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2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • :mad: My dealers, two in Minneapolis owned by the same guy, gave me the exact same 'aggresive pricing' of $3000 off MSRP on any IS250. I even emailed the sales persons and offered them $250 cash to give me their absolute lowest price as an incentive - still $3000 off from each of them. I would rather pay them some cash, make negotiating easy, versus them trying to hold $1500 gross to net themselves $300 commission @ 20%!

    With sales down 27% on IS250's I'd expect some better pricing, not ~$1200 over invoice (not sure of exact 2009 invoice yet) but 2008's had about $4k in markup.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,044
    I think a salesman would be fired if he was found to have taken an under the table kickback. It would also be illegal if they didn't report the income to the IRS, and might be illegal in some states.
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  • Maybe it's a kickback, or just a gift? When I sold cars people gave me stuff, granted not valued that high though. Plus any gift under $10k doesn't need to be reported to IRS I don't think. Anyway, it was just an idea that I thought would persuade the salesperson, it didn't. But a dealer in my home state of OH is more than willing do deal, but that just means I have to wait till Thanksgiving to get the car now...

    It just doesn't make sense for a dealer (in this terrible market) to take no deal, instead of a small deal...
  • I've read a few posts suggesting folks bought these off eBay at $200 with a face value of $750 and that dealers accept these as a form of payment on your purchase or lease of a new 2008/9 Lexus. Does anyone know if these are truly legitimate and if any Lexus dealer as rejected these as a form of payment?

  • Dealer here in MN is at $32,813 for IS 250 AWD, preferred accessory option, and the premium package. How am I doing? :confuse:
  • 3000 off an 09 IS is a great deal... dealers in my area aren't coming down more than 2700 and I've shopped up and down the coast. However, I want a rare color combo which no one has.
  • Do you know if the IS 350 has a timing belt or chain? I just asked the local dealer about it and they say the 2006 IS 350 has a timing belt.
  • Any thoughts on how much cash we'll need to put down to get a lease payment at $350/month on a 2009 IS250? Sticker price is $36,300; 15K miles/year. Thanks in advance!
  • Just came from the Lexus dealer here in Vegas.. Also go to AutoBuy Guide on the net ar even Edmunds and the MSRP is $32, 325. Brand new, no milage..Check around - you are paying too much
  • I just got a quote from a dealer in Delaware for an 08 IS250AWD MSRP of $41220 the car is the test drive car and is fully loaded. They are willing to go as low as $35402 does anyone think it should be lower?
  • Hi, I'm looking for an IS250 AWD w/ Navigation in the Philly area and this is what i've been quoted by dealers so far:

    Dealer 1 (Too Far)
    2009 Lexus IS 250
    Options: HID headlamps, navigation, premium plus package, & preferred acc. pack.
    Color: Red
    MSRP $39,795.00
    Our Internet Price is: $36,126.00

    I have received other prices from dealers with Navigation + Premium package for $35.9K and $36.9K..What price should I be aiming for? I will be leasing
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    I'd like to get an IS 350 soon. Hope to seem some more posts from people in the market for that. This post I'm replying to dicsussing $2700-$3000 off seems to be a good indicator of what I can aim for.

    A bit about where I am in my desire to purchase an IS (for anyone who's interested) - I'm still a little hesitant on getting an IS in general. When I first got an IS 300 a few years back, I loved it and thought it was the perfect car. but after the redesign, I've liked it a bit less. Ideally, I'd like to get an IS F, but that's just way too high.

    But even with me being hesitant on the IS, there really is nothing else for me to consider in the entry-luxury market. I definitely don't want German because of maintenance otherwise I may consider a 3-series or an Audi. I know they have free factory scheduled maintenance promotions and stuff these days, but I worry about problemts outside of warranty (which could happen) and once I pass the 50k mileage mark. My current 2004 Accord is already at 120k+ miles so I intend to put a lot of mileage in my new vehicle.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,044
    Why not a G35? Much more car for the money then a IS350. If you are going to pay cash, or have your own financing a G35 can be had for about $4000 below invoice. If you are going to lease, or want to take advantage of their .9% financing its about $1000 below invoice.
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  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    hmm.. I know that's a valid suggestion, but to be honest, I've never really been a fan of the G35 though. Maybe I'll look into it though. Thanks for giving me your feedback anyways. I'm sure that info will be helpful to others if not me.
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    " I definitely don't want German because of maintenance otherwise I may consider a 3-series or an Audi."
    I liked my Acura TSX and would recommend it to someone who wants a $30,000 sedan, but it had more (and more expensive) problems in the two years I owned it than the BMW X3 that replaced it has had in the past three years. That may not indicate what the future holds (beyond 4 years, 50,000 miles), but at least at the outset, Germany/Austria beat Japan in my recent experience.
  • Looking to lease this car for 12K miles per year , 3 yr lease, and navigation is a must.
    I am in the southern californina area. I got a quote $377 out the door with taxes, $2999 down. What deals are people getting out there?

    What are people paying cash for the car in ca out the door?

    The tax in ca is 8,25%.


  • Toyota is losing money. You can't get a good return on your money in the bank.
    The MSRP on this vehicle with the NAV option is around $34K according to Edmunds. Is it possible to get this vehicle out the door for $31K CASH? Let me know? Sales people are pushing to close the deal in December. After December the drive off will increase, that's what one sales person told me. I am not in a hurry to purchase right now. I can wait a few months. I think it is an amazing car. I tend to keep cars for a long time.


