since Monday and I love it!!!

    Hope you enjoy your new ride!
    - S
  • Hi gbrock35,

    Based on the numbers you provided, I am coming up with a pre-tax monthly payment of ~$482.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hey Ronny,

    To really do an apples to apples comparison here is the info you need from each party (broker and dealer).

    1) Confirm MSRP: $42,150 (I assume you meant MSRP instead of invoice, because of the quoted sale price from the dealer).
    2) Sale Price: ? (to be confirmed by broker)
    3) Cap Cost Reduction: confirm it is $0 (by both parties)
    4) Total amount due (by line item) at signing: $? (lease acquisition, doc, registration, tax, etc.)
    5) Adding maintenance: ? (just confirm)
    6) Confirm, money factor or .00142 and residual of 67%

    To move things along, if your car is $42,150 sticker, and the dealer is offering you a sale price of $37,888, your monthly payment including tax is:
    - about $481 (if you build in the acquisition fee of $795 into the lease payment and pay all other fees upfront)
    - about $451 (if you pay the $795 fee upfront, along with the other fees)

    No idea how a car broker works. Given how much info is currently available to customers these days, you can educate yourself on how to calculate a lease payment and arm yourself with the good deals others are getting on this forum. All of this... for FREE. ;)

    Sounds like your broker has an attitude problem. Your question about ditching her conjures up some entertaining responses... to be honest, if she is not disclosing the sale price of the car, she is hiding her fees. You are right to trust your instincts... up to you to if you want to call her out, just walk away quietly, or walk away after calling her out (maybe you have to walk fast with this option).

    Spend a few minutes on this blog and read through the deals others have gotten. For example, I got a similar car, msrp of $42,650 and opted in for the 30,000 maintenance package (added this to the lease). My payments are $412 after tax per month (6.25% tax) and $1700 due upfront (included acquisition fee, first month, dealer documentation, plates, registration, tax on bank fee). If I wanted to pay nothing at signing, I would be paying a monthly payment of $464 including tax. The only thing to note is that I was able to get a $2,000 discount because I was driving a BMW... Mercedes has $2000 incentive for competitor cars.

    If you decide to work directly with the dealer, then the price of $478/month including tax (and $795 fee built into the lease) is mathematically correct. The rest of the costs - you can ask for it in writing and then post it on the blog and see if you are getting a fair deal.

    Goodluck and let us know how it works out.
    - S
  • Thanks S

    Turns out my Audi is not due back until mid February and I'm gonna wait until then.

    If the programs change that drastically from dec to feb. then so be it and I'll find something else.

    Even if I got the MB I would have had to payout the final 2 payments on my Audi.

    Therefore, gonna sit back and stop stressing and revisit the situation (probably without a broker) in February

    Thanks again for your help. I love edmunds forums!

    Happy holidays and see up in Feb!

  • Hi mlad11. Mercedes-Benz Financial's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2012 C300 Sedan 4Matic with 7,500 miles per year are .00142 and 74%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • You're welcome cal2000.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Live in NYC. Looking at 2012 C300 Luxury 4matic with Premium 1 package. Was quoted by northern NJ dealer as follows:

    $41,805 MSRP
    $38,333 Sale Price
    $1617 Fees Rolled in (Making my last 3 BMW Lease Payments @539 per mo)
    30 mo Lease Term
    68% Residual
    0.00142 Money Factor
    8.875 % Sales Tax
    10k Miles Per Year
    25 cents per mile in excess
    $2000 Conquest Cash applied (Current BMW owner)

    Using above, offered deal of $425 per month with $3363 Out of Pocket (itemized below)

    first month payment- $425.00
    tax- $1,218.09
    motor vehicle fee- $350.00
    bank fee- $975.00
    prep fee- $395.00
    total: $3,363.09

    Please let me know what you think, and where I should seek cuts during negotiations. Seems liek the Conquest cash is the big reduction, not dealer reduction. How much more shoudl I be able to get them to reduce theri price. What fees are the suspect one which hide their profit? Thanks.
  • 2012 C300 4Matic Sport Sedan
    MSRP: $46,390
    Sell price: $41,272
    Acq. Fee: $795
    Residual: 68%
    Money Factor: .00142 (had to ask for this, they quoted .00170 at first)
    Term: 30 months
    Miles: 10k/year
    Tax: 9.8%
    Money Down: $3,000 (2,175 cap cost plus first month and license fees and cap cost tax)
    Doc fees: $0
    Base Monthly Fee: $379
    Monthly Payment with Tax: $416

    How does this compare to what others have received?
  • Car_man

    Could you please post the rates on a C300 for:

    30 Month and 36 month
    Money Factor
    Residual %
    12,000 and 15,000 miles

    Also can you include any dealer cash available. I believe there is a $2500 conquest credit.

