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Lexus GX 470 Maintenance and Repair



  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    I always run regular gas. Did the same in my MDX. I notice a slight improvement with the higher octane, but I just don't need it. The better gas does not seem to help me in any way with the mileage. On the RX forum some folks seemed to think that mobil gas with detergents is better for the engine, but????

    As for the brake clunk, it is something you feel more than hear, and it feels like you have been lightly tapped from behind in a mild fender bender. It did not seem to occur all the time, it was only randomly, and only when fully stopped with your foot on the brake.
  • ajbolitajbolit Posts: 6
    Just bought 04 GX470 and surely enough Mark Levinson's DVD remote is missing. Lexus deasler wants 349$ - isn't it too much? Anybody was able to figure out a replacements options for that remote or the place where I could get it cheaper?
  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    The clunk when you stop and start again is actually the transaxle as I just came from Lexus in N.J. They have a kit for that but it is nationally backordered as all the dealers found out about the fix. I'm under warranty by far so no worries for me. I saw on the invoice it requires a grand worth of parts for the fix. Thx. Bob
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I'm really frosted by Lexus' handling of updates to their nav system. My wife's '04 GX has (from what they tell me) a 2002 system. We were going to Yowemite in May so the 2nd week in May we asked them to get us the updated maps. Two weeks later we left, no update. We got a call last Monday (7/10) "do you still want the update"? Yes. "It should be in the end of the week ... we'll call when it gets here." Well, still nothing! Two months? And no notification when an update was made available? One would expect a whole lot more attention to detail from a top end franchise.

    When my wife misplaced her key-fob transmitter it took them > 4 months to let us know the one she ordered and paid for had come in. Fortunately she found the lost one. They hadn't programmed the new one to her car (yet an additional cost) but that didn't matter ... we still had to take it even though it could have been sold to another customer. Or returned, for that matter.

    These two issues, plus the less than stellar hiway performance of our GX, makes this the first and last Lexus I'll ever own.

  • cdfwifecdfwife Posts: 37
    Blov8r, sorry you had had bad service issues. It can be very dissapointing. I am fortunate to not have any major issues, and my servicing dealer has been great. No complaints, and they have been really nice. (of course we pay for the privilige.) I always laugh when people reference the "free" beverages in the customer lounge.

    BTW, I have really been behaving with my driving, but can't budge the mileage over 16. Maybe if I drove more freeway miles.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    To be fair, when the car goes in for service it is great service (and it goes in only for routine maintenance). It's the lack of attention to details of other than ordinary requests that frosts me.

    As far as the "free" beverages is concerned, my barber offers that!

    16's as good as the V8 will let you have ... maybe squeak a bit more on the hiway, but there I usually cruise @ 80 and 16's what I expect. :shades:
  • cwilbscwilbs Posts: 14
    Wondering what you all think about the difference in the ride from the comfort to the sport ride? What do you notice different? I'm not sure if its my imagination or not so any input would be helpful
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    I've found no material difference in the two ride settings. I'm actually quite unhappy w/ this car/truck but fortunately my wife loves it. I know it's my fault for paying $50K for it ... I liked the road manners of her old Grand Cherokee a great deal better! And my Navigator was even better than that. Go figure. Bart :(
  • What were the conditions when you were on Race Track road? At Desert USA it says that road can driven by family sedans in normal conditions.

    Let's look at what Consumer Reports says about off road vehicles - GX470 and 4Runner in the top 10 and Ford Expedition in the bottom 10 (Navigator is based on Expedition). The GX470 is a much better off-road vehicle than the Expedition. Does this advantage help the typical rider who never goes off road? I would say definitely not. Does this advantage help the typical rider who drives on snowy roads? I would say it depends on how deep the snow gets.

    Here's a fun video that shows what a GX470 can do: YouTube GX470 on rocks.

    I've had many cars and trucks on road and seriously off road (California and Mexico), including Ford and Lexus, and not one of them was "the king" in every category.
  • Has anyone installed the XM satellite receiver and adaptor listed below? The claim is that these devices integrate with the existing GX system (display, steering wheel radio controls, etc).

    Terk XMDirect Universal XM Satellite Radio
    SoundLinQ (Model SLX) - Auxiliary Input Adapter

    These two devices also give you the ability to integrate your ipod into your vehicle.

