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Ford Ranger Lighting and Electrical Problems



  • Won't communicate with state inspection computer. Previous owner had installed light bar, which was removed but wire and toggle switch remain (were disconnected last week). The dome light often comes on or stays on, so I removed the light bulb. Battery gauge light doesn't work. Temp and battery charge gauges read zero when engine is cold, then tremble and begin to register when truck is driven for a short time. Cigarette lighter will heat but won't lock into 'down' position. I went to another shop; the guy there said that the state inspection software had been modified to close loopholes, and he couldn't bypass functions like he used to. I'm an electronics tech, and I read in the Forum to check clusters 11 and 17, cleaning and checking connections. I'm off to look at the dash gauges. Fuses are ok. Any advice? Thanks -
  • abs light has been on for awhile, brake lights stopped working a week ago. replaced brake light switch,no change,put wire in brke light switch plug in, light still wont work, the plug-in has power to it also, overhead brake light on cab has power . the turn signals and tail lights work fine, brake light wire under the cab has power but not at the brake lights . Im sorry it is a 1994 ranger 4x4 extended cab. Is the wire bad or could it be something else ? The brakes work fine .
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    ABS - On a 94 (I owned one), if you let the brake fluid in the master cylinder get low, the ABS light will come on when you press on the brake.

    Brake Light - I doubt the ABS light has anything to do with the brake light. You have found power in the wire 'under the cab'. Therefore, the problem is between there and the brake bulbs. I think there is a main connector at the back of the truck where all the wires come in - brake, turn signal, and backup. This connector may be dirty or loose. If you don't have an electrical diagram, trace back from the brake bulb to this connector (Get the brake color wire), and test for brake power at the connector. This will tell if the wire is good to there. If power there, the problem is toward the bulbs. CHECK THE GROUNDS back there. It might be a ground problem.
  • Hi

    I know this information is late, but i wanted to pass on to you that I had the same problem with mine.. the problem was the "inertia" switch located under the passangers side dash... its a red button switch that is designed to cut off the fuel to the engine during an impact.. over time i beleive these things are designed to die out.... they are linked to the starting system.. if the button is pressed or i say gets old it will give out.... you can have it replaced or have it by-passed at your local pepboys ....... anyhow hope it helps........ send me a reply if this info helps or not

  • i have a 99 xlt. i recently had to diconnect battery to clean connections, now my wipers and power windows won't work ?
  • i've checked the fuse and cant find any that are blown
  • chankochanko Posts: 1
    I had a issue with the wipers first of not coming on and then the dome light would not come on and then the Windows would not roll down and the 4X4 Switch will not engage the 4X4. None of them have power to them. I used to start the truck and let it run for 15 minutes with the heater going and it seemed like it would work to get them going after the truck got 100 degrees inside. It acted like it had moisture on everything then yesterday I went out and ran the truck for a half hour to get them to work and hopefully dry everythying out but they will not work at all now. Does anyone know what the issue might be? :mad:
  • have a 2003 ford ranger extended cab when i tilt steering wheel all the way down while driving my break lights or turn signals do not work but can move steering wheel back up and every thing goes to working a gain.
    also need a diagram to show what fuse operates what lost owners manul

    thanks guys
  • my ranger ran fine all of a suden it wont turn the starter it has new battery clean cables i can jumper the starter and it will spin and i can also bump start it and it will run fine till its turned off it has the 3.0 and its a manual 5 speed any ideas?
  • i have a 98 3L 2wd i hoped in my truck recently and turned my park lights all the way on and then i had no dash lights no park lights but i had headlights. i tracked down the fuse to the powerbox under the hood i replaced the fuse it blew right away i put another in it took around a minute to blow so i got under the truck tracing the wireing wiggling it around put another fuse in it took 15 minutes to blow. so i swaped out a working relay and the fuse blew right away. another fuse in ran the truck for a few minutes blew again and i have a dim dome light after the fuse dimmer will not turn the dome light on when the door is closed either now.i also had a set of after market fog lighs i had spliced into the factory fog harness i cut the wire and the fuse is still blowing. if you have any suggestions on what could be going on i would apperciate hearing them
  • hello i have a 94 ranger v6 xlt the 1st problem with it is their is no dash lights every other light works except the dash lights and the gauge work as well, could this be head light switch problem?? what else could cause this?? also the 4 wheel drive works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't . i have repaced the electrical motor at the tans that switches it into 4wd with a used one but it is still doing it? what could this be. also the truck only has 131000 miles
  • I have a 96 ranger that i bought off a friend of my parents. He was driving it since roughly 2000 and the check engine light is always on on the dash. A friend of mine also has one from this year with the same issue. is this a flaw with rangers of this year or is it something that needs to be fixed. My mechanic looked at it and only found one code to come up and it said it was the gas cap that was making it stay on so he shut it off. The next day the light came back on. It only goes out when the battery is un hooked or the mechanic shuts it off and then it just comes back on a few days later. anyone have any ideas why it might be doing this?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Gee, you think you might have a bad gas cap?
    Or a hole in the vacumn line that goes to the gas tank?

