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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • autoboy19autoboy19 Posts: 90
    edited April 2012
    I see you are interested in th E-class now.

    Do you have a break down of the cap cost like you had on the C-250?

    It seems they are charging you for the maintenance this time.

    Also, what all incentives did you get included in the $7975 off?

    Also, I would have them look into a 24 month lease for you. I belive the residual should be around 68%, which would make the payment very close to what it is on the 33 month program.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    edited April 2012
    Looks like reasonably good deal...but that maintenance is 3 years or 30,000 miles...and you are leasing to do 41250 miles so you really need the mercedes 4 year/40000 maintenance, not the 3 year maintenance....and that's $1000 more. For higher mileage drivers/leases, you maintain by miles, not by time.

    It also looks like they are not "residualizing" your should be handled just like any other feature on the car so instead of paying the whole amount, you only pay 100%-61% or 39% of the MSRP. I think they are asking you pay the whole amount. This is a confusing part of the mercedes finance plan but I think you can just pay 39% of that $1700 maintenance rather than paying the whole amount over 33 months...push the dealer to check their Mercedes Finance manual on residualizing maintenance.

    Depending on your financial situation, you might want to take advantage of multiple security deposits (if they are offered in your state and they are in FL). If you loan Mercedes roughly $7000 for the life of the lease, they will reduce your money factor. Not sure if they will take .0007 off the .00189 or if they would take it off a mysterious "base rate" of .00225 which would bring the MF down to .00155 from .00189. Again, ask them to run the cases with maximum multiple security deposits (10) and see what the monthly payment will be. Remember, you get that $7000 back at the end of the's not a down payment or capital cost reduction.

    You'll really enjoy the car....
  • Hi Autoboy!! I took delivery of my C today!! This is for my husband, this caught his eye when we were picking up my car today. His lease is up as well.

    He beat to it this time, he added the maintenance knowing I would ask for it.

    This was all he emailed me today. I will ask for the exact breakdown.

    GH- good point about the 30k miles vs a 40 plan
  • He came back this morning and offered $680 tax in throwing in a window tint. We had offered $660 last night and this is what he countered with.

    Ok, here is the breakdown.

    MSRP $55,975

    Incentives & discount $8375
    breakdown: dealer discount: 4875, loyalty: 2,000 CAP: 1500

    Base cap $47,600

    Total cap $50,064 Includes Bank Fee, Dealer Fee, and Maintenance

    Residual 61% $34,144.75

    Money Factor .00189

    33 months 15k/mi/yr

    Prepaid maintenance included
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I don't understand why you are putting down $1500 capital cost reduction....don't do it...see below on how to better use that money.

    I am going to assume that MB's base finance rate is .00225 as it was last month. If you loan them $6500 in security deposits (include the $1500 here), then you monthly cost will go down by $28....that's $924 savings over the term of the lease. If you keep that $6500 in a bank for the next 33 months, it will earn roughly 1% a year for a total of $195. I think I'd rather save $924 using that $6500 then paying $924 more and earning just $195 with the money sitting in the bank. (This makes no sense if you are carrying any credit card balances or other debts...but if you just have cash sitting in the bank, it's a great deal).

    This should be with 40K maintenance....I would suggest to them that they included the wrong maintenance, so they should give you the 40K mile maintenance for no additional cost (hey, it's worth trying).

    I calculate that your monthly payment before tax should be $642 the way you currently have the deal structured....but using MSD's, it would drop to $613. Add $48 per month instead of that $1500 up front capital cost reduction. Note: 48x33=$1584 ... so you are paying about $84 more, but if the car is totaled or stolen, you will get a proportional share of the $1500 back. If you don't do it this way and the car is stolen or totaled, you will likely not get any of the $1500 back.
  • Gh- no we are not putting any money down except 1st month & fee for a total of $940.52

    I was able to get it down to $670 a month.
  • autoboy19autoboy19 Posts: 90
    edited April 2012
    What is the $1,500 CAP? Is that an additional rebate? Customer Advocacy Program?

    Also, it doesn't seem like the dealer is residualizing the maintenance this time.

    They added $769 to the Cap Cost without raising the residual.