  • snapdasnapda Posts: 11
    would appreciate if you can post rates for c350 coupe or sedan:
    30 months @ 15k miles annual rate
    24 months @ 15k miles annual rate

    thanks in advance,
  • I am trying to work a lease deal with a dealership here in Florida on a 2011 C300 Luxury Sedan; Premium I package; 7 speed auto. MSRP is $38,770 including destination. The dealership has provided me with the following lease figures and based on my research, the payments seem high. Can anyone give me their opinion based on experience with leasing this particular vehicle.

    MSRP: $38,770
    Gross Cap Cost: $32,000
    Downpayment: $ 1,200
    Residual: 58%
    Money Factor: .00159

    For 33 months 15k/miles/year, payment would be $451 per month.
    For 36 months 15k miles/year, payment would be $531 per month.

    Thank you.
  • arajkarajk Posts: 3
    you have not mentioned the residual of 58% is for 33 months 15k or 36 months 15 k.

    i recently leased a C300 2011 . i can give you my figures for you to compare.

    MSRP: 42715
    sale price : 35133
    residual: .63 for 33 month, 12 K miles
    MF: .00109
    with a downpayment of 4K i am paying $227 ( excluding CA state tax)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter is looking to interview car shoppers who are weighing a BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class this month because of the incredible incentives/lease deals that are available. If you are tempted, please email by Monday, December 19, 2011 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your thought process so far.


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  • How does this deal sound? i pitched a price I would like to pay for 10k miles a year and navigation for 24 months. I currently have 13 payments left on my c300 which they are going to take care of. the payment would be 401 per month tax included with 500 due at signing. msrp of the car was 43xxx. They said this is the best deal they can do, can't go a penny lower. how does it sound. I'm paying 401 right now for a 2011 c3 with little options.
  • Hey all,

    This information has been VERY insightful but I need to hit it home now. Looking at a 2012 Blue C300 with Pan. roof, Lighting package, P1, 1 disk Command and the 18" 7 spoke AMGs. I have an MSRP of 46,790 and was quoted the following. (it includes taxes and pre-paid maine.)

    Is there a better lease deal in here somewhere?

    10,000 miles @ 48 Months = $505 (with 935 down)
    10,000 miles @ 30 months = $565 (w/995 down)

    I feel like there is a better deal in here somewhere. By the way, there is no trade on this one.

    Cheers all!
  • Sounds like a good deal… if it includes maintenance there is probably only another $10 per month to play with.
  • Your getting hammered…

    With the conquest the selling price should be $37,308.00including your 3 BMW payments.
    The Bank Fee is $795 not $975
    Get rid of that prep fee - pure profit…
    Tell them you want auto pay to reduce the money factor to .00132 and it saves you and additional $10 per month.
    Switch to a 24 month lease because its about $27 per month

    All said and done with the same $3,363 out of pocket your payment should be $320.05 per month for 24 months and 10,000 miles per year. If your not getting this or at least with in $10 per month of it, you need to keep shopping…
  • i am going to lease a c250 coupe and my dealer is telling me you can't combine the winter event discount with the fleet discount even though it says "make your best deal and then present this coupon etc" does anyone know if this is true?
  • Basically it was $465/month with only 1st payment upfront cost for C300 4Matic Sport with Premium, Command (Single Disk), Rear View Cam, Spoiler, Wood Trim and Panoramic Roof. The dealership I got this from in MD was very good, straightforward and I feel I got a very good deal. I believe it was 0.00142 MF and 67% Residual on 30 months, 12,000 miles lease. This includes Maryland Taxes (which suck on leases).
  • Yes, thats correct. You can't combined the fleet with the Winter Event. It can be combined with the loyalty or the USAA discount. What kind of deal were you quoted?
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