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Audi A8 and S8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Anyone (in CA) do a lease for a 2007 A8 Sport? Most of the posts seem to be about the A8L and I want to get some info before I visit a dealer.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I don't think a sport package does anything to the residual on an A8. The S line cars do have a slightly lower residual in the A4's, but there is no S line A8.
  • I started my quest for a new car this week and had no intentions of buying an A8. Well needless to say, one look and I was hooked. The offer I have on the table is the following:

    A8 Short w/ premium, 19”, massage, Sirius
    MSRP - $77970
    Invoice - $72574 (according to KBB)
    Offer - $73608
    Residual – 44% (45% if I have them throw in the $599 maintenance program)
    Money Factor – 0.00145
    Payment with 7.75% tax - $1322.79

    I’m in So Cal and wanted to know if the Residual and MF sound right for my region thru Audi Financial. A couple of posts back you stated that they were 46% and 0.0013. I just want to be sure that they are not marking these up. Also, do you think that there is room for further negotiation?

  • Tim,

    Look at my numbers (I'm also in SoCal), I don't think $1322/m is fair. How many months and miles/year?

    24m lease
    A8L Premium + Sports package.

    MSRP $81,650
    Got it down to $79,200

    First/last down, $1260/month including CA tax (8.25%).
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    That's because the L leases out a little better than the SWB
  • "but there is no S line A8" - what do you mean, rjlaero?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659

    The A8 doesn't have the S line treatments with the more agressive front end, steering wheel stitching, different wood or metal trim, and S line badges like the A3, A4, A6, & Q7.

    The A8 has a sport pacakge, but it's only upgraded wheels & sport suspension.
  • Got it. Misunderstood the original post.

    On a different note...
    After about a year I'm ready for something different. Just not enough power. Maybe an S8 or a 911. Any other A8 owner wants to share their opinion?
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    I think the A8 is a car good enough for me in all aspects; somehow, by driving it, you feel you want more of the A8, and that is why I am waiting for the S8’ coming by the end of March or early April. Then, again, what do I need the big hp for? The cups in South Jersey give out the speeding tickets like the sex hormone desire in their inner bodies. I am just a car nut!
  • timincalitimincali Posts: 10
    I left out that it is a 36mo lease 15K/year. What was your money factor and residual? At what So Cal dealer did you get your deal and when?

  • technartechnar Posts: 10
    Couldn't tell you what the money factor and residual were right now.

    I went with 24 months because Audi Financial had a better deal on 24 vs. 36 months. Not sure if it was some kind of a special they had going at the time or if the same is true right now.

    An extra 3k/year will probably add $20/month from what I remember the dealer was offering.

    Dealer: Keyes Audi on Van Nuys blvd in Van Nuys (went through their internet sales mgr).
  • timincalitimincali Posts: 10
    Thanks ... I know I still have more haggling to do. I think that I can squeeze more out of my dealer. When did you buy yours? Maybe there was a special Audi Financial deal going on at the time.
  • technartechnar Posts: 10
    Last april.

    I wanted the 24 mo lease because I wanted to get an S8 sooner (it wasn't available back then). When the dealer told me that 24 mo lease was cheaper than 34 mo, it only made it so much better :)

    Call Keys, tell them you want the same deal (if that's what you want). PM me for the salesman's phone number if needed (not sure if that's against forum's rules).
  • silvysilvsilvysilv Posts: 1
    Great deal! I want to get the same. Could you provide the dealership name (apparantly this is all that is allowed as per forum rules) - Thanks!
  • technartechnar Posts: 10
    It's Keyes on Van Nuys blvd, in Van Nuys. Talk to the Internet sales manager...

    On an entirely different note, remember that old tv series about a horse that could talk? What a great name for a horse...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 101,043

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    I am in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and getting ready to order a 2008 A8L. I am trying to decide between the light silver metallic and the platinum beige pearl; has anyone seen the platinum beige on an 07? I like the northern blue pearl as well, but it looks too dark on the website. I may end up with the silver (with platinum interior), as with the platinum beige I'd probably get one of the two beige leather interiors, and you can't get the leather/wood steering wheel with those (not with honey birch trim).

    I expect to end up with a near-fully loaded A8L (minus only the interactive cruise control and sports package) with a MSRP around $91K. How much off MSRP / above invoice could I expect on that?

    Also, does anyone have experience with the Audi extended warranty? With other brands I have gotten the 7 yr / 100K miles / $0 deductible. What could I negotiate for something similar from Audi? Is it a good idea to get the wheel insurance? Wonder why your auto policy wouldn't cover that.

