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Toyota Camry Hybrid: Ordering Process



  • being a sales person at one of the larger toyota dealerships on the east coast does have advantages, I currently have 2 identical hybrids in stock ready for delivery today, they are both loaded and have the nav system, I have 5 in my pipeline that do not have deposits on them yet,

    The reason for a deposit is actually two fold here, it shows that you are truely planning on buying, but MORE importantly that the car coming in is YOURS, it holds the car for you and keeps other salespeople from selling it out from under you. If you request a refund of a deposit it is done the same day espically if you use a charge card for the deposit. We dont make a living off stealing your money or holding your deposit

    Now as far as deposits go, I call my customers every few days with an update on what is going on with their order or incoming car or truck.

    I have been in sales all my life, and there is nothing worse then hearing such horrible stories as salesmen not calling their customers, answering questions honestly and doing business the proper way.

    if I dont know the answer I will tell you I dont know it and I will also tell you I will get the correct answer for you as quickly as possible, I dont mind doing the research to answer a question I dont know the proper answer to, it is hard for me to know everything there is to know about every car.

    If your sales person doesnt contact you, then he isnt a salesman but an order taker. The toyota camry hybrid sells itself right now and the average buyer knows more about the car they plan to buy then 90% of the sales people selling them

    if you have any questions about a toyota hybrid, not only local to me but anywheres in the country please feel free to send me an email I will be more then happy to answer your questions.

    If you dont want to wait for an ordered hybrid remember I have two in stock ready for you to drive home today. But my goal here isnt really to sell a car my goal is to learn to better serve my customers when they do have questions regarding the toyota camry hybrid

    John C

    Please dont feel that if you dont buy the car from me that you cant ask me a question, I am here to learn what you need as a consumer, and to provide the best service I can
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Do you realy think that their is profit in holding money for such a short amount of time?

    If I were a large metropolitan dealership and I had say 100 deposits of $1000 in the bank at any given time then yes, having 100K of cash in the bank probably helps my bottom line as far as credit worthness, and cash flow. I could have cash flow with someelses money for business operations rather than using my own funds.

    If I am a small rural business I probably just hold the check and use it as leverage to hassle the person in staying with the deal (such as a poster yesterday did, even though the dealer made her feel stupid and treated her poorly).

    Either way, I probably am in agreement with you that it should be totally unnecessary for a deposit to be required at all on a car that moves this well.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    You (or people like you) are reason I find a salesperson to work and stick with them with rather than hop around dealer to dealer. I would rather wait a month to deal with someone I can trust(or at least seems trustworty)than with a dealer that wants to make me feel lucky to have given them my business. Keep up the good work, I hope you get rich!
  • thank you so much for the kind words, I really dont do this for the money, I really enjoy what I do for a living, I see sales different from most people, I like to help people find exactly what they are looking for even if it isnt what they were thinking when they came in. I also feel that my job really doesnt start until my customer takes delivery, my goal is to make them happy with their purchase as long as they own it.

    My customers are told at delivery of their new car and every time I contact them that they are not to call service I would prefer them to call me first, this way i can set up the service appointment and follow up and make sure everything is fixed properly before they pick up their car.

    Some people buy strictly based on price but through the years I have found I have lost very few deals based strictly on price, I have found that by providing a freindly helpful service customers allow me to earn their business time and time again.

    wvgasguy if you ever have any questions feel free to email me and ask away, I dont mind answering questions at all, if you currently own the TCH you may want to check out a post a wrote in another thread about gas mileage where I describe how the ECO button will save you fuel and allow you to set the air conditioning to a level that will freeze you out fo thte car.

    I hope you love your new car and that you get many happy miles of service free driving from it

    John C
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Thanks, I read that post as well as the many others. You'll be interested in the posts as well. There is a milage database there as well. So far I'm not the highest in mpg's (I'm at 38.4) but I do have almost 5000 miles on my TCH and pretty well have all the tricks down for FE. I live in rural WV and while I do have less traffic than some areas I also have hills and valleys everywhere. I don't expect to compete with mpg's where people get to use long flat roadways (like I did in Nags head and was getting 45 mpg)but for a large comfortable car this can't be beat (yet_still waiting when tax credits are through and hope they have a Lexus ES350h camry clone)
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,769
    We can talk about the process here, but please don't get into buying and selling cars or accessories here. That's something we cannot do on the forums.

