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Land Rover LR2



  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    The scheduled maintenance program was thru the 45k service. On 09s it is gone, but there is an owner loyalty program to assist repeat buyers.
  • forester2forester2 Posts: 3
    Its surely gone for 2009, but I am to get a $500 service credit in the mail as we also have a 2007 LR3. Not sure if this was tied to being a repeat buyer.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    It is part of owner loyalty
  • I did not get a response on the prices paid forum so I though I'd post my message here.

    I have 2 choices for a possible purchase and some advice would be great:

    #1: Offer for a Demo 08 LR2 HSE model with cold climate package, 10,000 miles, for $26,000.

    #2: Demo 08 LR2 HSE with cold climate, technology, and bluetooth packages, 8,000 miles, $29,000
    Which one should I go for (is the nav system and upgraded audio worth it?) and are these pretty good deals or should I strive to get lower? Thanks in advance.
  • forester2forester2 Posts: 3
    Your about there. Get 'em to throw in the rack, cross bars, rubber mats and a clear bra.
  • russnsearussnsea Posts: 3
    Take the Demo 2 Have all the packages and love them all. Nav system is great and the upgrade audio are well worth it.
  • sixthflicksixthflick Posts: 47
    Choice #2 is my suggestion. I have an 08 SE that I bought in October 2007 with the Tech and Bluetooth pkgs. I highly recommend both and especially love the DVD based GPS. I'm not sure if this is a true "GPS - Global Positioning System" as those typically don't require a DVD to produce maps and your location, but I'm thinking this is a great system if, due to the economy, what I'm hearing about GPS systems going bad in a few years due to lack of funding to send up new satellites becomes reality. I'd ask about it, but all in all I think it was worth the extra dough. Some people may say buy it without the GPS and you could install a portable one to take with you or if you ever sell the car (by that time though there may be better portable systems available).

    I moved from San Diego, CA to NY so I was a bit bummed after realizing I hadn't purchased the cold climate package, but I didn't think the cost was worth it seeing how I hadn't planned on moving out of San Diego - whoops.

    That being said, I would strive for a lower price. I just received a newletter this evening from my local dealer for an Demo '09 HSE with about 3,000 miles on it for only $29,895 (no options) and a Demo '09 HSE with Bluetooth and Satellite Radio for $32,495. I think with the mileage at 8k, you should be able to get about $3-4k knocked off of that price since they'll do what it takes to get rid of all the left over '08s and seeing how they were Demo vehicles.

    With those prices though, you're already saving about $12k from what I paid new in '07 for my SE. It's definitely a buyer's market right now and Tata Motors needs to pay back quite a bit more on their +/- $3 billion dollar loans. Not sure how pricing gets back to Tata Motors at this point though or if it's straight back to the dealership.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    First of all, all GPS use the DVD for he map and the GPS Satellite puts your position on the map. The pricing is good - I've got 2 used LR2s priced in the high 20's. The dealer has them priced pretty close to a nothing deal. I am sure he does not have much more (if anything) to give.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    By the way, Jaguar-Land Rover makes money when they sell the car to Jaguar-Land Rover North America. Jaguar-Land Rover North America makes it's money when a dealer is invoiced. The dealer makes it's money when it retails the vehicle.
  • sixthflicksixthflick Posts: 47
    All GPS use the DVD for the map? I assume your referring to the GPS systems in Land Rovers? TomToms, Garmins - neither of these uses a DVD - they're portable GPS systems. Spot - no DVD.

    Regarding pricing - you mention high 20's - but not how high.To me, 27k is still high 20's and $2k is quite a bit of difference for someone who may have just enough to buy a Land Rover. Don't get me wrong 29k is a smokin' deal seeing how I dished out over $40k for mine, but I still think it's a few $$$ high seeing that '09s (in my area) start at $36k with 0 mileage and considering how the 08's he mentions were Demo cars.

    lrguy44 - Do you know who owns/sends up the satellites that the Land Rover systems use? Is it NAVTEQ?
  • sixthflicksixthflick Posts: 47
    So the price just keeps going on from the primary source, as suspected. Now, if we could all just cut out the middle man, we could buy our cars for a LOT less.
  • Hello, rocknroll,
    just to add my 2 cents: You should definitely strive to go lower. Here's why: I bought my new 08 LR2 HSE last month for 10 K off MSRP. It was the dealer's way of saying "let's get these 08's out before the 09's come out". We had a pick of cars, so ultimately did not get the GPS, which I've heard is fantastic, only because my husband has a portable unit already. So for $26,950, we chose the model that had bluetooth and satellite radio.

    Our salesman even cautioned us against the next equipped model, since it had about 10K miles on it, and therefore, would have one or two less maintenance services included. Our vehicle had 155 miles on it. So I would consider using Edmund's pre-owned/used values on these demos, to argue a price. Good luck!

    P.S. I was going to use what I saved in not getting nav, to put in extra wood inlay around the radio and shift stick, but I am no longer the primary driver... my husband preferred it :P so I'm now driving his purchase (A4 Avant, which I love).
  • sixthflicksixthflick Posts: 47
    Nice price. Good choice too. My wife wasn't too sure about me buying the LR2 and I had a few issues with it my first year, but since I just bought a spotless '04 Discovery SE and gave my wife the LR2, she loves it. I'd love to take the little bugger off-roading a bit more, but doubt that's going to happen since I handed over the reins. The LR2 is quite impressive in my opinion.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    I should have said all the maps are on a storage device. Memory card, hard drive, etc. NAVTEQ sells the maps (yes Land Rover DVDs are a NAVTEQ product). The satellites are part of the US GPS system that originally was for the military. When I get to work I will give you the specifics on my used vehicles.
  • sixthflicksixthflick Posts: 47
    If you know, who maintains or replaces the satellites in the US GPS system?

