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2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • GamusGamus Posts: 13
    Been looking at 2008 IS250 here in the Bay Area and the dealership here seem to think 2008's will hold their values with the 2009's out already. The best price I have gotten from a local is 35K OTD with Navigation, which seem awfully high for a 2008! I countered at 31K OTD, was countered they only sold for profit!! Understood but this is a 2008.

    Plus their inventory seems to grow every month with 2008's coming into their lots.

    What have you guys been quoted on 2008's?

  • 1260112601 Posts: 10
    Got my '08 250 in Sept. for $32,500 OTD with Nav, HID, premium package, 18" wheels. I'm on the east coast. Price achieved after 2 days of negotiating. Was told by sales manager they LOST money on the deal. Doubtful.
  • GamusGamus Posts: 13
    Thanks 12601, for the info as that is exactly the same package I was looking at and offered them 32K OTD and they told me they are losing money at that price, but figured with 2009's out, market adjustment for a older model year and the fact the cars are not exactly flying out the door that it was more then a fair price.

    The funny thing was it was same car they had on their lot since late November and it is still there and they still aren't budging on price and they post 2008's on Ebay with a buy it now around 37K plus tax and lic.

    I guess I will wait for the current promotion of 0.9% to end and see if there is a new promotion to blow out the 2008's.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239

    You had suggested that their could be a better promo coming than their current .9% financing promo. What are the odds of that because from what I understand, their current 0.9% financing ends on 1/5/09 so I was making it a goal to have that as my last day to pick out my IS 350. Between now and then, I'm shopping around my lowest price ($36,850 w/ XM included - rear spoiler, sports package, Parking assist, and dealer preferred accessories) to see who can beat it. But if there's a chance for something better the next day, then I won't set myself a hard deadline.
  • GamusGamus Posts: 13

    I want the 0.9% promo also before it ends, but with that promo, i just think Lexus, doesn't want to "lose" money and has been quoting $500-$1000 over invoice. It has been difficult to negotiate the OTD price ( at sub 35K OTD), since they started that promotion but then again I am firm with the price I want to buy at 31-32K OTD. (realistic or not but from the above post I am in the ballpark for a 2008 IS250). I even offered 33K OTD at one dealership and was told by the sales manager they only sell at profit. So I left after 30 minutes.

    Also, in response to Lexus dealerships and email quotes they are very bad communicators of email they rather call and call and pretend they only got a request you are looking for a car and calling to verify model and package and even after all that they don't email any numbers.

    I am only speculating there might be a "better promo" later to get rid of the 2008's, by no stretch do I know that is the case. Lexus Sales off by 30-40% compared to last year and the 2008's backed up with more 2009's on the way something has to give.Reading through the Toyota buying exp, and seeing those models sell at or under invoice why would I pay over? Or another way to think about it - when the 0.9% ends for the 2008 models, how are they going to market 2008's against the 2009's models? Or if the 0.9% program is not giving them the sales volume they need what is next?

    I might be screwing myself by not going for the 0.9% but it is just does not make financial sense to buy a 2008 near 2009 prices with only the 0.9% incentive, which does not address the depreciation of a 2008 model. That is my stance on buying in this economic climate.

    I will go back today and see if they are in the mood to take 32K OTD!
  • I would tend to agree that in current economic climate that they will have to come up with additional promotions, more aggressive pricing. Being offered a IS250 AWD without Nav for 38500 OTD does not seem a great deal by any stretch of the imagination.

    I'm too found that getting email price quote from dealers was like pulling teeth. They all want you to go in or to talk to you on the phone. How simple can it be to give a quote - plus they know where the quote request is coming from (so they should be able to see what that web site - such as is saying is TMV price)

    I'm not trying to stop someone making a profit on the deal but hey, with the internet we all know what the invoice pricing is and we all know how dealers make money on deals - so telling us they dont make money on deals is total BS, or going through the haggling process.

    They are in the business of selling cars, if they dont make a deal that would have made you some profit ( albiet smaller) and additional thorugh manufacturer cash back and after sales service etc. and the customer walks away - they have made Nothing.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    It seems like you might be taking a bit of a gamble by waiting past the December to Remember event, but I think it's a safe gamble - they have to do something to get these 2008s out of here. I'm a bit confused though - Gamus & Skytribe - are you guys looking for an 2008 IS 250? or the 2009 IS 350? Is the 0.9% financing only on 2008 IS models? or on 2009 also?

