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Ford Escape Fog Lights



  • would you tell me what you had to get to make these work on the 06 escape I have bought the lights and the switch because i see the wiring is there already BUT the deales said I need supports for them BUT they look like I cut out the knock offs and there is 4 holes ther to fasten the lights to.
    Please help me
    The Consultant
  • What I did was remove the front bumper completely, there are about a dozen screws & bolts to take out, was actually easier that I thought. I used a dremmel to cut out the holes as they are not knock-outs and are a part of the bumper (sucks). Then smooth out the area you just cut out, a dremmel (also known as a "rotary tool") is the best way. Those four holes ARE mounting holes for the lights but I found that there are two different sets of lights Ford used in the 06 escape. If your lights have the square bracket with the four holes in that match up they your set. Mine were different so I had to shave off those four mounting holes and the light bracket slipped over the lip on the inside. Once you have the lights mounted and plugged into the factory plugs they so conveniently left for you, and your nice new switch you bought for the dash, you will find that your lights will not come on, even though you have the little light icon light up on the new dash switch. What you need to do next is phone your local dealer and tell them you need your computer programmed to turn on the driving light feature, they will charge you to do this. I'am in Canada, they quoted me $47.50, which is a little less than half of the hourly shop rate. It did take me a while to find a dealer that knew what I was talking about (if you read my previous posts) so if you get one that doesnt know, ask them to speak to the service manager, he should know, and if that fails, phone another dealer.

    I lucked out and know a friend that works at my local ford dealer who programmed them for free for me. But if you dont take it to a ford dealer, make sure the place you goto is reputable and that you get a receipt for your service because I read in some posts that it is a touchy thing and if they mess up in the computer then there can be other malfunctions, so you will want proof you took it there so it can be fixed. I'd get it done though at a dealer to be safe....

    Hope this helped, and if you need more advise for removing the front bumper then let me know....

  • OK sounds like a good deal was it hard to take off the bumper I see a few screws under the front mabye can you direct me a little here. thanks
  • Its rather easy, once you get over the intimidation factor. Definately get yourself a nice big towel or drop cloth incase you drop the thing, dont want to scuff it. But I found it easier to start underneath and there are about 6 bolts to remove underneath, also remove the little plastic piece that dangles down (cant remember its name).

    The next ones I removed are like plastic screws with a phillips head, unscrew them enough to get your fingers on it and pull them out, they are plastic. Once they are out you need to pull out the plastic tab that they push into. There are i believe two that are located in the opening just under the licence plate. Next ones are located in the wheel wells, i believe 3 on each side, you may have to remove a few of the screws around the top of the wheel well to get better access and also may have to turn the wheels to get your screw driver to them.

    Now, for the tricky one. When you unscrewed the other screws above the wheel well, there is another one of those phillips head screw tab things you need to remove on the inner side of the bumper behind the three you just removed. I struggled with it, so be patient. You should be able to see the inside of the tab that the screw goes into, get a flathead screw driver and push out the screw from inside the tab, trying to unscrew it will get you very angry and consider smashing your headlights out, thats how frustrating those two are, (one on either side).

    Finally you've got the bolts on top. Take off the bolts for the grill on top too, it comes off with the bumper. Make sure you have your towel or drop cloth down just incase you drop it. Find yourself a nice big space to put your bumper once its off, I have a nice large work bench in my garage. Put a towel or cloth there to while it sits.....

    Sit it on your area with the front of the bumper facing you and whip out your dremmel (or "rotary tool") :-) and I used the cutting bit that has the sharp tapered point and proceeded to cut. Dont go too fast, want to be fairly accurate, but dont go too slow in one spot or your plastic will get very hot and may deform.

    Keep handy a lighter/torch and a wire brush. As you cut away, the small bits of plastic melt around the bit and about every 2 inches you may have to take it out and get the bunched up melted plastic off, thats where the fire & wire brush come into play. Continue until you have a nice hole. Will be rough so you will want to smooth it out with one of the sanding bits or a file, whatever you have or want to use. Don't worry about the little pieces of melted plastic that are flying off and sticking to the bumper as they just flake off with your finger nail.

