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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 4x4 Questions



  • I have a 88 silverado 4x4, 350, auto trans. The rear top shock mount broke due to rust. any suggestions of where to locate replacements? Ive called everyone here in West Virginia and Im told its a dealer item only. I cant afford $102.88 for just one mount and I need to go ahead and replace the other one as well. Surley someone out there sells the mounts for a bit more reasonable price!?!
  • Help

    I drained the transfer case oil in my 99 Chevy 4x4 Silverado auto trans 5.3 engine 1/2 ton truck

    There were 2 compartments one with the drain and fill plugs to the rear of the transfer case

    and another drain in the front bottom of the transfer case ---- where is the fill point for this one and what oil do I use

    Your help is greatly appreciated
  • i have a 02 chevy z71 the 4wd will not lock in i replaced the 4wd actuator the tranfer case locks in but the front end dnt do u think im not getting power to the actuator when it went out i smelled something like it was burning but idk what that was the dealer said the actualtor was bad thats y i got a new one and i dnt know where to check the fuilds if u can tell me something it might will help me out. if i put it in 4wd the back tires will tork down thats all it will do the front end will not lock in
  • I noticed the other day the red light on my 4x4 switch panel was on and when I pressed 2WD or 4WD the engaged indicator light for those switches just flashed. Later the red indicator went out. anyone know of this indicator light and what may have happened?
  • "Actuator" It is a electronic piece that tells the front end to kick in. A new one will run you around 80 bucks on a GM and you can always buy a used one from a junk yard for 35 - 40 bucks. It takes 10 minutes tops to change it and all you need is a cressent wrench. This information is all from experience on a late model GMC Z71. I hope it helps!
  • I have an '08 Silverado 1500 (non-Z28) that came with some fairly unagressive all season tires. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best replacement tire that would deal well with snow, ice, and highway driving?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I'm assuming you mean non-Z71.

    I've always installed Michelin LTX M/S on my trucks after the stocks wore out and sometimes much earlier.

    However, while visiting tirerack looking for tires other than the Michelins I stumbled upon these and picked up a set after reading their survey results which were stellar.

    Firestone Destination A/T

    After 5K miles, they are everything that their survey results say they are.
  • my transfer case started makinf a thumping noise sounded like a u joint ggoing out i just replacrd the rear u joint and thought another was going out i dont know what is inside the transfer on this one i am only familar with the 208s i n a 84 chev can you tell me what it might be it still works great in 2 and 4 low and high thanks
  • I have the electric shift and I hear it change to all positions, It also appears to be working, however when I have it in 2 WD is the front drive shaft supposed to be turning all the time or is it supposed to be disengaged. I had my wife move it in the drive way and it turned both in forward and reverse. I also tried to turn it by hand just to see if it might be free wheeling. It is not. It is either engaged at the transfer case or at the front axle. Is this normal? It all stared to concern me when the service 4wd light came on. It has happened twice now and goes off when I restart the truck. Both times I was driving in 2WD.
    there were no codes / messages logged in the computer when it was checked.
  • I have a 1976 GMC long bed 4x4 and it has new warn lockers the 4x4 was working great then one day i was going to go riding and i locked the hubs and shifted in low range and just the backs spun any ideas :mad:
  • my control for the 4x4 stopped working.went out and bought a new controll and still the light will not come on.if anybody knows if there is a another problem just let me know
  • I want to put dci controls on my 2008 gmc and was wondering if i could just buy the parts, without having to programing the computer?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Are you asking about this?


    If so, yes you can order the part, install it and it will work with no programming needed. However, sorry to say it is on national back order. Guess it's a popular thing to do.

    There may be another source that has it. Try checking here:

    DIC switch
  • Thank you! The dealership didn't know if it would even work! What about dual climate will it be the same way plug n play so to speak?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I'm not absolutely positive on this but as I remember the pin out on the backside of the dual is different. Not doing so would make it way too easy for people to upgrade.
  • My truck has had some weird stuff going on lately, The speedo was working intermitenly and the 4x4 worked when the speedo worked now the speedo is dead, the odometer is dead and the truck wont shift into 4x4, Anyone have any ideas?
  • For sure you have an electrical short, start out by checking all your fuses, your manual will show where the fuse boxes are. bb

    The back of the insteerment cluster has a main power supply plug that supplies power to the inst. cluster as I recall the power to 4wd is independent from the inst.cluster power supply. This makes me think it could be a main ground short.

    There are a number of ground straps from the engine to the frame all tying back to the battery ground.

    You need a volt meter
    The cluster is easily removed
    1. Trim bezel
    2. Cluster screws

    Sorry if that sound like a lot of unknowns to follow-up on, the fact is that there is not a simple answer with out checking a number of possibilities.
  • Hello Everybody..
    I just wanted to say that my Nice 2004 Chevy Crewcab 4x4 is falling apart...Well it's supposed to be a 4x4... That doesn't work anymore.. Push Button Lights are On but when I switch it to 4 hi or Auto or 4 Lo the lights just blink on the switches and nothing happens.. Any Ideas? "need 4wd winter is almost here....
    Also The Cd Player is Broken "not fixing" Thanks to Ipod's lol..
    A/C Doesn't work "not fixing"
    Fog Lights Kept burning out "not changing bulbs ever again"..
    Spent a $1200.00 on the Front End 3 months ago and it's already knockin lol... Good thing I bought Lifetime Parts!!! I just have to Laugh!! Wow... What's Next??? That's it for now.. I'll keep checking to see if anyone has any ideas.. And I'll update what else falls apart soon lol...
  • Thank God, I started to go through everything again... Mech told me it can't be a fuse He said it's either the Switch on the Dash or the Transfercase motor... Feuf!!!! well what do ya know checked my 4wd fuse and it was burnt out!!!! Slapped in spare fuse CLICK!!! Now it's a 4wd again Yippee!!!! lol
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