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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GL-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gummibear737gummibear737 Posts: 4
    edited March 2012
    2013 gl is out this fall. If you want an idea of how it looks just google merc gl 2013 and there's plenty of spy photos. There are some cosmetic changes (headlights, sportier front) but overall it retains alot of style elements. It is still a big somewhat angular car and the back is still boxy.

    If you want the larger (10k) discount i can recommend a number of approaches. First off is use patience to your advantage. They need to move the 2012s and the more you wait the more likely they will crack. Also, use the fact that factory orders are no longer possible to your advantage. Multiple visits to dealer help. The more time dealer spends with you, the more they will feel the psychological need to make a deal. Wait them out. Second shop around with multiple dealers and tell them the price at which you are ready to make a deal. Somebody will crack with prospect of having leftover inventory. Also, consider that they try to make money back on service so use that to your advantage.

    I am convinced that you can get the 10k discount with a little patience and leg work. I'm not normally a tough negotiator, i actually hate it. However the prospective 2012 gl buyer is probably trying to buy a bit over their price comfort range so the discount is paramount. If money isnt an issue then wait for 2013...nothing better than being early driver of relatively rare model.

    I negotiated my butt off for the final 2.5 k of my discount. I walked away. I came back. I told them i was going to buy a q7 or lr4. I played it cool and let them re-engage me. Bottom line, if you consider that this car is priced much higher than it should be, and that the decision to purchase is more emotional than rational, then dont be asamed to play hardball.

    You will love the car so if you want to steal a mercedes on the cheap then this is your chance
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Thanks gummibear for the encouragement and great tips. I think patience is the key. Currently my best offer is 6.5K off...that extra 3.5K is a big deal...especially for an end of cycle car. I'll be more aggressive...hopefully a dealer will aceept to sell at MSRP- >=10k.

    Thanks again!
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    Gummibear, I know you bought your GL in the EU, did you speciallly qualify for any incentives to get that 10K discount or was it just a straight discount. Some dealers have told me I do not qualify for some disocunts like the Conquest or USAA discount hence their inability to give me larger discounts.

  • Straight discount.
  • alexebialexebi Posts: 16
    If the Invoice of a GL450 is 7% below MSRP and the delaer also gets a 3% of MSRP back as holdback that mean sin effect th etrue dealer incoice is 90% of MSRP.

    so for a 70K car, the true dealer cost is about 63K which is just 7K below MSRP. So if people are getting cars at 10K below invoice, does that mean the dealer is selling it at a 3K loss...or am I missing something.
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    Yes, you are missing the part that the invoice price minus holdback is not the true dealer cost. There are other incentives and kickbacks that dealers get that are never advertised, which provide dealers with their real margins on the car. Then the cash incentives are all on top of that. That is the reason people are able to get 14% or more off MSRP at times.
  • pacarguypacarguy Posts: 2
    Just closed (on March 31) on a GL450. P01 Package, Trailer Hitch, Rear Entertainment PreWire, Parktronic, Blind Spot assist, Heated steering wheel, running boards - MSRP 70740+1950 for Rear Entertainment System, Total MSRP = 72690. Sale Price = $ 65,000 - other discounts (employee) = 1500, Final Price = 63500. The 65K price reflects a 10.5% off the MSRP.

    I have found this forum very helpful. Though I would contribute as well (if it helps others).
  • mp4937mp4937 Posts: 3
    2012 GL 350 BlueTec (New)
    Black/Black MB-Text interior
    Options: Premium 1, Parktronic, Blind spot assist, rear entertainemnt system, heated steering, side board with illumination kit
    MSRP $72,350, and dealer offerd $65,000.
    Is this a good deal? Any thoughts?

    BTW: I just want to offer 60K + 1999 Nissan Altima (valued at $2300 trade in).
  • Hi mp4937,
    I suspect that you can push for the $60K (or lower) as MB just introduced the completely revamped 2013 GL class which should be on dealers' lots in September...a mere 5 months from now.