    I believe that the 0.9% financing ends on Monday but I wonder if the dealer incentive of $2k ends then too.

    Here's where I myself am:

    I think Monday is when my purchase is going to go down and I think I'm down to two dealers who I have to choose from. I'd like to gamble with you guys and hold out, but we need a car pretty soon anyways, I'm already $2k+ I think below invoice so I think I'm hitting my discount ceiling. Another reason is that I keep spending so much time emailing and shopping around that whatever further I can push, it probably isn't worth it for the time and effort I'm putting in.

    Lastly, my selections are starting to get a little limited -

    Of the 7 dealers in my area, 1 dealer doesn't have a new 2008 IS 350 anymore, the other 2 only have a modified one each that are pretty hooked up beyond my price range, and the 4 remaining are what I have to work with.

    You both talked about e-mailing Lexus dealers being annoying. I've had decent luck with most being cooperative, some being difficult. One dealer has been very exceptional and gave me my best price at the start. When I went in to see her, the deal was better. And I really liked her attitude.

    The problem is that she has the 2008 IS 350 w/ Luxury Package and I really want the Sports Package. The only dealership that has that has been a bit of a chore to communicate with and I REALLY don't want to reward them with my business - but they have my preferred car.

    I met with these people on New Years, they beat the first dealer by a decent amount, but I still walked because I wanted to be sure on the price. Now I'm pretty sure so here's my final move:

    I'm waiting for confirmation from the dealer w/ my preferred car to get back to me and tell me they will still honor the deal that I didn't take in their dealership when I went in ($36,850 w/ XM included). The deal was a deal that would expire if I left so... let's see if they really meant it.

    If they say they will, then I'll shoot an email to dealer that's been good with me and give an extremely low (but not insulting) price (if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know). I'm going to pray that they don't accept this price so then I don't feel bad for going w/ hard-to-work w/ dealer #2 and getting my preferred car.

    If they do accept the price.. :confuse:
  • drseifdrseif Posts: 8
    Any thoughts on this offer before I let it pass me by after Monday? This is a 3-yr lease with 10K/year; Cincinnati, OH. No special package other than wood grain interior trim upgrade.

    09 IS 250 AWD
    MSRP $36,329
    Selling price $33,508+acq fee of $700+Saels tax $1,043=$35,251
    Residual = 56%
    Gross Residual=$20,344
    Money Factor=.00111
    Lease payment ($0 down) = $476

    They tell me this is the deal of the year but it doesn't seem so great to me. However not sure that they discount the Lexus line too much. Any thoughts on this?
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    Just came back from Lexus of Silver Spring after having purchased my 2008 IS 350 in Smokey Granite Mika w/ Grey Interior. Options included the Sports Package (which has Navi), Rear Spoiler, Headlamp Washers, and Preferred Accessory Package. Final price was $36,850 w/ XM Radio Installed (looking at the breakdown - it's $36,255 for the car + $595.00 for the XM to be installed). THE MSRP was $44,650.00 on the car. I'm not sure what the invoice is - I want to say around $39,xxx?

    It was tough not going with the other dealer who had been really nice and upfront with me from the start, but 1) she didn't have my preferred car, and 2) she said that she couldn't do any lower on the price. So for the same price, I'd rather go with my preferred car (the IS 350 I went with was in the color I preferred and had the Sports Package).

    I took advantage of the 3.9% financing for 60 months. I'm so glad this is over. I could have held out longer if I wanted to, but this was my preferred car and around the area, all that are really left are 2008 IS 350s in Silver/Tungsten w/ Luxury Package.
  • GamusGamus Posts: 13
    Congrats on the purchase!

    As for me, I am still holding out on the 2008 IS250 - and using the IS350 as a guideline of 36,850 makes me feel that my price is fair 32.5K.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    Thanks Gamus. You sure you don't want to step up a few thousand and grab the IS 350? What's the price difference usually between an IS 250 and IS 350?

    Remember, with the price I've posted of $36,850 - a portion up to $595 of that is XM. And as I mentioned in my last post, if I could be flexible on the color and package (Silver/Tungsten w/ Luxury Package), not grabbed one w/ a spoiler, etc, I think I could have pushed this down another grand. I just really wanted the sports package and the Smokey Granite Mika color.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 239
    Gamus, this is geared a little more to you since the price you want to pay is so close to the potential price of an IS 350 - but this advice can be helpful to anyone.

