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Land Rover Range Rover/Sport Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gtmaguiregtmaguire Posts: 22
    I would definitely go with the RRS. I agree with your wife the bmw, lexus, infiniti's all look like soccer mom cars to me. But I am biased too I do not like BMW's at all. I think the Porsche Cayenne is one of the ugliest/boring cars ever designed by Porsche. I bought my wife a red RRS and me a blue one. I am a huge Land Rover fan. Also if ego plays a part (and it does a bit with me!) No one looks at a bmw (imo), everyone looks at a Range! Go with the luxury package too. I love my SUVs.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hi Its been a long time you never came back to reply.

    I remember writing you a post in the x5 forum

    I am very curious to know what you bought because my choice is x5 and my friend considers the RRS and you liked both of these cars.

    BTW has anyone recently bought a RRS if yes please share your experience in DETAIL please.

    Lately this forum is dead.
  • user124user124 Posts: 5
    I leased a RRS at the beginning of the month, but I was coming out of an RRS lease so I don't know how much my experience will help. I always liked the RRS, looked at the X5 and Q7 and liked some things more, others less, and overall I thought the RRS was simply far better looking, and I occasionally go on the beach with it and the X5 and Q7 would be in the Atlantic somewhere (or still trying to get itself out of the sand) if you tried that. I did not even go to the dealer, they picked up the old one and brought the new one (same color!).

    As far as terms, I paid $58.2K. As a returning RRS owner, though, that was knocked down an additional $3K. So, apart from being a better truck, the price was unbeatable (24 mo./10.5K miles) at $725/mo plus tax, and way cheaper than my existing 2006, 27 month lease.
  • roverboyroverboy Posts: 26
    Was that price for luxury package? and no down payment? $725 plus tax is best price I've seen if it's luxury.
  • user124user124 Posts: 5
    It was the luxury -- you basically cannot buy a RRS around these parts without the lux package and sat radio unless you order it from the factory. The price is a reflection of the low deal price with the $3,000 returning owner incentive and the very high residual (69%) on a LR finance lease. The purchase price worked out to $55.2K vs. $62.4K sticker.
  • awedioawedio Posts: 57
    if I understand correctly, you're saying you ended paying $55.2k, with no cap cost reduction with a monthly of 725 b4 taxes?

    do you know what your money factor was?

    my rough estimates show a money factor of approx .00125
  • awedioawedio Posts: 57
    are you by any chance in so. cal?
    if so, what dealership?
  • user124user124 Posts: 5
    The vehicle was from the NYC dealer, but there was nothing particularly special about the terms. This is an off-the-rack LR Finance lease. I don't know if the June terms are the same, but a 24 month/10,500 mile per year LR Finance lease was 0.00224 money factor and 69% residual. The residual is 1% higher for a 12,000 mile lease. Pretty much all dealers were offering mid 58K selling price without even negotiating hard. The $3,000 incentive came off whatever the best price you could find.

    I paid no money down, but in NYC you have to pay the sales tax upfront. Adding in a few dealer accessories, my net purchase price was $55.4K.

    I am not sure how your estimate yielded a .00125 money factor. At 69% residual, the terminal value is 43,056, meaning there is 12,344 of depreciation to be financed. The 0.00224 money factor yields a finance charge of 5,293. So, there are a total of 17,637 in lease payments over 24 months, or $735/mo.
  • awedioawedio Posts: 57
    thx 4 the detailed reply.
    I believe the 69% residual is for a 10.5k mile lease & .00224 is the dealer buy rate MF

    Without trying too hard (in So Cal) the RRS HSE can be had for 500 over invoice.
    I will re-check my math as to payments.
  • awedioawedio Posts: 57
    you are correct, my calculation's were completely off
    thx for the detail
  • nomox5nomox5 Posts: 1
    I'm new here, what info is helpful?