    I'm wondering where the best place to put the antenna is without it looking like #@$&;
  • cfb1cfb1 Posts: 1
    Two days ago I purchased an '06 GX470 and have had a number of problems - Lexus dealer installed DVD player doesn't work (keep getting a "wrong format" message when we load a Netflix DVD); Interior lights don't come on when doors open; my cell phone charger is stuck in the AC adaptor. Is this symptomatic of this car?

    Seems this DFW market is tight. We went to 3 dealerships and none would deal like the San Jose dealerships would. We opted to buy once we relocated but I'm not sure now. We paid $53K total out the door (fully-loaded but without sport package or chrome wheels) plus $1540 for the 7yr/100K warranty.

  • I don't believe these problems are symptomatic of this car. I did have a 2000 LX 470 for 6 years... no major problems and have had my new 2006 GX 470 for about a month now and no problems as of yet so I'm not sure what to tell you. I know I would not be very happy if it did have these problems being brand new. For the interior lights I think that might be just a setting. Maybe check the manual and see. Mine come on but I do recall our salesman saying you have the option of them coming on or not. Good Luck
  • We are on our 5th Lexus and I drive a Lexus also. My wife drives a GX 470 which is 20 months old and we have had a series of little problems with it since new. In addition to the minor issue the two main ones are this.

    1) It took 5 times to fix the Air Conditioning. The A/C would work then not. The compressor light would start flashing and when this happened that meant the compressor was not working. This was finally fixed after out 5th trip and took 5 days. They had to order a $1,000 "main hose"(according to the service guy) The A/C issue would fit our states lemon law, "Only if the A/C issue first happened with 12 months of buying it" but it started during month 14.

    2) This issue is much more serious and my wife has said she will no longer drive the car. We live in the middle of a big hill and we have to travel down it to a busy access road to get to anywhere outside our sub-division and about two months ago my wife pull out of our driveway and went to try to stop but the brakes went to the floor. She freaked out and put it into reverse. We took it into the shop and they said nothing was wrong and that sometimes air is trapped in the brake lines from the factory. (I didn't quite buy this since we had the car for 18 months, but I left with it). My wife reluctantly began driving the car again after I drove it for a week without issues. Now two months later the brakes failed again while she had the car full of kids. Nobody was hurt, and this time she used the emergency brake, instead of reverse like I told her. I took it in on Tuesday and on Friday morning they called and said they had it fixed and had applied a Service Notice(which we never received) but just wanted to road test it. I called Friday afternoon and they said, they were road testing it and had a "pedal issue", which I think is the PC way of saying "the brakes failed". So now they have ordered in a new Master Cylinder and who knows what else, and said the soonest the car will be ready is next Wednesday Now my wife really will not drive it. I have asked the dealership if they could work with me on this since it is so new, had so many issues and it seems to have serious problems. They answered by not saying anything. One of the guys who worked there told me to call 180025lexus (not sure if the guy was really trying to help me or his boss made him tell me like it was "inside information" in order to take the heat off of the dealership) I called and filled out their short form and was told someone would contact me in two business days. Does anyone know about these issues? Does anyone know of any recourse I might have since we are just outside the lemon law. It would seem brakes should be considered more important than AC or trim molding, etc. My wife will not drive the car so I am not sure what to do with it. Selling it, I will take a server beating since I paid list for it since it was the first 2005 and their was a waiting list a mile long. Any help would be appreciated.
  • WOW! That is all I can say. That does not sound good at all. It really scares me to think that has happened to an almost brand new Lexus. Have you ever had a any other problems with your other Lexus'? Have you always bought from the same dealership?
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Does anyone know of any recourse I might have since we are just outside the lemon law.

