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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    Been checking out the new Tahoes too. Very nice.

    Still can't believe Chevy hasn't figured out how to give you Nav plus a 6 disc CD changer though.
  • Thanks for the feedback! I'm leaning towards an 06 right now due to the incentives and I'm just not sure the "enhancements" to the 2007s make it worth it.
  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    I read that the stereo plays mp3 discs,which is nice to have like 100 songs in good quality on one disc. and I think has an input for ipod. My 05 Tahoe Bose did impress me but the 07 sounded better to me. I drove at night so the screen was very visible and am wondering about daylight casting on the screen cutting visibility.
  • jonpnjjonpnj Posts: 52
    I've read a few tests and everyone seems to really like the new 2007 Tahoe. It is nice that they kept the similar and familiar styling. I also read that C &D got 12mpg overall. To me that translated to 15-16 which is not bad considering the size of the truck. Hats off to GM for what looks to be a winner. They need one!
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    Nice it can play the mp3s, still a shame you can't get the Nav with a 6 disc changer though.
  • 06lly06lly Posts: 21
    What holds the third row seat is metal, not plastic. The protrusions are a few tenths if that. Bottom line is that your sacks of concrete and roofing material will do fine back there. :)
  • I found this from to be interesting. We are deciding between a Pilot and Tahoe. We will not be towing anything.

    Form, function and towing
    The eight-seat 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe doesn't have a big, practical advantage over crossovers like the eight-passenger Honda Pilot. Except, of course, for towing. Rated to haul 7,700 pounds behind it, the Tahoe can lug more than twice what the Pilot can and that's a bedrock virtue in red states where boats, campers and car carriers are part of the American dream.
  • As a past Suburban, Explorer and current Sequoia owner, I will say the improvements in the 07 are very good. :) I would say my wifes Sequoia is still better overall but the Tahoe is very close for less $$$$. The interior is top-notch in looks and quality of switchgear. Some of the plastic in the rear area and under the seats can be better. The auto fold forward 2nd row seats and liftgate seem useless to me. Wish they had made the 3rd row hide in the floor. Exterior paint was very good, gaps are minimal and a huge improvement over 05/06 models. The dealer had an 07 next to an 06 and the differences in quality of build are very evident. Ride was a little soft for me, I still prefer the stiffness of a trucks ride. Feels like they have tuned the suspension for soccer moms. I drove LT3 (2wd) with 17" wheels, maybe the 20" wheel option will have a stiffer ride ???? Very quiet ride, I was amazed at how well Chevrolet eliminated road noise. A/C was quiet at full speed, stereo was excellent, and the sitting position was very comfortable. The center consol and storage is huge and the armrest is high enough that you don't have to lean over to rest your elbow. Power adjustable pedals were a nice feature. All in all, the best Tahoe Chevrolet has put out, I will probably order one in a few weeks. Price for the LT3 with 20" wheels, 3rd row seat, 2WD, 3.42 axle, XM, 2nd row buckets, was $41.5K.

  • chevy4mechevy4me Posts: 203
    I'm wondering if the aftermarket 6 lug 20 inch wheels that I have on my 05 would fit on the 07 (same bolt pattern)? Also what changes were made to the brakes,I can't find any specs?
  • tenzotenzo Posts: 24
    Well, First of all, I expect too much, I think. It is the best ever Tahoe for sure, but still lots of works to do. I am not a huge fan of Japanese trucks; however I think that I am sure this truck is still way behind japanese and european trucks. The plastic for dashboard and doors is so~~~ chip. The power folding 2nd row did not work(passenger side)when salesman tried it. The riding wasn't that great, but pretty quite, and powerful motor for sure. Overall it is a lot better than before, but still behind Japanese or European trucks.
  • Test drove the 2007 Tahoe yesterday. Currently I own a 2003 Expedition Eddie Bauer that my wife loves, but made here wait 'til new tahoe came out before deciding on new vehicle.

    Ride is very nice. Comfortable seats. interior amentities seem nice and well thought out. Leg room for 2nd row looks better than our expedition....

    But (you could sense that coming) even though the comparison chart that the dealer showed me suggests more interior room (except for behind 3rd row) than the expedition. When we parked side by side the Tahoe definitely seems smaller.


    this is the big part. this is our main family vehicle so my wife drives 90% of the time. We have 2 kids and 2 dogs. How in the world could they NOT figure out how to do a power fold flat 3rd row. Seems like a no brainer. Those fold up seats are a waste, space killer. So you might say well take them out when not needed. But our previous Expedition was that way. We owned for three years and I think I put the 3rd row seat back in 4x the whole time, while we would of used it a lot more if we had it with us.

    I was so disappointed to see this, been waiting on this vehicle for 4 months just to have what from a consumer point of view seems like a no brainer option missing.