    Or maybe if you fix it, the check engine light will stop coming on?
  • I replaced the gas cap and its still on. i also have had my mechanic look and he cant find anything else wrong.
  • cfowleroncfowleron Posts: 14
    Did the mechanic do a smoke test on the neck? A friend of mine had this issue and when the smoke test was performed they discovered a small fracture located just below the gas cap, ergo, the new gas cap wouldn't fix it. I'm not sure how he fixed his, some type of goop I believe but I know he didn't replace the neck.
  • Battery light keeps coming on and going off,, anyone else have this problem or can tell me what to do to correct this?
  • I have a new alternator, i have a 2003 Ford ranger truck,,
  • bert02bert02 Posts: 2
    i just found a link details how to open the door panel and fix the light switch problem. ml

    follow the link to check the switch!

  • kwekwe Posts: 3
    Hi Bert,
    Thanks for the note. I disassembled the front door panel and simply unplugged the light switch from the latch. Now I need to do the same with the rear suicide doors. I think the loose switch is in the rear doors as it still does the same and if I slam the rear door it's ok. Some rainy weekend I'll tackle that one.
  • buster15buster15 Posts: 38
    My 1999 XLT 4L Ranger came with a tow package. The left signal (yellow wire in ford main wire harness) has failed. I disonnected the trailer harness plug and there is no signal. Next I disconnected the plug on the harnees that leads to the right side up near the rear frame and bumper and have a signal on the male prong.

    Following this yellow wire to the front of the truck, I untaped the harness and found a heat shrink connection on the brown wire. Moving on, after dropping the spare tire for access, I went as far as a "Y" wire connection all taped up just above the rear axle.

    From what I can tell there is no signal at this point. Fuses seem ok. Any help is appreciated.
  • I have a 2000 Ranger XLT The door locks work sometimes and other times they move only slightly when the switch is pushed. I've checked the grounds under the hood. Anyone else had this problem and found a solution?
  • my 94 ranger was running good but now i step on the gas and it stubles and bogs out for a few seconds and slowly goes away and runs ok but it has cut out on the highway going 65 70 i have to put it in neutral and rev and it comes back to life i drop back into drive and it goes again and cuts out again but it only does that at highway speed the the bogging out is every time i start the car and is worse when its cold . i changed the fuel filter plugs wires and air filter but it is still there !!! could it be the trottle sensor or air/idle sensor ??? please help
  • My truck started with a problem with the lights dimming out under acceleration. Also, gauge needles moving (vibration effect) while driving. All fuses are good and cannot see any shorts behind cluster. Battery and alternator were tested to be good. Finally, the lights did not come on for a day or two and then suddenly they just started to work again. I since replaced the light switch. Any ideas on the gauges and lights dimming. I know there must be a short somewhere.

    Thank You! :confuse:
  • I have the same problem right now. All, the gauges bounce around while driving. Headlights dim under acceleration. Alternator and batt tested good too. I remember in some older cars I had in the past it was always the alternator. Im assuming it could still be even if it tests good as I believe the diodes are inside. I might try that next. If you have discovered anything new please let me know when you get this post ok.

    Thank You and good luck to you.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Just saw your post, I see it's about 3 weeks old.

    But, wild guesses - a plugged up fuel filter - oh, never mind I see you've changed that.

    Or a failing fuel pump. Get a pressure gauge and screw into the fitting on the fuel line under the hood. Find out somewhere what the pressure should be. I think it probably needs about 45 pounds of pressure.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, you replied to a 3 year old post - doubt that guy is still waiting around for an answer.

    With ribbed belts, they don't slip often. But if you've got oil or something on the belt driving the alternator, that might be the problem.
  • My truck started with a problem with the lights dimming out under acceleration. Also, gauge needles going crazy while driving. (vibration effect). All fuses are good and cannot see any shorts behind cluster. Battery and alternator were tested to be good. I even sprayed all contacts with contact cleaner. Finally, the lights did not come on for a day or two and then suddenly they just started to work again. I since replaced the light switch. Any ideas on the gauges and lights dimming out while driving? Otherwise truck runs fine.
  • Parki n g lights on 99 Ranger stay on with switch off. Replaced switch-still can't turn lights off.Any suggesttions? THANKS!
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Bad multi-switch (turn signal,dimmer etc stalk)?
  • webb24webb24 Posts: 1
    my husband has a 2003 ford ranger, he got a new stereo and a repair man volunteered to put it in for him, while the truck was running he cut the stereo wires instead of using a wiring harness since then the speedometer quit working and the windows wont work and the windshield wipers wont work. the next night on the way to work the truck lights got dim and the truck stopped..... we replaced the alternator and had a few blown fuses and fixed them... that still didn't fix the windows speedometer or windshield wipers and the truck wont run for a long period of time there is juice gong into the alternator but none coming out... any ideas of what the problem could be?
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