  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    I'm mainly searching right now for a used IS-F and trying to see what kind of price I can get it at. I also mentioned before (in the post I'm replying to) that I'd like to consider a new IS 350 too. Here are very first quotes I got on the IS 350. Seems they are going for invoice, at least from the Lexus dealer I spoke w/ in New Jersey. The thing I needed was Navigation so we started with that. There are two IS 350s for the color I Was interested in:

    MSRP: $44,391/selling price: $39,165.

    The other one is the Sports Package:
    MSRP $44,590/Selling price: $39,302.

    Will post more numbers as my search goes on.
  • Just got a fully loaded 09 IS 250 for $500 a month with 12K miles per yr.
  • I just got a full load IS 250 Sapphire Blue with HID ( they don't have that option anymore when I try to build the car online). 3 yr lease for $500 a month in CA.
  • I guess about 3k to 3.5k
  • I'm interest in buying a new 2008 Lexus IS F and would like to know what other people have paid in relation to the sticker price. I live in the Northeast, if that matters.
  • i was at a dealer in houston that has 2 is-f's and they said the last one sold for msrp and they are not really discounting them cause of the demand in this local market. they purposely limited the supply to some markets where it would be a big seller.

    this is all dealer talk but i'll tell you at 2pm the dealer was pretty empty last saturday.
  • What dealer in Ca?
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    These aren't my preferred colors, but the price is better than the 1st round of numbers I posted:

    IS 350 #1 MSRP: $44,342 Sale Price: $37,450 + tax/tags/$98 processing
    HW Headlamp Washers
    LT Prem Luxury pckg w/ 18" wheels
    NV Navigation System
    PA Parking Assist
    Z1 Preffered Accessory package (wheels locks, trunk mat, cargo net)

    IS 350 #2 $45,106 Sale Price: $38,250 + tax/tags/$98 processing
    HW Headlamp washers
    LT Prem Luxury Package w/ 18" wheels
    LM Trunk Mat
    LR Rear Lip Spoiler
    NV Navigation System
    PA Parking Assist
    WL Wheel Locks

    I told the guy who gave me the first round of pricing about these prices and he made it clear he could match them (I believe he has 7 IS 350s w/ Navi sitting at his dealership).

    None of these IS 350s have the Mark Levinson Sound system though - I'd like that if possible.
  • Definitely look on Ebay, if only to get an idea of what's out there and what prices are fair. There are a lot of new 2008 and 2009s on Ebay because everyone is trying to get rid of their inventory.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    Thanks for the advice. Here's the only completed listing on a new 2008 IS 350:

    Lexus : IS 350
    2008 LEXUS IS 350 SEDAN SPORT PKG W/NAVIGATION IS350Location: Chicago, Illinois
    mileage: 143
    (Best offer) $38,597.00
    Dec-19 14:11

    This one seems a bit modified though:
    Dual Sport Exhaust, ISP Mode Wheel upgrade <-- these are extra options right, even on top of the sports package. What kind of value do these have?

    There's an IS 350 I like in Jersey which has the Sports package (every other one seems to have Luxury only) but I'd like to know what a good price is to aim for.
  • I just leased a 250 w/Nav and a few other options from Superstition Springs Lexus in Mesa Arizona.

    MSRP 380045
    CAP cost 34230
    Residual 20924.74
    Money Factor .0010
    36 month, 12K miles per year
    $2500 down
    Payment $458 per month.

    Happy new year to me!
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    I thought I'd post an update:

    I Had a chance to visit two Lexus Dealers today in the DC area. One of the places was the one who I had my best internet price of $37,450 e-mailed to me from (a first round price that was given). This one was a silver/Tungsten one w/ Luxury Package (which has Navi), Parking Assist, Headlamp Washers, and Dealer Preferred accessories.

    After test driving and talking, I got them first down to $500 off, or free XM, and then it become $500 off AND XM. Seemed like there might have still been room to negotiate, but I didn't have any sort of bottom number so it could only go so further.

    Then I went to the other dealer and the perk of them is that they had two IS 350s both with the Sports package. - a silver/Tungsten one and a Smoky Grey one. The smoky gray one was the preferred one, but it had a spoiler that I didn't care much for. The best they were going to do was beat the other dealer's best price of $39,950 & XM installed by $100 on this (Slightly) more expensive one.

    Both dealers said they would not give me these prices after today. Let's see if that's the case.

    Now I'm going to e-mail my best prices to the remaining dealers in the area and see who'll beat it and by how much. If the difference is minimal (within a couple hundred), I'll buy from one of the places I've already visited.

    I really want that Smoky Granite Mika one though. That's my perfect car. pretty much all other dealers around here have the same silver/tungsten build w/ luxury package.
  • Went to 2 dealerships in Seattle area over past month.

    1st seemed uninterested in getting any vehicle other than what was on there lot, didnt have any brochures.

    2nd did a testdrive but price seemed on the high'ish side and could either get an in-stock color and qualify for december to remember financing or they could source a vehicle in color for even higher price and no financing.

    Contacted them by email 3 times since test drive to see if they wanted to discuss further letting them know where I was coming from but "No replies".

    I think the Lexus dealership in area arent trying to make sales - they are just trying to sell what they have.

    If I'm paying this much money I want the color I want.,,,, Anyway, the didnt make a sale because they didnt bother getting back to me. But if anyone knows of dealership out west with a Truffle Mica / IS250 AWD who is looking to make a sale....
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