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Honda Civic Hybrid Transmission Problems



  • You should describe how the car is driving. Hybrid cars are very different than regular cars, especially in the transmission. They have no definate 'shift' between gears as they are infinitely variable between low and high range. Several people have asked if the trans was slipping when riding in my civic hybrid. Here is one completely torn apart if it will help you :) This is a 2008 model, but the transmission is the same as in a 2007.
  • If you test drove the car before you bought it, you would have noticed how it drove.
    The HCH (Honda Civic Hybrid) transmission is called a CVT, which stands for Continuously Variable Transmission, which speaks for itself.
  • mb013962mb013962 Posts: 6
    edited January 2012
    our 2004 HCH goes in P,R,N,D,L,and S but it doesnt drive as if its in neutral. any help? btw weve changed the flywheel already....this is our second C.V.T. that we replaced 182,000 miles the original tranny failed....this new one failed at 189,000 miles.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    irregardless of what the drivers manual should be changing the transmission fluid every 8,000 to 10,000 miles. anything over that causes transmission failure because the fluid easily breaks down and causes parts failure.
    I am not a technician. I have an '03 HCH with original transmission(125k miles). I learned about this here and its quite true. Honda just wants your car to break down so you would buy another. I will never buy anything made by Honda again.
  • thanks for the advice, btw what fluid do you use? we use the ATF DW-1...according to the old 2004 honda manual it says to use to ATF Z1, but the dealer said that the DW-1 is the new fluid...We didnt use the traditionally CVT fluid because we believe that is what screwed up the tranny in the first place.
  • ive checked numerous websites and it says to use the new CVT fluid, i guess we'll try it this weekend.
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    I only use the new honda CVT fluid. I call it liquid gold because of it's ridiculous price. Yes, there are many synthetic ATF fluids out there, but Honda has made sure that only theirs works.
  • jmvegajmvega Posts: 1
    A mechanic client of mine told me that the transmission was on recall after I he had the car for a different issue.
    I when to the local dealer, were I bought the car and the employee acknowledge there was a recall to make an appointment to have the car check that the problem was before the car reached the 15 miles of speed.
    My car has always sort of be hold back when I accelerate within that range of speed mentioned by the man at the Dealership.
    Like is said, I never received a letter or information or any kind about the recall.
  • My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid was resurrected (almost) from the grave today.

    We have been having transmission issues for the last year. Our trusted and beloved local mechanic has flushed it with transmission fluid. But looked like we were going to have to spring for a whole new transmission (in this car with 125k miles…)

    Today I brought the car in to the local dealer (not quite as beloved…) for an Official Honda recall to have the software and something in the airbags fixed. I asked them to check out the transmission problem as well.

    It turns out our mechanic has been putting the WRONG transmission fluid in it. They put the “right” fluid in today at the Dealer and it is like my little friend has been raised from the dead! My marriage is saved (“how can you drive that way!?”), I don’t have to disown my children (“How can you drive that way!?) Now that the car no longer lurches, I am not quite sure what my family will have left to talk about.

    The civic hybrid needs “CVT fluid”…(CVT=continuous variable transmission). I knew that the Toyota Prius has a “continuous variable transmission”. But I thought (and apparently my mechanic also thought…) that the Civic Hybrid was a plain old engine with an extra battery attached.

    I hope you can learn from my mistakes.....
  • jpohlingjpohling Posts: 7
    Do not get a transmission from this company!

    Do not do it! I cannot express my feelings enough! Just do not allow Rami Transmissions or YS&D Engine to supply you with a remanufactured (suposedly) transmission. If you live within walking distance of the shop them perhaps you have a chance in hell of receiving satisfaction. Unfortunately If you are using them via the internet to provide you with a replacement transmission then prepare to be ripped off!

    The deceit and dishonesty runs throughout this FAMILY operation. Do some research and you will find that there are a number of unsatisfied customers. The 5 star reviews are from the family members themselves! I only wish that I had done a bit more due dilegence when researching this sham of an operation. Look at 5 star review from ykadoch ! this is the e-mail address for the company! HAHA Check out showmelocal all bad reviews. I just wish I had done more homework before purchasing from them 3000 miles away.