    Selling price was $72,400
    leased it for $1000 down and 1st payment
    24 months - $1299 a month with tax.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    How come none of new RRS owners post thier experience here...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,698
    Busy running back and forth to the service department? ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Well I will give my feed back on my buying experience. I have two 2008 RRS's. I paid $67,000 including tax, tags and title, in the new york area with, rear dvd, luxury interior, satellite, running boards, and a few other insurance packages. I purchased the vehicles in April and received the buyer loyalty discount. Prior to owning RRS's I had a discovery. The main reason I bought the brand again was because of the service I received on my first vehicle. Both of my suv's have about five thousand miles on them.

    Pros: My wife and I love the cars. The style simply sets them apart from other SUV's in the luxury class. The interior is wider than the discovery and very comfortable for an adult to sit in between. Also if you have kids the reason we did not get the RR was due to the difficulty of moving the car seats in and out of the vehicle. When we finally got the seats in it was also a tighter fit in the middle. It has the sport transmission used once, nice feature if you off road I guess. The car raises and lowers for access and off-roading respectively. Which I enjoy, the access part at least, I don't know if it will ever see real dirt... It has cool transmission features for different terrain conditions, admittedly not getting much use. The driver and passenger seats are very comfortable and recline nicely for long road trips. There are also very few blind spots while driving. The SUV has a very smooth ride. There is a refrigerator between the driver and passenger seats which is nice to keep things cool. Service, they come and pick the vehicle up, give you a loaner and bring it back. To me that is nearly priceless.

    Cons: The first con is lack of space in the rear. There is significantly less room than we had in the Discovery. We have an extremely large dog which we now have difficulty travelling with when we try to bring luggage. The fridge does not cool anything down, if it is not cold going in, it is going to take hours to get cold. Soda in the fridge for three hours and it was slightly chilled. The fridge should also have a pull out liner so when you spill the kids milk in it you can take it out to clean! I-pod integration is a joke, basically a jack in the back seat you plug your I-pod into. This is in need of serious improvement. The I-pod does not integrate into the sound system so you still need to have access to it to change songs, etc.

    OKS: Navigation system is ok, not the best I have used. Gas mileage is about 13-15 mpg average. The phone blue tooth integration is adequate though sometimes people have difficulty hearing me.

    Problems: The only problem so far has been with the DVD player in one of the SUV's this was a problem when we bought the car. It needed to be replaced.

    If I think of anything else I'll add it... Still highly recommend the car!
  • Just leased an 08 RRS in So Cal. $63k list, $56k purchase price, 48 month lease with US Bank, $830 a month plus tax. Residual is brutatl right now, in the 32% range and the money factor was around .0020. Hope this helps people, its the best I could find around Los Angeles.
  • I am looking into purchasing this used 08 rr sport no lux package with 9800 miles on it. It's in average condition nothing major. They are asking 45000 for it. I would like to know what i should expect to pay before i go in and try to negotiate. I would really like the wood grain and w/o the package i know i am giving in. Anybody with any help is appreciated
  • jbratxjbratx Posts: 40
    Did you try Land Rover Credit?
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137

    Where are you located? In the NY Tri-State area a friend of mine got a new luxury and satellite radio 2008 Range Rover Sport with an MSRP of $62,400 for under $53,000. I believe that a brand new none luxury 2008 Range Rover Sport with an MSRP of $60,700 was running well under $52,000.

    I am a big fan of the Range Rover Sport. However, I don't know if it makes much sense to lease one especially when US Bank is anticipating the residual will be 36% and 35% after 12,000 miles per year and 36 and 39 months, respectively.

  • Thanks matt for responding. That is a steal if your friend got it for 52-53k. I am located in dallas texas and the price of a new one is slightly outta my budget but if i can get a new for under 55 i would definetly look into that. Anybody elses experience would be appreciated

  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    anyone in nj know if lease on sport under 700/mo possible/which dealership? I am in Monmouth and will travel a little bit. I have ml350 now that I love but don't know if getting 2 makes sense. We need another car-can't decide what to do and are all over the place. We had a RR in past (06) but like the size of sport now.
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137

    It is next to impossible to get a Range Rover Sport below $700 per month. There is a substantial amount of lease support from Land Rover and US Bank's 48 month lease program is average, but close to $800 per month plus taxes and inception fees (first month's payment, bank fee, motor vehicle fees, dealer doc fee) due at signing is more likely. There are a couple competitive lease take-over and new car ads on some of the larger lease transfer sites.

