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    computers are right, you're wrong. dealers give you different payments because theyre giving you different deals. also dealerships lie; they say "includes everything" (or "out the door") but in reality some fees or taxes may not be included yet. These tactics are just used to "get a customer in the door". Another hugh word trick dealers use is "zero down lease"; oh yeah, sure, it's zero down. but you have to put down your first payment, or fees, or sales tax. it's all pure advertising/marketing gimmicks. don't try to calculate a lease your self, because there's no point. who are you leasing from? youre not leasing from yourself, youre leasing from a dealer. The dealer has the software that's used to calculate payments and to print out contracts. thats the bottom line. trying to calculate a lease yourself wastes everyone's time. do you walk into best buy and argue with the dude at the cash register on how to calculate sales tax on your $2,000 big screen? no. BOTTOM LINE: find the dealer that offers the best out the door payment.
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    Car Man, thanks for the info you give to help us.

    I just leased a new SE V6 4x4 with Tow Prep, Floor Mats, and Remote Starter. I have driven it about 20 miles so far, I love it!!!!

    My numbers:

    Tier 1+ credit
    36mo/12k lease
    $403 + $5 GAP = $408/mo
    Down: first month + DMV (transfer)=$533

    On my lease agreement, the selling price is listed as $35,104, but they gave me a trade-in value of $1563 for my 2009 RAV4 that I returned at lease end (not sure why???), so my effective selling price was 33,541 (MSRP $37,271)

    This was Star Toyota in Bayside (Queens) NY. My salesman was Anthony Cruz, straight shooter.
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    Would you provide the current residual and tier1 money factor for a lease of a 2wd SE V6 for 36 months, 12k miles per year? It has Nav package if that matters. Thanks....I'd like to close a deal this weekend. We are also considering a 2wd Limited.
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    got the same question... looking for the top tier money factor and residual on a highlander se fwd with both 12k and 15k... this is what i have been quoted thus far...

    MSRP: $34,505
    Cap Cost: $31,759
    MF 0.00065
    Residual 60% for 12k miles

    $383/mo (all included) with $633 drive off

    i haggled them down to $375/mo... which i am kinda happy with, but i want 15k miles and i have excellent credit so i feel that i can get the money factor down lower....
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    Well, just got back from the dealership and have myself a beautiful new highlander. I ended up getting it for $369.50 per month with tax included. They were going up to $389 for 15k miles. So I decided to leave that and just go for 12k. Otherwise I am incredibly happy at the deal.
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    Congratulations! Was this for the vehicle that you referred to in your first post. Would you share the final money factor, msrp, sales price, and tax rate. I am still trying..... Thanks.
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    2012 Highlander SE V6 4x2 with floor mats as added option
    MSRP $35292
    Agreed upon value of car $31300
    Taxes $839
    Acquisition Fee $650
    Gross Cap Cost $32789
    money factor 0.00065
    Residual value: $20740
    12k miles per year; 36 month lease
    Final payment: $369/month

    hope this helps and do let me know how you fare... good luck!
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    Looking for May 2012 residual and MF information for 2012 Highlander Limited 4x4 w/NAV. I am in NJ. Also, will the NAV be residualized?? Thanks!!
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    Hello CarMan,

    Can you please post the money factor and residual percentage for a 2012 Toyota Highlander Limited, 4x2, Navigation, 10k miles per year in Atlanta which is the SE Distributor and I assume not Toyota Finance?

    Thank you.
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    Here's what I've been offered on a 2012 Highlander SE AWD.
    MSRP: $36,742 (Options: tow prep & mats)

    MSRP $36,742
    Base cap: $34,312
    Acquisition fee: $650
    Residual: $21,270
    Money Factor 0.00065
    Lease term: 36 mo.
    Mileage: 15,000
    Sales tax: 9%

    Monthly lease payment: $416.88
    Sales tax on lease payment $37.52
    Total monthly lease payment $425.85

    This deal includes a $500 lease rebate. Earlier in the year, this would have been a good deal, and it may still be. But the new Highlander will be out in a few months, and I'll be driving yesterday's news. Thoughts?
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    Correction: Total monthly lease payment is $454.40
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    Hello Carman,

    By any chance do you have residual and MF for a 2012 Highlander Limited 4x2 rear entertainment. I am in Miami, FL.

