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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just bought a 2009 ES350 today. I got a lot of useful info from this forum when planning to buy so I think I'd share my experience here as well.

    First we requested quotes from nearby dealers: Rockville, Annapolis, Baltimore, and dealers in Virginia. The dealer at Annapolis gave the lowest quote: for a car with MSRP $38,644 (including destination charge), he gave a price at $33,817 (about $400 below invoice). We took the price to the nearest dealer at Rockville, they agreed to match it. After a bit more negotiation, we fixed the deal at couple of hundred dollars less.

    I heard someone saying you could start your negotiation at $1,000 below invoice. From our experience, it is pretty close.

    I hope this is useful for people who's buying a new Lexus, especially who lives in my area. The sales person is pretty nice, but I'm not supposed to post his contact info here - you know what to do if you want that...
  • dear moco01
    i am ready to buy one. i will appreciate if you can email with
    contct person name , all options and exact price you paid. any rebate. any special financing deal you got. my email
    thank you very much.
  • Would appreciate if you could mail the name of the salesperson at Rockville along with the options/prices on the car you purchased. Thanks.
  • That's an excellent price...a steal actually....Congratulations!!!..... The lowest price I could find in the ATL area was about $500 over invoice for a level III (Nav+Park-Assist) and that's really good for the Southeast, I guess they discount more aggressively in the DC area...could have something to do with the COLA. You going to absolutely enjoy this car...Cheers!! :)
  • Thanks. We bought this car for my wife and I'm sure she's enjoying it already - she drove it out today and even called home with Bluetooth Audio.
  • Hi, moco01

    I really need your help. I lives close to Rockville. Could you please email me the contact person name, options, price you paid. Did you get any rebate? Any low interest rate? Did your price include the destination fee?

    my email is

    Thanks a lot!!!!
  • Hey Lexpaul (and others that have contributed) to this thread,

    This is a great forum with lots of real world experience and data. I am in Atlanta and have been researching Lexus for a few weeks now. I have also looked at GS 350 and am still not sure.

    I have a few questions and was wondering if you or anyone can provide some insight/answers:

    1. Did you guys consider GS350 also and if so, what was the deal breaker to get ES350 (I really could not see a big difference other than the V8). Any info would be appreciated
    2. Since I am strongly leaning towards buying the ES350, I would like to know the approximate price I should offer for the following options: Premium Plus Package + Premium Sound & Navigation + Park Assist. The Invoice Price for this is 35038 (including the $825 for destination charge).
    3. Also, my understanding (from reading the KBB and edmunds) is that I just cannot get the navigation only - I have to opt for the premium sound system (option NV ) - is this true
    4. Any recommendation on a specific dealer in the ATL (or even nearby area) is good. I am also a Costco member (not sure if this will help in getting a no nonsense-quote - thought I would mention)

    I have not yet visited any dealer and trying to complete my research / homework by end of next week before going over to one of them.

    Thanks in advance
  • What kind of options does your ES 350 have?
  • Hey Down to the Earth…

    I’m glad you are finding the forum helpful…because it has certainly helped me. I just pulled the trigger on a Level III ES 350 (Nav+Park-Assist) black/black on Friday at Lexus of South ATL in Union City (off I-85 South)

    I must tell you that mine is a long story. I have been researching the ES 350 for over a year now. I looked at and test drove other models. I actually was looking at an SUV (4Runner), but after gas prices shot up I began focusing on cars, my first choice was the Avalon Limited a great car, but the salesman mentioned the ES in our conversation, and peaked my interest and from there on my journey began with the ES.

    I did test drive the Avalon, not bad at all, but the Lexus was just a compelling car in every respect, build quality, fit/finish a solid reliability history. I was also looking at the Acura TL, Infiniti M-35, Lincoln MKS, and the caddy CTS. All good cars in their own right. I did indeed look at the GS350, but the cost for a new one was a limiting factor and I did not want a used one. Two things that I prefer the ES to over the GS, looks and resale. The GS is the least performing ( in terms of sales) Lexus in their car lineup. The car just hasn’t hit the mark like the ES has. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great car, but it doesn’t sale as well as the ES. Another point in terms of performance, the two cars are close, but the GS is geared more to a sporty ride, in other words a stiffer suspension…

    I wanted a smooth ride and not a stiff one and that was another point in the ES column for me. The ES is a luxury + smooth upscale sedan par-excellence. It is really a vehicle that pampers and cuddles the occupant. It is extremely quiet and smooth on the road, just what I wanted. I’m not interested in trying to negotiate a curve at 40 mph. I don’t drive like that. The Beemers, Infiniti’s and Mercedes will give you that kind of ‘joy ride’ if you want it, but you also feel the road more..bumps etc....…..I would suggest that you checkout some reviews. The US News and World Report Ranking on the ES can be found here:

    Check out what others are saying on this page as well…..Car and Driver, Motor Trend, etc…also see

    Question #2.

