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2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mycar17mycar17 Posts: 9
    I was hoping one of you car gurus could help me out :)
    I am in the market for a 2008 IS250, luxury package, mark levinson sound, tinted windows, 12K lease, 36 months.
    What I want is $1500 down and payments of $350-370/month, including tax. The best offer I have received so far is $1500 down, $368 plus tax, maintenance included. While I think this is a good deal, I still want to go lower. Am I being unreasonable?

  • I just picked up my LEXUS from LEXUS OF EDISON. The sales person that helped me out sits all the way to the right when you go in to the dealership. To make it more simple, he is asian without glasses. I bought mine at invoice and he told me any referrel would get the same either on lease and purchase. Please make sure you tell him J J sent you from New Brunswick~~~ I hope this info helps for people in tristate area. good luck guys :)
  • oclexusoclexus Posts: 2
    there is a dealer in orange county that does a few hundred over invoice for IS's all day long. email me for contacts (
  • vmfldisvmfldis Posts: 9
    I just got my deal today
    36 month / 12k milege

    MSRP $40090
    Monthly Payment $486(tax included)
    Out of Pocket $1502 ( 0 down , fees + 1st month payment)

    The vehicle has Nav, Prem, HID, Rear Lip Spoiler and accesorries

    Does this deal looks pretty fair?

    btw I'm picking the vehicle tommorow because the shop was busy

    with moving the vehicle. They told me they are moving about 50 vehicles today,
  • bbeternalbbeternal Posts: 3
    May I know what is the price you got and what is the configuration
  • smellsmokesmellsmoke Posts: 11
    #728 of 732 Just leased my lexus is 250 2008 by smellsmoke Jul 01, 2008 (6:40 am) Save | Reply
    Well thanks to this forum i just found, and the great info from all of you i just leased my Lexus is 250 2008 nav, premium plus package, a/c seats, spoiler, 18'' tires, loaded,loaded... ready fort his? 12000 miles,36 months, with tax included $430.00 a month and they not only did not get 1 penny from me (literally) they even paid first month payment.Dont have a payment until August 1st. 56% residual value.
    This is a great site and saved me thousands.
    They started at $519.00 plus tax plus $3000.00 cash down. BAM!! iT WAS THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH AND WE CLOSED THE DEALERSHIP, I DID LEAVE AND THEY CALLED ME AT HOME 2 TIMES.
  • stlgalstlgal Posts: 1
    I'm shopping for the IS 250 AWD and last night one dealership quoted me 35,000. This is for the standard AWD with added XM - that's it. I was able to get them to lower the price from 36k, however I don't think this is a good price. They won't budge any lower and I'm shopping other places. It seems that other people on this forum are getting way better deal for purchases. Thoughts / suggestions? :confuse:
  • mira8ellemira8elle Posts: 5
    Hi - I am in the market for an IS250 with Navi and have been shopping several dealerships in my area. The main salesperson that I am working with quoted me around $33,500 OTD. I just wanted to get some opinions. Do you guys think I can get it down even lower?

    Thanks in advance!
  • jeffman619jeffman619 Posts: 16
    Does anyone have the money factor and residual for a IS350 w/Nav 15,000 miles per year?
  • chuangchuang Posts: 5
    I think that's a good deal if it's with tax and license. That deal comes with navigation and premium package? Which dealership by the way?
  • wishthugwishthug Posts: 2
    Where are you getting this deal? I got a offer of 36k OTD with navigation IS250? Do you think i can do better?
  • gnarlydudegnarlydude Posts: 11
    I'm in Souther California and dealing with a couple of lexus dealerships, Looking for an 08' Lexus IS 250 with premium package, If you paid under $32,000 OTD with tax lic and title included, PLEASE let me know who you went through and how much you got it for, THANKS!
    SoCal55Chevrolet at Ya Hoo Dot Com!!

    The best Deal I've come across is 32,829 with tax and lic and they're throwing in a 2yr/25kmi free oil change package.
  • mira8ellemira8elle Posts: 5
    Man, I don't know about $32K OTD. That was my ambition at first - I did not want to pay a penny over $32K, but I'm beginning to think that is unrealistic. I, too, am in the Orange County area and no one seems to be budging on price. The closest I have gotten is $33,500 OTD. I'm going tomorrow to pick my car up as my preferred color is arriving at the dealer in the morning. We'll see if they follow through with their quote and don't bs me. I am skeptical. Once I get the deal, I will post the dealer/salesperson info.

