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2007 Cadillac CTS and CTS-V



  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,355
    in a bit under two years.

    Looks like the '07 CTSs are driven by people who don't spend a lot of time on Edmunds.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    just wondering why you are responding to a three year old message???? it was posted Oct 05.........
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Come on, go easy on him...he was simply composing his response very carefully, and did not want to make any mistakes that he would have to "edit" six months later...:):):):):)
  • Why are you reading it? -ominous smile-
  • oharamjoharamj Posts: 2
    I've been meaning to post my experience with an "04 CTS 3.6l- so here goes

    Bough 2.5yrs ago as a certified used car from Cad. dealer in Milwaukee. I'm an engineer (exactly the demographic Cadillac are trying to market to - 35yrs old). It was a leap of faith buying a Cadillac but I thought I'd try it - the CTS looks great- mine is black with a regular base leather interior.

    Here what has been done to it: (out of necessity- it recently hit 100k- so warranty expired)

    2 Rear ends (complete diff [non-permissible content removed]'y)- Note last one was put in in Oct last year (when car was serviced recently dealer told me the oil from [non-permissible content removed]'y was black on one side of diff- so new fluid etc. put in). The car got stuck in grass at side of my driveway during bad snow in Wi in Dec - 2 min.s of trying to get it out- has almost killed the diff. clutch (nothing heroic- gently tried to one wheel onto tarmac) - I understand CTS's have an appetite for diff.s - either a design or Mexico AMM manufacturing problem- but this is a big ticket item.

    1 Half shaft - drive to axle from diff.
    1 new seal- wheel hub (radial shaft seal)
    New engine chains & sprockets - complete timing chain replacement

    Water pump gasket-#1 Coolant leak #1 (Dealer told me it was the gasket - took it to another dealer closer to home because 100k warranty was looming

    Water Pump gasket#2 - Coolant leak#2 (I've worked in auto. selaing industry for large German company- know that seals/probabilities don't go bad twice in a relatively short space of time) - took it to a Chevy dealer closer to home- turns out the gasket was fine- the cylinder head was leaking

    1 cylinder head job gasket and water pump- see above

    AC - two trips to delaer to fix bad gaskets
    3 struts in front end ( one set only lasted a year)
    2 radios (stopped working)
    Leak in trunk
    Leak in floor well - driver's side - 2 trips to resolve
    Broken Vent switch, loose trim, peeling paint m ball joints, starting disabled because of sftware issue , bushings.....................etc

    this is just what I can remember- there is no room in glove box for the encylopedia of invoices generated by dealer to fix problems- and I have no idea what was done to it by prior owner. (note each line item represents trip to dealer.

    At 103k - the transmission / radiator closed loop cooling failer - send trans. fluid to red. and coolant to trans. - cost $4300 to fix. When car was picked up at dealer a few weeks ago- I'm told it developed a brake assist problem right there in the servicing bay and needs a new sensor- and the thermostat is lazy- all happened at dealer.

    I had the car serviced at a Cadillac dealer religuously ( being an engineer I can appreciate maintenance) and also paid the $500 shoe and rotor regrind without complaint when the economy was in the toliet and the dealer was obviously balancing the books.

    GM- with a serious push put 25% toward parts in the transmission fiasco- and more or less stated you are on your own- which is a major disappointment to say the least. I believe the official line was - " there are too many miles on the car and it's an 2004" - all of which is true- but the car was 3k over it's warranty (with what is a design fault), with a meticulously maintained car..............

    GM have a lot of catching up to do quality wise.... I've driven the new CTS - and on the surface like it's earlier sibling- everything looks in order- but I can't take the risk again with this brand.

    I don't believe in Lemons - systems failure happen because of just that- but all these items I've dealt with are isolated systems- which means exceptionally poor quality.- plain and simple I'm afraid.
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