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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q7 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm European and it still seems weird to me how Americans don't understand diesel. It is economic choice. Engine lasts twice as much as gas. You put 150k miles in gas engine, you will put 300k miles in diesel engine. Long term it is much greener engine too. Easier to maintain. Diesel is also fuel that's easier to manufacture, so if 70s happen again you can be pretty sure you will be able to fill your tank. Diesel engines are also known to run just about on anything... you wanna throw vegetable oil and drive on it. Go for it! Dielels are also less complex engines, hence they brake less often. And if they do they're usually cheaper to fix. This is why 70% of all BMW sales in Europe are diesels! Becuase you buy a car and can drive it for 10 years and not 5, save money and save the environment. Easy? :-) Plus you get great deals on diesels in US. In Europe they're on average 30% more expensive than their gas counterparts. Here you get them for cheap. No brainer to me...
  • actually, the 3.0 diesel has quite a bit of power compared to the gas 3.0, perhaps not on the HP department, but check out the torque.
  • Hi,
    WOW that is an amazing deal. What dealer did you go to please?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,079
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  • I've signed a purchase agreement for a new 2009 Q7 TDI.

    MSRP is $57,875.
    My price is $53,875.

    So the deal is about 7% below MSRP (just under "invoice" as far as I can tell).

    Is this a good deal?
  • Can someone comment why there is no much activity going on on q7 model? As far as I see people more interested in other models like Mercedes, BMW and etc.. WHY?
    I'm the owner of Q7 . Is it to expensive? bed design? any comments?
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Good Question. I have no idea. Aside from complaints on brake wear I do not read a lot of negativity. I love this vehicle. It is expensive but so are comparable BMW, Mercedes, and Cadillac Escalade. I think the design is the best looking out there. Not enough advertising maybe? Q5 sure has a lot of commercials etc.
  • 7% below MSRP???
    I heard that audi is paying dealers about 3k on leftover 2009s... and additional 1-2k if you are current owner of audi.....
    so not a great price... and TDIs are in short supply now... very short supply...
    2010 mostly they are offering 1000 over invoice or MSRP...
  • I have been told by two different dealers, located in different regions in the USA, that basically Audi is not offering any extra incentives to move their cars/SUV's. They supposedly lose money on every sale because of the horrible exchange rate. BMW does not suffer this same fate because the X5 is assembled in South Carolina, thus BMW can offer the "eco-credit" etc. I would love to purchase a Q7, b ut in this economy I expect some type incentive to purchase a car.
  • I see. Audi deals are horrible right now compare to Mercedes and BMW. For instance
    Mercedes offers $2000 cash on leases low rate and reasonable residual values on ML350. Also I think one of the important factors that Audi do not provide dealers cashabck . At the same time sales people are claiming that the Q7 inventory has been reduced drastically and the demand is way up which I think is BS.
    In my opinion It reduced because very few people get Q7 at this rate and I think dealers stop ordering them in big quantities like they used to..
  • I still liked my q7, I didn't get much discount $4k off sticker, but great lease rate. My friend leased his ML350 the same time since he didn't need 7 seats and he's not impressed with his ML350. Yes, the Q7 is huge compares to these BMW, ML350 or XC90.
    Gas mileage is still in the 16-20 mpg. The kids love to sit in the rear bench, roomy and cool with the panorama roof & rear a/c.
  • fphamfpham Posts: 2
    Just purchased outright 2009 Q7 4.2 prestige with luxury package and pan. sunroof. for $54K before taxes, tags, title.

    I knew the dealer wanted to move the q7. MSRP was over $68K.

    I also knew they had a slight redesign (new LED lights) and new 3rd generation MMI computer system.

    But I figure I'd save myself $5-6K by bying a new 2009 model vs. new 2010 model.

    Purchased it with cash so deal was super easy. Although they wouldn't budge on throwing in the $740 AudiCare. I wasn't going to haggle anymore over $740

    Dealer was in the Tampa/St. Pete Florida area.

    Overall very happy with the Q7. I was looking at the V6 prem plus 2010. But that would have cost me around $51-53K from looking at what others were paying. I'd rather have the V8 loaded even if it's a year older model.

    The changes they made for 2010 didn't justify me spending more money.
  • zafmanzafman Posts: 1
    I was told today by a dealer that there are no more 2010 4.2 Q7s available-- that Audi stopped production. Is that true?
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Hmmmmmm....... dealer--truth, dealer--truth......

    Not sure I ever heard those words together before except as opposites.
  • raj101raj101 Posts: 3
    Dealer in NJ has offered me a price of 54,200 for 2010 Q7 TDI Premium Plus With Cold Weather Pkg, towing pkg and all season mats. It seems like a decent price to me, comparing to Edmunds invoice price 55,602. Any thoughts on this price or the model that I have chosen will be much appreciated!
    I feel like I am betting by choosing the diesel model, but that offers much better mileage and pays back in about 5 years, any comments?
  • munieqmunieq Posts: 1
    Would you mind sharing where you got such a deal. I'm trying to get something similar. I also live in NJ (north). Thanks!
  • Try Princeton Audi
  • that is true, as of last month audi canceled all orders that hadn't been marked as a sold order.
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    edited February 2010
    I have a 2007 Q7 thats lease is about to expire and I am in the process of looking for a new car. I've leased a bunch of cars in the past and it used to be be that I could eventually get a car for 1% of the MSRP/month give or take $50. In other words the Audi was $58K (3.6, tech, nav, etc). My lease was $630/month with basically nothing down (fees etc put it at about $1K). This was for a 36 month lease with 12K/year.

