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2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • peterng3peterng3 Posts: 3
    did you mean 30,041?
  • khezkhez Posts: 1
    Wow man, this will be the deal I will look forward to get as well. I recall you got this deal from the dealershop @ Redwood City, CA correct? Could I get the name of dealer also? I've seen couple threads on this but it seems that they've gotten replies privately.

    Thanks a lot!

    Just to confirm, this is loaded IS350 which supposely has MSRP of around 44k+?
  • Try the fleet/internet dept @ LEXUS of VALENCIA.

    Give him the quotes you've got and they probably can work with you.

    I know they wored with me and I was EXTREMELY happy wit hthe service & treatment I got. :)

    We special ordered a:
    6 speed m/t
    sports pak
    matador mica red w/ black interior

    Waited 5 months (WORTH THE WAIT) :shades: couldn't be happier

    Got 2K off of sticker (works out to be about 2,300 to 2,500 OVER invoice)

  • lexusgirl1lexusgirl1 Posts: 27
    Ummm I hate to break this to you but replacing the timing belt is considered a maintenance item and won't be covered under your extended warranty. :( Belts, hoses, brake pads, rotors, tires, etc are all maintenance items that are not covered. Extended warranties only cover mechanical issues. My husband is a service advisor and knows for a fact that these items are not covered. The good news is you can cancel that warranty and receive a 100% refund if you do it right away. Just wanted to let you know.... :)
  • Actually, Lexus does not use a timing belt (as I had said before to brooklynjulie) they use chains, and since chains are mechanical, they MIGHT be covered by an xtended warranty. BUT the warranty company might 1) require a tear down to verify the failed component (which of course, the expense is on the customer) 2) require an inspection to VERIFY the failure.
    Now, when was the last time you heard of a Lexus breaking a timing chain?
    A Jaguar, yes, cause I've seen it and the CP $$ are ugly (if your the customer) or very healthy (if your the store/advisor)but since it is mechanical, they MIGHT pay (depending on company & level of coverage)
    Plus, most stores will ask the client for diagnostic times or estimates ($$) before any work is even done regardless of the warranty purchased. That way, if the warranty company declines, the tech still gets paid.
    Do yourself a favor ... cancel the warranty and get your money back .. with a Lexus, you WON'T need it. Take that money & put it in an CD or investment account and in 4 yrs (when the warranty is up)the money in that account should more than cover a major repair (if even needed)on your Lexus.
    Hey Lexusgirl1, you work for Lexus & your hubby for Honda. Ever get into the "whose got better quality" issue debate?
    If you can't already tell, I "share your passion" for the industry - just look at my "screenname". I would love to "swap war stories" but don't want you or I to post e mail address in such a public forum. Do you have a "car site" e mail address we could xchange ideas into?
  • homervinshomervins Posts: 5
    This was an offer made by a NJ dealer.

    IS250 AWD (no options)
    MSRP: $35,069 incl. dest(Edmunds says $34,875)
    Invoice: $31,700 incl. dest(Edmunds say $30,758)
    Offer: $33,200

    For a 12k/36mo. lease:
    Residual: 58%
    MoneyFactor: .00265

    Is this a good deal?
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    Since July 1, has anyone been able to buy an IS250 AWG for no more than $1,000 over invoice? I'm not looking for a specific dealership, just want some idea of how hard to push a local dealer.

  • prime203prime203 Posts: 20
    hey guys, so this forums been insanely helpful, ive been following since september... just got my IS250 with nav, premium, spoiler, accessory package, 18inch rims (smokey granite w/ black interior) for 33,000......... thats a great deal from what ive been reading. I got it from Lexus if Newport Beach, just opened a week ago and they have a pretty good selection and are willing to deal (btw beautiful dealership... makes fletcher jones mercedes look like sh*&). Oh and some people were debating about the standard sound system before... we have a SC430 and LS430 with mark levinson and in my opinion the standard IS250 sound system sounds better (not to say it sounds better than the surround sound systems now available in the IS/GS/ES) but def better than the older generation ML sound systems IMO...
  • Ok...this sounds like the most amazing deal I've researched so far on the IS250. Was that a CAP COST reduction due to money you put down on the car or did you have minimal drive off? I will definitely call them. Did you lease or buy? If lease, do you mind sharing what your residual value, money factor and after tax payment was, so I can try to get a similar deal? If you have a salesperson you dealt with, I would be happy to give him my business as well. :)
  • lexusgirl1lexusgirl1 Posts: 27
    I wasn't aware of that.... my 1998 SC300 had one so I assumed the newer Lexus' would too. My hubby is the service expert and I am the accounting expert and I am here to tell you that the extended warranty companies will pay as little as possible! Do not let the finance/salespeople try to tell you that the warranty will cover doesn't! As I said before normal wear items are NOT covered.