    I posted earlier about my 2008 IS 350 purchase today (err.. yesterday, it's past midnight) for $36,850 w/ XM included. It's in Smoky Granite Mika w/ Sports Package (which has Navi), Rear lip spoiler, parking assist, headlamp washers, and dealer preferred accessories.

    I mentioned there that there were some other 2008 IS 350s still around in the DC area, but they were all in Silver/Tungsten w/ Luxury Package so I decided to get my preferred car.

    Well, when I e-mailed the other dealer I was talking to (Lexus of Annapolis) to let them know that I was sorry, but I went ahead with the sale at Silver Spring because they had the car in the color and build I preferred (it was a nice e-mail because Lexus of Annapolis had been really friendly with me and I really did want to buy from them if I could have)...

    .... Lexus of Annapolis replied and said they're sorry it didn't work out too, but they were willing to go as low as $34,500 for getting rid of their 2008 IS 350 Silver/Tungsten w/ Luxury Package.

    I still dont' feel too bad because I did prefer the Smoky Granite Mika color and the Sports package - and had been waiting to buy this car for too many years to not get as close to what I wanted as possible - but if anyone likes the Silver Tungsten color w/ luxury package, I suggest giving a Lexus of Annapolis a ring.

    I posted this over in a couple of threads too - hopefully I can help save someone some money:

    Maybe I can help save someone some money (plus, I want to see if the Dealer really would be willing to go that low because when I had spoken w/ him face to face, it seemed that we weren't going to be moving past maybe another $500 or so under $36,950 w/ XM included)
  • So I am looking to buy and IS250, there isnt much of a difference between the 2008 and 2009. Currently this is my deal.

    MSRP is $33935.00
    Their offer is $29,500

    The car includes tinte windows and a clear bra on the front bumber along with the Lexus package of HID lighting.

    The car is a smokey granite with black interior. I am located in Oklahoma and the car is nearly 600 miles as well. Also, I am not financing the car either.

    What do you all think?
  • MSRP 35,850
    0 down
    0 security deposit
    0 first pmt (35pmts for 36 months)
    +tax and registration.
    Any good?
    Leasing newbie in Roch NY.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,300
    What's the payment?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • woops-
    2009 IS250AWD
  • GamusGamus Posts: 13
    I just bought a 09 IS250 with 16 miles for 35,650 OTD with Nav, Premium package,preferred accessory package and 18" wheels upgrade. Everywhere else they quoted 34.5K plus tax and lic and reg. I don't know if this is a good deal but for the 08 IS 250 with Nav, I was quoted 35.2K OTD and passed on it. So for about 500 more I got a 09 model.

    I think you can do better esp if the car you are being quoted has 600 miles and it is a 08. Work with the internet dept and grind them down as they are more interested in volume.
  • Thanks for the response. I meant the car is 600 miles away from the dealership, they are doping a dealer trade to get the car. The car is brand new and has like 10 miles on it.
  • aldytaldyt Posts: 6
    Gamus, congrats on the car. May I ask which where did you get that deal?
  • GamusGamus Posts: 13

    I bought this is the Bay Area in Nothern California. I had been looking for one since November 2008. Couple of things that almost made this purchase impossible: One, very few dealers respond via email or even give quotes. Secondly, I even went through Costco and got 34K plus TTL and last of all even showing up in person to did really nothing to improve the opportunity as they all politely told me to take a hike at 32.5K OTD for just NAV. So at 35Kish for the whole package I guess it did not seem unreasonable and like I said 08 was 35.1K OTD.

    Here go my tips on buying a Lexus, no expert but this is my short experience with it. If you get a dealership to respond via email, keep the correspondence going regardless of where you are at in the buying process and continue to assure him it is going to happend ( you buying the car) but are hung up on pricing and avail. Keep grinding the price down when you have his attention and hold a "no profit or a loss" price point as they will keep telling you, you arent even close. When he understands you will be buying soon because you are indicating through your emails that you want to close he will get more agressive; at the sametime I went to different delaership to throw out a OTD price to gauge their reaction to see if I was close. I never was close when I went in person. This is when I got fed up with the sales cycle and told the internet guy we are not even close and told him to give me a realistic price that would make me jump into my car and close it today. He gave it and we grinded it down some more, not much but still and then made real agressive phone calls to see where the deal was since some dealership had my contact already. No dealership would touch his price and were holding their ground at 34.5K plus ttl. even though I said I would buy it TODAY. So done deal on my end with the internet guy. Lots of stress as once they throw out a price , they give you til end of day to close-makes you feel you have to close it, but he had done it before and I never jumped. That's what I felt, horrible feeling even though you might say they can do that price anytime.