    Tier 1 credit
    36mo/12k lease

    1st time lease, any suggestions?
    thank you.
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    Hello Carman,

    I'm looking for a residual and money factor for a 2012 Highlander Limited AWD with Navigation in NY. This is for Tier 1 credit /12k miles/ 36 months.

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    I'm after the residual and money factor for a 2012 Highlander Limited 4x2 - NAV (no rear entertainment) in Flagstaff, Arizona for June. Tier 1 credit/12K and 15K miles/36 months.

    1st time lease as well. Suggestions? Also, I've heard from several people that putting money down on a lease is silly, that it's like putting money down to lower an apartment rent payment. Thoughts?

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    I have been offered the following for a 2012 Toyota Highlander 4WD V6 SE:

    MSRP: 36,971
    Net Cap Cost: 34,457
    Residual Cost: 21,979
    Term: 36
    Money Factor: 0.00065
    Mileage: 12,000

    This translates into a monthly payment of $445.28.

    Does this deal seem like a good one? Also, does the fact that 2013 model will be coming out soon impact the quality of this deal?
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    Looking for numbers for a 2012 Highlander V6 Limited AWD:

    Tow Package
    Carpeted Floor and Cargo Mats
    Wheel Locks
    MSRP $41,218

    What is a good sales price?
    What is the current money factor on a 36 month/12-k lease?
    What is the residual factor for a 36 month/12k-year lease?

    Narrowed search to Highlander or Murano LE. Excluding the 3rd row issue, anybody have preference comments?
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    I will answer my own question.

    August money factor is .00055.

    Residual on an 2012 Highlander V6 AWD with Nav, MSRP of $41,218, is 55% to $22,820.

    There is a $500 cash rebate on leases.
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    Just picked this up, let me know if you think it's a good deal...

    2012 Highlander, Base + Tech Package, Tow Package, Cross Bar, etc etc

    MSRP $32,800
    Base cap: $30,090
    Gross cap: $31,152.00
    Acquisition fee: $650
    Residual: $17,962
    Lease term: 36 mo.
    Mileage: 12,000
    Sales tax: 7.75%
    Monthly payment: $352+ tax

    Drive off: $1,750

    Traded in a 2011 Prius II which I had on lease that had 1.5 years left on it and got $19,240 for it which basically paid off my lease and into a new Highlander. According to Edmunds' TMV the average price of the vehicle before taxes, licensing etc is $30,762 (base cap?) vs $30,090 (my base cap). What do you guys think?
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    Please let me know if below is a reasonable deal or can I do better?

    2012 Highlander SE for 36 months w/ 36000 miles total:

    Money factor is 0.00045 , cap cost = $30779, residual value = $21625, $395 disposal fee when returning the car.

    $5000 initial down payment (include the first month payment)
    $289 a month

    This covers all fees and tax. I believe the total cost is about $15500. I did the math. When buying the car and sell it in 3yrs, it costs about the same (depreciation, tax, interest, fees). I was going to buy a certified 2010 SE but this lease deal seems to be pretty reasonable.

    This is our initial discussion, so they may be able to come down more but I am not sure how much more. I am thinking about asking for $250 a month. Thought?
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    does that include disposal fee?
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    Disposal fee? You mean did I pre-pay it? NO! I have never paid or will ever pay a disposition fee to any dealer. If they want the sale on my next lease, they will waive the fee. It's a standard fee on all Toyota leases now, did you actually negoatiate the fee? Or did they make you believe that they're giving you a deal by only charging you $395 at the end of your lease?

    As for your offer, I think you can do better, if not much better. Since you are pre-paying all the fees (it should be 2 fees at most: bank (acquisition) fee, and maybe a dealer "document fee" fees usually added to make them more money), taxes, and some down payment, your finance fee should be a little less.