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  • azdryheatazdryheat Posts: 1
    We recently have begun shopping for a TCH. I have read some of the messages from others and they state they have ordered but the dealers in Phoenix are saying (1) put $500 down (2) identify color and options, (3) go on a waiting list, (4) dealer waits to see what TCH they get in, and (5)dealer calls if (a) you are next on the list and (b) there is a "match" or close to a "match" with what you want and you still want it then all is well. Is this really the process? How long does it normally take to get a fully loaded TCH is the magnetic gray or is that like asking how long is a piece of string? Feel like it is lotto drawing as the TCH may or may not have what you want. Plus if we trade in a car - dealers won't give a firm value on the trade-in - as the value may change by the time the TCH comes in - does all of the above sound right?
  • lls57lls57 Posts: 57
    According to their website, Avondale Toyota has a fully loaded Mag grey hybrid. Have you contacted them?
  • mndanmndan Posts: 4
    I got to test drive a TCH today, which I did not expect to be able to do, as this was unclaimed. Now I am pretty much sold. Unfortunately, this was a base version, and I at least want a sunroof, so doubt I will get this one if it stays available. I can get on the wait list. Sounds like a loaded TCH could take 3-12 months in Minnesota, but one just with sunroof and cloth seats could be 3 weeks to a few months.

    Does this wait time seem about right? I'd wait 1-2 months, but don't want to be strung out forever. Semi-picky on color: titanium, grey, red or maybe blue okay. Any idea how I can track what is available or due soon in this region?

    Any idea about installing a sunroof if I get the base model? I know this can be done, but seems crazy to me. I could not a find a forum to discuss this.
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Posts: 47
    I know there have been various postings on "status", but I need a little help in putting a timeline together. My dealer now has a TCH identified for me that just was allocated to them ( "A" status,right?).

    At that point where is the vehicle:
    - being built?
    - built and waiting for loading?
    - in transit by ship?

    Any estimates on how long the ship takes to get from Japan to Houston? This is through the Panama Canal, so the car will have seen more countries and continents than I have!

    After arrival, it looks like our friends at Gulf States will have it for 0 days to 2 weeks. However, I'm not getting any of the Gulf States stuff (junk), so I'm hoping that it will move out of Houston into the Austin area quickly.

    Soooo... where am I in the process, if the allocation was just made to the dealer yesterday (Thursday)?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    My guess is that there are several ships in each regional rotation:
    Japan to W Coast to Japan
    Japan to Gulf + Jax to Japan
    Japan to E coast to Japan

    These RoRo ships ( Rollon Rolloff ) have approximately a 30 day rotation. Our friend from the Port of Portland can verify this better.

    When a vehicle goes into 'A' status it's either on a ship or just being loaded in Japan.

    I'd expect for you to see yours in mid July in Austin; I'd guess 25-30th at the latest.
  • muuhermuuher Posts: 9
    I looked up Gulf States Toyota recently, and they seem to be a fairly decent outfit. They've been using RFID lately to move cars in and out very fast. One site mentions they process 190,000 cars anually (quite amazing if true). The owner is an interesting personality too (and rich):

    My car (no port options) spent 24hrs at Gulf States Toyota, and was at the dealership in town the next day. So it should be a matter of days once it gets there.
  • anniemfuseanniemfuse Posts: 66
    I got a call today that a loaded red TCH is available in Danville Illinois which is about 90 minutes west of Indianapolis on 74 (Phil). (Already got mine.)
  • umpire63umpire63 Posts: 19
    Found out yesterday that my Desert Sand TCH w/ Nav has been allocated. Now the real waiting begins. Looking at the timelines above, is about a month to Illinois the right time frame?
  • houtex1houtex1 Posts: 82
    I would think a month is probably a pretty good estimate. Your dealer should know when it is expected to hit port. At the time it hits port, the dealer can give you a vin. Your dealer should also know on average (after a vehicle arrives in port) how long it takes to get to the dealership. From port to dealership, mine took about 5 days, but I live in Houston where the car arrived (port of Houston).
  • gc77584gc77584 Posts: 65
    I've noticed a dealer in the Elgin Ill area tacked on $1,700 on the TCH window sticker for an Enviromental Package "A". Anybody have an idea what this is??

    This was posted in the Camry: Prices Paid forum. Anybody heard of this? I pulled up the Elgin dealer and there's one TCH listed in their inventory, but there's no specific pricing or package information.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    I got an email from my dealer to see if I was interested in the "highly recommended" environmental package, which includes rustproofing, paint protection, fabric protection, and sound deadener for $695. I said that I DID NOT want it! It isn't clear to me whether this is a port installed option, or something that the dealer "installs".
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It can be done in either place depending on the region and the size of the dealership. For some it has value for others it has none.
  • mrimagingmrimaging Posts: 1
    I am in the DC area and have put down a deposit at two different dealerships for a fully loaded Magnetic Gray TCH. It seemes that there have not been many cars with loaded options available around here. I placed my deposit back in May and neither dealership has received any cars with leather and NAV. So currently they are just telling me to wait and that they hope to get one in some time in July.

