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Cadillac Escalade



  • I hope gas hits $2.00 this summer so that people driving these big monstrosities like Navigators, Escalades, and Expeditions, have to pay $60.00 to fill up their tanks. These gas guzzlers are driving up gas prices for all of us. Hello! Increased demand on a commodity rises prices. These huge chunks of metal are impracticle and downright arrogant. I think people buy them due to some kind of inferiority complex. Oh I forgot it "gives the appearance of power and wealth". Give me a break!!!
  • mbml55amgmbml55amg Posts: 57
    BTW, why don't you join all the other whiney, uninformed "Anti-SUVers" losers in topic "2503". they offer much of the same useless dribble, over & over again, on a daily basis. I think you'd fit right in.
  • We own a 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe LT with 59,000 miles and we really like the vehicle, but my wife wants something more, so we have been looking around at (upper-class)SUV's and have come across the Escalade which really sounds like a great vehicle. My brother just bought a 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer and he has had nothing but problems including transmission, and steering, and we used to like the Navigator. Has reliability been pretty good?, and ride quality?, I really wouldn't think that it would be a whole lot different from that of the Tahoe. On the issue of gas prices, if you can fork out the money for the truck itself you would better have enough money to pay extra money in gas! If you have a problem with gas prices, go get a metro or something like that and don't make us feel like we make you drive gas guzzlers.
    Tim M.D.
  • Well, in my first post I said that I would be picking my 2000 Escalade up in a few days... well, now I've had it almost a month and I LOVE IT!!! It rides like a dream and it's the most comfortable vehicle I've ever been in. Everyone that has seen it LOVES IT TOO! People stop me on the street and in parking lots just to see more... :)

    I haven't even started my '97 Expedition since I picked up my Caddy.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    you may even want to put a
    FOR SALE sign on your Expedition. Who would want to drive that!! FORD the name says it all. There is absolutely no comparo between that and what you're driving now.

    '00 Denali
    '00 Silverado
  • Better yet... I'm giving my Expedition back to the dealer... it was just a lease. That way I won't have to take a loss... :)

    Where do I go from here...
  • mbml55amgmbml55amg Posts: 57
    At least,the Expedition does have rear disc brakes.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    have you driven a FORD lately?
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Posts: 358

    The Big Apple is the setting for big news from GMC with the world-wide introduction of the all-new 2001 Yukon Denali at the New York Auto Show. GMC's full-size, upscale SUV is sure to impress attendees with unsurpassed levels of styling,
    improved capabilities and premium features in a true professional-grade package.

    In addition to Yukon Denali, GMC will make world-wide introductions of two additional vehicles, that when combined with Denali, strengthen GMC's hold on the premium truck
    market and further heighten GM's full-size truck leadership.

    The Yukon Denali features the most powerful engine in the half-ton, full-size utility segment - a new Vortec 6000 V8 that delivers 325-horsepower and 370 ft-lb of torque. The
    addition of a heavy-duty electronically controlled
    four-speed automatic transmission makes this powertrain combination highly responsive and quick reacting.

    And, for the first time in a full-size SUV, Yukon Denali is equipped with a standard full-time all-wheel-drive system that provides superior handling and traction for varying
    road conditions without requiring extra effort from the driver. Handling also gets a boost from the standard
    AutoRide computer-controlled suspension system, which provides automatic variable shock damping on all four wheels. Yukon Denali is also the first full-size SUV to offer 17-inch wheels and tires to enhance the vehicle's smooth, quiet ride even further. Yukon Denali's new, unsurpassed powertrain plus it's great chassis gives new
    meaning to agility and control on any road.
    copied from on
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Please just provide the link, without copy the actual article to this board. We wouldn't want to break any copywrite laws. Thanks.

    Community Leader/SUV Conference
  • alorenzalorenz Posts: 1
    2000 Escalade
    Purchased a new Escalade yesterday. Great ride and a lot more luxurious than the 97 Tahoe I traded on it. Negatives are the ridiculous location of the VCR! Location under the rear seat cushion would be OK, but when folding the seats flat for carrying cargo or luggage, the seat won't fold all the way down because it hits (and crushes) the VCR. Doesn't GM have Autocad to check this type of dimensional conflict? Absolutely embarassing for them! The TV antenna is two little wires which are supposed to be "glued down" to the drivers side cargo area window frame inside the car. The little stickers don't hold and the little wires "slap and rattle" as they hit the window while you drive. Great!!

