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Volkswagen Rabbit



  • jamie14jamie14 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had an annoying brake squeaking noise at a variety of speeds? I have about 3k miles on my new rabbit and it has started squeaking when in motion. Sometimes if I tap my breaks the squeaking will go away....but most of the time it doesn't. I'm getting ready to head to the dealer. Its pretty loud.
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    I must be naive, but what is an Mk6 vs. a Mk5?

    Eldaino, my car shows P, R, N, etc....but does not show the gear I am in...1,2,3,4,5,or 6 when in NON-tiptronic mode. According to the manual, this should be displayed in the very lower right corner.

    I saw a friend on the freeway the other day and called her cell. She saw my car for the first time driving next to her and the first thing she said was "It's SOOOO cute and I bet it gets EXCELLENT mileage compared to your Camry!"
    The fact of the matter is that it gets about 1 mpg. better than the 4 cylinder Camry did. That extra cylinder really does this car in on mileage, but I do love it's performance. Why do I feel like I'm apologizing for the MPG on this car all the time? I keep telling people it's a screamer compared to that Camry, but it's no longer PC in my circles to be burning extra gas just to fill a power ego.
    I love this car, but that's the only thing I'm a bit ashamed of. I wanted to do something for the environment. Maybe I can tell them it's one of the cleanest burning car on the market? Seems like I read something about it's emissions being rather spectacular.
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    The first generation (Mk1) Rabbit/Golf was built from 1974-1984. (It is still under production as the Golf Citi in South Africa.)

    The 2nd generation was built from 1983-1992. The Rabbit nameplate went away.

    The 3rd generation 1991-1998.

    The 4th generation 1997-2006 (though continuing in some countries.

    The current (5th) generation, the Rabbit/GTI in North America, Golf everywhere else.

    All the information you want/need is in Wikipedia. The article also says the current model requires 50 man/hours to build, which is why it costs so much to make. And it says the next generation will be introduced in 2008. (Not sure if in Europe only or also NA)
    link title
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    Thanks, Jbaustian....that was a cool website with all the history. So, in 2008 do you think there will be a significant body style change? I had no idea this car was out in late 2003 in Europe. It sure took a while to get over here! I also wonder why they don't offer at least one other engine option in the U.S. considering how many different engines have been in this car overseas.
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    Davo, you have to remember that VW has to sell Rabbits/Golfs in North America, even if they are losing money. That does not mean they want to, or that offering other attractive engine packages would help their bottom line.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    oh, i see. I didn't realize the manual specified that! I'll have to look at mine, because mine does not show the individual gears like that either.

    Thanks to jb for posting the link; that was the site i was going to send you too! Accordig to vw, the next version (mark VI) is supposed to be cheaper and more quick to build, and be a bit sportier, which leads me to think that some performance will be emphasized, (and hopefully mpg addressed), and that the interior will probably be less audi like and closer to quality on par with cars like the civic and 3. (not bad by ANY means, but still a little step down from what it is now.)

    with regards to engine choices and mpg; did you know that the 2.5 is only available here in NA? Europe and everywhere else does not get this engine, its apparently tailored to american tastes. (aside from the torquey diesels, anything smaller than the 2.5 we get, unless its turbo charged, would result in a very slow rabbit.)

    I wouldn't stress about explaining the mileage to other people; i get the 'i bet it gets great mileage!' all the time too. Most people expect small, cheap cars to get great mileage, but most people also don't realize how heavy the rabbit is, or that its packing a huge 5 cyl. The camry probably weighed just as much, and was packing a smaller 4 cyl; i'd say you are doing pretty good. After having the civic, i did miss the mileage, a lot in fact, but i do appreciate the bunny's ability to do what it does with what hit has. Plus my wife and i only own one car, so gas isn't that big of a deal. Its just me. ;)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    it probably will be a different body style, more streamlined, less...well 'poofy' looking. (although i like it.)

    there are some concepts on a site that someone posted up here on the rabbit forum...the name of the site is in an mk6 thread i posted awhile back. You should be able to run a search using that name and easily find the site. Some of the pictures are totally photshopped, but others offer some real insight to what it could potentially look like.

    it has been out for awhile in europe, so maybe vw will do the same again, but since we are apparently getting the newer version as soon as 09, its safe to say they may not repeat this and give both markets the same vehicle at the same time.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The fact of the matter is that it gets about 1 mpg. better than the 4 cylinder Camry did. That extra cylinder really does this car in on mileage

    Actually, I don't think extra cylinder is much of a factor, instead it is the weight. It weighs nearly as much as a Camry, and the engine is about the same displacement and HP, so there is really no reason to expect significantly better mileage.
  • jbaustianjbaustian Posts: 78
    RE: "Plus my wife and i only own one car, so gas isn't that big of a deal. Its just me."

