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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2004 Durango SLT with about 36000 miles on it. The problem I'm having is the clock/radio stopped working and the dome light and the power door locks only work when the key is in the "on" position.I checked all of the fuses and it seems there are several that don't have any power to them. The ones that do have power are good. Does anyone have a chart or schematic telling what fuses control what?
  • Did you get this resolved? my 00 Durango P.S.P.S code came up. In removing the Switch (which i located), is it hard to remove; will there be draining of fluid; any special precautions; await your response. :cry:
  • I've read all your posted messages regarding the Power Steering Pressure Switch(problem just registered on my check engine diagnostics).

    Could someone list the step-by-step process? Correcting this doesnt seems difficult. So far: problem is 3 months old, Switch and harness is wet, poor gas milages, check light on dash, pending emissions test next month. Help & Thank You Board Members :sick:
  • OK, I bought the Power Steering Pressure Switch and replaced it with the old one. It was a bit hard to remove, but had to use 2 adjustable wrench to undo it. Brake and fluid remover was used to spray out the harness and plug, and let it dry for a few minutes. The battery (+ve) terminal was also removed to reprogram the computer code. Battery terminal reconnected and plugs replaced. Only need to top off the power steering fluid, and i should be back to normal (hopefully). Will access the situation a few days to see the progress. Hopefully this will help other members interested. Peace. :shades:
  • This is happening to my 99 Durang as well. Shuts off without warning, very dangerous. Brought it to 2 mechanics who couldn't figure it out and now after a week the dealer is saying it's they THINK it's the control module but won't know until they replace it $650.
    I just got my car back from the body shop because a tree and power lines feel on it. Does anyone know if the electrical wires could have caused this? I'm trying to get this covered under insurance since I've already paid $1000 for my deductible and JUST paid the car off.
  • Did replacing the PCM fix your problem? I have an 01 doing the same thing and the dealer can't find the problem. Thank you..
  • I read several posts about Durangos surging at idle and at speed but haven't really seen a solution. Has anyone out there actually found the problem and repaired it. My 01 started surging around 88,000 miles and the dealer doesn't have a clue. Any advice, besides getting rid of it, would be helpful. Bought it new and haven't had a problem of any kind before this one. Thank you.
  • My 01 does the same thing, but so does my wifes Buick Regal. Perhaps there is a conspiracy involving the Big Three.........
  • The resistor is defective. It is either located under the dash behind the glove box in the evaporator housing, or under the hood by the firewall on the passenger side. $10.00 to $12.00 dollars at your dealer.
  • Having same surging problem.
    Transmission just failed.
  • Powered door locks, but had to replace almost all the powered door mechanism (actuentator ). Disconnected the R Rear since that one is now going bad. Notice that the doors do not lock automatically with the alarm or the master lock button - - and does this if the temp falls below 70 degrees. Over 70 degrees, they work purrfect! To unlock it, all doors work, but to lock, there is a clicking sound under the glove box (like a relay sound - - think that is good).

    Anyone else experiencing this problem and what are your solutions? :confuse:
  • I have a 2001 with 86,000 miles and recently noticed the same surging of the engine while maintaining a constant speed. One other thing I noticed was that it went away after the car has been running for a while. If you find out what it is, I'd love to hear it!
  • rich28rich28 Posts: 23
    My 01 Dakota surged, especially through hills and with the cruise on. I had the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) replaced and that absolutely fixed the problem.
  • Just wondering how many of you have had the same problems...
    Just in the last year we've had
    1 - Recall on upper ball joints
    2 - lower ball joints failed 3 months later (our expense)
    3 - Steering column key lock failure (our expense)
    4 - Transmission failed (our expense)
    5 - Air conditioner evaporator failed (our expense)
    Total cost - $3600.00 since last car payment - lucky us?
    I do plan on starting a class action lawsuit as I have heard these problems are quite common from used car dealers and auto repair shops and transmission shops. :lemon:
  • I haven't had the problems YOU'VE experienced, but I have had my own! Airbag lights is still a main issue. However, I believe the transmission is starting to give me problems. Been to the dealer once already (still under warranty- 23,000 miles). I have 2006 Durango. Just out of curiousity, what year is your Durango? I had someome tell me from a non-Dodge Dealer that Dodge was going to reduce there powertrain warranty by "20,000" miles due to all the issues! Does anyone know if this is true too? :lemon:
  • I may be to late but my 2000 has had this problem, I decided to just let it idle in my driveway to wait for it to shut down. When it finally did I was able to restart it without problem, unlike if i were driving it. As I went through and checked all the relays i noticed that the automatic shut off relay was extremely hot, I replaced it and that seems to have cured it, I would imagine the same could happen to the fuel pump relay as well. But of course if it is running at the time you take it in it wont be detected until it acts up again.
  • You might try the automatic shut off relay, i replaced mine and it fixed the problem
  • 2001 durango R/T
    spent almost $4000
    forgot about the lower ball joints $300
    they recalled the uppers and replaced
    but then refused to align front end
  • I have a 2000 Durango and had the same problem. It would rev 200-400 rpm. I only noticed it with the cruise control set. I replaced the Throttle Positioning Sensor and completely repaired the problem. This is an easy fix, and relatively inexpensive ($38.00 at O'reilly Auto Parts). 2 Torx bolts and one electrial plug (on left side of throttle body assembly)
  • Hi les7311, im wondering what came of your problem, i'm having the exact same one. Need to figure this out, it's killing me. Anything would be helpful. Thanks very much.

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