    My two rupees.
  • mp4937mp4937 Posts: 3
    I settled for $63300.
    64,800 (sale price) - 1500 (FEP discount).
    Thats the best I could get for BlueTEC.
  • mp4937mp4937 Posts: 3
    Is it really worth pre-purchasing maintenance plan (say 5 years)?
    Can any onne comment on howmuch in total they spend on maintenance?
  • srilankasrilanka Posts: 2
    what dealership please?
  • srilankasrilanka Posts: 2
    what dealership please..
  • drakaindrakain Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    I just leased my 2012 GL450, Premium 1 Pkg, 3-zone climate control, Parktronic, Blindspot Assist, Trailer Hitch, Pre-wiring for Rear Ent., MSRP on all of that is about $71,295 + destination, I paid $60K, with 59% residual on 42 months. $4000 out the door, seems like a killer deal to me.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    Does sound like a great deal - what town, which dealership please.
  • drakaindrakain Posts: 3
    edited May 2012
    Los Angeles, Beverly Hills
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    Congrats! That is a killer deal! Please let us know what the monthly payment was and if you had to do a lot of haggling.
  • jhczjhcz Posts: 1
    Hello, I am new to this forum. A local dealer has a 2011 GL550 loaded, ni miles. The sticker price is about $92K. He offered to sell it for $83K plus 100K miles certified warranty. I still think the is too high. Your comments are greatly appreciated.
  • drakaindrakain Posts: 3
    $888 a month, no haggling, I was presented $915/month and asked to get it lowered to $900. He came back with $888 which actually made me think I should have haggled after that point. But being there for already 3 hours and a infant that was getting restless I was satisfied by the deal. I was upside down on a trade in so it accounted for a a bit higher monthly than it works out without the tradein.
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    Thanks! Which state did you register (trying to determine the without tax payment).
  • Currently GLs are selling for 10-11 thousand below msrp so happy hunting!
  • well that looks good
  • Just singed a deal today. GL350, MSRP $75K, got it for $63,500.
  • dtumbadtumba Posts: 3
    Hi everyone!

    I've seen a lot of great posts about individuals purchasing a GL450 for 10-13% or even more below MSRP.

    I'm curious on the breakdown between what makes up that discount? How much of the discount was from pure negotiation? From a conquest program? A cash incentive? A corporate partnership discount? Etc...

    As an example, I'm looking at a 2013 GL450 (either finance or lease depending on terms). I have a corporate partnership program that gives me a $3,000 incentive. I can also include any cash or lease incentives available. The MSRP on the GL450 built through with the options is right at $74,000. I also drive a cadillac which may provide me with an additional incentive with the conquest program if they offer it (I've heard $3,000 is the number) for a trade-in.

    This would be helpful in knowing how to approach the negoations!

    Thank you in advance
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    Does that mean your dealer has the 2013 GLs? Or are you pre-ordering?
  • dtumbadtumba Posts: 3
    The dealers don't have the 2013s yet. They have the first one arriving the first week of September.

    What I want to do is go to the fleet manager and have a custom order of exactly what I want so they have an immediate turn around on that inventory. I just don't know how aggressive to be in negotiating. I doubt the posters here have gotten 13%+ discount on MSRP purely by negotiating before other incentives.. but I'd like to know how close to or below invoice you can get before other incentives.
  • I think people are getting 13+% on 2012 but not 2013, I personally got 18% off a 2012 GL at the end of July. (last day of the month/week probably helped) But for a brand new, redesigned model which is not even on the lot, 5% is usually a good rule of thumb and if you can 7%, it'd be a very respectable deal.

    If you can get 13%+ on a custom order, redesigned model, there must be something serious wrong with this redesign then. :)
  • just purchased a 2012 GL450...white, black mb tex, blind spot, P1, hitch... for 13k off MSRP. MSRP is 71.5 ..paid 2.99 apr too. Thoughts on this price? thanks!!
  • About to buy my first mercedes, went in to lease but opting to buy. MSRP $69,700, we are at 56,700 with credit union financing of 1.49%, thoughts on pricing? is the prepaid mainantiance really worth it at $2400 for 4 years/45,000 miles? Thanks!!!
  • Price isn't bad, but I am assuming you're talking about a 2012. The financing terms are in your favor, the price seems high. When I bought mine at this time you should be able to get down to about 53k.

    I would say the maintenance isn't worth it, but bear with me.

    Your schedule would be every 10k miles or so. $199 for one, $299 for the other. Depending on if you're getting a 350, you have to consider paying for the additive which can be another 200 every SECOND service. So, if you drive about 12k a year, you're looking at about average 700 every TWO years or so.

    That's only $1400 over 4 years, maybe a bit more. There's really no other maintenance that I've had to do, other than purchase tires (they wear pretty fast at around 27,000 or so).

    IF it includes brakes, you may want to consider it, as my brakes are about ready to be serviced (I'm at 40k miles). I guess that would account for that extra $1000 in maintenance...
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