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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Lease Questions



  • Hi MGK. Volkswagen Credit's February buy rate lease money factor and residual vale for a 36-month lease of a 2012 Passat SE without nav or sunroof with 12,000 miles per year are .00040 and 55%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The $1,000 cash incentive on leases of this car is indeed still in effect.

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  • oldmiloldmil Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    Just leased a 2012 SE w/ mats.

    MSRP: $25,830

    Initial Cap Cost: $23,113.21 (well below "invoice" plus I had about $1,000 negative equity in my subaru early lease trade so there is definitely room to work somewhere)

    Adjusted Cap Cost: $23,155.19

    Out of pocket: $1,450 to cover first month payment, acquisition fee, license, etc. plus $583.02 cap cost reduction.

    Money Factor: .00040

    Residual: 55%

    Monthy payment: $263.51 plus $18.05 tax = $281.56/month, 36 mo., 12k/yr.

    And.....they gave me an Ipad 2 ($499).
  • Hello Gurus/Car_Man,
    I am thinking about leasing the Passat 2012 SE and just wanted to ask few questions.

    Is the $1000 incentives openly discussed or is it hidden from the consumer?
    How do you get the dealer to honor the deals that other people have received, for example there is somebody who got the SE at a great deal of $289/month for 36months with 12K.

    If there is any information that you can share with me that will help me get a great deal I would appreciate it very much.

    Thanks a lot.
  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 43
    Namanan --

    There is a dealer in suburban Philadelphia that is currently offering the SE automatic for $259 per month with like $900 down (first month and bank fee) for a 36 month/10k per year. 12k per year will probably take the residual down from 56% to 54% or something like that based on what carman has said above. So, that $289 number should be well within range until the end of the month. My personal philosophy behind dealing with car dealers is to a) only talk price on the last weekend of the month (always looking to make monthly quotas) and b) don't accept an offer unless they are willing to let you walk out of the dealership and drive away without chasing you down with a better price or calling you like 5 minutes later. Stick to your guns and pay the fair price.
  • So I just emailed a dealer to find out how much it would cost to lease a passat 2012 se with 0 down and he replied $399 for 10K miles/year. He did not mention the residual nor did he mention any money factor.

    I don't think its a deal at all. I need help on ways to negotiate with this dealer when I do down there for the first time.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • My girlfriend leased a Passat SE (White with Tan leatherette) about a week ago. She did no money down, 36month lease with 12k miles per year. The MF was 0.004 and the residual was 55% (56% for 10k). She paid the first payment when we picked up the car: $259+tax ($274.88) out the door. No other fees / costs at all. I am pretty sure this is a very agressive deal (I called around a lot). Most of the offers were around $330/mo. This is in FL.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more details.
  • That's a very good deal. I am in Dallas, TX and there are around 3-4 VW dealers. Is there a way to have the dealer honor a deal that was offered in other states like the deal your girlfriend got? What the total selling price or the residual/buy out price?

    It looks like there are others who also got great deals less than $300.

    On the VW site they have the Passat S with appearance package for $219/month with $1999 down. They had $279/month with 0 down as well. For every $1000 you do not want to pay as down you pay $30/month in lease.

  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 43
    I am working on a deal right now for a Passat SE w/sunroof for around $260 a month + first month and tags. $399 is a load of crap!
  • I definitely agree, 399 is no way I am getting that. But how do I have the dealer here honor the deals you guys are getting there?

    $260/month with sunroof has to be the best deal around but how do I get the same deal? Also, whats the selling price you are getting at the end cause this is the number you should aim for as well.

    I am thinking of buying it out after the lease and dont want to pay anything above $300 monthly.
  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 43
    I will post the details of my deal when I get them so that you can use them as a reference but, I know that dealers are going below invoice to move these cars so there must be some major incentives out there that even carman doesn't know about.
  • Ok, this may totally suck for us in TX. If you are in TX and want to lease a car you will have to pay state taxes on the cap cost of the car and not just the monthly lease amount. Some dealers roll this tax in the cap cost. so if the cap cost is $23000, they will add $1437.5 (or you can pay separately at the lease time) to $23000 bringing the price to $24437. Of course this makes the monthly lease higher as well. If you do not want to pay anything at the time of the lease inception the lease may go as high as 399 per month for Passat SE.

    Dont know what to do, I really like the SE.
  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 43
    edited February 2012
    Here's my deal.

    2012 SE w/Sunroof [Candy White] w/Rubber Floor Mats, Trunk Blocks, and First Aid Kit
    36 month/12k miles per year
    Gross Capitalized Cost: $22950
    Destination Charge: $625
    Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $23578.74
    Residual: $14665 (= 55% of MSRP $26665)
    Money Factor: 0.00040
    "Down" Payment: First month + Tax + Tags = $500
    Monthly payment: $263 + Tax
    Disposition Fee: $350

    I think similar deal for 36 month/10k miles was around $256 + Tax.