    I have been reading in this thread about allocation and am wondering if I should be requesting the dealers to try to allocate the model I am looking for, or if I indeed should just wait and hope they get one in at some point. I have already gone for a test drive and am ready to purchase as soon as I can find one.
  • mdyedcmdyedc Posts: 1
    Word is out that hybrids registered after 7/1/06 will no longer get HOV rights on certain roads in the DC area. I figure that this will mean there will be a rush on the Camry hybrids in the next couple of weeks, and then the price will drop (at which point I'll go out and buy mine)?

    I haven't been out shopping yet -- does anyone know whether dealers actually have any of these on the lots or if this strategy is likely to work given the already-existing high demand and low supply of these vehicles?

    What kind of wait times are people seeing in this area anyway? Not picky on anything.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    Does the person that works in the port of Portland still visit this thread?

    I have a vessel number and name:
    Vessel Number ...: 500
    Vessel Name .....: CNTY LD1V191

    My TCH is coming to Michigan, but it wasn't clear to me whether it would come through Portland or not.

    I also have a VIN, now - does this mean that it has already arrived in port? There is also a reference to "Category F" on the info my salesman emailed me - does this mean that it is in "F" status and is en route via rail/truck?

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    My wife just took our TCH in for its first service. She told me Kip from Buckhannon Auto Mall in Buckhannon WV said they have a Blue TCH in stock. It was less than $28,000 on the internet so I assume it's possibly a base with roof?

    Buckhannon WV is not a bad drive from Pittsburgh, Cincinatti, Charolotte or DC
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    In 'F' status it normally means that the truckman has been given the order to deliver it to the local retail store witnin 3 working days.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    My dealer is estimating that it wont arrive until early in the 2nd week of July! He is guessing around the 7th or the 8th.

    He also said that once it hits G status, he can give a better estimate.

    From other posts here, I thought that G status meant that it would get to the dealer within about 3 days. Am I misunderstanding this?

    Thanks, kdhspyder!
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    It might be different for the midwest locations since most vehicles apparently are railed in ( 'freight' ) from Portland. This would make sense as opposed to the coastal locations where 'freight' normally means on a delivery truck.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    OK - that makes sense...

    Thanks again
  • mharris813mharris813 Posts: 20
    Do they not arrive in port at HOUSTON? Here, in central texas, i was hoping this was the case! They are telling me 2-3 weeks on my new Red TCH!!!! Fingers crossed!
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    For me (in Michigan), they seem to come through either Portland or California.

    If you are in texas, yours probably would come through Houston.
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Well, that was my motivation. I bought one this weekend in order to make the deadline. Turns out meeting the deadline is not easy--you have to have a title number, which usually does not occur until about 10 days after the purchase. My dealer, Fitgerald Lake Forest Toyota in Gaithersburg, went above and beyond yesterday and was able to get me the title number, allowing me to apply for the white CF plates. Hopefully I'll get them, the application met the deadline and was complete.

    As for my experience, I was planning on buying the Accord Hybrid which was recently approved for DC HOV use. Test drove one of those, and then on a whim stopped by Fitzmall. I had looked at the inventory and knew they had a few. They had already sold 2 of them but had 2 left. My TCH is Barcelona Red with a sunroof, outside heaters and floor mats. It turns out it had just arrived on a vehicle transfer from Lynchburg, VA (so it already was inspected for me). So, I was basically lucky it was on the lot and unspoken for. I paid about $900 or so under MSRP with no haggling and got a over KBB/Carmax on my trade.

    Perhaps there will be better deals to come, I don't know. My motivating factor in this purchase was to get the white VA CF plate, so whatever discount will be available later I guess I'll chalk up to the price of HOV access. Still going to be worth it. However, given the limited supply, it would seem to me that it will be a while before anything better than I got is to be had, at least around here. These cars are staying on the lots very, very short time...while I was deciding whether to purchase my car, another couple arrived who wanted it, and the other Hybrid they had went out on 3 test drives. I knew if i wanted it, I had to buy it on the spot.

    Considering the high demand, I felt like I did well. Fitzgerald added on nothing other than a $99 doc fee.
  • hamm3rhamm3r Posts: 55
    I just checked their inventory. Currently they have Blue Ribbon/Ash Fabric and Super-White(options not listed)

    "2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid models in-stock $500.00 OFF of MSRP 1-888-482-6255 ext. 8444"
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