    That's the bottom line, I think. The Rabbit is the perfect car, IMO, for the one-car family. It's big enough to carry passengers or cargo. It's safe. It's got enough power, but if you need more then there's the GTI. It handles nicely, it looks good, and it's designed to last for a long, long time. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy or insure. Just about the only negative feature is the less-than-stellar fuel economy -- which probably adds a couple hundred dollars per year to the "cost to own" side of the equation.

    Some families may end up with two, three, or four vehicles -- each one serving a specialized purpose. Maybe a minivan, a pickup, a sedan, and something economical for commuting or running errands. But if you make a conscious decision to pick one car to do all things, then the Rabbit is a pretty good choice.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    totally agreed. I still think my old civic fit this bill too, but it does not suffer from the less-than-stellar fuel economy. The tradeoff is less sure-footedness on the highway(the civic still does a good job of this though), no hatchback versatility, and a higher price/less content ratio.
  • shirotorishirotori Posts: 51
    I had to drive about 45 miles at about 60 mph (two lane road) yesterday in heavy rain and wind, and I tell you what, my Rabbit was as solid on the road as one could hope for. Had massive spray coming from semi-trucks coming from the opposite way and it didn't hesitate; always had solid contact/feel with the road and the wipers did an excellent job of keeping visibility good. I felt very safe.
  • gogirlgogogirlgo Posts: 47
    I so agree with you. I have had my 4 door Rabbit for almost a year. My last car was an 02 Passat which was a very nice car too. I just returned from a round trip drive from San Francisco to Portland and found the Rabbit very comfortable for a long drive. I averaged 31 miles to the gal. driving 70 miles/hour most of the way using AC much of the way. Lots of trucks and fast moving traffic, but I felt so safe and relaxed in my Rabbit and it is great in those tight parking spaces in SF. I have not had any problems with my Rabbit. I bought it for its safety, handling, and good visibility and solid feel. I tried lots of other autos, but feel it is the best car and very happy with it.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    shirotori & gogirlgo: totally agreed!

    I drive on the highway A LOt and encounter huge trucks all the time and it simply does not phase the rabbit at all. Great to hear about your mpg gogirlgo, i'm taking a long trip this weekend, so when i get back i'll report my mileage. (your reasons for buying the rabbit were great ones!)
  • grasspressgrasspress Posts: 11
    i'm with a lot of you who have posted about interest in the rabbit tdi. vw must not realize the pent-up demand for a quality consumer vehicle with great (at least a 50mg rating) features for the american market. my chevy metro (138,000; 48mpg) is due for a replacement soon and i'm holding off until a high-mileage vehicle comes along.

    so why doesn't vw make the polo with the 3-cy diesel engine available here for econo-rats like me; i know i'm not the only consumer who would be interested.

    waiting patiently.

  • inajoonginajoong Posts: 46
    Did any of you guy get the extended warranty?

    How much did you pay?

  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    nah i didn't. I knew i would put a lot of miles on her, but i figured that i would end up trading her in before my 4 years/50k miles came up. So far so good after over 20k.
  • The EU tdi designs are largely the result of horrendous Fuel prices in Europe. Germany is a rather small but densely populated country that, oddly enough, has never decided to limit it's Highway speeds. The typical American horsepower that gives you that tingly thrill when the light turns green will eat you alive monetarily when you routinely drive to work at speeds in excess of 100mph (160kmh)like I do. The 105HP 1.9 TDI is selling better than the other Golf V's. Sure, it takes a bit longer to get there but it stays at 160 forever and has reasonable elasticity and rock solid handling. All traction, steering and braking assists are standard on the German models. I'd be interested to see stats comparing the German vs. American suspensions and braking systems. I would think that a car that routinely
    operates at speeds of 25 to 35 percent higher would need a beefier package.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    Welcome to the Forum.
    Have they started selling the 2.0 TDI in Germany. I am also intrigued with the small SUV called Tiguan. That car with a diesel might look good in my garage.
  • The 2.0 TDI is available in Germany. It puts out 140HP or 103kW. The EU standard mileage report is in liters per 100km.
    City = 6.9
    Highway = 4.7
    Combined = 5.5
    Acceleration = 0-80km/h 6.4sec. 0-100km/h 9.3 sec
    You can choose between 6-speed automatic or manual
    The 105HP TDI Accelerates 7.5/11.1 sec.
    Oddly enough, the fuel economy is according to Volkswagen,
    nearly identical!
    Insurance and yearly tax are largely based on displacement. You end up paying a bit more for the more powerful motor each year.