    Thanks much for any information. This got a little wordy.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I've got both an '06 A8L W12 and an '07 S8. I can tell you from experience that you'll be hard-pressed to find a more equipped vehicle.

    Yes, I've seen the platimum beige in person, and no, the Website doesn't do it justice, in fact, none of Audi's paint schemes.

    There is room for negotiations with these cars. A buddy of mine just bought an A8 Sport for 1k above invoice, pretty darn good, in my opinion.

    Audi's extended warranties are standard fare, just like the other makers. My W12 and S8's both have 8 yr/100k mile warranties.

    I'm not sure, but I think that Audi revised it's wheel insurance program. When I bought my cars, it was for cars with only 19's and 20's. Now hear that it's for all of Audi cars.

    Most manufacturers(save for BMW on the brakes) don't cover brakes, tires, or wheels because they're considered a wearable item. Audi replaces the wheels, for any reason, for the duration of the wheel protection period.
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Thanks for the information. If I might ask, what can I expect to pay for a negotiated price on a 8yr/100K Platinum extended warranty? I'll be getting the 19" wheels; same question re the wheel insurance. Thanks again.
  • foster1foster1 Posts: 17
    I have a 2005 A8 with northern blue pearl and the platinum leather. I think the combination is rather bland, and the northern blue looks more like what the rest of the world would call "grey". Also, a lot of VW's and Hondas are a very similar color. Unfortunately, I bought mine off the dealer lot and there wasn't much choice. If I were ordering one, the one shown in the 2005 Audi A8 catalogue, which was black outside, with sycamore trim and brown perforated leather, looked like a car from a whole better class.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I'm sorry it took so long getting back to you.

    I negotiated a price of $2750 on the S8, and around 3500 for the W12. It's mostly about what equipment you have on the car.

    I have the B&O sound system, full leather interior, rear fridge(W12) on and on. And that's why mine was on the high side.

    I got the wheels insured for 1850 each(car). Given the fact that the S8 wheel is about 1200 bucks, and the W12 "fan" wheel is about 1400 a piece, it's money well spent, especially up here in "pothole heaven"
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Thanks for the information. I would guess the fully loaded 2008 A8L I'm getting ready to order would be around $2500. Reality check: my 2004 Sienna Van 7 yr/100K extended warranty was $950. Was your extended warranty through Audi but supplied by JM&A Group? How about the service policy at $599? I think the intervals it pays for are something like at 10K intervals starting at 1 year and going out through year 5. I have read several posts here on Edmunds about Audi engines going belly up due to sludging blamed on the 10K service intervals, so would likely change mine at 5K no matter what.
  • I would save your money on wheel insurance. I bought an A8L with 19" chrome wheels which were an extra $5k at purchase. After a year, one of the wheels cracked. The dealer was willing to sell me the rims (the fan wheel, chromed), four if I wanted, for $400 each, with no insurance. I bought two, so I have a spare if another ever gets damaged.
  • Same thing happened to me last year, when I purchased an 2006 A8L just as the '07s were coming out. They took $8,000 off the sticker as soon as I walked in the door, and then I negotiatied another $5,000 off the price. I think you really need to consider whether the upgrades in the '08s are worthing paying more for, becasue you won't get that deal on the new model year. In 2003 I bought a 2004 A6 4.2, and I did not get as good a deal. Part of there theory is that they are giving you back the first year's depreciation.
  • Any luck closing a deal. I am looking at an 2007 A8 as well and curious as to how much room dealers have on discounting the '07s
  • I am seeing a couple of A8s (short wheelbase) from more than one dealer for $65K (after "dealer incentives"). Cars include premium package, 19" wheels and heated steering wheel. Sounds like a great deal given the MSRP is around $76K. Does anyone know if dealers have more room to discount the 2007s? Also, I am told that in order to get the dealer incentives, I have to buy before month end? True? False?
  • well i got the car 83,356 msrp for 70,000 and got a simonize paint treatment for 300.00 car is great love the ride. there is room to negotiate for sure. you wont get a betterdeal 2008 probably pay close to sticker audi dealers dont move much at beginning of new model year. edmunds is right this is the car no contest. drove the lexus not impressed. bmw nice but that idrive forget it. 550 to to much and reliability issues. good luck
  • How do you like your S8? I just got my 2007 in May. Took 2 months to order as I like it. I had 2 problems which you should check out. 1. The transmission gasket leaked and they needed to get a newer thicker one with a new "high heat" sealent. Also a small fuel pump was leaking, no fluid on ground, but same fuel smell. You know that 5.2 V10 gets hot. Other than that no problem. It is my wife's car. Only 4 in the WAsh DC area. Our first Audi. here with the slush come Dec you need AWD if you have hi perf tires...
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