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Buick Lucerne Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • How is your CXL.V8 going. It is the color my wife is looking for, do you want to sell it or know of any others in Sage Mist for sale ? They dropped that color mid 07
  • My dad wants my help looking at 07 Lucernes over the Thanksgiving holiday. Recently a local dealer was offering 07s 6k below invoice. Is that the best deal currently?
  • Where are they offering $6K below invoice? I am considering one and the only incentive I see is $2k incentive off best negotiated deal -- in PA.
  • waltchanwaltchan Posts: 124
    Looking forward to get a new 2009 Buick Lucerne CXL somewhere next year. The options I want are:

    Custom Perforated Leather
    Chrome Appearance Package
    Driver Confidence Package
    Luxury Package
    Side Blind Alert
    Harmon/Kardon Speakers
    Steering Wheel

    What's the best, most reasonable offer I can get with the dealer with a MSRP sticker of $37,000. I am thinking on trying $8,000 off MSRP. Will that work? If not, how much MSRP off when you purchased your new Lucerne? Buicks aren't hot seller anyway, and I'm sure some dealers offer big discounts. Thank you for any advise given.
  • I just finished negotiaring on a 2008 pretty loaded CXS. I paid about $150 below dealer invoice. I got my dealer cost info from tmv and another source, gm dealers have a 3% holdback on the invoice from GM for their overhead and lights, some vehicles and dealer have to pay a 2% group advertising fee. I don't think they have 8000 in a new vehicle. I got documentation from another source on dealer invoice, units sold per month and best deals from that source.

    Somewhere on this site there is a link for Capital one auto buying, In northern California their deal is $100 over invoice if the car is on the dealer in the programs lot. In southern california its $300 over invoice but a so cal dealer was willing to sell me the car at invoice and truck it 350 mile to me and have me sign the paperwork here.

    I called the sales manager of my local dealer and aksed him if wanted to sell a car and told him what deals I had at other dealers, I completed the deal in about 20 minutes after a month of research and pricing. Given its the end of the year I may have gotten a better deal but there were only 3 cars in the state configured the way I wanted. I also get 2000 cash back from GM and the dealer got me a better interest rate by 1% and its lower than I was able to get from applying to 5 banks and I have excellent credit.

    If you are going to finance I suggest you secure your financing first and then pick your vehicle.

    I used for price and negotiation tips.

    Dealer Cost Item Retail
    750 destination 750
    33973 list 35950
    622.5 wheels 750
    742.85 heat and cool seats 895
    1614.35 nav sys 1945
    161.85 grillwer 195
    244.85 lane departure 295
    327.85 blind side 395
    124.5 heated steeerign 150
    747 sun roof 900
    0 paint
    39308.75 42225
    819.5 Advertising western region
    40128.25 total 42225
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    That's likely a bit too much off, to consider.

    Figure out what invoice is on that car, and consider that your starting point, minus any rebates.

    Hence, if it were a 2008 CXL with those options right now, should have an invoice right around $35,500--so that would be about your starting point. From that, and again just using now as an idea, you could subtract $2000 in rebate around $33,500.

    Basically, a few months into a model year, and with the fact that the spread between MSRP and invoice is fairly small on a Lucerne...$8k off just isn't feasible. It is right now on leftover 2007's, with extra rebate cash available, but that's about it.

    Just not going to happen, to get that kind of a chunk off, unless it's a leftover 2008 maybe this time next year. Determine invoice price at that time, subtract rebates, and that's your figure.
  • waltchanwaltchan Posts: 124
    Looks like I'll wait near the end of the year model. The only problem is, will the Lucerne with the 3800 V6 will still be in production by the end of 2009? Sources tell me that production on the 3800 engine ends at winter 2008, but it's usually a few months after winter 2008 that there will be some 3800 engines left before it will completely be depleted. If I am lucky, and I hope, I may get the early 2010 with the 3800 engine. The later I buy, the better, since more of my earnings will come in.
  • I've also heard they were phasing out the 3800, which baffles me because as far as I'm concerned it's the best V-6 ever made.
  • waltchanwaltchan Posts: 124
    The 3800 is the last Buick-designed engine ever made. When it is phased out, there will never be a Buick that drives and rides like a Buick again. All Buicks now will get either the GM High Feature engine or the Cadillac Northstar engine. Although more powerful and many people are happy with it, to me, putting in one of the two engines in a Buick will not drive and ride like a real Buick as before in the past. Buick will lost its appeal and character once the 3880 engine is out. I will make sure to snatch one of the last 3800 Lucernes, probably in 2009 or 2010, and I will babied it and keep it as a classic for many years to come. I'm only 23 years old, so I'm at the right time. :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I've also heard they were phasing out the 3800, which baffles me because as far as I'm concerned it's the best V-6 ever made.