    Mit freundlichen Grüße,

  • 1000hours1000hours Posts: 29
    (I'm responding to ALL who are knocking the Rabbit)

    For those who claim the Rabbit is heavy:

    1) The tiny Scion TC weighs just as much as a Camry does (and it too has the Camry engine)

    Thats the price you pay for putting a big engine in a little car. Weight goes up.

    Also, with regard to weight issues: Honda's are light weight cars... They truly are. BUT, they have the most thin sheet metal, the most thin paint (that is constant need ot paint chip repairs), and the most thin glass of any car on the North American roads. I own an Accord, a full size family car, and the doors feel so light that I have to worry about closing them too hard... Look around at all the Accords in the parking lots at malls and grocery stores... They all have dings in them like crazy! Thats the price you pay for building a light car: you get thin easily dented metal, and thin easily chipped paint. There's a lot to be said for have some steal in your car. Ever seen a Honda Accord or Civic in an accident... even just a mild fender bender? They are totalled! Thats the price you pay for being light weight.

    And I don't know how anyone in their right mind can compare the Rabbit to the Scion Xb.... You're going to compare a car with barely 100hp/100torque (or something close to that) to a car with 150hp and 170 foot-pounds of torque?? A car that also isn't just a thin skinned tin can of a car that would be totalled in a simply 5mph crash? You're going to compare the meaty Rabbit to that kinda' car?

    Also just wait 1 more month, and then you're going to see a 170hp and 177 foot-pound of torque with a higher redline on the road. My god, the last Civic Si was only 160hp and like a 130 foot pounds of torque.... By that standard the Rabbit as it is today is better then the higher priced Civic Si was before the current generations Si. Oh, and the current Si, has a puny 140 foot pounds of torque.... Come on! Sure its light weight and thats why its a fast car, but then you have to worry all the time about the poor paint quality, and the thin easily dented and dinged sheet metal... Who wants to deal with that crap? Then in order to get any speed out of that Si you have to rev the living hell out of it at a stoplight to avoid being beaten by the slow and heavy SUVs.

    I drive an Accord, and I have to rev that 4 banger at every light to keep pace with other HEAVIER cars and trucks. Even the 205hp TSX I drove, my god, I had to rev the sh*t out of that car just to avoid being passed by Explorers and and Jeeps at the stop lights.

    No the Rabbit isn't a car that weighs 2600 pounds, and than god it don't because all that "extra" weight will save your butt in an accident, and you car won't be dented and dinged by simply leaning on it and your paint wont need to be touched up every 2-3 weeks.

    This car for 2008 is going to a whopping 177 foot-pounds of torque plus 170hp; couple that to a MT, and if VW alters the gearing a little bit, that car will be one hell of fun car to own. Plus there will be no turbo lag, and added expense of repairing a turbo when they go bad. Add a couple of bolt ons, if someone comes up with a header, add a CAI, and an aftermarket muffler... You're going to have an awesome car for very little money. I only hope that the 08MY cars will have a redline of over 6200rpm... Able to do the 0-60 dash in around 7.5 seconds... If so, then I'm going to put in my order once I learn what the "S" version is. This car reminds me of what the CRX was 20 years ago, but with better performance and comfort.

    I can't speak for reliability on this VW, but in every other aspect, this car stomps all over the Civic's and Scion's. Those are fine cars for what they are, but god help you if you ever hit a pothole (you can blow your struts in the Civic) or ever get into a fender bender.

    Every single Honda or Toyota I've seen in an accident was an absolute wreck of twisted metal, while the other car may only have a cracked bumper or something minor. There's a lot to be said for a little bit of weight to your car!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    There's a lot to be said for a little bit of weight to your car!

    Toyota must have heard you. They've super-sized the xB for 2008--up about 25% in weight, with a much more powerful engine (the I4 from the tC and Camry).
  • denverdavodenverdavo Posts: 38
    Hi Eldaino...thanks for your post. It made me feel even better about owning a Rabbit. I've really gotten quite close to shim and had a chance to drive it to Iowa last week. At 85 mph on I-80, it just purred...and that annoying passing truck wind? Nonexistent, probably thanks to the higher weight and sure-feel handling. Then, I took 2 lane roads on the way home for a change and I barely felt like I was moving, so of course, I got my first speeding ticket in 10 years! But the cop complimented the Bunny...probably had never seen one in Nebraska, huh? LOL
    I got 29 mpg at the slower speeds, so I'm fairly content with that.

    A couple questions:

    1. I'm getting a free 5K oil change at the dealer...anything else I should have them check on? I'll ask them to turn that wrench light off, and they said they would program the locks to unlock when I remove the key (and get it right this time!.