    Other than that, the deal looks solid.
  • He said the cap is additional rebate. They also miscalculated and there are 5 payments not 4 that they have to forgive. Obviously not my problem.

    I feel pretty good about the deal, $670. Plus my C was $125 a month less than my prior Glk lease.

    Anyhow thanks so much for the advice. Hope we love both the C & E!
  • autoboy19autoboy19 Posts: 90
    edited April 2012
    Can you find out more specifically what the CAP rebate is?

    I am curious as to what that is and who qualifies for it.
  • No problem! I'll email him tonight. We picked up the E it's sharp, the ash interior with the black ash wood looks fantastic.
  • He said it's a friends & family type discount they can pull out of their hats to close a deal. FYI: We were not given this additional discount on the C the day before. Good to know for future negotions.

    Also, it really could be the dealer holdback that they receive from MB that they like to hold tight.
  • Carman - I am ready to lease a new E350 with P2 package here in So Cal. So can I Please have all the good things I need to go get my best deal. Residuals and money factor for 15,000miles year at 24, 33, & 36 months lease. And any holdback, dealer cash, etc that might be avalible? If anyone eles would like to chime in feel free. THANKYOU!
  • 2012rx3502012rx350 Posts: 10
    I was looking a couple of months back in end of Feb and received the following:

    E 350 4 matic sport premium 1 premium 2 full leather

    15k miles per year

    33 month lease

    612 a month tax included with 1100 down

    I should have pounced on the deal but didn't.

    I was getting at the time 2 k conquest cash and they were making the last two payments on my previous lease totaling 1k

    Shopping around again now I see they upped the conquest to 3k but I have been getting prices at 680 a month tax included with nothing down on a MSRP 63,625 and selling price of 54,600 and 635 with nothing down on a msrp of 58,925 with a selling of 50,689

    Have the programs changed that much or can I expect some better rates face to face vs over the phone/email?

    I am in MA
  • alrushalrush Posts: 1
    edited October 2009
    I was offered a lease of E350 Bluetec. MSRP $58,970. It's diamond white with P1 and rear spoiler. Zero due at sign in, payment is $575 a month including tax, 24 months, 10K a year.
    How does it sound. Can I do better ?


    P.S. Forgot to mention - I still have 10 payments left on my current 2010 E class - dealer buys out my car.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    I was just offered the following. E-350 Sport. With leather. With premium Package 1 and a few other minor things like lane tracking. They told me sticker was 59K on the car. With the Costco program $1500.00 above invoice and the Conquest program -$3000.00 they came up with this lease
    33 months/12K miles/756 a month plus TAX. $1100 up front covers first plus tax. The MB $795.00 bank fee was not mentioned. I asked about MSD on this lease and he said It might reduce it a little since the interest rates are very low right now. He mentioned single payment lease might reduce it, but only by a little cost. European delivery he said was 7% over dealer invoice? The claim was that this lease would be less than European delivery. I m also considering BMW to see what the offer. Any thoughts? Robert
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi autoboy19. In April, the Customer Advocacy Cash is $1,500 on the E350 Sedan. It's eligible to anyone who convinces a dealer to use one of their CAP certificates on their deal.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi sailingmoe. Mercedes-Benz Financial's April buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2012 E350 Sedan with 15,000 miles per year are .00169 and 66%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 33-month lease are .00169 and 61%.

    This car's 36-month numbers are .00169 and 52%.

    Mercedes is currently providing dealers with a select number of $1,500 "CAP" certificates or $2,000 loyalty cash or $3,000 conquest certificates that can be used on E350 deals. These offers cannot be combined and there is a limited number of them.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • mhinsonmhinson Posts: 2
    I was just offered the below deal. Any feedback will be appreciated:

    2012 E350 P1 Sport and MSRP $55,265
    Cap Cost: $47,750
    Residual: 64%
    MF: .00169
    Orig: $795
    Tax: 8.25%
    Payment: $578.25 including tax
    $1,250 Drive off

    I think it is pretty good.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  • deenxdeenx Posts: 31
    We need to know the term and the mileage to assess your deal. Also, did you receive USAA discount? Trade-in?
  • mhinsonmhinson Posts: 2
    This is a 33 month 10K mile a year lease. I don't know what the other discount is?