    The "On-Star" system on my new car is fully inoperable, though the dealer attempted to set it up for me in the proscribed manner. I discovered that the "Human voice" feature is really just an ordinary cell phone connection. You have to be within range of a GTE cell site to talk to an operator at "Onstar". The only message I get is that my system "is not authorized to use Onstar".

    Other than the above "typically American car" quality problems, I really do like the car's ride and interior comfort, and the exterior styling and 'curb appeal' is quite nice. Learning that the Escalade does not have 4 wheel disc brakes was a shocker - after I had signed on the dotted line!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    the 5.7 should have been a hint that 4 wheel disk did not apply.
  • imfree00imfree00 Posts: 22
    I am tired of my father complaining that I drive a Nazi car. Dad, I say, as soon as our domestics equal German (and Japanese), I will once again be back in the domestic market. My German heritage means nothing in my choice of teutonic cars and my father can be excused because he is 87 years of age and landed at Normandy Beach (Omoha-Dog-Green, to be specific). I understand his position well and he is a dyed in the wool Caddy owner from way back. I ain't no youngster either but GM needs to go some distance before I will buy their product. No offense to those of you who have.
  • krob1krob1 Posts: 3
    I to purchased a 2000 Escalade and had the tv/vcr installed and was wondering if I was the only person having that problem with the antennas for the tv. Thanx for the heads-up on the vcr/folding seat situation, I haven't had to fold my seat down yet but at least I'll be prepared now. When they installed your tv did they remove your rear passengers side antenna ? They removed mine and now I'm having trouble picking up AM radio stations. Are you having the same trouble ?
    As you stated also I am very pleased with my Escalade, the interior is very luxurious and comfortable and the exterior is stylish & elegant. I rented a Navigator 2 weeks ago and I must admit, Caddie hands down ! The interior noise from the engine was a bit much and I kept feeling as though I were going to slip off the drivers seat. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and the fact is that no one car, truck or suv is perfect for everyone. It all comes down to preference and what we're willing to part with our hard earned $$$$ for !!!
  • Dear Cadillac Escalade Owners,
    Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of a Cadillac Escalade. The 2000 Escalade's bold styling and ingenious technology is further supported by an Onboard Entertainment system. Reading through your comments about Onboard Entertainment - it looks as though you have participated in Escalade's recent Onboard Entertainment Marketing Promotion.
    We strive to provide our customers with the very best options. The Onboard Entertainment promotion offers a flip-down, high resolution 6.4" LCD monitor, Videocassette player unit, TV tuner, Infrared wireless headphones, Infrared remote control, auxiliary input jacks (DVD, camcorder or video game unit interface) and a for 4 years/ 50,000 miles warranty by Rosen Products, matching the vehicle warranty.
    We would like to collect you name and phone number to have someone verify the Onboard Entertainment unit is part of our promotion and that the installation was done correctly. While the VCP location does not meet your satisfaction - we believe you will truly value the functionality of the Onboard Entertainment system.

    With regards to other Onboard Entertainment concerns you may have - please feel free to discuss them in detail when we contact you. We are sure that a great many of them can be resolved with some simple steps.

    Once again, thank you for purchasing a Cadillac Escalade. Please forward me your name and contact information to [email protected] so that I can put the appropriate person in touch with you.