    2. Have you ever noticed this: You are coasting around 10 mph, and then you hit the gas and there's a really long lag of no power...just like an extended turbo lag when you hit the gas? It's almost as if it's resting between 1st and second gear, but can't seem to figure out what to do. It was a bit frightful when it happened one time I was pulling out into traffic and needed to get the hell up to speed. I just gunned it, and after a couple seconds, it finally downshifted and the power was there....but it was a bit scary. Like I said...just like a long turbo acceleration drag. Now that I know it's happened, I think I can drive it differently, or anticipate that it might happen. Maybe it's just a characteristic of this car? Any thoughts?

    3. What's the new engine coming, Eldaino? The turbo?

    I'm keeping this car!

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The Rabbit is heavy and that is not necessarily a criticism, it is just a fact. Some weight serves a purpose such as if it is due to thicker sheet metal or structural steel. Some is just weight, such as having a cast iron engine rather than aluminum. Cars with more features and equipment also weigh more than stripped models.

    Most cars are pretty heavy these days. The Rabbit weighs about the same as several competitors, such as the Mazda3, Dodge Caliber, and Kia Spectra.

    Even the Civic EX only weighs about 100 pounds less than the Rabbit. The DX is another 100 pounds less than that.

    Looks to me like the heavyiest Scion TC weighs 300 pounds less than the lightest not sure where you are getting that the weigh the same :confuse: .

    The Accord weighs about the same as many of its not sure why you think it is particularly light weight.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    while i do agree with some of what your saying, here are some outstanding things:

    the new xb is super heavy and has a big engine as well, so the xb commentary is out.

    honda still technically makes the lighter weight cars in its segment, but its still by a small margin. its not like the new civic weighs 2500lbs! what year is your accord? you should have no problems passing anyone if its a newer model, and if you do, you would experience a similar experience in the rabbit.

    the new si's torque does kinda stink...but you cant get that much torque out of a n/a 2.0 now can you? (nor can you get an 8k redline or 197 hp with the rabbits engine, even though they will be closer in 08.) basically, at a stoplight youll be able to overtake one in 0-30, but after that, an si would take the lead. (the previous gen is a different story though, i doubt the rabbit is slower, and come the 08 version, will be slightly quicker.)

    with regards to the 08, redline will rise from 5800 to 6300, so your wish should be fufilled (even if its just 100 rpms more.)

    the 's' version seems to be just a trim level. i'm pretty sure that all rabbits, regardless of trim, will have the 170 hp engine.

    they do make a cai, full exhaust, headers and now even a chip that makes about 150hp to the wheels using 91 octane fuel.

    my rabbits paint has scratched easily on the door sills, but overall feels better than my 06 civic, which did have a few scratches as well.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    woo den! long time no post man!

    glad to hear your mileage is consistent. i've already had my first ticket in ther too.

    thats one thing i don't miss about my old civic; the wind and road noise. this rabbit is almost asleep! (in a good way of course!)

    the 'lag' you are experiencing is drive by wire. its a electronic throttle that doesn't respond as quick as direct ones in older cars do, and sometimes it is slow to respond. (my civic had this as well.) some cars equipped with this can be reflashed or have a new program downloaded into them to take care of the lag; some dealers can do it, and if you get the GIAC chip (it replaces your ecu and also boosts hp and tq) it almost eliminates it completely. ask your dealer about it and ask them if there is a computer update that they can do to take care of it.

    wow a free oil change? not bad! there should not really be anything else they need to check, and when they reset the service computer, the wrench goes away. are they just giving you a free oil change or an acutal 5 k service? (this is what they charge out the [non-permissible content removed] for.)

    the 'new' engine isn't really new, its just tuned better; it has 170 hp (up from 150) and 177lbs of torque (up from 170.) the redline increases from 5800 to 6300, so this probably will translate into better top end power which is what the rabbit needs.

    all this is being accomplished by a new intake manifold and ecu change.
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    The 2007 Civic with AT weighs 2690 pounds.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The 2007 Civic sedan with AT weighs anywhere 2690 to 2904 pounds, depending on the trim level.
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400

    Still about 400 less than a Rabbit.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The Rabbit weighs 2911 pounds, so weight difference is about 200 pounds at most (2911 - 2690 = 221). I would guess that the Civic that weighs 200 pounds less is probably not equipped as well as the base Rabbit.

    The sort of middle of the road civic LX weighs 2751 pounds. This is only 160 pounds less than the Rabbit.
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    According to yahoo autos the weight is 3041. That would be 300 more than the Civic you mention.
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