    This deal is below invoice (which I believe is around $24300-24500) but the $1000 lease credit makes this possible plus whatever other incentives the dealers have that they don't tell us about. So, I'm sure they are making some money. In all my previous lease deals (all Honda/Acura) I've negotiated out of any destination and/or dispositions but VW would not budge on either. Apparently, if you want to waive the destination, they bump up your money factor to 0.00102 or something like that and it end up being more money on your payment. The disposition sucks as well but apparently that is dictated by VW/Audi/Porsche and goes to corporate so no negotiation there. Of course if you stay with VW/Audi/Porsche next time, that is waived.

    All said, I think I did OK. According to my research, I got this car below all of the promotional deals for the SE w/o sunroof so I'm happy.

    The car drives great, very roomy, very comfortable. I love the technology (hd radio) and of course the 3 months of free satellite radio. I am disappointed with one thing --- no homelink system! How could I have missed this on my evaluation of the car? Stupid me. But, I'll get over it!

    Hope this helps.
  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 43

    Your math seems a bit off there. My lease is in PA and we have a 9% lease tax (paid monthly). Yours at 6.75% will definitely not push the price up to $399 per month.

    On my numbers (above or below -- i don't know how these will layout on the bb) my total payments = $9463 ($262 per month). Let's say we add your $1437 to the deal. So $9463+$1437 = $10900/36 = $302.

    If a dealer is telling you $399 they are robbing you blind. Go in there ready to make a deal and walk out if they don't budge. Or, call around to other dealers!
  • ursusursus Posts: 124
    edited February 2012
    Some states tax the full purchase price of the lease as though you purchased the car. The full amount of the sales tax is due at signing.
  • namanannamanan Posts: 7
    edited February 2012
    Thank you all for your inputs. I went to the dealer over this weekend and here is what they offered. This is for SE (no sunroof no nav.). Includes Mats, trunk blocks, and First Aid Kit.

    MSRP: 23372
    MF: 0.00040
    Residual: 55%
    12K miles/yr for 36 months
    Monthly: $335 with nothing down at lease inception

    The 335 includes everything like tax, title license plates, disposition fee, etc. If I decide to purchase it at lease end it will cost me around $24914 or may be more.

    There is no way I am getting this car at this MSRP and monthly lease of $355. Let me know what you guys think. Really need your input.

  • Good question namanan. I don't believe that Volkswagen advertises the cash incentives that are available on leases of the 2012 Passat, but I wouldn't exactly call them a secret either.

    The best way to get a good deal on your new car is to shop around for the lowest possible selling price and them have the dealer calculate your payment using its buy rate lease money factor. If I was in the market for a Passat right now, I personally would shoot for a selling price of around $500 or so over dealer invoice minus any available cash incentives.

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  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 43
    MSRP on my SE w/sunroof was $26655 and my net capitalized costs were around $23500? My total money including tax tags disposition = $300 per month for 12k/36 month term. So, you've got some wiggle room on the SE w/o sunroof. But, maybe I just got a sweet deal!
  • cpasscpass Posts: 1
    in process of leasing a passat se with navigation and sunroof. never leased before. monthly lease of 280 for 3 years plus 3000 downpayment. value of car at the end of lease is 15700. if i buy the car at end of lease i have to pay another 1000 in taxes. does this sound like a good deal? do i have to worry about them adding other fees in??
  • maxlevmaxlev Posts: 43
    Sounds like a crappy deal to me. Assuming the money down includes your first month payment of $280, your total payments will add up to 280*35 + 3000 or $12800. Add that to your residual of $15700 and you get a total of $28500.

    MSRP on the Passat SE w/NAV and Sunroof is $26795 + maybe tops $1000 for dealer add-ons.

    You should be able to get this deal for $280 with nothing down. Also keep in mind that its generally NOT a good deal to buy the car at the end of a lease. You end up overpaying for the car when you look at the entire spend. Leasing is just a good way to keep costs down -- i.e. renting vs. homeownership.
  • molgiemolgie Posts: 1

    I signed a deal for Passat SE today (w/o nav and sunroof). $1100 down including 1st mo (tag,title,etc) and $245 plus tax (7%). That's for 12k miles/year.

    I did my research and that's the lowest everyone was willing to go. You think it was a decent deal I made?

    Thanks for your input.
  • You definitely have some room on that deal. I just picked up an 2 SE with a sunroof and nothing down and the sale price of the vehicle listed on the lease agreement was $22,500.

    Call around and find the best deal, I was working with 4 different dealers until I got the price I wanted. I kept pitching one against the other and they'd move in $5-10 increments. There's deals to be had, so don't settle unless you get a comparable selling price for the lease as you're seeing here on the website.
  • namanannamanan Posts: 7
    edited March 2012
    Have you guys ever wondered about the reliability of Passat 2012? I mean VW is known for its issues and the engine/emission lights coming on and other known issues. I read a lot on the websites where people complained about VW reliability.

    I guess it does not matter much if you are leasing cause you will turn it in after 3 years but what if you like it and want to keep it? How reliable will the car be?