    Gnarlydude - Which dealerships in SoCal have you been working with? What is the range that they have been giving you?
  • mira8ellemira8elle Posts: 5
    Dude, which dealership quoted you $32,829 OTD? I would say go for it - that is pretty good! I m not too sure if we can get $32K OTD.. :(
  • chuangchuang Posts: 5
    i can believe $33,000 OTD without navigation.
  • gnarlydudegnarlydude Posts: 11
    I'm in LA county, but I'm right down the street from Longo, I'm sure I can get it for 32k out the door but it would take some smart negotiating, I went through edmunds and dealt with all the LA county Dealerships there are, they all say they will beat $32,829 but they want me to go in and buy it that day pretty much. I'm going to see whats up tomorrow I want some hard numbers before I walk in there. Maybe I'll settle for 32,500 OTD. Then I've got to battle it out with the f&I person.
  • mira8ellemira8elle Posts: 5
    Do you plan on getting an IS 250 w/ Navigation? Wow, I would kill for one at $32,500. I have been shopping for one at around that range and it's been pretty hard. Let me know how everything turns out for you!
  • gnarlydudegnarlydude Posts: 11
    I'm actually getting it for a few hundred less than the 32,829 than i posted. Hit me up at socal55chevrolet@yah oo dot com and i'll give you the name of the guy i'm dealing with. He's a cool guy so far....
  • harryyfharryyf Posts: 2
    I just bought one (Electronic 6-Speed ECT-i Automatic ) with GPS, premium pkg, 18" alloy wheel, Preferred Accessory Package w/Z1 at $32,700 plus taxes. The stikcer price is $37,439. Good deal or not, I can't return it now.
  • starman8starman8 Posts: 2
    Sounds like a super great deal! What dealership's name?.. i've been shopping and I'm ready to buy..thx :shades:
  • gnarlydudegnarlydude Posts: 11
    I think thats good, i'm getting mine for below 30,000 + taxes without navi, so if add the cost of navi and stuff it comes out to around the same, although if you paid over 35.8k they might have added something in there.Still not a bad deal.
  • harryyfharryyf Posts: 2
    Longo Lexus in Los Angeles area.
  • gnarlydudegnarlydude Posts: 11
    Alright so I bought my car last night, 08' Lexus IS 250 Smokey Granite with Black interior, Premium Package no navi. I love my car, drives great, feels smooth back seat is alittle small but I knew that going into this, awesome stereo gonna get some 19" MMR GT rims put on this week can't wait. I went to longo, told them I wanted to buy, they didn't want to match or beat the deal I had, so I walked out on them, I called Cerritos and the sales manager was a big jerk and thought I was lying about the price!! I told him, you must not want to sell me a car! And he said.. and I quote.." No.. I dont think I do want to sell you a car." So I hung up. called the guy I was dealing with from OC, did everything over the phone, got a good rate, walked in, walked out an hour and a half later with my new lexus ready to go. No BS, didn't pay much over invoice. Dont be afraid to ask for the invoice sheet to see what the dealership ACTUALLY paid for the car, dont believe the sticker on the window, they will have to show you legally if you ask, they can't hide that. If they dont want to show you.. Walk AWAY!.. So I'm glad I went with this guy, and i'm glad I bought a lexus instead of the BMW i wanted originally. Good luck.
    Socal55chevrolet at yah oo dot com.
  • mira8ellemira8elle Posts: 5
    Hi Chuang,

    I got my 08 IS 250 RWD with Premium Package and Navi for $35,300 OTD. What do you think? I think I could have gotten a better deal...

    Also, my car did not have the Lexus rear bumper applique, so I feel kinda gypped. When I go back on Friday, I am going to ask that they add that on.

    Let me know what you think.

  • camry1317camry1317 Posts: 16
    First one I am looking at has an MSRP of $35,675. The price they gave me is $31,750.

    The other one has a few options and an MSRP of $37,200. The price on this one is $32,750.

    I have a 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP with a trade in blue book value of 14k for excellent, 13.1k for good and 12.5 for fair. They are only willing to give me 12k for my car even though it is only two years old, no dings, dents, etc.

    I don't think they are offering me anything special...

    What do you guys think of the deal?
  • gnarlydudegnarlydude Posts: 11
    Well I'll tell you what.. I got my car at well below $30,000 it took alot of talking but I got it around the mid 29's, I was super happy, thats without navi, so if you add the $2,500 navigation it comes out alitte over $32,000 and thats if you pay full price for the navi and not talk them down. Maybe prices are different out there.
  • isbuyerisbuyer Posts: 1
    Hey, I am in the Chicago area and I am in the market for a new AWD car.. I am getting the base lexus at invoice ($31,728). The model includes rear spoiler and car mats... the OTD price comes out to be $35,012.. is this a good deal?

    Also, the dealer is offering 5.9% financing for ppl with good credit.. any thoughts?

  • calvin464calvin464 Posts: 12
    I'm thinking of getting a 2008 IS 250 RWD with premium pkg. Can anyone share the OTD price in sf bay area? Thanks
  • mauler12mauler12 Posts: 6
    Did you have the HID headlights and 18" Alloys on yours included in that price?

  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Which dealer did you go through and what was the MSRP of the vehicle you bought? I looked at picking this vehicle up but opted for the G35, we're now back in the market for another vehicle and again came back to the IS250. I live in CT so driving to MA is not an issue.
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