    Ouch. The car's too new, and if it's having brake failure issues they should be fixable and I wouldn't take the car back until the entire brake system has been fixed and checked out. Unfortunately, just because your wife won't drive it doesn't obligate them to "work with you" ... but once letitimate fears have arisen it's a fairly strong argument w/ lugging kids around, etc, to have an attorney knowledgable about this sort of thing write them a strong letter. As it's an intermittent thing, how will you ever know when it's really safe to drive! I'm on your wife's side ... and I wouldn't rest until this issue was resolved and the car replaced.
  • I listen to the radio pretty loud and in my Cadillac when I was under the nav directions when it was time to turn or be warned of the next exit I was to take, the radio would lower automatic and the voice would come on. With this GX it seems like the radio will not lower and you can't hear the voice unless you yourself would lower the radio. Am I doing something wrong or have something set wrong?
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Must be something wrong with the software. My wife's GX gets VERY much softer when NAV instructions come on. I drive an Infiniti M35 ... in THAT car, although the audio does soften a bit, it doesn't begin to compare with the quieting in the Lexus. That's the ONLY part of the Lexus that I feel is superior to the Infiniti! Bart
  • This is normal in the GX.
    I had an 05 GX and now have a 06 GX. The nav voice just doesn't go loud enough when the radio is turned up. If the volumn on the radio is low, then I can hear the nav voice. For some reason, Lexus doesn't want the nav voice to be loud. Who knows what their logic is for that. I imagine its the same on other Lexus vehicles.
  • What was your dealers name. I couldn't image having that problem with the service I get in my area. Greenwich, CT
  • cw5jbcw5jb Posts: 6
    I’m looking for anyone who owns a 2007 GX470 with NAV. My question to all that own a 07 with NAV would be, have you figured out the voice command for the air conditioner? I have not been able to get the A/C to work using a voice command. I owned a 05 GX and a 06 RX400h in which the voice command worked well for the A/C.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    The service isn't bad, the customer care stynx. I got my 2nd Infiniti from the dealer across the street and their attention to detail makes our Lexus dealer look like he's serving Yugo owners. Bart :mad:
  • Dear cwilbs! I am surprised that your dealer is not communicating with you to your satisfaction. My suggestions:
    -look for a lawfirm that has handled automotive complaints in the past, possibly from your State (of residence);
    -provide them with information, and
    -with a Customer Service history printout from the dealership that has been servicing your Lexus (it is free of charge - you have the right to get it while you wait!)
    -tell the lawfirm you intend to hire, that you need to initiate a legal process by sending a "Letter of Demand" about your complains (cost: $800 or less);
    I wish you good luck! Andrew
  • I bought my wife a 2007 GX470 with navigation. During the December to remember sale. I cannot get the voice command to operate the Air condition either. It doesn't make sense that the older generation models, 2006 and older have that function and the newest models do not. Please let me know if you find a solution to this problem.
  • cw5jbcw5jb Posts: 6
    If you look within your owners manual it does show that the voice NAV should work in with the A/C. However, after running this problem through my dealership, East coast manger, Lexus in Cal and allot of others it turns out the manual incorrect. I surprise the entire Lexus team because no other buyer of a 2007 noticed or caught this. For 2007 Lexus opt not to have the NAV work with the A/C. Instead the GEN 5 NAV allows one to place a telephone call with voice where Gen 4 could not. Bottom line: You have to control the A/C with your hands. :mad:
  • Thanks for the reply, I asked the dealer during a demo why that function doesn't work. They were stumped because they assumed that it had the same features as the previous generation in addition to the voice command for phone calls.
  • the only part in the vehicle that concerns the ac control and the navigation is the gateway ecu. so there is a wiring glitch of the gateway ecu most probably. its part of the avc lan system that stops you from hooking up non lexus accesories to the wiring harness and at times even stops lexus accesories from working.
  • I've been researching the "clunk" and saw a msg dating back to Jan 2006 that stated many of the related messages were no longer appearng on the site, but host indicated they would be available elsewhere. Could someone point me in the right direction as we are continuing to experience problems with our 2004 GX. Thanks -
  • Can you give us an update on how your GX issue was resolved? We have a 2005 GX that has had a similar track record. Thanks
  • I have a 2004 GX470 and have recently (in the past 3 months) noticed a clunking sound when I put on the brakes. I noticed some postings about that. Has anyone had it looked at and what did it cost to repair it? Also have had the problem with the AC compressor going out - started before the warranty was out and the dealer could not find a problem. Has anyone had this repaired? If so, how much? I am considering purchasing a new car and thought about a 2007 GX470 - any thoughts? Also, does the 2007 have Bluetooth capability?
  • jasp615jasp615 Posts: 10
    Ok as for the clunk that is not warranty that is a TSB and I had mine fixed and it works like a dream now. Have the dealership look this up it's a well know problem with the Gx 470 but once fixed there isn't ever a problem again. I beleive it's an upper and lower control arm and drive shaft.

    As for the AC compressor I haven't had that problem but I guess if you have that written down as a problem prior to the warranty running out and it's still doing it I would question that also.

    My 2006 has bluetooth and love it.

    I went from having a 2003 and a 2005 Escalade to a Gx 470 (always had large trucks) and I will never drive anything else. We are thrilled with our choice.

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