    Prior to that I had a BMW 528 Wagon (MSRP $53K). Same lease parameters made the car payment at $503/month. (walked out the door for less than $1k out of pocket). (I don't play the "cap reduction" game).

    So here's my question. WHY ARE LEASES SO MUCH MORE NOW? Are money factors through the roof, are manufactures shying away from leases as they have a liability associated with them?

    With the economy in the dumps and interest rates so low I would think leases would be even more attractive. Am I missing something or is the dealer true when he said that it's different now?

    It seems that over the past 6-8 years leases have become less and less appealing.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,364
    Manufacturer's captive finance companies have lost money for years on inflated residuals (which help make for lower lease payments)..

    With the credit crisis, many car makers just couldn't keep taking the hit.. Between the GM/Chrysler bankruptcies, and a lot of other makes getting out of the banking business, the price of leasing has gone up.

    Many makes only lease through independent banks. Those banks have to turn a profit, not just subsidize the business of the automaker, like the captive companies..

    Cheap leases are few and far between... 1% of MSRP is a good rule of thumb, but very hard to achieve in this environment. For most models, it makes more sense to buy than lease.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • ny_driverny_driver New YorkPosts: 22
    Most of the captive finance companies are unable to securitize their debt anymore with the collapse of the securitization market. That was the biggest source of cheap financing for the auto makers for years. Spreads are still tremendous vs 2008 levels. In the past, the captive finance companies could pass on that cheap cost to customers.

    Yes, interest rates are lower but banks are not rushing to lend auto makers money at any price. Audi/VW is one of the stronger credits but they are feeling it too.
  • homantaghomantag Posts: 21
    edited February 2010
    Looks like there are many of us with 2007 Q7s that are coming off lease, and need to decide whether to buy what we have, or try to get a new one.

    The suplly keeps getting lower and lower. I have looked all over (live in CA, and looked as far as FL and IL), and there are literally no more than a handful out there (with the options that I want).

    No dealer I have spoken to will take less than MSRP (best they will do is honor loyalty incentives). The lease rates are not that great, and seem to end up costing almost as much as a purchase.

    If anyone has been able ot lease or purchase recently, and can share their figures (model, options, MSRP, down, drive off, miles/yr, residual, and MF), it would be greatly appreciated.

    I also heard that AFS is offering a 48 month lease now (instead of a 36 month max).

    Car Man, any news on this, and what the residuals and rates are (for both lease and purchase for 48, 60, and 72 months)?

    Thanks all!
  • Looking for Q7 in So cal right now. Every dealer is stating the low supply and not eager to make deals. Any recent purchasing experiences guys? How much below MSRP shall I reasonably expect?
  • We just purchased a Audi TDI Premium Plus from Checkered Flag in Virginia Beach. We worked directly with the sales manager there and he was great- he answered all our questions and tried hard to provide as much discount as he could. We ended up ~$1000 over invoice....I wasn't sure how good the price was but I had three other dealers not budge of MSRP for the deisels...with Checkered Flag they allowed me to get the lower price and ordered the car so I could get my exact specs and color I wanted

    I am not sure if any of you have used the American Express Car Buying Program- but its free and they give you a no haggle certificate for a price and its always somewhere between invoice and $1500 above invoice....for BMW x5 I got a price from the site of $9000 below MSRP.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Amazing that in todays economy they arent budging off MSRP... I guess its all supply & demand assuming is not a dealer stated supply & demand. Being able to order what you want is fantastic too!! I will only deal with sales managers now. The days of sitting in a room while the sales advisors goes back & forth with the sales manager are gone for me. Either go get him or Im walking. Congratz, and thanks for the Amex info as well. Was told by BMW & Mercedes dealers that they "only sell for MSRP"... Uh huh, sure. Car sales, gotta love it as much as stepping on a rusty nail. The difference is the rusty nail makes no false promises and tells you no lies... Ok off my soap box now. And again, CONGRATZ on your new Q!!!!!! What color,what specs?? They new silver/grey color is amazing.
  • bkmagbkmag Posts: 3
    Picking up our Q7 TDI on Monday. Wife loves the car and the room. Long Island dealers would only go max of $1000,00 to 2,000.00 off msrp. Dont listen to there nonsense, the car is out there u just have to find it. I ended up in NJ. The car has Nav and panorama roof. Missing was LED in front, which I kind of liked. Also colors where important to us. That is another reason research out of state has to be done. Sometimes your colors are hard to come by. The only thing that I dont like is, Audi doesn't make all weather mats in tan to match my interior. Weather Tech does promote them but they don't have them due to, they have not been redesigned for newer Q7. Does anyone know of a mat company out there where I can get a GOOD durable mat in tan from?????
  • bkmagbkmag Posts: 3
    Check out Town Audi Englewood, NJ give them a call they work with you. Ask for Alec
  • bkmagbkmag Posts: 3
    Try Town Audi
  • Can purchase an Audi certified '07 Q7 3.6 Premium Package in excellent condition (clean CarFax) w/33K miles on it for $31K. Aside from DVD and sunroof has pretty much everything else. The orig. warranty will expire at the end of the year and I will then get an extra 2 years (since I won't be racking up 67K miles before then). Has Convenience and Infotainment Package. Coming out of a Lexus RX 350. My other option is to purchase a brand new Honda Pilot EX-L AWD for $1K more or an '08 Lexus certified RX350 with about 30K miles for $30K. Plan to keep vehicle for no more than 5 years (when the kids will both be in booster seats I can go back to a sedan--already have an Odyssey that we'll run into the ground). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • mightyjohnmightyjohn Posts: 10
    Wow, 9k off X5. do you remember which dealership it was?
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