    All family members are obviously trained in the ways that they operate. I have not found one honest person on the other end of the phone yet. Rami, Amir, the wife, etc. All well versed in the art of telling you exactly what you want to hear with out ever delivering.

    They knew all the right things to say on the phone, and seemed very knowledgable on the transmission issues. Remanufactured transmission with 2 year warranty (HAHAHA) with free torque converter and in line filter available for reasonable price! I took the hook! Initial purchase and shipping happened very quickly, But the transmission they supplied had issues from the start! Troubleshooted the problems directly with Rami! Thought it may have been a selenoid or something on my end. Replaced selenoids. This was never the problem. Rami finally says..............I will send you a replacement!

    At this point I am thinking its just my luck, but I do not want to belive I am being scammed. 2 months later............... excuse after excuse, need to wait for a core to rebuild one (what about my core that I returned that you never credited my account the $450.00 for the core refund?) Oh we just rebuilt three, waiting for the dyno to check. OK all 3 are good sending today. Wait wait , call for tracking number. Given bogus number. Call shipping company..........NO we never had a pick up for you!. Oh now Dyno is broken waiting for Dyno repair to test. OK, wait wait wait. OK here is pick up number xxx using new shipper. I call shipper! Oh yeah we have pick up scheduled, But we do not even deliver to California! WTF! This is over a period of several weeks where they dodge your phone number. I am now only getting thru by using friends cell phones from out of state numbers!! OMG then the numerous hang ups on me and the promisses to call back. And all of this is using “God willing” and other just rediculous comments that try to allude to the fact that they are somehow honest! HAHAHA

    So in short! Do some more research! These people are scam artists. Luckily my Credit Card company agrees and I did not wait to long to start the restitution process, but these people are crooks and should not be allowed to prey on people on the internet. I am actually happy at the outcome now, because even if they had come thru somehow in the end I would not ever trust the transmission that they would have shipped to me so good riddance RAMI TRANSMISSIONS!

    PS Rami transmissions..............its been over a week and I havent received the return phone call you promised “on your word” to return that day!
  • jpohlingjpohling Posts: 7
    Update! Never heard word one from Rami! No attempt at making things correct for the customer. No refund to my credit card from the transmission and torque convertor that was returned for a core charge of $450.00.

    I had the transmission rebuilt locally and the vehicle is back in service! running nicely. Visited the rebuilder today to take pictures of the replaced parts. Removed parts were newly installed. Transmission from Rami had been rebuilt. Problem was the servo body was warped causing the shift valves to not function properly. This was an internal transmission issue that Rami should have warrantied immediately as they promised! instead of dodging my calls and all responsibility. That is inexcusable as a service / parts provider.

    It is one thing to entice people to purchase based upon a longer warranty period. In this case two years as opposed to the one year I now have. But if you never intend on making good on the warranty its really just a sales ploy to hook people.

    The biggest issue that is just unforgivable is to be an outright crook and not return your core charge. That is just plain thievery. And there is absolutely no defense for it! The shipping manifests have been published here for all to see. There is no question that they received my transmission and have not credited my account. So in my mind they can make every excuse in the book why they did not honor their warranty, but how do you explain plain and simple stealing $450.00 from a customer for a refundable core DEPOSIT?

    It is really a shame that because they had a rebuild of theirs go wrong with a faulty servo body that they chose to blow me and my $1770.00 off and even in one post telling me to shove it! Is the reputation of their company really only worth a few thousand dollars?