    Anyone heard about any possibility that they correct this with 2008 version? Maybe I can convince wife to hold out another 12 months.
  • sp7sp7 Posts: 3
    I just purchased one yesterday
    I have always been a GM truck fan previously owned
    Tahoes,Suburbans,Yukons&Denalis.My favorite was always my Tahoe 2002 Z71. Now purchased the new 2007 Tahoe
    I figured what better way to fully try the truck out than to buy it. Yes it does not have that Rugged Good old Tahoe look but it has its own personality. Alot of nice improvements but a few minor things which i agree with others on here i would have liked to see. #1 Yes it would have been nice to have the 3rd row hide in the floor. #2 I would have liked to see the 2nd row fold down slower with a cutoff in case you decided for child safety to disconnect the auto 2nd row. #3 I wished they offered a Locked driver armrest like they used to years ago. #4 The gas tank cap does not lock when you lock the vehicle(NOGOOD). I live in Jersey and the night i finally got out of there after all the paperwork We had a Hail & snow storm so i got to try out the Auto 4x4. Handles just as good & if not a little better than my old 2003 Yukon Denali Allwheeldrive. Yes there are some minor issues GM will probably work out by 08 model but overall its a fantastic truck with alot of bells&whistles. right before this i drove a 2005 ford excursion for a few days and then a ford expedition. Let me tell you there is nothing out there in this class SUV that drives or handles like a GM SUV no matter if fords seats go in the floor or not. Ford has alot of handling issues and so does Chrysler.
    I would like to see some of those minor improvements on the new 07 tahoes but OverALL i still would not trust my Kids Safety in any other trucks than GMs Suvs. I have seen accidents with both type trucks and have driven All. You cant compare Apples with Oranges. I trust GM & thier research way better than Ford or other rice burner companies.
    My wife drives a 2004 Range Rover. I have been trying for years to convince her the newer RR are pieces of Sh!! for the money!nothing like the old fashioned Ranges. Now while seeing and driving my newer 07 Tahoe i beleieve she has seen the light of what is quality and how much you can actualy get for your money. She is now thinking of trading in her Range rover for a New chevy Tahoe 07. Unbelievanble. Cant wait till more new ones hit the road and are seen. GM will finally put Ford & many others in thier Place.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I've been trading for 30+ years and more often than I'm proud to say, but the first year of any car (no matter who makes it) is usually worth avoiding. I certainly hope Chevy has this one nailed, and it's possible since they didn't try to reinvent the wheel. That's why I bought an '06. Let someone else do the real-world testing.
  • sp7sp7 Posts: 3
    I agree with that point
    Letting somone else try out the new model
    But i just couldnt wait since its such a nice vehicle and new kid on the block.
    The 06 and prior yrs are still excellent trucks
    and we still own 2 in the family.
    Good luck with your 06. I read that next years model 08 is supposed to be part Hybrid.
  • 06lly06lly Posts: 21
    Back in the good ole days, what you are saying about quality and waiting a year or so was probably true. Times have changed. It is now very common for the new models to come "out of the gates" with quality that surpasses the models thay are replacing. This is true for domestics and imports. Manufacturing processes are getting better and these improvements are frequently implemented at the time of a model changeover. Then, there are the performance and feature advances etc that you give up by waiting... Now that they have dropped the prices, your best bet would clearly be an '07.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    I agree with you on a lot of vehicles, as I've owned several first-year models in the last few years without issues. But I'd be very skeptical of one that was rushed to market like the '07 Tahoe. Just over a year ago it was scheduled for Summer '06. With sales tanking, they rushed the suppliers and told them they were pushing up to January '06. They have also tried to push ahead the truck release, but have only been able to skim a couple months.
  • I used to sing the same song...Take a look at all of the major product launches the "big three" have had over the past three years. Not even close to "trouble free".
    Don't forget, Lutz pushed this launch up six months to get these things on the market. I am not preaching doom and gloom, but it would be no surprise if there was a recall or two on the first run of these units.
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    The 2007 Tahoe may be "all new" but especially when it comes to these full-sized trucks not a whole lot of the core mechanical technology really is "all new". The Tahoe seems to be more evolutionary than revolutionary. I would expect a lot of the individual components to be very similar in design to those used on the previous generation trucks, for better or for worse. It seems like the package has changed more than the truck itself.

    As far as expecting big changes for 2008 it won't happen. GM may substitute a redesigned part here and there if it proves problematic but that's about all, the features won't change so quickly.
  • I use my Yukon for pulling my boat, going to my ranch, hopping curbs, and even off-roading on occasion. I go on a camping trip in the mountains in New Mexico every year, and load the Yukon up with gear drive through some nasty stuff in 4-Low. I also use it to drive clients around almost every day.

    I like the clean interior of the new Tahoe/Yukon but I am pretty worried about the utilitarian issues (especially off-road and curbs)that it may have.

    The front bumper looks as if it would crack in half if you tried to hop a curb, there is no ground clearence. It does not look like it could handle the camping trip either! Also, on occasion I back into the boat trailer with my rear bumper and everything is ok. It looks like the rear bumper on this thing would get trashed if that happened!

    I have been a GM truck fan for a very long time and I have been planning on buying an 07' under the assumption it would have many of the same qualities of the previous generation. Now that I have seen it I am keeping my fingers crossed the upcoming Z-71 saves me.