    The invoice price for a Level III ES is actually $36.4K, this price can be found on NADA, or here: 4&c=16&cc1=7283&cc3=629&vt=new&s=308145

    I have selected the options you need for a Level III, so it should come up with my selections, let me know if not. You are correct the 09 Lexus only comes in the premium plus package w/additional options, the premium package has been eliminated for 09. See this link from Lexus: ode=30358&isSE=false

    The Navigation package is only available on Level III (premium plus w/Nav+park-assist) or the Level IV which is the Ultra Luxury model which includes everything that Level III has, but adds aniline leather seats, a 14 speaker audio system with the Mark Levison sound system, plus panoramic roof and graphite finished alloy wheels. It’s just about a fully loaded ES with the exception of adding dynamic radar cruise control.

    Question #3

    I think I answered that in 2 above in a round about way, but for clarity, Edmunds is correct, you cannot just add a Nav system and be done with it. The Nav system is added only as part of a ‘package’ and that package is the premium plus package. Keep in mind you can get the premium plus package w/o the Nav, which is Level II. Level III (premium plus) is with Navigation+ park-assist. Park-assist adds the motion sensors and back-up camera, so you have a rear-view of what’s behind you while backing up. So if you just want Navigation only, you’re stuck with Level III, which is invoiced at $36.4K

    Question #4

    I have spoken to all of the ATL Lexus dealers over the last year. I know the pricing structure of each one of them, trust me, forget about getting invoice in ATL, it just won’t happen on a 09, however you can get 1K under invoice on a 08 Level III. There is no difference between a 08 and 09. The 09 added matador red and eliminated royal ruby metallic as colors, that’s it. I wanted a 09, no exceptions. The only discount that would help you is that you were a previous Lexus owner, if so that’s 1K off the selling price. Not bad. I didn’t qualify. Forget Costco that dog won’t hunt.

    There are two dealers I would recommend:

    Lexus of South ATL is #1, hands down. They have the best prices. Very aggressive in their price structure (I have been told this by other ATL Lexus dealers) I paid $37.1K for a Level III 09, which gave me an OTD price of about $40.2K. The lowest I got among Hennessy Lexus off Peachtree Industrial Blvd, or in Duluth or Nalley Lexus in Roswell was $38.3K, but keep in mind I had been talking to these guys for over a year and I had a rapport with them and that’s the best I could do, I have also heard from other buyers in ATL that the market is tough.

    The other dealer would be Hennessy Lexus off I-285 and Peachtree Industrial; they came in as #2. That’s was the $38.3 one.

    A word of advice, do your homework (know all the options and price structures) and stay on message when you visit them. The only thing you should be talking about when you meet them is OTD cost, nothing else, no trade-ins, discounts, payment targets or anything like that. It’s also good to come in with your own financing. Having a good credit score helps too. Hope this helps. I can recommend a salesman at Lexus of South ATL if you want. Let me know. Thanks and GL. :shades:
  • Check out my reply to you in the general ES buying experience discussion....I thought I had replied directly to you... :)
  • Hello! I am very interested in buying an ES 350 and a 2008 at 50% off sounds amazing. How do I get this deal?
  • moco01
    did you get it with prem plus, nav and fully loaded? What options?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,207
    a 2008 at 50% off sounds amazing. How do I get this deal?

    Close your eyes, click your heels together three times... then suspend all disbelief.. ;)


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  • In houston ... bought a new 2009 es350 a few days ago. Got premium plus package, blue tooth, full spare, rear air bag, wood trim steering wheel, etc. and body moulding (may have forgot a few extras)...MSRP on the window was around $38,100 ish before TTL (Did NOT get the navigation system). Paid a little over $35000 drive out (backing out the tax, title and license - the base cost paid comes to a little under $33,000). This was for a 2009, so the 2008 should be even less! Definitely there is room to negotiate these days!
  • Funny :)
    First time car buyer, so a little gullible
  • lexustexas1

    can you email me the dealer and the sales person you talked with...i live in houston also and i'm planning to lease one.

  • I must be slow today.... I just reread my post from earlier this afternoon / looked at the exact paperwork from the car purchase and realized I typed the prices that I paid wrong! Sorry, didn't mean to get anyone's hopes up on the pricing. The MSRP was a little over $38K + TT&L and I paid a little over $36K out the door (including TT&L). Which means the base cost that I paid was a little under $34K. (I was off by a thousand dollars in my earlier post...)
  • Options: Rear Seat Side Airbags, Bluetooth Audio, Full Size Spare, Heated and Ventilated Front Seats, High Intensity Discharge Headlamps w/AFS, Premium Package, Wood & Leather Steering Wheel, Preferred Accessory Package, All Weather Floormat.