    I hope what they are starting to feel is the power of the internet and the sharing of information. One persons experience can make a difference. It will continue to be my goal to share my experience and spread the word that YS & D Engine and Transmission, doing business as Rami Transmission are without a doubt thieves. And I challenge them to disprove that fact.
  • mb013962mb013962 Posts: 6
    so this was for a honda civic hybrid with a cvt?
  • jpohlingjpohling Posts: 7
    No, this was for an Odyssey, but they specialize in the honda cvt trannies.
  • hegdolhegdol Posts: 1
    We have a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid 111,000 miles. We bought used with 15,000 miles. We first noticed a shudder, like driving over rough pavement, when accelerating from a complete stop to about 5 miles per hour, every time we came to a stop, last July. This happened to coincide with 2 new tires on the front. We were on a 2,000 mile trip and thought it was just the new tires. Didn't seem like a big deal. Well it took me until a month ago to finally go back to the tire shop where owner completely balanced the tires and when he finally got in the car immediately said "that's the transmission". Doh! I never said anything to my mechanic because I thought it was a tire issue and he never noticed it. So I took it back to my mechanic who told me to take it to a transmission shop and ask for a transmission service, he thought it might be a stuck valve and the centrifuge might knock it back into place but not to say that to the transmission people there because they would immediately want to take it apart. The shop wanted to do a full transmission flush which I agreed to, but when he drove the car told me not to waste my money on the flush because the transmission was going and needed to be rebuilt, roughly $3,000. I insisted on going ahead with the flush which he did. When I went to pick up the car this afternoon he said "I don't know what happened, it's a complete miracle! The shudder has completely stopped." Definitely worth doing the flush first.
  • macuser48macuser48 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid and the transmission has been giving me problems from day one and every time I have the dealer work on it, I get a new problem. now the transmission wines in forward gear.

    I don't plan on taking it back to West County Honda if I can help it. The dollars just seem to fly out of the wallet when I do.
  • stan29stan29 Posts: 13
    If you read the more than 350 coments (I stopped counting at that point) you will see we all have been had by Honda. This car from 2003 to 2006 was poorly designed re:transmission/computer/and catalytic computer. The car was recalled in Japan, but our Government would not insist that Honda do the same in this country. The irony is that some "genius" started a class action law suit not about our problems, but rather the belief that Honda lied about projected gas mileage. That is the only thing on this sorry car that works great...still getting great mileage after 175000 miles on my 2003; 40-50mpg and more in warm weather than cold, but seriously needing a FOURTH transmission. Yes, they replaced the original and second transmission due to the 100K mile warranty I purchased at time of sale. Saved $6000 on the two. Now they want 3500 for the next one. No way will they get another dollar of my money. Good Luck. Stan29
  • annie57annie57 Posts: 1
    This car was recalled for this problem and mine was repaired by a dealer at no charge two years ago. The juddering is happening again so I'm calling the dealer again today. Part of the fix IS to flush the transmission--hope you didn't have to pay for it.
  • wds13196wds13196 Posts: 8
    I got rid of mine but, flushing the fluid is a waste of time once the jutter starts. I would recommend changing your tranny fluid every time you change the oil. I know it's excessive but seems to help.
  • bobguynnbobguynn Posts: 11
    That would make for an expensive "oil change"....even with a 10,000 mile interval!
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    its expensive..but it works....!!
  • bobguynnbobguynn Posts: 11
    If money's no it in on a new Prius would also work!
  • wds13196wds13196 Posts: 8
    I'll offer up my reasoning. I believe Honda dropped the recommend change interval from 30k to 20k. I think it shoud be even lower due to the fact there is only 4-5 quarts , can't remember exactly, in the transmission. Similar to wants in the crankcase and just as thin. These issues are not limited to the hybrid but the GX, HX and Insight as well. Any with the early cvt.
  • Did anyone ever fix this issue permanently? Did anyone have any luck with Honda or with the dealership? Did anyone ever find out about a Lawsuit against Honda for this shudder/ judder issue?
  • we dont know about the shudder/judder problem but we do know the cure for a failed honda civic hybrid cvt....the "cure" is to replace the flywheel...we replaced it twice...the original we had from new with 182,000 miles on it...the second one we installed last september (2011) and that lasted about 7,000 miles....the third one we put in this july (2012) and the car worked...BUT we forgot a part when putting back the cvt which caused a fluid leak, so the car doesnt work now because of driving w/out fliud....thats besides the point, though...all im saying is that the flywheel Might be related to the shuddering problem...btw you can check out my youtube channel "mb013962" for videos about our 2004 hch's cvt problems
  • The flywheel has nothing to do with the shuddering problem. The problem with the flywheels is that the splines strip in them, causing a no-drive, no-reverse situation. The 1st generation HCH had a 4 disk start clutch, they had a bad shudder problem. The 2nd gen HCH start clutch was re-designed with 5 clutches. The rest of the transmission went essentially unchanged with only minor valve body recalibrations. The shudder problem disappeared. Also haven't heard of any flywheel stripping problems. Other problems have shown up such as the input shaft bearing on the drive pulley in the intermediate plate going bad.
  • meg51meg51 Posts: 1
    Hi all--I know this is an old thread, and I've read all 48 pages of it and learned a lot, but was hoping I could still post here for some advice as I'm still not sure which way to go:

