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Cadillac Escalade



  • I bought a 99 Escalade this past November and I Love it! Before my purchase I went to the 1999 Spring Milwaukee Auto Show and looked at all SUVs. After sitting in all of them I really liked the Escalade. I read all the reviews and then test drove almost all of them. I know critics like to point out that the Cadillac is nothing new. But it had the best ride, the most room, most comfortable seats, looked the best, had by far the best sound system, the Onstar System, and It didn't have the highest price. Now I know the critics say it's nothing but a overpriced GM Tahoe
    but it's funny that when I test drove the Tahoe it't didn't drive or feel like the Cadillac. I have to say I don't let critics pick out my home stereo speakers (My ears did that.)And I didn't let a critic pick out my SUV. If you are going to buy an SUV you owe it to yourself to check out the Escalade. (I just went to the Chicago Auto Show and nothing I saw made me think I made the wrong choice.)

    Escalade Lover!
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    I agree with the above post. However, I feel that the current 2000 Tahoe is a bit superior to the Escalade now that it has been totally redesigned. The Tahoe now has 4 wheel disc brakes and improved suspension and frame isolation - not to mention automatic climate control options. I find it absolutely amazing that American SUV's still have drum rear brakes! I think it is a shame that the Escalade has to wait till 2001 to get the improvements that the lower line already has - very strange, you would think the Escalade would have the improvements first! I also wish that the Escalade had a choice of interior leather colors such as grey or charcoal and did not have the chrome wheels or at least had the option of non-chrome.

    Hopefully the 2001 will debut early!
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    makes you happy.

  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Cadallic SUV----now there's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.
  • mbml55amgmbml55amg Posts: 57
    Good spelling there Mac !
  • I've been driving a 97 Ford Expedition for nearly 3 years now and it's time to upgrade... this time I want more! I have test driven every big SUV out there and I'll be picking up my 2000 Escalade in a few days. I can't wait!!! It is the sharpest SUV on the market. I'm very surprised that I'm interested in a Cadillac (I'm only 32 and single), but they are obviously trying hard to draw in a younger crowd.

    One question... why don't they offer temp climate control? That surprises me... Oh well... I'll deal with that... actually, it won't matter, I'll just call On Star and ask have them adjust the temperature... hehe (just kidding).

    I can't wait... I can't wait... I can't wait... oh yeah... best news yet... I'm paying less than $44k... whatta deal!
  • krob1krob1 Posts: 3
    I've been reading all the comments, good & bad about the Escalade, "it cost's too much" "it looks like the Denali" "it's not worth the money" I was the very proud owner of a 1994 Grand Cherokee Limited which I believed was an excellent SUV, but I recently stepped up and bought an Escalade. My Jeep cost $32,000 new in 1994 & I paid $44,500 for my Escalade and I can truly say I see where the price is justified. The ride of the Escalade is unmatched, the room in all the seating compartments is very comfortable as well as the storage space, the ammenities are numerous and the truck just plain rides like a dream ! If you're looking for all the comforts of a car in an SUV Escalade is the truck for you ! It's a real head turner !!!!!!
  • baller1baller1 Posts: 1
    Anyone know when the 2001 is coming out. The current Escalade is a great truck, but the planned chassis, engine, brake, interior, and other changes will surely make it even better. Normally new model years are available by mid to late summer. If that is in fact the case, we should at least be seeing what's in store by now. Right?
  • I recently emailed Cadillac about the 2001 Escalade. The only information they gave me is that it would be based on the new GM SUV platform, feature the 6.0 liter V-8, and would begin production in January of 2001. I found some additional information on Motor Trend's site stating that it would wear distinct sheet metal and boast leading edge technology to separate it from the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon. They also state that the 6.0 liter will produce between 330-350 horsepower, making it the most powerful full size luxury SUV on the market, and the suspension is expected to feature electronic ride-damping and level control.
  • I hope gas hits $2.00 this summer so that people driving these big monstrosities like Navigators, Escalades, and Expeditions, have to pay $60.00 to fill up their tanks. These gas guzzlers are driving up gas prices for all of us. Hello! Increased demand on a commodity rises prices. These huge chunks of metal are impracticle and downright arrogant. I think people buy them due to some kind of inferiority complex. Oh I forgot it "gives the appearance of power and wealth". Give me a break!!!
  • mbml55amgmbml55amg Posts: 57
    BTW, why don't you join all the other whiney, uninformed "Anti-SUVers" losers in topic "2503". they offer much of the same useless dribble, over & over again, on a daily basis. I think you'd fit right in.
  • We own a 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe LT with 59,000 miles and we really like the vehicle, but my wife wants something more, so we have been looking around at (upper-class)SUV's and have come across the Escalade which really sounds like a great vehicle. My brother just bought a 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer and he has had nothing but problems including transmission, and steering, and we used to like the Navigator. Has reliability been pretty good?, and ride quality?, I really wouldn't think that it would be a whole lot different from that of the Tahoe. On the issue of gas prices, if you can fork out the money for the truck itself you would better have enough money to pay extra money in gas! If you have a problem with gas prices, go get a metro or something like that and don't make us feel like we make you drive gas guzzlers.
    Tim M.D.
  • Well, in my first post I said that I would be picking my 2000 Escalade up in a few days... well, now I've had it almost a month and I LOVE IT!!! It rides like a dream and it's the most comfortable vehicle I've ever been in. Everyone that has seen it LOVES IT TOO! People stop me on the street and in parking lots just to see more... :)

    I haven't even started my '97 Expedition since I picked up my Caddy.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    you may even want to put a
    FOR SALE sign on your Expedition. Who would want to drive that!! FORD the name says it all. There is absolutely no comparo between that and what you're driving now.

    '00 Denali
    '00 Silverado
  • Better yet... I'm giving my Expedition back to the dealer... it was just a lease. That way I won't have to take a loss... :)

    Where do I go from here...
  • mbml55amgmbml55amg Posts: 57
    At least,the Expedition does have rear disc brakes.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    have you driven a FORD lately?
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Posts: 358

    The Big Apple is the setting for big news from GMC with the world-wide introduction of the all-new 2001 Yukon Denali at the New York Auto Show. GMC's full-size, upscale SUV is sure to impress attendees with unsurpassed levels of styling,
    improved capabilities and premium features in a true professional-grade package.

    In addition to Yukon Denali, GMC will make world-wide introductions of two additional vehicles, that when combined with Denali, strengthen GMC's hold on the premium truck
    market and further heighten GM's full-size truck leadership.

    The Yukon Denali features the most powerful engine in the half-ton, full-size utility segment - a new Vortec 6000 V8 that delivers 325-horsepower and 370 ft-lb of torque. The
    addition of a heavy-duty electronically controlled
    four-speed automatic transmission makes this powertrain combination highly responsive and quick reacting.

    And, for the first time in a full-size SUV, Yukon Denali is equipped with a standard full-time all-wheel-drive system that provides superior handling and traction for varying
    road conditions without requiring extra effort from the driver. Handling also gets a boost from the standard
    AutoRide computer-controlled suspension system, which provides automatic variable shock damping on all four wheels. Yukon Denali is also the first full-size SUV to offer 17-inch wheels and tires to enhance the vehicle's smooth, quiet ride even further. Yukon Denali's new, unsurpassed powertrain plus it's great chassis gives new
    meaning to agility and control on any road.
    copied from on
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Please just provide the link, without copy the actual article to this board. We wouldn't want to break any copywrite laws. Thanks.

    Community Leader/SUV Conference
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