    Nearly 4 liters yet it doesn't deliver 200 horsepower, which a mainstream 4-cyl car can do these days. It's a torquey engine you say? Yes, it makes decent torque, but even that isn't competitive. Look below: one of these things is not like the other. :blush:

    Buick Lucerne: 3.8L 197hp, 227 lb-ft, 4-speed automatic

    Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable: 3.5L 260hp, 245 lb-ft, 6-speed automatic

    Hyundai Azera: 3.8L 263hp, 257 lb-ft, 6-speed automatic

    Nissan Maxima: 3.5L 255hp, 252 lb-ft, Continuously Variable Transmission

    Toyota Avalon: 3.5L 268hp, 248 lb-ft, 6-speed automatic

    All of the competition makes much more power, most from less displacement. They all also get better fuel economy by as much as 3 MPG both city and highway (not helped by the antiquated 4-speed).

    Buick does have the V8 option, but it can't outrun these V6 vehicles because of the 4-speed auto, and fuel economy (at 15/23) pales next to the Avalon's 19/28 or even Ford, with 18/28. With the 3800 having a worst-in-class 16/25 estimate, it's no fuel miser either.

    The Buick 3800 may be solid and reliable, but that's because its been around so long, all the bugs have been worked out of it. It's being discontinued too late, in my opinion. Give it the 3.6 and ditch the Northstar!
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I'm looking at a new Lucerne.....A dealer ha a CXL with a list price of $29,995...he wants $25,485...that's with $3,000 back from GM.

    I was thinking of around $25,200......Is that reasonable? Or should I suggest even less?
  • alanf51alanf51 Posts: 2
    Check the TMV price

    you will get the invoice number there and what people are paying. I paid about $150 below invoice in early December before the rebates. I also put about 25% down and negotiated a rate that was 3/4' of a point below gms rate and the dealer made money on that.

    You can also go through capitol one auto buying, depending on area and model they are about $100 over invoice for a car on the lot which can get you a starting price before you go into the dealer. I did all my research on-line, found the vehicle equipped the way I wanted then called the sales manger at the local dealer and asked him if he wanted to sell a car. He brought it from another dealer and sold it for the price I wanted.

    You may want to take a look at fighting chances package and methods for purchasing. I found it very helpful.

    I started here at edmunds and worked my way around.

    Good luck - let us know how you do if you buy

  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    My dealer is asking $25,485 for it. That already below $150 below invoice,with the additional $3,000 GM is currently offering...
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I managed to get the CXL,which listed for $29,995 for $17,200! I did have $3,400 in Gm credit card earnings,plus a further $2,000 off because my new 2001 Catera proved to be a bit "disappointing"...but still,GM is positively giving these cars away...
  • I am shopping for a new Lucerne CXL V-8. I am starting in Florida (where I live) and going north. These vehicles are not included in the GM employee pricing scheme ongoing, so they are another story.

    I would buy for 30% off MSRP, but I am encountering resistance at securing any more than 22.5% off MSRP.

    Any ideas on where I could go to look for a better deal?
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I think that 30% off sticker will be very hard to get. You could try to find ads in the Washington Post or NY Times,or other big city papers. Those advertised priced will probably be near the least you can find.
    You can always offer that price at a few dealerships,adding a %point or two if unsuccessful.
  • I found several in the range of 27-31% off of MSRP; now my problem is the GMAC pull ahead does not give me enough relief from my lease balance. I would owe just over $1,000.00 if I buy now. On October 1st, if GMAC increases its pull ahead, then I would be in a much better position.
  • I plan on taking delivery today of a 2008 White Diamond CXL V6 with every option except NAV. Sticker is about $35,500 and I got it for about $24,000 (~32% off) plus taxes etc. I do have the GM supplier discount at $3,500 plus $3,000 bonus for the Supplier Program. Out the door I am at $26,750 and I finally get a car with cooled seats!
  • I am happy for you at such an acquisition.

    I was recently offered a new platinum 2008 CXS V-8, MSRP $39,100 for $31,500.00 out the door under the supplier program with all the rebates, etc., but when I learned that my GM Card Points were ineligible for this program I backed out. I had $1,931.00 in points and I wanted to use them. There was no legitimate reason why I should be unable to exercise them with this kind of deal.

    Instead, I selected a new light quartz metallic 2007 CXL V-8, MSRP $32,500.00, which after negotating it down, and subtracting my points, came to $21,500.00 out the door. I am to pick up the car this weekend. The only option is a sunroof, but it has the color I most wanted, with cocoa steering wheel, dash, and carpet and shale seats and panels.
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    Pull ahead is now at four months.
  • Four months for an '08 or '09, not an '07. It's always a gimmick with GM, or GMAC.
  • I am hoping to revive this board. I am looking at buying a car and have been considering the Buick Lucerne CXL. I put in an offer of $19,500 which the dealer did not accept. The dealer advertised the car for $19,500 but it was a gimmick that required a $2,000 lease incentive (I don't have a lease) and a $2,000 Q4 garage mate direct mail private letter offer (it is my understanding GM mailed 360,000 to 400,000 of these nationwide - which would only be available to less than 1% of the population). So I guess there real price would have been $23,500. Can anyone provide feedback on prices paid for 2008 leftovers?
  • Blow them off and look around on the internet. That is what I did. I traveled a considerable distance to get what I wanted but it was worthwhile in the end.
  • Riviera,

    So you paid about $23,400 for the V-8 CXL (before using your points). I prefer the v-6 which should be a bit cheaper than the V-8....What do you think would be a good price on a 2008 CXL leftover?.....I was hoping 19,500 might do it?
  • My car is a 2007 CXL V-8, purchased on 10/31/08; The sticker price was $32,500.00 and I paid $21,700.00 for the vehicle before adding tax, tag, title and before subtracting GM Card points. Clearly the dealer decided to take a bath on the unit. It had been in their inventory for 2 full years and was in the showroom for a long time. Moreover, the dealer was superb and their personnel were straight-up. They have been in business since the 1920's and it seems that they can weather this current storm. I certainly hope so.

