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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Diesel



  • jay50jay50 Posts: 6
    Hi Fellow Jeepers, If we form a petition it should be that DCX place the 210 hp 50 State Legal Diesel into the Wrangler ;) I will buy TWO of them. 35 mpg able to Sell in California this is a No Brainer Si..... :shades:
  • wolfpakwolfpak Posts: 18
    I would think that DCX plans to eventually replace all of their diesels with the Blue Tec since it's 50 state legal.

    Of course I would have also thought they would already offer a diesel wrangler in the US and they don't.
  • caesar41bccaesar41bc Posts: 2
    I agree entirely. However, what everyone is missing is that the Jeep Corporation has a real image dilemma on their hands. Jeep tries to market to the outdoor enthusiast who loves the outdoors and the environment in general (camping, fishing, hunting etc). Yet Jeep has some of the worst fuel economies in its class and some of the worst figures for pollution. Clearly the answer for Jeep is to introduce a clean burning efficient diesel as soon as possible. I don't think the DCX and/or Jeep executives have thought about this much at all or else they don't care about their customers wants and needs before they consider a purchase. Let's start that petition!!! :)
  • wolfpakwolfpak Posts: 18
    Just show me where to sign. :)
  • wolfpakwolfpak Posts: 18
    I'm probably not the only person who has seen this but for those that havent. 2355001QQcategoryZ6285QQcmdZViewItem

    Also capable of B20 or B100 bio-diesel.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Dunno, but the 2007 Grand Cherokee will. :)

    Found this out from another site.

  • wolfpakwolfpak Posts: 18
    I'm glad that they are making the Grand Cherokee with a diesel option but I've no desire to own another Cherokee. :P
  • jimlockeyjimlockey Posts: 265
    DB is only re-tooling for another diesel for the Liberty.

    If DB would put a DIESEL in their mini vans that got mileage in the 30's I would go back to the mini van, but don't forget about safety. Look at Europe for safety, or just look at Europe for most everything.

    All the big three knows is how to pay off congess and all congress knows is to put a hand out.
  • teh_jokerteh_joker Posts: 7
    My Cousins had this brilliant idea, and did it. We put a Cummins Turbo into a 1988 wrangler. i dont know muuch about stock wranglers. but we extended the frame and repositioned moutns put the engine in. we got the engine from a totaled dodge 2500, along with a 6 speed tranny, and transfer case.we put that whole assembly into the wrangler, finnished the body work and started it. It bent the frame. But after we got it straightened out, and reenforced it, we took it off road took it up a 60 degree hill. it is the perfect off-roading jeep. i'ld say if jeep were to put a cummins into thier jeep, they would sell alot, because it has moe than enough power for that little box. too bad it would sell for around 40k.
  • Disco 3, That works out to about $3.80 a gallon for gas. One reason I hope that Daimler puts a 4 cylinder diesel into the Wrangler SOON. (Hofendlich sie konnen English lassen). Brie :shades:
  • Give they buyers a choice, diesel or gas. To me diesel is a no brainer. Make the Wrangler diesel available in Canada and the US. Domestic manufacturers need to wise-up and make diesels at least an option. I love every diesel I've had, truck or car(VW). Manufacturers should offer more diesels.
  • You have found the holy grail! Please tell us if you have any details on how we can purchase one.
  • No doubt. When, where, and whose what has to be kissed or ahem to get one!

    Do you know if there is a soft top version?
  • This was the only one available, there was no soft top there however,I do not see a reason for not having one. I believe this will happen aroudn 2009/2010 and it will be a Cummins V8 or v6 diesel.
  • When the bigwigs at jeep get their heads out of their (ahem), transfer cases, perhaps THEN they will put a diesel into the wrangler. IF they DO then I'll buy one, but what I will probably do is just stick a V.W. Rabbit turbo diesel into my 1990 wrangler instead. I have an entire machine shop at my disposal, and all the time in the world to set up a conversion that works,so after I get done building my current experimental aircraft project, I think I'll give it a try. Perhaps if I take it to the factory, and let them look at it, they MIGHT get the idea. Sabrina
  • Still no options for diesel or diesel/hybrid.

    Toyota is kicking so much [non-permissible content removed] it's scary. You'd think it would be a hint. Especially with the simple answer sitting in crates in their warehouses.

