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Audi A8 and S8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • technartechnar Posts: 10
    got mine in march
    24m lease
    06 A8L Premium, Sports package.

    MSRP $81,650
    Got it down to $79,200

    First/last down, $1260/month including CA tax.

    Since I haven't lived anywhere else besides SoCal, it is hard for me to understand what you guys are talking about. My local dealer had 7 or 8 A8L's and 3 or 4 A8's to choose from when I got mine. They were more than willing to knock off a few bucks to make the sale. And it wasn't a big Audi dealer either.

    I went with 24 months so I can get myself in S8 sooner. So far I couldn't be happier and can't wait to see what difference an extra 150 horses would make.

    I got my wife 750Li last October. There is no comparison. Audi's line should be the ultimate driving machine, not BWM's.
  • georgev1georgev1 Posts: 14
    thanx for the feedback!
    they dropped off my deep blue baby (amaretto) today
    round 4....couldn't even drive her home, hadda take a one of the trucks with a promised delivery, but wait till the morning!
    catch you dudes later!
  • Ya right georgev1 like your really going "wait" to drive that car! Your probably out in it right now. LOL have fun, You will enjoy it like crazy.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    I am new to Edmunds forum, but I like the exchange, especially all the A8 enthusiasts here. I've had nine Audis so far (ALL PERFECT) with three A8s in the past 6 years. This included an '01 A8L which I gave to my grandparents in '04 and who are loving it to this day. I sold my '04 A8L because I "had" to have an A8L W12. Actually, I ordered my W12 in June of '04 and he arrived in January of '05. So, he is one the first, if not the first in the US I have been told by my Audi Brand Specialist. Anyway, I paid around $133,000 for it...and he is the best so far. It is fully optioned for a 2005 with a 20" rim package. Obviously, the '07s have extra features such a rear view cameras and the Bang&Olfsun sound system which were not available on the '05s.

    I live in the southern California region. Recently, I see quite a bit A8s on a daily basis and dealers seem to be in short supply here. The other day had my first Q7 sighting as well. Definitely, eye catching as is the A8L and A8L W12 that always gets attention wherever I take him.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Real , as I've stated a many times before, this car just totally rocks my world with every turn of the steering wheel. The W-12 powertrain is as solid as they come and the handling and ride borders on priceless. Looks like I'll be keeping the W-12 as my buddy just plopped $70k in advance for a new S8. Ours has a Nov.3 delivery date. My wife is grinding her teeth down to the gums as she has been without mega speed since we sold the CLS 55. But she does get to drive my SRT-8 JGC, but never, under any circumstance, can she get behind the wheel of my Z06 Vette(lol).

    BTW: You too can have the B&O system installed: to the tune of 7k by courtesy of your local Audi dealer. I ordered my '06 with the system and let's just say this: Bose, harmon/kardon, and the rest of them can only dream of sounding this good. And this is why I purchased the home unit also.

    With the extra leather/upgrade, the rear fridge, wheel protection for the 20's, Audi extended warranty to 8/100k, the car stickered @ $141k. But much did I ablige to give that kind of dough in lieu of my previous S65 AMG and 760iL as this car is the "total" package. Nothing short, nothing extra, just right....
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    So, you can retro-fit the B&O into the earlier models? I will be at my dealer this Saturday and I will ask them how that works. Can you give me more info on the details of such an install? Thanks for all info. Great cars by the way that you have.
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    Somehow, there has been a heck of struggling among the mind, the heart and deep into my soul (?), so I went to the dealership today and put a deposit on a 4 months waiting period S8, the emotion won! I can’t say this move is the right thing, since the 07 A8 just came to my hands on Oct, 24th is truly a wonderful car, and I like every bit of it. What it is, is you stand on one hill, you see another one seems higher and more….of what? May be this is the last car, and no more after this one, and this time I really mean it!
    For those out there who own the new S8, may be able to enlighten me, especially the price paid and your experiences about this vehicle and why the three dealerships in my area I went to, would budge so little the MSRP.
  • These are limited production cars that have been getting rave reviews in the press so I doubt that the dealers will budge much from MSRP especially if you are ordering one. If any of them start sitting around on the lots, they may be more receptive to dealing since it's expensive to have a $100,000 car taking up space!

    Congrats on the S8!
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    What more can I say: What a phenomenal car!!

    This car is so good in fact that it is definetely worth it's asking price. And rarily do I say a car is worth MSRP.

    You won't find many discounts on this model as, they're very new and very much in demand, as witnessed by your prolonged delay on your build.

    My S8 was a smidge over 115k as I added the full-leather pack, B&O sound upgrade and many other extras.

    The split between comfort and performance is perhaps best in class, even besting the 760iL Sport in my book as the suspension does a fine job of quelling secondary bobbing motions that plagues some cars in this arena.

    To say the least, I'm very satisfied.
  • reality2reality2 Posts: 303
    The S8 is an awesome car, I agree. I doubt that anywhere in the "world" would you get a discount on such a lucrative vehicle. The Audi S/RS Permformance line under Audi in-house tuner Quattro GmbH is flawless in its execution. And this is only the beginning as upcoming are the R8, the RS6 (cannot anyone say 580 bhp), the RS-TT, RS5, not to mention the current line of S4, S6, and S8. So many choices.
  • Anyone (in CA) do a lease for a 2007 A8 Sport? Most of the posts seem to be about the A8L and I want to get some info before I visit a dealer.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I don't think a sport package does anything to the residual on an A8. The S line cars do have a slightly lower residual in the A4's, but there is no S line A8.
  • I started my quest for a new car this week and had no intentions of buying an A8. Well needless to say, one look and I was hooked. The offer I have on the table is the following:

    A8 Short w/ premium, 19”, massage, Sirius
    MSRP - $77970
    Invoice - $72574 (according to KBB)
    Offer - $73608
    Residual – 44% (45% if I have them throw in the $599 maintenance program)
    Money Factor – 0.00145
    Payment with 7.75% tax - $1322.79

    I’m in So Cal and wanted to know if the Residual and MF sound right for my region thru Audi Financial. A couple of posts back you stated that they were 46% and 0.0013. I just want to be sure that they are not marking these up. Also, do you think that there is room for further negotiation?

  • Tim,

    Look at my numbers (I'm also in SoCal), I don't think $1322/m is fair. How many months and miles/year?

    24m lease
    A8L Premium + Sports package.

    MSRP $81,650
    Got it down to $79,200

    First/last down, $1260/month including CA tax (8.25%).
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    That's because the L leases out a little better than the SWB
  • "but there is no S line A8" - what do you mean, rjlaero?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659

    The A8 doesn't have the S line treatments with the more agressive front end, steering wheel stitching, different wood or metal trim, and S line badges like the A3, A4, A6, & Q7.

    The A8 has a sport pacakge, but it's only upgraded wheels & sport suspension.
  • Got it. Misunderstood the original post.

    On a different note...
    After about a year I'm ready for something different. Just not enough power. Maybe an S8 or a 911. Any other A8 owner wants to share their opinion?
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    I think the A8 is a car good enough for me in all aspects; somehow, by driving it, you feel you want more of the A8, and that is why I am waiting for the S8’ coming by the end of March or early April. Then, again, what do I need the big hp for? The cups in South Jersey give out the speeding tickets like the sex hormone desire in their inner bodies. I am just a car nut!
  • timincalitimincali Posts: 10
    I left out that it is a 36mo lease 15K/year. What was your money factor and residual? At what So Cal dealer did you get your deal and when?

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