    All of this is leading up to my point, GM I still use my sport utility for more than picking up the kids from soccer practice, so to preserve customers like myself please give the Z-71 a little ground clearence and some off-road ba**s. :mad:
  • I think GM should move the Tahoe/Yukon/Slade/Denali platform upscale with more and more content to get better margins to make up for the guaranteed lower volumes in the large SUV category. They should have more options, maybe offerring the Duramax in the 1500 model, lots more real leather, heated windshields, etc. etc. They might sell more of these in the blue states if they had more upscale content.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    I disagree! Respectfully, of course!
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    I called my local GMC dealer at the beginning of the week to see if they could tell me when the 07 Yukons were going to show up. He said they had 2 of them but couldn't show them to me because they didn't have the window stickers?

    So today I was in the area and stopped by...Had the salesman paged that I had talked to a month ago and he took me to the back lot and there they sat. Black SLT and a Steel Gray SLT. Look pretty much the same on the inside as the new Tahoes. Both had 3rd row seats and Nav and moonroofs. I know they have big eyes (headlights) but I like them alot.
    My salesman was doing a new car delivery and never made it back before I had to go, so didn't get inside. IMO the black looks especially good and really looks more upscale than the previous generation. The rear spoiler and upper body corners? are also black and helps to give a better look with black.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    How can you compare the Pilot and Tahoe. The Tahoe is wider, heavier, and its chassis is based off a truck platform, while the Pilot is a tall station wagon (car), with a five-speed automatic since it has less torque. Does the Pilot really make an 8 seater? I would compare the Tahoe to Sequoyah instead Tahoe to Pilot, but that is just my opinion.
  • I made the mistake of letting my wife drive the 07 Tahoe. She REALLY likes it and pretty much wants one soon. She has a 2000 Tahoe, 4x4, Leather, etc., etc. that we paid 34,000 for in 2000. I was really suprised on what they are wanting for these 2WD LT2 and 3.

    I read in Forbes that they are not selling as many as Chevy expected so I am hoping for some rebates etc. in the near future.

    Anyone want to tell what they have paid thus far? I was quoted 38K for an LT3 2WD which is the best price I have found.
  • Today, I drove an LT3 4x2. Sticker - $41K. Dealer said he would sell to me for invoice, $37.7K or GMID price which was about the same. You can get GMID certificate from GM employees. There were many posting about this on the H3 forum. Also, if you have a GM mastercard with GM earnings on it, GM is upping your earnings to $2,000 and this $2,000 can be used on most 2005 and 2006 vehicles and on the new 2007 SUVs. The $2,000 in GM Card earnings comes from GM so that comes off after you make your best deal.

    Personally, I liked the new Tahoe a lot. But, there's a 99.9% chance I will not purchase one due to the rearward visibility on the driver's side. There's a big blind spot and I don't trust mirrors.

    Also, I didn't think I would like the LTZ due to the 20" rims. I thought they would be too flashy. However, I saw an LTZ on the dealer's lot and I didn't mind the 20" rims. They aren't real flashy. I like the LTZ due to the rear suspension with automatic air leveling. That feature is standard on the LTZ and not available on the other models.

    Forgot to mention...the vehicle I drove made a whistling sound. :( I could clearly hear it from where I was seated in the driver's seat and the salesman could hear it as well from the passenger seat. I thought it was a window seal but he thought the whistling might be coming from the roof rails. At any rate, there shouldn't be a whistle-period.

    Also, I agree with any earlier poster that the third seat is a waste and I would not have it. :( (It's standard on the LTZ). I realize that it folds but to me it's still a waste. If I want to be able to carry 8 people, I'll buy a Suburban!! If I have a Tahoe, I want room in the back to carry luggage, groceries, etc.
  • I compare it to a Tahoe because is seats 8, is AWD, and is not a minivan. I WANT a Tahoe but don't think I NEED a Tahoe. I will never tow anything, nor go 4X4ing. The Pilot gets better gas mileage, the third row seats fold down, and it is around 8K less. Oh, and people in this forum may not want to hear it-- but it is a Honda and that speaks volumes.
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    Plenty of Honda forums available to bash the new GM SUVs.
  • honda dosen't speak [non-permissible content removed] to me. it is a honda and thats why i would not buy a pilot, all because of the name tag. the reason so many hard working Americans are losing their jobs at GM and Ford is because of people who buy foreign cars.
  • I'm sorry if I offended anyone; that was not my intention. I was merely stating that the known reliability of Honda is something I am definitely considering when purchasing my next vehicle.
    I own a 1978 Cheyenne 3/4 ton Camper Special with only 96K miles and I will never part with it.
    I am of course, also posting messages on the Pilot website touting the great, new 2007 Tahoe. Pilot owners have been quite helpful by sharing information about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Pilot.
    Again, I apologize if people think I am bashing Tahoes or don't support my country. I am simply doing some research.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    Yeah dudes, be cool. I don't think he was "flaming" GM here, just looking for some advice.
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