    And for people who are buying the new passat, are you concerned about its reliability?

    I really like the new passat and might be able to get a good lease deal on SE with Sunroof and I might buy it out after 3 years but the only thing that I am really concerned about is the reliability. I do not want to be in the garage all the time and be told the cost to fix it everytime.

    Let me know what you guys think.

  • I believe when you read many of the complaints of VW reliability, lots of those are from the late 1990s and early (up to about 2005) models. More recent models have gotten much better. I have 3 VWs (2008 Bug Convertible, 2007 Jetta, 2009 Jetta). All three have the 2.5 gas engine (5 cylinder). Mileage is 19,000 (Bug), 61,000 (2007 Jetta), 54,000 (2009 Jetta). All have been reliable, without engine or transmission (all 3 have 6 speed tiptronic automatics) problems. I believe some of the issues have been with the Turbo engines and the early models of the 6 speed DSG transmission.

    The new 2012 Passat is basically a new model, but uses existing engine/transmissions found in other VW models, so I would believe reliability should be good, unlike a new model that is completely new (including new engines/transmission combinations).

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • jordanttjordantt Posts: 3
    My mom leased a passat with sunroof in ny. car payment came out to $255 with $1080 out of pocket. We got two cars from the broker directly, i got a maxima and looking and talking around looks like a great deal.
  • chazzerschazzers Posts: 1
    Hey Car_man, I'm working with a washington dealer on a Passat S w/ appearance pkg here's the deal they've been telling me, does it look like a good deal or what are your thoughts please:

    Cost of Car:
    MSRP: $23, 695
    After discount: $21,000

    From the dealer:
    You need only to make your first payment $359.02, license fee $155.25 and $150 Doc fee at the time of delivery. That is a total of $664.27

    Residual = $12558.35 @ 15k miles/year
    Money Factor= .00198
    Base payment is $326.98 plus tax of $32.04 for a total payment of $359.02
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey chazzers. I believe that this car's dealer invoice price is $22,715. After subtracting the $1,250 cash incentive that is currently available on leases of the '12 Passat S from that it drops to $21,465. So it looks like you're getting this car for under invoice, which is a very good deal.

    So this car's selling price looks great, but...the money factor that you were quoted is terrible. If your credit is in good shape, it should be more like .00013. That's a huge difference.

    See if you can get the dealer to use the correct money factor to calculate your payment.

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  • Dear Forum,

    Yesterday, (March 17, 2012) my wife and I leased a 2012 Passat S with Manual Transmission. Here are the numbers:

    2012 S with Manual, Rubber Floor Mats, Reflex Silver with Black Cloth Seats
    36 month/15k miles per year
    Gross Capitalized Cost: $19008.09
    Plus Destination Charge: $625
    Lease Rebate: $1250
    Trade: $1839 (2000 Honda Accord with 185000 miles)
    Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $18231.73
    Residual: $11071.70 (= 53% of MSRP $20890)
    Money Factor/Rate: 0.00013 (this seemed very good, there are no extra zeros in there)
    Cash Down: $0
    Monthly payment: $202.70 + Tax
    Disposition Fee: $350

    Since we are brand new to leasing, and the negotiations seemed hard, I would be grateful for some feedback on how we did.

    The dealer gave us until tomorrow to decide whether we wanted to add Lease Excess Wear Protection for $599 plus tax for three years. We tend to be easy on our cars, but you never know... Should we get it?

    Today, I did feel upset that my exhausted brain totally forgot to ask about gap insurance and this morning I noticed on the contract that the "Gap Waiver or Gap Coverage" box is checked and N/A is entered for Term, Coverage, and Price. Does that mean that, like a complete idiot, I waived free Gap Coverage? I noticed on page 2 of the following VW Credit website/PDF it should be "Included." Did I get hosed? AD& nancial-services%2Fdownloads%2Fpdf-downloads%2Fvolkswagen_credit_branded_product- s%2F_jcr_content%2Frenditions%2Frendition.download_attachment.file%2Fvolkswagen_- credit_branded_products.pdf&ei=rVZmT9icFIfp0gHDrLCmDQ&usg=AFQjCNHdXkQbZMd1lQ-6a1- lGOS_BmmUhbw&sig2=97_eVqc9zbxOH8N8PI_zgg

  • hi carman!

    i was shopping the passats, leases on the tdi are really expensive! do you please have the mf / residuals for 36 month, 15k/year leases on passat 2.5 SE w/ sunroof, and also passat TDI SE w/ sunroof?

  • Hi Car Man,

    I am getting ready to negotiate on a 2012 Passat V6 SEL Premium. Do you know how much the residual value is with 15K miles per year (3-year lease)? Also do you know what the money factor and incentives are for March? I'm located in Southern Calif. Thank you.
  • gmm0393gmm0393 Posts: 1
    Hi, just spoke to a few dealers and it looks like i can get a 2012 passat sel for $383 (includes, tags) with $604 down for 36mos, 12K miles. How does this sound?
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