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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Don't worry. At 335hp, the GL450 has plenty of power. The only reason to upgrade is if you just really need to show off that GL550 badge on the rear of the car.
  • Did you guys hear about when the new GL is coming out? We are not sure what to do. If its coming out in the end of 2011 then we'll wait and if sometime in 2012 then we'll get the 2011 model now. I saw some spy shots and the overall shape is going to stay the same but the front and back is going to be redesigned. I just dont want to buy the current model if there is a more cool looking sporty upgraded version coming out in several months. What do you think?
  • Hi gs451,
    Can you tell me the name of the sales person you are dealing with? The max I am being offered is 1850 below on 2011 GL 450.

    Also wanted to ask if anyone can post the December lease money factor and residual. Looking to pull the trigger before the 31st.

    Merry Christmas all!!
  • Mercedes GL 2010 "used", 20 miles:
    Price quote- $61000 MSRP $71000

    I think you could get at least another 3k off. I got $7000 off MRSP for a NEW, 2011 model, I think you can get more than 10,000 off the "used" 2010 model especially at the end of the month and especially year.

    See, the 2010 model is already a year old + it had 1 owner already.

    I'd rather buy a 2011 with a $7,000 discount than a 2010 with a 10,000 discount. Just my opinion though.
  • Hi all, I've been offered 5% off MSRP of 73k for a 350 with premium 1, Leather seating package, Lighting package, Rear seat entertainment system, Running Boards, Blind Spot Assist. Invoice is 69k and the figure I got offered is 800 over that. Vehicle has to be ordered. Does that look like a good deal? The other area dealer insists that due to demand 350's go at MSRP. Dealer also doesnt offer COSCO or AAA. Thanks.
  • Negotiated 3850 below invoice including 1k for conquest money as I have a BMW. Is this a good px for a new 2010? Dealer is willing to sell 2011 at invoice but then I loose out on the 1800 tax credit as delivery will be next year.

    Appreciate your advice in advance
  • bck2bck2 Posts: 6
    You should get better discounts for 2010 model...I just got 350 few weeks ago for 8000 under invoice.

    Good luck!
  • parkerfeparkerfe Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    My dealer is offering $250 over dealer invoice for a 2011 GL350 that has an MSRP of a little over $77k. The car is on order with an expected delivery date of late Feb 2011. Is that a fair deal or will do better once the car is delivered?
  • Need some thoughts. Looking at a 2011 GL450 invoiced at $68,943. Based on what everyone is seeing, could I get this car for $64,000 right now? Can I do better? In Colorado.
  • We ordered a 74k MSRP 11 350 for 1400 below invoice recently. PM me if you want specifics.
  • Can't see how to send a PM here but I'd like the specifics of your deal. Buying either the GL or Range Rover in the next few days. RR leases are awful. you can send to my gmail which is cjmd55 at...
  • We ordered a car that was $71,185 MSRP for $64,475. Negotiations were done in about 30 minutes. 2 other dealers in New England offered the same discount. The worst part is waiting for it to be built!
  • 2010 or 2011? thanks.
  • I just leased a 2011 GL 450 with P1, REP, Park, HSW, Hitch, App Pkg with MSRP of 72k for $849/mo 36 mo with NYS tax (8.6%) in the payment.. Got 7k off MSRP... Wanted to know if the lease payment was competative. I got NO fleet or other discounts on this deal....
  • Sounds competitive to me. Did you make a down payment on the cap cost? I assume the lease is through MBUSA.
  • No down payment, just first month, BF, tax on BF, DMV.
    Selling price was 64525.
  • Hi, All,
    I need your input here.
    I am in the market of a GL450, now I have following 2 options here, or I can wait till July or August.

    My question is: Will MB have a promotion in July/August for GL class? I know MB usually has big discount during that time for E or C class, not sure what they will do for SUV. Anybody knows in last several years during July/August, did MB have any promotion such as $10k off MSRP for previous-year model for GL class?

    If answer is yes, then I will wait. If answer is no, would you please comment following 2 options?
    1) 2011 pre-owned with MSRP (if new) $71400, dealer offered me $62.5k, this one has 950 miles
    2) 2010 CPO one with MSRP (if new) $66500, dealer offered me $57k, this one has 3000 miles.

    Which deal is better? or None? How much should be my bottom line?
  • msrp $72265, got an offer $8700 below. is this a good deal?

  • That sounds like a good deal. Are you using USAA or any fleet discount? Is the car on the lot or will it be ordered?
  • no. I did not apply discount. just negotiate the price. ey do give me discount since i am a lexus owner. the car will be transferred to dealer next week.
  • Sounds a very good deal, would you mind to let me know or pm me which location of the dealer you got this offer? And the contact name?
  • silicozion,

    Can you please pm the name and contacts where you got this deal?
  • vivo1vivo1 Posts: 1
    I happen to be in search for the same 2011 GL450. Can you pm the name and where.

  • Silicozion,

    The best offer I got so far is $5500. Can you please post the name of your dealer for your deal?
  • Hi All, could use your advice on 2009 GL.
    P2 package (nav, keyless go, etc.)
    44,000 miles
    car is in excellent condition

    My concern is mileage and out of pocket maintenance expenses.
    Trying to negotiate additional 3 years coverage.
    Is $46,500 reasonable price?
    The total price seems quite less than other '09 models. granted, this mileage is quite high.

    Thanks a lot.
  • tarikmaytarikmay Posts: 2
    1 week ago,we got an 09 GL450 certified cpo 31500 miles P2 package, illuminated sills, running boards, full leather, wood steering, rear entertainment- multi source, 19 in wheels for $48000 from MB of Manhattan in NYC.

    they had another one for same price but p1 package 24K mi for the same price.
    my sales persons name is mike, tell him Alkaisi sent you.
  • ruggmanruggman Posts: 9
    wow, great find!
    thanks for your update.
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    I was offered 2011 GL350 , P2, Running Boards, Lighting package..MSRP about $70K for $63K plus NY tax. Can I do better ? Is there any additional discounts for GL350 currently on a market ?

    Thanks everybody for opinion.
  • I found that about 10% off without USAA or similar fleet discount was about as good as you could do. I recall one of the managers I talked to saying "there's only 12% in these cars anyway" for whatever thats worth. I was satisfied with 10%.
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    edited March 2011
    Do you know what is Costco discount and how to get it ?
    I know that I gotta be a member of Costco, but is there any timeframe I must be a member, or as soon as I apply for card nd have it - I'm eligible for it.

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