  • nyc_sethnyc_seth Posts: 7
    Anyone know promos, residuals and mf for may?
    Assuming 24mo is still sweet spot.

    Looking to renew my current e350 lease.

    Thanks in advance!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi nyc_seth. Mercedes-Benz Finance's May buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24-month lease of a 2012 E350 Sedan with 15,000 miles per year are .00150 and 65%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • crobar1crobar1 Posts: 7
    How about for the 2012 coupes? Also any idea when 2013 's come out and when next change in bet style will be? I have a lease up in 2 months so wondering if it may be better to wait?
  • woodyduwoodydu Posts: 3
    Hello all
    I just got back from dealer and am looking at an E550 lease.
    The MSRP is 73,870 including the 875 dest and deliv fee.
    My "negotiated" price (I did not do any haggling, just got their initial offer, was 68,662.

    36 month lease.
    Only given 59% residual of MSRP (63% of negotiated)
    with a money factor of .00240 (approx 5.76%)
    Maintainence agreement of $805
    Advanced payments (first month payment) of 1096.93
    Upfront charges (not sure what this includes, again, only a cursory offer) of 1206.15
    12K miles per year.

    Does this seem high for a 36 month lease with a payment of almost 1100 per month?
    should I try for a higher residual value and lower money factor?
    would love to hear some thoughts, I am new to this!
  • realralfyrealralfy Posts: 2

    I would appreciate some info please....

    My wife and I are looking to get 2 new E550's (1 cabriolet and 1 sedan) soon, but not in the same deal....we could do either one first...

    We are interested in taking European Delivery of one of them and we are open to which 550 we take Euro Delivery of...

    I understand that the Euro Delivery gives us a 7% discount and the destination charge is waived. I also understand that there are some other things included in the Euro Delivery like accommodations, taxi's, lunch, etc....

    My question here is do we qualify for any additional incentives? My company allows me to participate in the Executive Allowance Program, We are USAA members, I am a Costco member also. Can any of these be stacked on on top of the Euro Delivery Discount? Can we use the CAP, Loyalty, or Conquest Cash on top of the Euro Delivery Discount? Would it be unreasonable to ask the dealer for a further discount? By the way, we currently own a BMW and a Mercedes, don't know if any of that makes a difference...

    To complicate matters, we may have to take a 2013 since we are not looking to go to Germany until late July/early August.....

    Sorry for so many questions and many thanks...
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    I asked the guys who I leased my vehicle from, with the same msrp they offered me for $66,500.00 2 thousand cheaper...
  • healinghealing Posts: 2
    I leased an E350 4Matic Monday and the MF was .00235. The residual after 33 months was 65% of MSRP with 10,000 miles. MSRP $62,550 the agreed upon value was $55,700. The residual seems fine but the money factor seems high. I leased the car and I like it. Maybe next time I will buy. The transaction is so much more complicated when you lease. Caveat emptor.
  • just got back from dealer want to lease an E350. It was a great experience thanks to this forum. Salesman could not have been nicer he was upfront and honest. The deal was 500.00 over invoice. Residual 67% and the money factor was .00126. This is for 24 months with 12,000 miles. That seems like a reasonable deal oh and the conquest program takes off another 3000.00. Now the problem there are no 2012s left that match my order. You cannot place an order for 2012s any longer. So Iam going to place an order for a 2013 which can be done now with delivery around late july. I sure hope conquest money and the MF are still the same when car comes in. :)
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi crobar1. Mercedes is not currently providing any lease support on the 2012 E350 Coupe. As a result, if you were to lease one through Mercedes-Benz Finance you would have to use its standard lease money factor and a residual value of 58% (for 36-months, 15,000 miles per year.

    I'm not sure when the 2013 E Coupes will be out. I don't think that it will be in the next two months, but again I'm not positive.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    What kind of numbers were they quoting for the monthly price? I am surprised they dont try to get the car you want from another dealer. Dealers swap cars all the time. They might try to up the price for you on the 2013. I have seen that happen with other car brands (cant comment on MB) They always say they have big sales backed up and they want much hgiher. That is what Lexus does around me.
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