    You saw my deal. The MSRP was $37,200+ and I'm only paying $403 with $530 down (1st month and my registration renewal). You are putting down $5000 (that's about $139/mo X 36) plus $289/mo. Add that up and you're paying $428/mo. With that much down, I would not go a dollar above $250, more like $240. Remember, I had a remote starter ($500+). If you didn't have any extra options (besides mats and tow-prep), $240 would be my absolute max.
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    Hi- I found this thread and was looking for your opinion.
    I have a lease offer at this point for a 2012 AWD 6 cyl Highlander SE w/tow pkg, Nav, side moldings and wheel locks from a CT Toyota dealership.

    I wanted to put nothing down. Had the bank fee ($650) NY doc fee ($261) and a "dealer prep" fee ($295) rolled into the monthly payment. They initially wanted $1700 down to cover these fees plus first month.

    MSRP is $39,491
    Cap cost is $37,000
    Money factor is .00013

    Monthly payment $500 even, zero down, 36 months/15K miles

    Decent deal?

    Basically paying 18K over 3 yrs.
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    I made an offer to a local dealer in California on a model with MSRP of $35,900 and I offered $31,500. They are offering lease rate of .00030 (.72%) but are saying that no incentives or discounts apply due to the low rate. They did come back with an offer at $33,700. I am seeing in various forums that they $31,500 for these models they are getting rid of for the 2013's is a legitimate offer. Is it true that they can only offer me this good lease rate and perhaps $200 over invoice? Thanks for your help.
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    I was hoping to get a reply but made the following deal and wanted to share it:

    Lease rate: .00020 (.48%)
    MSRP: $35,950
    Price: $32,850
    I found out that Toyota has a loyalty program with $1,000 towards down payment (this is different from $1,000 cash offer which can't be combined with promo lease rate apparently). So they put $1,000 as a down payment (and I put $0 down on my own)
    Monthly payment: $388 (tax inclusive) BUT I did get the GAP insurance $650 which brought it up to $404 (tax inclusive). All in all ended up being about $1400 below invoice (true price was $31,850)
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    Hey Car Man,
    Could you please post the numbers for a 36 month lease on a Toyota Highlander Limited 4 x 4 for 15,000 miles a year? I live in Illinois.
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    Hello Carman,

    Could you give me the Nov. residual and money factor for a 2013 Limited highlander AWD? 12K miles a year and 36 months.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Carman,

    Can you give me the December money factor and residual factor for:

    2012 Highlander SE 4X4
    2013 Highlander SE 4X4

    Thanks. Because of your forum I was able to land a sweet lease deal on 2013 optima ex.

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    This is for Long Island, NY
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    Hello Car man,

    Can you please provide money factor and residual for 2013 Toyota Highlander Base V6?

    12k/Year, 36 month lease. This is for Corona, California.

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    I called a local dealer and this is what I got for Highlander Plus with no options

    MSRP: 33103
    Negotiated Cap Cost: 30066 (Includes $500 rebate)
    36 Months, 12k per year, California.
    MF: 0.00155, 54% residual

    0 Down, 0 Drive off, $432 per month (tax inclusive).

    I'm not taking it. Ford has much better lease rates these days. Will look to lease Explorer or Edge.
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    Good call. The MF and residual do not seem very competitive. I was hoping to get a good deal on a lease for an SE v6... but not likely if this MF/resid represent the Dec #s.
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    Hi all - I wanted to forward lease numbers for January. We just leased a 2013 Highlander SE 4X4 in MA and the MF was 0.00001 with a 24 month residual of 70.5%. The 36 month residual was 61% but we went with 24 month lease. Remember Toyota's residuals fluctuate slightly on optional equipment. Good luck.
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    Hi there -

    I got what I think was a good deal on my Highlander base (for a 4WD - it was V6) lease. MSRP north of $32,000. Deal was $4,000 up front (I took care of that with a trade in that was probably legitamately worth $3500 or so), then $199 a month for 36 months. This was a full $100 a month less than I was seeing in some other places (though cash was a bit higher).
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    Can anyone post the January lease rates please for a 2013 highlander se AWD 36 mo. 12K a year?