    -Nevermind - I just checked. It looks like Homeland Security - makes sense.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    The big issue now is that the satellite system is headed for a breakdown. Money for new satellites is the issue.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Actually, I think the Air Force is still responsible for the system.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    My 30k mile 08 SE (CCP Bluetooth Lighting Sirius) is at $26,900. I have a Tambora Flame with about the same miles at $24900.
  • Before you give up on the LR2 take a look at the You Tube Videos of them off roading(also check out Freelander 2 Videos).
  • botoriousbotorious Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    New to the forums Just picked up a new 09 lr2. So far so good. I would like to know if anyone has done a mod like this to have the navi screen play dvds? Also the manual says the side mirrors can go down but have no clue how to do that. Unless they took it out of the 09's.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    Put the car in reverse and adjust your mirrors to what you want when backing. Put the car in park. The mirrors should return to the normal setting. When you go back into reverse, they will dip or whatever you set up for backing. To change the reverse function just repeat the process.
  • Wondering if it is worth buying a used 2008 LR2 SE with Navigation. The internet price is $24,995 and possibly could get it a little lower with negotiation. The price already came down from $26,500 last week. I thought the 17' wheels were standard but these have 18". Wondering how I could do with a 2009 version in terms of price....
  • That's a great price but how many miles are on it? I paid over $40k for my 2008 brand new back in Oct 2007. 18" wheels were stock on the SE models. LR is going to be pulling in the 2010 models pretty soon so they're trying to make room by selling the older models off cheap - I'd hold for a bit better price, but not too much longer as it may disappear - I'd ask for another $500 - $1000 off the internet price if the mileage is right. What does Blue Book value it at and was it a rental car? There's a big difference between a leased vehicle and a rental. Those who lease tend to take decent care of them because they don't want to get dinged with huge charges at the end of their lease, but rental cars are usually not taken care of well. I would stay away if it was a rental.
  • Yeah sorry about that, I realize I didn't list miles, it has 27,075 miles on it. I am not sure if it was a rental. Its being sold by Rosenthal Acura dealership, so not at Land Rover. Edmunds TMV listed it at 28,941 with that mileage which seems kind of high actually. Would the dealer actually tell me if it was a rental, I can't seem them disclosing that. Are you happy with your LR2, how many years of warranty do you get with a Land Rover?
  • Took Rover in for oil change and they mentioned I need to get new pads soon. Have had the Rover for almost two years (30 month lease), dont drive much, not hilly, not fast accelerating/stopping, etc. I know this vehicle is heavy, but this doesnt sound right. I'd hate to get new pads just 2-6 months left on my lease.

    Any experiences on how many miles before dealership recommends new pads and how much that will cost? 15k miles sounds too soon.
  • I've had my LR2 for 19 months, have nearly 24k miles and have never had the dealership mention new pads and it's been to the shop three times for routine maintenance. I love the vehicle and have had only minor electrical issues that have not posed any problems. The only major problem I've had was a complete loss of power steering due to a leaky hose that resulted in a drained power steering system. Landrover picked up the vehicle, replaced the pump and fluid and got me back on the road within 24 hours. I'd find another dealership and report this one to Land Rover Corporate HQ.
  • rrs4359rrs4359 Posts: 5
    I have an 09 RR Sport with the 20" Stormer Rims (same ones they put on the super charged), and I have had a ton of vibration issues with the steering. Actually, you feel the vibration throughout the whole car. If anyone has been able to resolve this, PLEASE let me know. It is literally driving me nuts. I start feeling it around 50 MPH or so and it does not go away. I have brought the truck in for tire balancing 4 times at 3 different places, tried new tires, and it still vibrates.

    The other issue I have is the seat slides. Supposedly Land Rover has had this issue with the Sport since 08 models and has not formally fixed the problem. The dealer tells you to bring the car in and they tighten some linkage in the seat and it lasts about a couple of months and then you bring it back again.

    You would think with a $60k+ car you would not have these issues. If anyone has had these problems, please let me know. I am ready to start with the Lemon Laws.

  • ppdalalppdalal Posts: 6
    I was just reading the past LR2 posts and came across yours.My husband is in the armeed forces and we are considering getting a LR2 maybe a certified pre owned..I would kindaa like to go your way in buying a brand new 2009 in 2010(dealer close to me still has a brand new 2009)If you can let me know which dealer you had gone through..maybe it'll help..
  • It was Land Rover of Palm Beach. They were offering $10K off all previous year cars at the time, but I think it was this dealer's manager/owner who did this, rather than Land Rover in general. Good luck!
  • amymaxamymax Posts: 1
    I am very interested in purchasing a 2008 LR2 w about 26,000 miles on it. The warranty goes for about another year or to 50,000 miles. I am interested in purchasing addl miles/years, but am offered only to 60,000 miles at additional 4 years, cost $2600.00 plus taxes.
    I do not plan on putting a lot of mileage on the car. I am concerned about the electric system mostly. This does not have satelite radio or navigation. Any and all comments welcome.
    Btw, I live in an area where in the winter the off-road capabilities will be used just going up my driveway
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