    I don't know how many 2008's remain unsold, I daresay plenty. You have to find a dealer that wants to make a deal. The dynamic might be different on a 2008 though. GM is rampnig down production so that might increase the demand for the 2008's.

    I would not get the V-6 Lucerne. I drove several and they are not peppy. The engine noise is there, even in the 2009 rental car I drove that had the new 3.9 V-6 in it. It strains to get around. It is neither slow nor quick. The V-8 makes the car effortless, silken and powerful; it makes the Lucerne a whole different car.

    I average 20 miles per gallon in combination city/highway driving. The Lacrosse with the 3.8 L V-6 I had for 2&1/2 years only gave 22-24 MPG on that same route. When you consider the difference in power and performance, it is worth giving up an average of 2 miles per gallon. I am driving the V-8 very carefully, though. lf you have a lead foot you will not get near the mileage I get. If you ever get in a jam, the horsepower and torque are there to get you through. No matter how you drive it, the exhaust note is wonderful. the 4 holes in the fender set you apart from all those other three holers.

    Based upon my experience, I would recommend that you look for a 2007-2008 Lucerne CXL V-8 or CXS, try to negotiate 25-30% off of MSRP,
  • lane2lane2 Posts: 28
    My 2007 Lucerne CXL V8 listed for $37,235.00. We got it 11/09/08 for $27,497.13 before adding tax, title, etc. After taking $2,000.00 more off with GM card points, we might not have the best deal around, but saving about $12,000.00 off MSRP, we are not too unhappy. Ours was a new leftover.

    We are averaging over 20 mpg with town and country miles and we we got a high of 26.9 mpg driving on interstate at 75 mph. If the V8 continues this way with 87 octane, don't know if 93 octane would do a whole lot better. Plenty of power and rides soft like the Roadmaster from the past. Would like to hear from those with the Lucerne V8 who have tried 93 octane to see if they are getting much better mpg. So far, we love ours.
  • My parents are buying a Lucerne and just found that when their card (GM Credit Card) was renewed, GM put a $1500 limit on each purchase. They have over 6000 points.
    Has anyone had similar experience? Has anyone taken GM to task on this. My parents will not be around long enough to use any of the balance form this purchase.

    Does using their points limit them on overall deal they could get?
    What is best price anyone has gotten on CXL 2009?
  • bryangzbryangz Posts: 24
    Helped my mother, aged 84 look at new cars over the last few weeks.

    Having family who fought the Japanese, foreign cars were out...

    Ford had zero Taurus' on the lots. Fusions too small.

    Lincoln wasn't dealing, at all.

    Stopped at a Pointiac dealer. She loved the looks of the G8 V-6, but the rough ride turned her off.

    Test drove two different loaded Impalas, but on both, the ride was jittery and the interior just seemed very cheap.

    To be honest, I hadn't given Buick a thought, but the dealership was across the street from the Chevy dealer.

    The Lucerne we drove instantly impressed. Tomb quiet. Smoothest ride I've ever experience.

    And the dealer was dealing. $31,000 sticker on this CX, instantly offered it to us for $23,000.

    Even though this isn't my car, I did the test driving and was impressed.

    The Good:
    - The 3.9 was so quiet, smooth, and powerful, I assumed it was an OHC engine. 227 HP with the 3.8 heritage is good enough.
    - The car is just quiet. The quietest car I've ever driven.
    - Smooth ride. Once again, the Caddy underpinnings smooth out bumps that unsettle other cars.
    -Impressed with Onstar--especially the hands free phone and directions.
    -Nice stereo system
    -Big trunk, spacious cabin

    The bad:
    -still a four speed tranny? A great transmission, but when everyone else has 6 speeds....
    -the dash is nice looking, but too much hard plastic. Even the Lacrosse had a padded dash.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I bought my wife a 2008 Lucerne last June. I really like the car a only complaint is that actually it's not very invilving to drive..It is a bit floaty...But on a nice day,with the windows open,it's such a serene,quiet car. The ride is very sort.
  • I have over 11,000 miles on my car now and feel very familiar with it. As to the gas mileage, I have the Northstar V-8, a very smooth reliable engine. On the trip down from New Jersey to Florida it got 24-26 MPG. Now that I have it in routine service it gets approximately 18-22 MPG in combination driving, depending upon how much I am on the expressway. I use 93 octane because the manual recommends it. I believe that there is too much junk in the 87 octane and it will be bad for the engine in the long run. I do believe it gets better mileage with the 93 octane.
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