    2004 HCH, 160K miles. Drove it a *lot* the first couple years so I first experienced judder back in ~2006/2007; dealer confirmed they were seeing a lot of cars coming in with this issue but they didn't know what to do other than flush the trans. By the time Honda extended the warranty, I was past the 100K mile mark. A couple more flushes have kept the judder (which was always worst starting from a stop) at bay but in the last few months I've experienced a whine, especially when accelerating. In the last several weeks there's been a helicopter noise under the hood, as someone else described. Took it in and they say I need a new CVT for $4100, which mysteriously dropped to $3900 after I expressed doubts about wanting to do it. Dealer says this would be the last major repair I'd need to make on the car since I already replaced the battery pack in early '11. I was surprised to hear him try to talk me into the repair as opposed to trying to sell me a new car. Any thoughts on why?--is it indeed because they make more on repairing the quality defects Honda manufactures, or would you all in this position go for the repair? After reading posts on here I'm inclined to tell the dealer that I don't trust that their rebuilt transmission will last another 150K miles. On the other hand, this car is paid for, so I'd really prefer not to be stuck with car payments again and I'm the type of person who drives my cars til they can't go another foot. Any thoughts on which way to go? Any point in contacting the national number? Thanks!
  • rikfrerikfre Posts: 57
    Don't bother. I maintained my motor and trans on my '03 HCH immaculately to no avail because of the Big battery and cat converter/O2 sensor issues & problems. I am dumping this lemon since Honda Corporate will not respond to my inquiries regarding these problems. Honda is not a good company and allows its dealerships to abuse customers by leveraging design/engineering flaws into big money. I've had enough. :lemon:
  • wds13196wds13196 Posts: 8
    edited October 2012
    :lemon: Glad to here you got some miles out of it. Mine started having major issues around 50K. I would sell it, that's what I did with mine. Even with a new tranny you will be replacing it again in 30,000-50,000 miles because they still sell you the flawed design. Major issues on these models with CVT or Hybrid, the cats, the IMA battery and the tranny. If you wanted to fix the tranny, I would have the valve body inspected and fixed and then the starter clutch and decrease the drain/fill interval on the tranny to every time you change the oil. :lemon:
  • koctailzkoctailz Posts: 87
    edited November 2012
    I have an 07 and this is the only BIG problem I have not run into YET. Maybe in my model year some of the issues with the CVT have been solved. I am at 89K miles and no issues. Of course I am on my 2nd IMA battery and had the rear control arms replaced due to the cupping issue on rear tires. I will say that these repairs that total about $4500 cost me $0 due to warranty and fighting with Honda America. Now my A/C is working intermittently for the past few months, more off than on. Im about done with this car. Has everyone seen that the class action is open now and we have 6 months to get our claim forms in. we basically get $200, warranty extension of 1 year/12k miles and up to $1500 off of a new Honda if we sell our Hybrid and trade it in.
  • I have a 2005 Honda Civic..the car just began to slip from time to time After warmed has 088514 miles. Mechanic said I need a new Transmission. I have not been notified by the dealer on the recall YET I have received a letter from Honda with a note saying they wanted to buy as many of the 2004 & 2005 Hondas--including mine--why? I s there a recall on the year of 2005. IF SO What is the number to call? Thanks
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