    Just keep rolling out more stupid looking giant SUVs with rubbermade fenders and they will keep looking ugly and unsold in car dealers lots across the country *sigh*
  • When you do get a conversion set up let me know if you want to sell one.
  • wolfpakwolfpak Posts: 18
    Does this mean we will finally get offered diesels as options?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I don't think the gas prices will be as bad as last summer. At least I hope not considering I just bought a cigarette boat with twin 8.2L engines!

    Diesel is great wish they would put them in more vehicles, I would definitely have one in my fleet for sure.

  • cowjickycowjicky Posts: 1
    Yes we Americans are STILL waiting for Jeep to offer the diesel engine option, but as we all know the rest of the world has had it for years. We all know the advantages to diesel weather they be environmental, proformance, or wallet based. I sincerely hope that Jeep catches on to the fact that the younger generations of Americans are more environmentally sensative and want to buy vehicles that are more green. Also, that the man or woman buying a Jeep is doing so because they desire the ruggedness known to Jeeps. Jeeppers don't want plastic this and rubber that...we want a small 4x4, go anywhere, get muddy and wash it off with a hose inside and outside, sporty and open, all terrain, all climate, all condition, spartan like ride. Heck, we even see a scrap here and a little ding there as metals of honor so to speak. And don't forget we jeeppers want our rides to have that badarse millitary style...if we wanted something more rounded and aerodynamic we would buy a 2 door coup. Have I made my point.
  • diesel4x4diesel4x4 Posts: 4
    Hey guys... I have just a few notes for everyone. The first thing I can say is that if we are all really interested in getting Diesel options in compact SUV's we need to take some action. I've personally emailed Ford and Jeep and received less than encouraging responses. Remember Ford introduced the concept Bronco with a diesel motor almost 3 years ago... To me, the idea of running a 4x4 on Bio-diesel seems to be the ultimate idea of being in nature and not leaving a trace. Jeep's new slogan "maximize your miles" seems to be some kind of sick and twisted joke. A good source to email is AEV...American expedition vehicles. The owner fabricated himself a Bio-diesel Rubicon, and the thing is absolutely SICK! (check out his videos on his website) He notes however that he didn't think there was enough interest in Diesel Jeeps for him to continue marketing them... I don't know about you guys, but I plan on being a thorn in Jeep and Ford's side until we get this done. I've thought about creating a website with the idea to promote this even more. If I do I'll be sure to get everyone a link later on... remember...Action speaks louder than words. I for one can't stand the idea that over-sea markets can enjoy a great off road vehicle with a diesel motor, and we can't because of a short sighted view in our government...
  • dnashdnash Posts: 35
    I was driving in to work this morning (SE Michigan) and stopped behind what looked to be an 07 Wrangler with an M-tag and a CRD label to the bottom left of the spare tire on the tailgate. I also thought I smelled fumes but I could have been imagining that. Maybe something is in the works.
  • wolfpakwolfpak Posts: 18
    I've emailed Jeep probably well over 30 times and recieved little encouraging feedback. Ford completely blew me out of the water. Just saying flat out "no."
  • diesel4x4diesel4x4 Posts: 4
    This is what I got from Ford....

    At this time, there are no immediate plans to include this vehicle in the current model line-up. However, your feedback to produce Ford Bronco Concept that will run on bio-diesel is collected and used in the decision making process for future model years. We have documented your feedback which will be forwarded to the appropriate department.
  • diesel4x4diesel4x4 Posts: 4
    This is what I got from Jeep...

    We are pleased to read of your interest in the Jeep Wrangler models.
    Presently, no official plans have been disclosed to us indicating the availability of a diesel engine in the Jeep Wrangler models as a factory option for the US market in future model years. However, with constantly shifting market trends I would hesitate to discount the possibility of new products on the horizon, specifically designed to suit your needs.
    Please feel free to check back with us periodically for future updates.
  • diesel4x4diesel4x4 Posts: 4
    But everyone should check out these two videos...
  • cdrahoscdrahos Posts: 3
    Hey guys, I thought this forum was pretty interesting. I have a diesel Jeep Wrangler 1997. It is all after market. I am currently getting 30 mpg around town and 32 mpg on the highway. IT IS POSSIBLE!! This would be killer if jeep could come out with something like this right off the line! The combination that we went with is as follows: 3.9L 4-cylinder turbo-diesel out of a grummins bread truck (custom engine mounts), linked up with an AX-15 transmission(same one that comes stock on 6 cylinders from that year), 3.55 gearing (geared it way up to get use of the 355 ft. lbs of torque). It is about 40-50 hours of work, but it's done! Drives like a dream, and smells like a champ.
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