    You asked if my husband and I get into the Honda vs Lexus debate..... no because there is NO comparison! He knows it and I know it! Lexus blows Honda (and Acura too for that matter) out of the water! My husband was so disappointed with the quality of the current Honda/Acura line that he actually traded his RSX Type S in and bought a Subaru WRX STi! I was shocked because he ALWAYS drove Honda/Acura products. He likes my IS250 but thinks it is too slow! He would have preferred the IS350 but even getting it for invoice (since I work there) was too pricey for me! I LOVE MY IS 250!!! :) It is plenty fast for me and my 4 year old (who needs to go that fast when they have such precious cargo on board). :blush:
  • blueskieblueskie Posts: 2
    I ordered mine this week by putting a non-refundable deposit down. Auto, Nav, 18" wheels, Z1 package and rear spoiler.

    Can other buyers please share your experience on how long it take for the car to arrive? I was told that the estimated time is four months but it always comes earlier than that. What are your experiences?
  • lexusgirl1lexusgirl1 Posts: 27
    It will take 2 1/2 - 3 months..... Did you order an 06 or an 07? What color?
  • peterng3peterng3 Posts: 3
    This price is too good to be true. Are you sure this is the correct? The invoice price with nav is already 31,500. Can I get the name of the salesperson you dealt with?
  • blueskieblueskie Posts: 2
    Hi Lexusgirl1,

    I ordered a white with Nav but I didn't want the wood trim so I special ordered it. It will come as 07. I really hope it will come sooner than 4 months. 4 months is kind of a long wait.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Our special order took 5 months .. there was a month delay cause we missed the order deadline
    I was told all special orders go in the 3rd week of the month
    Had we made the deadline, it would have been 4 months (start to finish)

    We ordered
    6 Speed MT
    Sports Pak
    Ordered LAST week of Jan (order not placed until END of Feb)
    Took delivery June 17th (day b4 Fathers Day) nice "gift"


  • Believe me .. I know they don't like to pay. They try to send an inspector each & every time to drag out the process. My favorite "excuse" they give us is .. "we have not verified a failure, we can only replace the part if there is a verified failure" .. SORRY (yeah right you're sorry)
    Sometimes the inspectors treat the claim like it was their $$ or they OWNED the insurance company. One time I actually saw an inspector make a tech boil a thermostat to make sure it would not open (& would stick thereby leading to an overheat) No failure verified, no claim payment.
    It's usually a collaboration between Sales & F&I to tell the client that the warranty covers everything.
    My favorite line is "My salesman told me it was a bumper to bumper warranty" Oh, how I "LOVE" that one (ask your husband about that one, I GUARANTEE he will be LHAO (Laffin His A Off)
    As for the chain/belt issue .. a LEXUS service writer told me the newer engines use a chain (Benz, BMW & Jag all use chains) but hey, he might be wrong but he did access an engine technical manual that showed a chain.
    There are some cars I would not want to drive once they exit the warranty period. On those cars, an extended mechanical failure warranty (which is what they ACTUALLY SHOULD be called instead of an extended warranty) would be a good idea. On a Japanese car, "the jury is still out"

    A Subaru??? You let him buy/lease a Subaru?
    Might be the biggest bang for it's buck (great performance, handling & value) but LOOKS??
    AWFULL. Who designed that car? It has to be one of the ugliest cars out there .. right up there with the Pontiac Aztek (what the HECK was that thing anyway?)

    Anyway .. enjoy your 250 (cause I know the wife & I enjoy ours .. actually she enjoys it more)
  • shay21shay21 Posts: 3
    I'm in the market for a used IS 250 as I cant afford a new one right now. I was wondering if anyone knew what the going rate would be for a used/certified pre-owned IS 250 RWD with premium package and 6000 miles on it. All that I have been able to go by was one or two cars on ebay and watch how the bidding went.

    Thanks for any help, this site is great.
  • mikeb13mikeb13 Posts: 3
    I ordered my IS 350 on March 25 and it just arrived today, so the total wait was a little more than three and a half months. If benzoservceguy is correct and orders are all placed the 3rd week of the month, then obviously I just missed that deadline as well, which may have added some time to my order.
  • antoniusantonius Posts: 30
    I have an offer for an IS350.

    18k mi/ 36mo lease
    43900 MSRP
    40000 Sale price
    9200 down (trade)
    53% residual (56% minus 15cents a mile for the 3000 mi over 15k a year makes it 53%)
    .00275 MF
    491 a month.

    I am pretty new to leasing. Am I missing anything? Credit score is 800. Thoughts? Does a 56% residual on a 15k mile lease for an IS350 sound right? Like I said, mine is really about 53% since I have the extra 3k miles.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    I don't know the specifics on the residual percentage for the IS350, but that is the one number that dealers have no control over.. It is set by the leasing company, and can't be adjusted (well...except for mileage). Your credit score has no effect, like it might on the money factor.

    Residuals tend to drop this time of year, as we get closer to the new model year..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • antoniusantonius Posts: 30
    I am being charged about 3000 in drive off costs. Is that normal? Fees are:

    530 DOC
    492 First payment
    626 Reduction Tax (value of trade in tax)
    600 Acquisition
    650 Lease Reserve.
  • I have two questions. The first regards price: I've received a quote of $39,850 on the IS 350 with the Sports Package (include ML and Navi), which also has the stupid spoiler on it. The MSRP is around $44,250. Is this a good price?