    No nav.
  • As others have said, the information here was tremendously helpful in my purchase so I’d like to share my buying experience with the hope that others will find this useful. Here’s what I got:

    2008 ES
    PT – Premium Plus Pkg
    VN – Nav with ML Audio
    PA – Park Assist
    BE – Rear Side Airbags
    FS – Full Spare
    WU – Wood & Leather Steering Wheels
    Z1 – Pref Accessory Pkg (trunk mat, cargo net, wheel locks)

    MSRP – 43,170
    Nada invoice – 37,696
    Paid – 2500 below nada invoice

    I did considerable research beforehand, but in the end, it was all about the leg work—and lots of calling around and following-up with people. I tried all the dealers that others had mentioned in the past, but I was never able to match the aggressive pricing that others got from those dealers.

    It was been very busy at the dealerships and inventory on the 08 is getting pretty thin. They expect it to be even busier tomorrow as people come in for “end of the year” deals. Also, for those looking for a 09 ES, inventory on the 09 ES seems to be way down. Good luck!
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    Moco01 can I get the contact info for the salesperson in Rockville also?

  • BEACHSEEKER could you tell me which dealer you went to? What was your out the door total (tax etc.)?
  • I bought my UL with Marc Levinson, tinted widows, park assist,all weather mats wheel lock, trunk mat, cargo net for 39,000. MSRP was about 44,000. My price was 82% MSRP plus TTL. Grapevine, Texas Dec 29, 2008. Really nice and moe than I expected in amenities
  • Thanks lexpaul. I really appreciate your comprehensive response. I will continue to do some research. Yes, I really appreciate your offer to recommend a salesman. Please send me the info at
  • Diamond15, that seems to be a great deal in DFW!

    I was looking at a similar car on their lot in Grapevine---what color did you get? Can you recommend someone to deal with at the dealership? The figure they gave me for a similar vehicle was $40,500 + TTL--closer to $43,500 net!

    You did great for net $39,000!

    Any info you can share would be great. I want your deal!! :)

  • Hello. That is a great deal. I tried last night to offer sewell in fort worth 82% of MSRP that is 42,595. They would not go for it. His offer was 37,800. Any idea how you got such a great deal? Congrats!!!
  • Yes, I worked with 2-3 dealers telling them I was going for the lowest price. I calculated mybase 2009 car plus options on and offered below invoice. I had the salesman fax me the car dealer sticker and compared apples to apples. My husband wanted me to go $225 lower but I asked for allweather floor mats and window tinting to be included in the $39,000. I found Sewell to be the least helpful. They had the specific car and color I wanted as a demo 2008 but would not come down from 39,450. The grapevine salesman(kn) tried to tell me that the car mats were $200 but I told him I had paperwork saying $69 and he accepted. Just tell them you are a serious buyer and let them know you have other active options. Also I just told him thank you for his offer but I was waiting to hear back from the other dealer to see who was lowest. Other (Plano) dealer called me back 1 hour after I agreed with Grapevine by phone. Just be nice but firm on what you will pay. Be ready to move on though. I really wanted only white and all the luxury options and two dealers had this same car, very helpful. Good Luck
  • Yes, KN was my salesman. His first offer to me on the 43,985 MSRP was 40,309. He had spent about an hour with me test driving and educating me on the car. I told him I was going to Sewell and was in contact with his counterpart in Plano to see who would give me the best price. I got the sticker from the car and compared options on to get invoice price and offerred below. He acted like it was a stretch, he's very experienced, but really took it when I held firm on my price in a nice way. He new I was a serious buyer. I think playing dealers who had the same car agianst each other helped. Just keep telling him you know he can do it. May have helped that it was the end of the year, but really don't know because it was an 09. I heard several times, from dealers, that 09 is about $1,000 below 08 because of a price reduction. I think this was true when i compared cars/options online. 09 was less, but they have good financing on 08. Won't got that low on 09. I had my own financing ready to go with exceptional credit all in my court too. Good Luck, I love the car. I got the white with tan interior. Did not like truffle color left in the 08s on that lot. Husband has a black M35 so didn't want black. i was pretty limited because i only wanted white but tried not to show this to salesman. He said not many come with Mark Levinson and ultra luxury.I think he was trying to tell me I wanted a more rare car and should pay more. I thought of it as a car and just the numbers and stood firm
  • Clarify

    MSRP sticker $43,985 plus tinted windows and all weather mats
    Deal $39,000 plus TTL
    Hope this helps
  • It was at Stevens Creek. OTD was around $38,500 (at 8.25% sales tax), but your total may differ depending on the sales tax where you are.
  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40
    Down-to-Earth, Sorry about the delay...I'll be sending you the dealer name and number and salesman's name I dealt with. They have some very aggressive pricing...stay tuned.... :)
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