  • Offered RRS supercharged
    sell price 64900
    residual factor 35
    depreciation 34660
    down payment ($7500: 2500 for car, 5000 for rest)
    48 month 12k lease
    999.00 (w/tax) per month

    With included silver painted spoilers (front, railing, back)
    With included supercharged rim painted black.

    what do you think?
  • is it true RRS can still be purchase under the x-plan pricing? It's listing x-plan as ~ 54K. very reasonable price as I don't want the hassle of dealing on price. If so, can this be applicable to a factory order as I'm not interested in a RRS w/lux, which is actually what all the stocks are. so i was told if I want one without Lux or Sat, I need to order it. Just curious if x-plan still applies in this situation?
  • bdemarbdemar Posts: 16

    This is my first post here, and I'm still a newbie to the RR world, as I've been with BMW since day 1, so be easy on me :lol: . So I'm interested in the 2010 Range Rover sport HSE, but I'm currently about to end my lease on my bmw 525i at the end of this month. So I need a vehicle until the 2010 comes in, and I can lease it. I was hoping this "short-term" vehicle could be a RRS so the dealership I've been working with offered to sell me a 2006 Sport SC at $39,995 (+ taxes of $2509). They agreed to buy back the vehicle minus $1000 per month for each month I keep it to cover the depreciation. With $0 down and a 2.9% apr I'm looking at $765 a month. So By my calculations(which could be wrong here!), this "short term Range Rover Sport" will REALLY cost me around/more or less $1150 a month. Hopefully the 2010 Sport will be out by the end of Sept, and I have to only keep it for 3 months. Do you all think this is a good deal, or do you have any other ideas to get me in RR sport from the start of July until the 2010 model is avail and I can lease it?

    Thanks for the help!
  • bdemarbdemar Posts: 16

    I was offered a 2006 range rover sport Supercharged black on black with 41k miles (with lux/cold weather/ and rear entertainment) for $40k. How does this price sound to you all?
  • Hi. I am looking to possibly buy a used RR HSE, 2006 model. I have seen many reviews on the car, on both sides of the spectrum. I need some solid information; is this going to be a reliable car? I can't afford a new one, so I would buy a certified pre-owned one. I see reviews that are critical about the maintenance costs and frequency of maintence. Are the motor and transmission reliable? Do small repairs cost a fortune? Should I buy one, or should I keep my Nissan? Somebody, anybody, please help me out with your views of the car, if you have owned one before. Maybe since Ford bought it, the motors are better?? I appreciate any information anyone can give me....
  • That sounds like a good price to me, based on the prices I have been looking at for used RR HSE in Atlanta, which are not even a Supercharged. I would buy it!!
  • atf2190atf2190 Posts: 2
    I am a RR Newbie. I am looking to purchase my first RR Sport/ It is a 2008 HSE with 18 months left on lease (taking under lease transfer). The payments are roughly $899 p/m for 18 months with a lease end buy-out of $33,000.

    Would this be a wise first purchase? How does the price sound with the option to exercise the lease end purchase? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • ae09ae09 Posts: 1
    OK so the MSRP came out last week finally. anyone lease one yet? car man any idea on the residual & mf for a 2010 with the luxury package for 15K miles? Thanks new to the forum, been reading for a long time, in NY but would travel in tristate area for the right deal. THANKS
  • bdemarbdemar Posts: 16
    I don't think Land Rover has worked out a lease deal with Chase yet for the 2010. I am also looking to lease the 2010, and there is still nothing firm. The Car I have put down a deposit on is due by the end of the next week, so I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not even sure what the lease rates would be other banks outside of chase. Anybody else have any insight here?
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