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Toyota Camry Lease Questions



  • lazy_melazy_me Posts: 8
    A month ago lease LE model for $1500 down, $170/month w/taxes, 36 month, 12k/year. Not bad, huh? Should've been taking 15k though but too late now.
  • brcarbrcar Posts: 19
    Could you provide the details of this deal?

    Was was the MSRP and sale price?

    What options were included on the car?

    What were the fees?

  • money factor 0.00001 (but i know i was charged a little more since with the money factor i mentioned, the payments come even lower using lease calculator), adjusted cap cost: 24020.92 (includes bank fee of 650), residual: 16468.

    hope this helps!
  • lazy_melazy_me Posts: 8
    Gross Capitalized cost 20500, residual 14000
    MSRP - have no idea, don't care.
    No additional options were included - just bare car.
    $1500 included all fees and first month payment.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 739
    no offense, by any means, but knowing and posting the msrp would help others on this site when they make offers.
  • lazy_melazy_me Posts: 8
    I was too lazy to check, sorry. MSRP is 24140. And it is in MA.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi brcar. Toyota's lease program for this car varies depending upon which one of its many regions you are in. Toyota is providing money factors as low as .00001 for Tier 1+ customers on the 2013 Camry in many areas right now. That's about 0% interest on a lease, which is as good as it gets.

    The cash incentives that are available on leases of the 2013 Camry also vary by region. There is $750 in certain regions, but there is as much as $1,500 and as little as $200 in other areas.

    What state are you in?

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  • brcarbrcar Posts: 19
    I am in NJ

    Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it.
  • antoniusantonius Posts: 30
    i would like details to this deal since i am thinking about going back there also.
  • thebenzthebenz Posts: 30
    what details do you need beyond what's posted?
    I didn't realize there's no Private Mail, but LMK.
  • bunkscbunksc Posts: 11
    2013 Camry SE Automatic 36 mo/12k miles. The only option on this car is the 8 way drivers seat which is $440.

    Payments: $242-$247/mo with $1,139 down
    ($500 Toyota Loyalty Coupon and $639 for closing fee, plate fee, and tax).

    Money Factor: .00092 / Residual $17,304.08

    MSRP: 25,826.98
    Vehicle Price: $23,700
    Trade-In: $18,500.00* (my RAV4 lease is up)
    Adj Price: $5,200
    Plate fee: $39
    Closing Fee: $299
    Tax: $300.00

    Delivered Price: 24,213.

    * This dealership told me that my payoff is $18,375 but they are giving me $18,500. That was a red flag so when I got home I called SETF and confirmed my pay off is $18,785.

    This will be my 3rd consecutive lease with this dealership. The F&I guy said he remembered me from my last lease because I spent the whole day there negotiating - that's pretty sad. I am trying to get a lower pymt w/o putting more money down. Guess I will make some internet contacts today with dealership in the next town.
  • I am looking to Lease a 2013 Camry Hybrid LE (Ford Fusion Hybrid other option) plus a Toyota Sienna LE lease

    Can anyone provide any offers they have seen recently in Florida/ South east on 12K/yr-36Mo?
    The dealer is adamant they cant offer same price on lease as sale. How much should I let go extra compared to what cash sale prices are when calculating lease payment.

    MF is 0.00045 and residual is 63%

    Also any recommendation if the Excess Wear and Tear package offered for 595+tax is worth?
  • nmikmiknmikmik Posts: 3
    Can some advise what should be the actual price and payment on the lease for the Camry LE 12k a year, no money down MF .00001 MSRP $27160.00 SoCal region.
    I am getting confusing messages/prices from dealers from $279 +tax to $319 +tax
    both are asking for the 1st mo payment + tax, license and registration.
    The first one is obviously closer to the advertized special, but still not sure why am i suppose to come up with money down (1st payment etc) if the Toyota ad does not state that. Also is there dealer or cash incentives in Southern California?
    Thanks for the info!
    car_man ? :shades:
  • nmikmiknmikmik Posts: 3
    Hi amitdhamija,
    you mentioned you are getting the Camry LE Hybrid for $250 etc. Thanks for the info, did you end up actually getting it? The deals sounds almost too good to be true, at least from where I am at :)
  • Hi

    Yes, I was able to get that deal in SoCal (AutoNation Irvine) for $250/month including taxes for Camry Hybrid LE.
  • nmikmiknmikmik Posts: 3
    Thanks for your answer and WOW, that's impressive. I was able to only get down to 269 in San Diego. I guess the Irvine dealers are more competitive. That's like $720 difference in price of a lease term. Was your residual at $16468?
    Good for you :)
  • Yea, residual was $16468 for 12k/year for 36 months. It should be pretty much the same, though dealers sometime change the residual value to give a better lower monthly payment.
  • I am getting lease quote of $255 on LE for 24mths 12k miles(it includes all taxes and everything) . is this a good deal. i may/may not buy at the end. mostly not.

    wanted to know if this is a good deal.

    Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 22680.00
    Total Accessories .....................: $ 734.00

    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 795.00

    Total Msrp.......................................:$ 24209.00
  • alex801alex801 Posts: 20
    edited July 2013
    Can some one please comment on this offer? Good, bad, can do better? No out of pocket. Just trade in and $189 for 35 month. TIA

    Cap Cost===> Selling Price = $23,758
    Money factor===> .00075
    Residual (@15,000 miles)===> .64%
    Trade Allowance $3,500 (2002 Camre SE)
    36 months 15,000 miles ==$178 plus tax $189

    Series: Camry
    Model: SE 2546 - 4 Door SE Sedan
    Model Year: 2013
    Exterior: Classic Silver Metallic
    Interior: Black/Ash 2 Tone Fabric
    Estimated Pricing*
    Base $23,400.00
    Options $3,137.00
    Manuf. Delv, Proc, & Hndlg $860.00
    Total $27,397.00
    Base - the price for the vehicle, prior to options and manuf. delv, proc & hndlg fees.
    Options - the amount of optional equipment (accessories and packages) installed on the vehicle.
    Manuf. Delv, Proc & Hndlg - Delivery, Processing & Handling - the fee that is paid by the Dealer to the Manufacturer to cover the cost of transporting the vehicle to the dealership.
    Admin - the Administrative Fee is a charge paid by the Dealer to Southeast Toyota, the regional distributor, and is used for the regional dealer support programs.

    50 State Emissions $0
    6-Gallons of Gas $0
    8-Way Power Adjustable Driver's Seat $440
    Carpet Mats w/Lipped Trunk Mat $399
    Leather Faced Seats (Georgetown) $1,599
    Southeast Toyota Distributor Plus $0
    Certified Technician 46 Point,
    Final Quality Inspection,
    Digital Picture Asset Program
    TOYOGUARD(R) Elite $699
    Customer Care Includes:
    Roadside Assistance, Rental Car Assistance
    Emergency Towing, Vehicle VIN Etch
    Exterior Paint Sealant, Interior Sealant
    Two Traditional Oil Changes, or One Synthetic
    Oil change & Filter Change at Any S.E.T. Dealer
    Two Tire Rotations, All New TOYOGUARD(R)
    Personal Assistant
    All new TOYOGUARD(R) Auto Care Kit
  • kenmarckenmarc Posts: 16
    Can anyone provide lease details on 2013 TCH XLE 36mo/12k for Colorado?

    Dealer is telling me:

    Money factor = .0001
    Residual = 55%

    The MF is great, but I thought the residual would be higher?
  • I've been trying to get an accurate residual % (Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky) on a 2013 Camry Hybrid XLE (36mos/12k) but not one of the 17+ dealers will ever give me an actual percentage. They keep spewing out the exact same residual value regardless of multiple MSRPs.

    (This of course makes no sense to me because it seems that a base hybrid XLE shouldn't have the same value as a "loaded" hybrid XLE after 3 years... Or does it?)

    All I want is the residual percentage on a 2013 Camry Hybrid XLE (36mos/12k)
  • kenmarckenmarc Posts: 16
    Funny, I had the same problem. I finally got the numbers from a straight up dealership in Colorado (Stapp Interstate Toyota):


    TCH XLE (regardless of options) = 59%

    MF = .00001
  • Thanks for the information, kenmarc.

    Of course now I'm more confused. I just got a quote (from Ohio) on a TCH XLE, pretty loaded (great price) and it says the residual is $18,555 (MSRP $33,035) and that comes out to 56.17% which not only seems low but is quite an odd percentage...

    I'm glad you found a decent dealership. There doesn't seem to be very many...
  • glgeddesglgeddes Posts: 10
    Hi Carman, can you tell me the lease rates and rebates for a 2013 Camry LE, 36 months and 10k/year, and based out of Irvine, CA (92625)?

  • I will be going in today to trade my 2012 Prius in on a 2013 Camry hybrid XLE and wanted to ask if the dealer was giving me the correct residual on the 2013 Camry hybrid XLE? So the money factor I was quoted was 0.00001 which is awesome but the residual they gave me on a fully loaded XLE ($35,607) was $17,745, which to me seems very low given all the posts saying it should be 55-59%. This comes out to 49-50%. Should I ask for a higher residual?
  • That seems too low to me as well.
    Last month or so I was getting residual quotes on Camry Hybrid XLE (MSRP $33,105) at $18,555. Percentage should be over 56%.

    However since the 2014's are now available, I'm not sure if that affects the residuals on 2013's. It might...

    Just get a couple other quotes on a lease from nearby dealerships (via email). They should all match on the residual.
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    It could be the lease program they are using. I got numbers today on the 2014 Camry XLE Hybrid:
    Special Lease Program: 67% residual on 12K miles a year, 65% on 15K a year. MF was .000197 (not as good as one quoted on '13 which was .000113)

    Standard Lease Program: Utilize $1,000 dealer cash, 57% residual and MF was .000239 (2013 is $2500 dealer cash and MF was .000183)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,264
    Toyota doesn't residualize all of their options... Each unit has it's own specific residual.. The higher the trim line, and the more options the car has, the farther the actual residual seems to get from the stated residual percentage..

    Residuals are not negotiable, but the dealer should be able to show you the residual for each unit.



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  • new57new57 Posts: 11

    can i get the residual/mf for a 36/15K camry se in florida (setf market)?

    thank you
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,264
    .00197 MF and $1250 in dealer cash....

    But, I don't have the residuals....



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