    The dealership said they lost money on the deal, but they have to move a set amount of cars a day. So look or try to deal with a large dealership who can take losses in today market to survive and possibly look forward to larger allocations of the IS convertible that is coming out where they can make money on. Non volume dealerships are a joke to deal with as they want to maintain 2007 margins in today's market.

    Even now, I don't even know if I bought at a good price but it is done and can live with it.
  • new 2008 IS 250 RWD base model in Black $29,191 plus license fees (from car broker). car has the Premium pkg. which includes the heated and ventilated leather seats and floor mats with trunk mat.

    I am thinking it needs to be around $27,000 since it is a 2008 and once I drive it off the lot, there goes the depreciation!

    Thoughts? Am I way off base here?
  • Gamus, I got the same deal. What color combo did you get? I got Obsidian/Black. Love the car so far.
  • GamusGamus Posts: 13

    I got the smokey mica granite with the combo interior as I didn't want all black interior. Did you get yours in the Bay Area also? And just curious how did you like the buying experience? And what you thought about the price paid?
  • I got mine at Longo in SoCal. I had two not so good experiences at two other Lexus dealers here, but Longo was great. Went the internet route, and all prices were agreed to before I ever stepped foot into the dealer. I was also happy with that price. Only other thing I wanted for that price was XM, and I bet I could have got that if I held out longer. I ended up buying it and installing it myself for $300 vs. $1,000+ at the dealer.
  • bobetpbobetp Posts: 1

    I'm in the market for a 2008 IS350. Would you know if your SoCal Longo delaer has it? and your internet sales contact? Thanks.
  • Well, I don't know if Longo has any IS350's, but they are SoCal's largest Lexus dealer I believe and they have a ton of stock. On a side note, they have an awesome underground storage facility, which keeps the cars cool in the heat.

    I dealt with Jim Brown, and really liked him. He is a straight shooter, no bs. I hope things go well in your search.
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 89
    Gamus and Dirtywater,

    Can you please post the exact items you got and what price you paid. It will be helpful to me and sure to mention if it includes taxes and other fees...

  • GamusGamus Posts: 13

    I paid $35,650.00 OTD in CA. The car was in-stock, so it was not special ordered or had anything added on. Tried like a mad man to get it to a round 35K but to no avail as they said I can walk out on the deal over $150.00.

    09 IS250
    Premium Package
    Preferred Accessory Package
    18" Alloy wheels with summer tires

    Just like Dirtywater, I tried to do most of the negoiating through email until it was close. Read my earlier post on my Lexus experience. Also, when I bought they denied they had any marketing support so factor that in when negoiating with them or wait til the end of the current promotion and see if they will get agressive again on rates or rebates.
  • cpa3,

    I paid what Gamus paid, I think maybe $100 more, but that was due to where I lived in CA, etc. I used what he paid, and some other members on another forum. For me, I had a price I was sticking to, and I had 2 dealers say they would do it, but one was a bait and switch, and another lied to me about inventory to get me down there.

    In the end, I went with Longo, who I initially didn't think would meet my price. For me, I got the VIN number and sticker tied to the price before I ever stepped foot into the dealership. I insisted that I go there and verify the car and test drive it before I agreed as well. That was all after I agreed to the price. I just was so happy with Longo, they treated me exactly how I wanted to be treated.

    If you do go the internet route, make sure you get the VIN number of the car in question, the price of the vehicle and the OTD price after all fees. I was at the dealership for a total of 20 mins when I went there to pick up my car.

    FYI, I got the same car as Gamus, just a different color combo.
  • GamusGamus Posts: 13

    Did you buy the 100K miles extended bumper to bumper warranty for $1650.00? Cuz I did and I told myself not to prior to going in but didnt want to deal with potential warranty issues down the line as it can get very expensive.

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