    Michael Solomon
    Escalade Brand Team
  • brankinbrankin Posts: 2
    Cadillac Escalade owners. If there are any warranty issues with your Rosen entertainment system in your Escalade please contact the dealership where you purchased it for warranty repairs or contact Brett at Rosen Products e-mail address - [email protected] I will be glad to help you resolve any problems with your entertainment system.
  • dogdendogden Posts: 1
    Rob, you are obviously one of these environmentalist wacko extremists who want to tell everyone what they should drive when it's none of your concern. Mind your own damn business! If people want to drive SUVs, that's their right. God help us when the day comes when the government tells us what cars we can't drive (which you obviously want to happen). Btw, the Fod "admission" is nothing more than a politically correct statement by a manfacturer who has been kowtowed by extremists such as yourself.
  • mbml55amgmbml55amg Posts: 57
    How funny is it that the manufacturer of the "EXCURSION" is listed as a resource by an Anti-SUVer...
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    Enviromentalist wacos, that is what they are because they have their priorities mixed up, the world burns about 50 million barrel of oil per day, if all these barrels are put side by side they will take an area of 4,500 acres or 7.3 square miles and then set it on fire, it gives an idea of the tremendous fire, and an amount greater than that in coal, and who knows how much in wood, in the scheme of things the suv is a very small figure specially if one supplants then for small cars the net gain in conservancy is even smaller, so why not fuss about that great amount of fuel burnt first and as things improve work the way down to lesser things, just like fussing about a cigarrete and ignoring the billion ton CO2 atmosferic release.....he...
  • krob1krob1 Posts: 3
    On May 2,2000 I posted the problems I was experiencing with my Rosen Entertainment System and within days I received a personal response from Brett Rankin at Rosen. After describing my problems in detail Brett emailed me back an explanation and possible solution for these problems. After following Brett's advice the problem was solved. I was quite surprised at the quick & knowledgable response I received. It reminded me of the customer service of days gone bye. If anyone is experiencing problems with your Rosen system I strongly suggest that you contact Brett at [email protected]
    He is very knoledgable of his product and more than willing to assist with your concerns.Brett, if you should happen to view this thanx again for the great customer service.
  • bigmac8bigmac8 Posts: 3
    I am selling a 1999 Silver Sand Escalade with 16,000 miles for $38,500. This truck is in perfect shape and has all the extras including tinted windows all around, moon roof, custom front and back grills, factory wheels and tires and also a custom set of 17 inch Niche Bellas mounted on Firestone tires. This is a very nice truck but it is not a practical one when you work in DC. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested. My e-mail address is [email protected]
  • nava1nava1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone seen or know of a website where I can see the 2001 escalade?
    Is it going to be redesigned?
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    for "naval" and anyone else interested. I have gotten conflicting reports about the '01 Escalade.
    A few dealers here in SoCal are saying the '01 will be a '00 carryover with no major changes in favor of an all new Caddy SUV for '02. Others have said the '01 will follow the Denali but include a standard entertainment system. As it stands no one seems to have any solid info on the future of the Escalade.
  • gocaddygogocaddygo Posts: 4
    When did this promotion start? I purchased my Escalade March 2000 ??
  • bigm1bigm1 Posts: 10
    Dealer said there will be no 2001 Escalade models. The 2002 version will be out around February of 2001 so they will just skip the 2001 model year and call them 2002 models.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    the current issue of AutoWeek magazine. The front end looks grotesque. I will say this, from the from the front you won't confuse it with a Denali. That can't be said from any other angle though.

  • brankinbrankin Posts: 2
    Depending on where you live the promotion started a couple of months ago. e-mail me at [email protected] and we can see if you qualify for the entertainment system.
  • Help from Anyone

    I have a '95 trooper ltd-ands sometimes the trans
    seems to slip & the check engine light comes on
    or the transmission light comes on. It seems as
    though it slip out of the 2wd, anyone know thhe
  • caddyman2caddyman2 Posts: 1
    If you think the Tahoe is less than an Escalade here are the numbers:
    For a 3 year lease: Tahoe $5000 total down payment, $619 per month.(I was getting the Tahoe $3000 below factory invoice of $41,600)
    For a 3 year lease: Escalade $4600 total down and $579 per month.
    You don't have to be a rocket scientest to know which is more. The Escalade rides better than my other Cadillac.
  • lukezeuslukezeus Posts: 4
    HELP! Stop me from buying a 2000 Navigator today ! Details on 2001 Escalade ??? ex. availability date, navig. system, moonroof, 3 rd seat, nite vision, center row side airbags, etc. THANKS!!!
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