    Next, the part you are waiting for, mount those lights, make sure they are in the correct way, yes it does make a difference, there should be markings, if not i believe the writing on the lens should be able to be read properly when all back together.

    Get the bumper back to the truck, you may have to crouch down and rest it on your knees while you plug the lights in, mine didnt have enough wire to set it on the ground and plug them in. Get the bumper back in place and put a couple bolts back in the top and just go from there.
  • OK thanks a million. I have been adding things to this truck since I got it. All that is left are the fog lights and clear taillights.

    PS what color is your escape
  • Hey, anytime, glad to share what I know....... Mine is the Titanium Green... I've got a site posted at shows what I've done so far... Check it out...

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I've got a site posted ...

    I recommend setting one up at :)

    tidester, host
  • Looks great I just set up a fast page for mine . I will add more later.
  • Hi Chris,

    Can you please elaborate how did you wire up the lights to the dash board. I managed to remove the bumper and I can see those factory installed wires to connect to. Where those wires appear in the cabin, where did you install a switch on the dashboard, does it require mounting off the dashboard, did you need to add any fuses or relays along the path?

    I have 2002 Escape.

    Best regards
  • Just to the left of the power mirror switch, there is a "blank" square insert, same size as the hazzard light and rear window defroster button. It is a blank, or "dummy" cover just to fill the space. Get a small flathead screwdriver and pop it out. Attached to the inside of that "blank" will be the plug that goes right into the actual switch that you need to buy, either from a dealer or scrap yard, just plug in and push it back in. You next need to goto your local dealer and get the computer programmed to enable the lights. The light icon will apear as soon as you plug it in, but dont be happy, they wont work til they get programmed.

    Keep in mind, this is how it is on my 2006.....

    Hope this helped.....
  • Does anyone know if the fog lamp bulb P/N PS24WFF translates to a standard P/N such as H4 or 9145?
    Looking to replace the OEM bulbs with something such as Silverstar's.
  • quetellequetelle Posts: 2
    Hi, I have a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid and it looks like you have/had the same fog lights I do (PS24WFF) and you either found a bright bulb or found a way to install HID's from the looks of the pictures on your domain. If they are HID's, which bulb pattern did you use. Thanks. :surprise:
  • quetellequetelle Posts: 2
    it took me a while to figure out how to take the bulb out and it's no where close my friend.
  • PS24WFF is H16 or 9009.

    H16 is a special bulb made for GM trucks and SUV. But since 2008 Ford use it on his truck and the Escape was the first.

    You can buy it from or make a search on yahoo or google.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Hi, I have a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid and it looks like you have/had the same fog lights I do (PS24WFF) and you either found a bright bulb or found a way to install HID's from the looks of the pictures on your domain. If they are HID's, which bulb pattern did you use. Thanks."

    I have a 2008 FEH with factory fog lights, and it uses a different switch than the ones described for the 2006 in this forum. My fog lights activate by the same rotating switch that works the headlights - you pull the switch out to turn on the fog lights.

    I'm not sure if the stock switch has this capability, or if you can use a different switch, or if you would have to insert a new switch that is capable of fog light operations. But in any case it appears that the Ford dealer will need to program the SJB.
  • I purchased a Fog light switch after seeing the wires when replacing the headlight lens. So now I want to install them myself, so what is the final solution to getting them to work?
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    Saying you will not buy another Ford because the NOT factory installed lights will not work after you add them yourself is the dumbest thing I have heard all day. But it is still early. You should have done your homework. Take some personal responsibility. Lick your wounds and move on. Get the fog lights "programmed in" and then appreciate the job you have done.
  • In 2006, I bought a new Ford Escape (Hybrid) and have always wanted the fog lamps to automatically come on when the headlights are turned on. Does anyone know if it is possible to have the fog lamps programmed to operate as they do now, but just turning on automatically and being on whenever the headlights are on?
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    I have a 2004 Limited and as long as the foglamp switch is turned on, they will always come on automatically when the headlamps come on.
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