    thank you
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    Looking to lease a Highlander LTD AWD. I would like the residual and money factor for February for both the LTD AWD gas and hybrid version based on excellent credit and 12k for 36 months. Please provide info when you have a chance. Are there any cash back deals?
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    I was told feb money factor increased to .00047 and $500 rebate is gone. Monthly quote on 36 month, 12k per year with roughly $700 out of pocket was $450 (including NYC tax). Msrp was 40,600. Selling price was 37,600. I was a bit disappointed as last month this was quoted at roughly $400 per month.
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    Does anyone know the money factor and residual for February 2013 on a Toyota Highlander SE? It appears there are no lease incentives at the moment. I live in the Mid-Atlantic.
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    There is an Encore Program thru TFS. I have a TFS lease I'm trading in, not turning in. I'm 7 mos from the finish line and dont want to wait. Isnt there a 1000 rebate for customer loyalty or some such? Please let me know SOON. Going into the dealer and they are not giving me any info. Odd... yeah right!
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    I have been offered the following deal for a 2013 Toyota Highlander 4WD V6 SE:

    MSRP: 36,700
    Net Cap Cost: Not sure yet, asking the dealer for it now)
    Residual Cost: 22,592
    Term: 36
    Money Factor: 0.00047
    Mileage: 12,000

    To get this deal we are trading in a 08 Rav4, Base V6 with 60K. We still owe $9000 and the dealer is giving us $14,300. Plus we are putting an addition $700 cash and our first payment down. (The first payment is sort of a wash with the current payment we have due on our rav)

    Does this deal seem like a good deal?
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    I just called a dealer who quoted me over $500 a month for a Highlander Limited with rear entertainment system and running boards. He's saying it's a great deal but I don't agree! I have seen lower monthly rates on more expensive cars. Please help me understand how he got to that price?! This is in Sugar Land/Houston,TX :confuse:
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    Car man,

    What is mf and residual on 2013 highlander limited and se for 36 months, 12k miles per year.
  • samsonesamsone Member Posts: 6
    Was quoted the following:

    2013 Highlander SE (with essentially no extras). Cap cost: $35,450, MF .00110 and 65% residual. 36 mos lease for 12,000 miles per year, nothing down. $438 per month (including DMV fees).

    Good deal?
  • cliffpozcliffpoz Member Posts: 71
    Car Man:

    What is April's MF and Residual on 2013 Highlander SE and Limited with 12k, for 36 months?
  • cliffpozcliffpoz Member Posts: 71
    Finally signed- not sure how I did, highlander se with nav awd, $0 down, $390 per month including NYC taxes, 36 months, 12k miles per year. Msrp $38150. Don't know details: selling price, residual or mf?
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    Cliffpoz - can u tell me where you got the quote for 390 for the highlander? I am very interested as I live in NYC and this would be perfect. Thanks so much!!
  • cliffpozcliffpoz Member Posts: 71
    Parkway Toyota in NJ. I just came off a toyota lease, so I had the loyalty incentive.
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    I just got a quote from a dealer in PA that listed a MF of .00110 and 59% residual on a 3yr/36k mile lease. Does this sound about right to you? Based on some of the other posts, it looks like others have done better.
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    FYI - just wanted to post the final deal I was able to get. We leased a 2013 Highlander 4WD Limited for a final of $1k out of pocket, $437/mo. Lease was for 36mo/12Kmiles per year. I think the final MF was .00030, and a residual of 59%. Cap cost was around $37000.

    I thought it was a good deal in the end. Very pleased with the vehicle.
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    My wife and I are trying to determine which deal to go with:

    In both scenarios, the dealer will eat our trade in, which is a 2013 Acura TSX with 12.K miles and about 2k upside down.

    A 2013 Highlander Limited, $1200 down, $450/mo

    A 2013 Highlander SE with XM package, $0 down, $442/mo

    Not sure of what May residual rates are. So basically the difference would be Navi, push key start, and bigger screen with the Limited.

    Thoughts on which deal makes most sense?
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    Not sure what to advise you. I would probably go for the SE, no money down. Unless you need those features of the limited.

    While I'm here, will be looking at obtaining my next car at the end of June. Moving to a small town. Wife wants a Volvo S60/XC60, but closest dealership is 2 hours away. I like the cars as well (albeit pricier), but the distance to the dealership is troublesome.

    So Car_man, if you could please post the MF and residuals for the Toyota highlander SE and Limited for June (once available). Region is Texas.

    Looking at 24 or 36 month lease, either 12 to 15k miles.

    Thank you.
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