    Secondly, I like the Blue Onyx color, but it appears that this color is not being made at the moment in that package. How does one go about special ordering a certain color, and so the dealers give you a hard time on the price when you special order?
  • liverichlyliverichly Posts: 25
    It's been rumored that the IS350 will not come in Onyx Blue anymore and will be replaced by an alternative color blue, '06 cannot be ordered anymore so if you want Onyx Blue you'll have to get a custom paint job or find an '06. The $39,850 price you have is very good, most have only gotten it down to the $41k area.
  • yamaheartyamaheart Posts: 3
    Hi guys, I’m pretty new to this community and I need a lot of tips from you guys. The more the better, well I have never buy a new car before so I don’t know any about it. I’m thinking of getting that IS 250 and what are the differences between MSRP Price and Invoice price? Can I get the Invoice price instead of the MSRP prices? It seems to me that Invoice Prices are lower. And how can I find a good deal out of it. I’ve been reading all of your posts up in here and saw that u could purchase the IS250 for 31K. Is that the final price included tax or without tax? And how about road fees? Or what is the final price? If I go to the dealer and ask for a good price, what are some tips that I need to deal with that dealer? What tips do I must know to avoid getting rip off big time. If I was gonna order 1, do I need to pay the full amount or I can just do payments with some money down? Do u guys think that getting the 07 models will be better than the current 06 because of all the 06 model’s discrepancies will be corrected on the 07 models? Sorry if I ask too many questions. I just don’t know any of it and willing to learn so I can make my IS250 purchase the right way. Thank you.
  • cklho818cklho818 Posts: 29
    The dealer just quoted me $41,288.00 for an IS 350 w/ Luxury Pkg. Is this a good deal or not? I am thinking maybe trying to knock another $1,000 off to $40,288.00

    What do you guys think? Is this reasonable?

    In addition, just want to share my shopping experience while looking for the ideal Lexus IS. The recent dealer and the previous one I dealt with said that Lexus no longer accept special orders.

    I originally tried to order an IS 250 RWD w/ Sport Pkg back on 06/26/2006. The dealer called back on July 5th said that Lexus is no longer accepting special order though they did successfully ordered one before for a client couple months back with a luxury pkg instead of the sport pkg. Is this true or they just want me to purchase one off their lots.

    I am living in the Bay Area (SF & East Bay)California
  • cklho818cklho818 Posts: 29
    Here are some pricing quotes to share. I got them from a dealer about 2 weeks ago, could be different now.

    2006 IS 250 w/Navigation & Premium Plus Package
    MSRP = $36,504.00
    = $34,504.00.00 + Fees

    2006 IS 350 w/Premium Plus Package & Navigation & CHROME WHEELS
    MSRP = $41,139.00 + $1,895.00 Chrome Wheels
    SPECIAL PRICE = $40,674.00 + Fees

    2006 IS 350 w/Sport Package
    MSRP = $44,264.00
    SPECIAL PRICE = $41,857.00 + Fees

    2006 IS 350 w/Luxury Package & Navigation
    MSRP = $44,784.00
    SPECIAL PRICE = $42,273.00 + Fees

    ***All Prices Plus Tax, License, & Gov. Fees. Additional Accessories

    may apply. Subject to prior Sale.***
  • antoniusantonius Posts: 30
    Well, I paid 40275 for a IS350 with tinting and Premium and Sport package. MSRP was 44384 with the tint. Paid first month payment and had the Acq. and Doc fee rolled into the lease, so my upfront was 650. Payment 659 a month 36 mo/ 18k mi a year. Money factor .00165 (paid 9 multiple sec deposits to get it down from .00255). Residual was 53% with the 18k miles. I think it was a pretty good deal.
  • cklho818cklho818 Posts: 29
    Thanks for sharing; it's certainly helpful. I am thinking of getting one pretty soon say in the next couple of days so I am doing some last min. researh.

    The most recent dealer quoted me for an IS 350 w/ Luxry pkg & McLev audio sys for $41,288. I am thinking of knocking it down a bit like to $40,288 or lower; Hope I can succeed.

    Have a good weekend. :)
  • antoniusantonius Posts: 30
    well...don't forget Lexus holdback is about there is about an extra 800 or so profit beyond the invoice. Also, when you negotiate...go over to Infiniti to them about a lease identical to the one you are considering on an IS350, but on the G35 coupe. The terms Infiniti is offering on an 06 G35 coupe are crazy with the high residual and low money factor. Despite what they say at Lexus, the G35 coupe IS a competitor. If you go in armed with the residuals and MF that Infiniti would offer you on a comparable term/mileage lease, you may be able to get them to give you a more competitive price and a more competitive MF (assuming they are not already offering you the buy rate). I was quoted 56% residual and .00196 MF on a 06 G35 coupe on a 36 mo/17.5k mi a year lease...strong #s.
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